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      Overview of Villas on Rent in Dubai

      A beautiful villa in Dubai
      Villas are some of the most attractive, luxurious and exclusive accommodation option in Dubai. Many families prefer to live in villas rather than apartments and high rise buildings. Reasons for this preference are many such as villas offer spacious living space, privacy and the opportunity to experience a more traditional Arab lifestyle. Villas also give you a chance to relax and unwind yourself. Due to all of these facilities, no wonder, landlord can get eager tenants for their villas for rent in Dubai and other cities in the UAE. For tenants, it is a good opportunity to get good standard of living so they are ready to rent these villas for long terms.

      However, getting villas for rent in Dubai can be slightly difficult, especially if you are new in the city. Finding a reasonable place to live in within one’s rental budget and selecting a suitable location can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding a villa for rent in Dubai.

      Dubai villa for rent is considered the best accommodation option for big families, no matter if it is for a short duration, leisure holiday or permanent stay. There are different types and sizes of villas with all kinds of facilities and amenities are available in different communities of Dubai. However, the final decision entirely depends upon your choice, needs and budget. Recession has clearly affected the rental prices of villas and apartments in Dubai but now a healthy demand and active property transactions are being noticed in the Dubai rental villas sector. You can easily find good villas on rent throughout the city.

      A majority of Dubai’s population consists of expatriates, who are there for jobs and have plans to stay there for long. However, the budget constraints keep them from buying villas in Dubai as they do not want to reside in apartments. Dubai rental villa is the best option for them. At the same time, seeing the demand and apprehending the future, investing in Dubai rental villas is another lucrative opportunity for investors. One can invest in Dubai villas in any development and to gain a steady return on investment in the long run.

      Investors can visit Bayut and take help from this biggest online Dubai property portal to find out more about villas to invest in and at the same time, tenants can also secure best rental villas deals here.

      Overview of Popular Villa Communities in Dubai

      beautiful holiday villa for rent in Dubai
      When it comes to enjoying a secure, independent and peaceful lifestyle for less, nothing can beat the lifestyle of villas available on rent in Dubai. Dubai features one of the most expensive and large villas in the world which are out of the reach of many. For those average income residents who cannot afford to buy a villa but want to enjoy their modern lifestyle, Dubai also features the ultra-luxurious villas for rent in Dubai.

      All the traditional villas in Dubai promise a royal treatment to their residents through their spacious rooms, enormous lawns, stunning views of the sun and water through independent roof tops, private pools, separate parking spaces, great outdoors and unique décor. Normally a renter can find up to 5-6 bedroom grand villa for rent in Dubai easily but extremely large villas having up to 8 bedrooms are also available in the market. Due to their scarcity, these villas are hard to find on rent in Dubai.

      Ranging from fully furnished villas to self catering villas, detached villas to separate villas having joint facilities, renters can hunt ideal villas from the plethora of Dubai villas available in the market. Though Dubai features several top-notch villa rental communities but these four communities make the most popular choice of renters for enjoying a complete lifestyle in Dubai.

      Palm Jumeirah – Palm Jumeirah is known worldwide for having over 800 most expensive and ultra-luxurious freehold villas located on its crown and fronds. You will find three types of exclusive villas in Palm Jumeirah including Signature Villas (having up to 7 bedrooms), Canal Coves (having up to 4 bedrooms) and Garden Homes (having up to 3-4 bedrooms). The Dubai villa for rent in Palm Jumeirah targets the elite class living in Dubai and their rent is also the highest in Dubai. Palm Jumeirah offers the finest communal facilities, independent amenities and peaceful surroundings to its residents.

      Arabian Ranches – Located in Dubailand near the Emirates Road, Arabian Ranches makes the top suburban community of around 4000 completed luxury townhouses and villas. All the villas it offers are freehold and come in different sizes including single storey 2 bedroom homes, townhouses having up to 3 bedrooms, smaller villas having 3-4 bedrooms and large independent villas with 5-7 bedrooms. These villa residences depict traditional Spanish, Arabic and Mediterranean villa styles. Gated premises, wide lanes, complete security and the finest facilities available at the doorsteps define Arabian Ranches in real.

      The Lakes – The Lakes is an integral community in Emirates Living which features luxury yet affordable villas for all family sizes living in Dubai. The Lakes features a perfect blend of freehold detached villas and luxury townhouses having up to 2-5 bedrooms with separate parking spaces, balconies, lawns and rooftops. The community offers sport courts, playground, 24 hours security, Community Park and awesome lake view to its residents. The Lakes is an ideal villa community for renters since it was initially conceived to feature only rental homes but later on, purchase option was also introduced for prospective buyers.

      The Meadows – The Meadows is another community in Emirates Living featuring premium detached villas for rent in Dubai. The community offers freehold independent villas for single families living in Dubai. The community has double storey villas having 3-7 bedrooms which make an ideal housing solution for all types of families living in Dubai. These villas have master bedrooms, covered parking areas, wide garages, private gardens, maid quarters and 9 feet high ceilings. The residents of these villas also enjoy 24-hour security, mosques, children playing areas, shopping restaurants and cafés in close proximity.

      If you also want to live in Dubai villas available for rent, kindly browse the ‘Rent’ section featured on the home page of the site.

      More About Furnished Villas in Dubai

      Furnished villa in Dubai
      All those families who regularly visit Dubai to spend their holidays, getting a furnished Dubai villa for rent can be ideal and ultra-luxurious housing solution. Since villas are short in supply on Dubai rental market, once can find a villa for long stay in Dubai easily but renting out a villa for short stay can be daunting task. However, with a little research and hard work, any family can rent out an extremely luxurious villa for rent in Dubai for their short stays of over a week.

      Furnished Villas - Ideal for Short Stays!

      Normally all the villas available for short stays on rent are fully furnished and perfect for all types and sizes of family. Mostly furnished villas in Dubai are self catering that allow families to cook and prepare their own meals, since villas are known for providing a completely independent and private lifestyle to the people in Dubai. Unlike short term rental apartments and hotel rooms, villas for rent in Dubai promise more space, better luxury and more personalized stay.

      The older furnished villas in Dubai normally provide independent facilities to tourists. Now with the concept of compound villas is increasing in Dubai, those residing in them live independently but share certain amenities like swimming pools, gardens and parking spaces. This gives them an opportunity to build relations with other tourists and increase their social circles. Renting out a furnished villa in Dubai promises a large number of unparallel services and amenities that add to the convenience and comfort of your stay in Dubai.

      Facilities and Amenities!

      You can expect to get the following services and facilities in a fully furnished villa for rent in Dubai. However, services vary with the type, location and rent of a villa.

      1. Villas for rent provide separate kitchens, air-conditioned rooms including bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, living rooms with stone fireplaces, powder rooms, drawing rooms, study rooms, laundry room and even maid’s room.
      2. Villas for rent provide covered or uncovered parking areas along with the private, temperature controlled swimming pools. Moreover, some villas also provide automobiles for moving freely in the city.
      3. The kitchens are equipped with all the necessary cutleries and electric appliances including ovens, microwave, gas stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, toaster, cooker etc. Moreover, powder rooms contain all toiletries including towels, tissue rolls, soaps, shower gels, hand washes etc.
      4. You would find all rental villas decorated with luxurious furniture, curtains, wall hangings and other decoration pieces. You would find an LCD and sofas in living area, a dining table in dining room, beds in bedrooms, and some good literature in study area. Rugs and carpets are almost in every room to add to the comfort and ambience of the villa.
      5. All necessary household items like dryers, washing machines, hair dryers, refrigerators, DVD players, linens, baskets and fans are also there to give a feeling of ‘home from home’. You also get beautifully manicured lawns along with beach chairs, balconies to enjoy stunning sunset views, and play areas for kids to add to the lure of Dubai villas for rent.
      6. Some furnished villas allow guests to keep pets and even smoke. If you hire the services of picking up garbage from your door step, this further adds to your convenience. Moreover, services like doctor on call, wireless internet service, Wi-Fi, and cable services are also provided in villas for short stays.

      All in all, villas for rent in Dubai offer comfort and a home-like feeling that you crave.
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