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Overview of Apartments for Rent in Dubai
Whether it is a short stay, business trip, leisure holiday or a permanent stay, rental apartments are considered the best accommodation in Dubai. People prefer taking apartments for rent in Dubai as they are available in various types, sizes and come with all amenities of life so they cater to almost all tastes and needs of local and international residents. Dubai apartments range from studio to multi-bedroom, services, furnished, short stay, beach and hotel apartments. All types of apartments are available for rent in Dubai, but your preference depends entirely depends upon your budget, choice and needs.

Finding a perfect rental apartment is always a difficult task, especially for the new residents of Dubai. Finding a suitable apartment that fits into the budget and location requirements and at the same time offers the desired amenities is believed to be a difficult task globally. However, it is especially challenging and daunting to get good apartments for rent in Dubai.

According to the statistics, around 70 percent of the Dubai’s population consists of expatriates and more are flying to reside in the city. The rental property market in Dubai seems to be undersupplied. The undersupply of rental apartments is due to the skyrocketing rental prices observed throughout the city. Though the rental apartments are abound in the city but still the tenants complain of finding the appropriate property in Dubai.

Those who plan to stay for longer in Dubai too have budget constraints, which keep them from buying property or apartment in Dubai. Therefore, getting apartments on rent in Dubai becomes the most feasible option. In other cases, Dubai rental apartments are the prime investment option because there is no dearth of apartments for rent in Dubai. You can invest in any apartment development considering your budget and it will surely bring steady return on your investment.

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All rental apartments in Dubai have a number of varying features which set them apart from the rest of apartments in the city. If privacy is what you seek then studio apartment is the best option as bigger apartments can be shared with the other tenants to reduce the burden of heavy rental amounts. However, if luxury is what you look for and want to feel the sea breeze on your face then furnished apartments for rent in Dubai Marina are just for you. Dubai Marina also offers serviced and hotel apartments and all other options that you can think of while holidaying, sightseeing or living in Dubai. Serviced apartments are good for short stays whereas another choice for short stay is furnished apartments.

Dubai is one the most sought after destinations in the world so it offers countless staying options for visitors including the luxurious rental apartments for those who want and can afford them. Investing in Dubai apartments for rent is not so difficult. Come and experience it with us.
Furnished Apartments for Rent in Dubai
Dubai is an ideal spot for expatriates for making holidays, getting higher education, running all types of businesses and enjoying a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. These are the reasons why Dubai is experiencing a large influx of expatriates. In order to cater to the temporary and permanent accommodation needs of such expatriates, Dubai offers various ultra-luxury property developments for rent in Dubai.

If you have ever been to Dubai, you will probably know it offers a plethora of furnished apartments for rent in Dubai which make the ideal accommodation solutions for short stays in Dubai. A furnished apartment is a typical rental apartment but it comes with some additional benefits. These apartments give you a more home-like feeling since they are fully decorated and furnished apartments which have all the necessary furniture and equipments required for offering a complete lifestyle in Dubai.

Ideal Solution for Short Stays!

Furnished Dubai apartments for rent make the most attractive housing option for those tenants who intend to live in Dubai for a short period of time. They come in multiple sizes to cater to the housing needs of every renter intending to reside in Dubai. Furnished apartments are perfect for short stays of the following.

1. Students studying in colleges or universities in Dubai.
2. People waiting for their permanent residence to be ready.
3. Corporate executives in Dubai on short business tours.
4. Tourists intending to make their holidays in Dubai.

Benefits of Furnished Rental Apartments

The two evident benefits of living in furnished apartments available for rent in Dubai are cost effectiveness and convenience. These two benefits are enough to justify their popularity in Dubai.

Cost Effectiveness – Renters just need to pay the rent of a living space along with the rent of using furniture, equipments and facilities studded in a property. This saves them from the cost of buying furniture and necessary equipments required for dressing up property and converting it into a space fit for living. However, for long term stays, furnished apartments make a costly living option in Dubai.

Convenience – Since all the necessary items are already available in rental apartments, renters don’t need to waste time on shopping. Moreover, furnished Dubai rental apartments also save the new renters in Dubai from the stress and fatigue of decorating the property appropriately and giving it a home-like look. All the furniture matches with the curtains and the wall paints and gives a unified feeling to the apartment.

Facilities in Furnished Rental Apartments

Not every furnished apartment you find in Dubai property market contains the same level of furnishings. The level of furnishings varies from apartment to apartment depending on the discretion of the landlord. The higher is the level of furnishings in an apartment, the higher will be its rent. Though the level of furnishing varies but a typical furnished apartment for rent in Dubai always comes with a basic level of furnishings.

In furnished apartments for rent in Dubai, renters find everything required for enjoying a complete lifestyle in Dubai. You will find beds, sofas, chest of drawers, lamps, hangers, study tables, radio clocks, sheet sets, bed sheets, pillows, decorations, television, fax machines, DVD players and video games. Besides these, you will also find toiletries in the powder rooms and cutlery, kitchenware, glassware and other electronics like refrigerator, microwave, juicer, blender in the kitchen.

Some landlords also provide cleaning supplies like mops, dustpans brooms and laundry supplies like ironing board and laundry basket. Services like internet access, water, gas, electricity, doctor on call, housekeeping services and telephone services are also often provided in furnished rental apartments in Dubai. In short, furnished apartments for rent in Dubai are second to none with respect to offering a complete and healthy lifestyle to people living in Dubai.