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Overview of Abu Dhabi Rental Market
Abu Dhabi is one of the most renowned states of the United Arab Emirates which attract a lot of tourists every year due to its lush lifestyle, magnificent skyscrapers, unique cuisines, grand shopping malls, best picnic and adventurous spots, spectacular beaches and prestigious culture. The capital city of the UAE, offers a wide array of quality properties available for rent in Abu Dhabi for the investors to earn a constant stream of income.

Why invest in Abu Dhabi rental properties?

A huge number of visitors come to visit Abu Dhabi for their jobs, spending summer vacations, or attending business conferences. Be it temporary or permanent stay, you always need to arrange accommodations on rent in Abu Dhabi to have a place to stay. Therefore, the demand of Abu Dhabi properties remain all time high and investing in them is surely a wise idea. As compared to Dubai real estate, Abu Dhabi real estate performed better even during bad times. The rents showed decline but the rate of decline was much less than that of Dubai property.

Despite the global property market slump, Abu Dhabi remained in the list of the top performers which has marked shown great signs of resilience. Whether it is for residential or commercial purpose, the investors who invest in properties available for rent in Abu Dhabi see rapid turnover for their investment. This is the primary reason why some people pick Abu Dhabi instead of investing in properties for rent in Dubai.

Key Rental Projects in Abu Dhabi

• Al Bateen
• Khalifa City A, B, C
• Mangrove Village
• Khalidiya
• Al Markaziyah
• Muroor
• Khalifa Bin Zayed City
• Al Raha Gardens
• Al Reef Villas
• Hydra Village

Residential Real Estate for Rent in Abu Dhabi

Be it a temporary or permanently stay in Abu Dhabi, the city offers a wide choice of properties for rent in Abu Dhabi to suit everybody’s needs and budget. Ranging from studio apartments, one or two bedroom apartments to four or five bedroom apartments, villas, townhouses and penthouses, Abu Dhabi offers perfect property for rent in Abu Dhabi.

If you are intending to live in Abu Dhabi and have budget constraints, renting a property is a complete alternative to buying Dubai property without sacrificing quality of life. If you intend to live in Abu Dhabi for years, living in apartments or villas would be reasonable for you. On the other hand, if you are living without your family, renting out a studio apartment or room for rent in Abu Dhabi would be a better idea. Moreover, if you are staying in Abu Dhabi just for a week or a day or a two, living in hotel on rent makes more sense.

Normally all properties available for rent in Abu Dhabi are well equipped with the basic amenities and luxuries of life. Mostly they are fully furnished and tenant does not need to invest in the furniture and decorations of the house. The cost of furnishing is usually included in the rent of the property. All the rental projects offer shopping centres, mosques, and parks, walking tracks, cafe’s restaurants, cinemas, swimming pools, gyms and beauty salons in close proximity. Thus the quality of life enhances the experience of holidaymakers in Abu Dhabi.

Commercial Real Estate for Rent in Abu Dhabi

If you intend to do business in Abu Dhabi, renting out a shop or an office is an economical option as compared to buying your own commercial space in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi features one of the best shopping malls which provide shops on rent to retailers. Since Abu Dhabi is a tourist spot, any retailer having a shop in the local shopping malls can expect high sales during peak season for tourists. If you want to set up your office, there are complete business areas, where healthy business environment and professionalism helps you to grow and making your business bigger and better.
More About Studio Apartments for Rent in Abu Dhabi
Creating employment opportunities in Abu Dhabi is an untiring and never ending preposition for the UAE government. The favorable business environment, tax-free status and quality lifestyle of the emirate attracts many businesses from all over the world to relocate their business to Abu Dhabi. This huge business activity if on one hand provides employment to many the UAE locals then on the other hand also lures unemployed foreigners to come and settle in Abu Dhabi. A large number of expatriates working in Abu Dhabi raise the demand of rental Abu Dhabi real estate.

According to research, a higher percentage of expatriates working in Abu Dhabi comprises of those people who prefer to live in studio apartments. A studio apartment is basically a single large room for rent in Abu Dhabi which makes ideal accommodation for those who want to live in a small space at affordable rents. In studio, there is only one single large room having separate small portions for studying, playing, resting, sleeping, cooking and eating. Small powder room in studio apartment is separate but if the landlords allow, tenants can also set up partitions or hang curtains to separate different areas of the room.

Types of Studios in Abu Dhabi

A huge number of students, singles, bachelors and even married ones with one or two kids frequently opt to live studio apartment rooms in Abu Dhabi. Studios can be found in Abu Dhabi either in extended-living hotels, big apartment complexes or even in private bungalows. In private bungalows, landlords just lease a single large room to tenants and live in the rest of the house with their families. There are two types of studio apartment rooms for rent in Abu Dhabi.

Serviced Studio Apartments – If you look for a studio in apartment complexes or hotels in Abu Dhabi, you will probably find a serviced studio apartment. This studio is a furnished studio which contains furniture and all the necessary equipments including households, kitchenware, toiletries, and electronics required for a complete lifestyle. These studios also provide access to the first class amenities such as on-site gym, pools, parking area, club house, tennis court and offer finest services such as house keeping, security and air conditioning services.

Non-serviced Studio Apartments – If you look for a studio in a private house or bungalow, you are likely to get a non-serviced studio apartment. In this type, the landlord only lets a studio apartment room for rent in Abu Dhabi and the tenants have to buy furniture and other necessary equipments on their own cost. The tenants can enjoy swimming pool, parking area, or a gym if the bungalow owner allows them to use these facilities available in the house. The rent of a non-serviced apartment is lower than the serviced apartment, since it does not take into account the cost of using furniture and other equipments.

Benefits of living in a studio

Studio apartments make the most affordable housing solutions in Abu Dhabi because the rents of studio apartments are lower as compared to large hotel apartments in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, since the size of a studio apartment is small, it takes less energy to cool down the room during summers and heat it up during winters. This brings economy in utility bills and that is why the service charges of studios are always lower as compared to other types of property stocks available in the market.

Due to small area, studio apartments have less space that has to be cleaned and mopped for which tenant does not even need the help of any maid. Last but not the least, studio apartments are the best alternative to living in shared accommodations for gaining economy in rents, since they offer high level of privacy.