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Overview of Abu Dhabi Apartments for Rent
Abu Dhabi is an alluring and attractive state in the United Arab Emirates that has a distinct appeal for everyone. People visit this city for a leisure trip, business meeting, job or visiting the emirates but accommodation is a key problem. For all these short stay needs apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi, is the best solution as these apartments are less expensive and are available in different sizes and types and are built keeping in view the needs and desires of local and international residents. Since long, investing in real estate has been a lucrative way to achieve capital gains and steady income.

Abu Dhabi rental property market is mainly classified into short term rental arrangements and long term rental arrangements. Short term rental arrangements include Abu Dhabi apartments available for a day to a few days to a week or to a particular number of months. Long term rentals are suitable for people who got jobs and are looking for a space to live on reasonable Abu Dhabi rent. Currently, the city offers a wide range of rental apartments ranging from affordable small apartments for budget conscious people to super deluxe suites and luxury furnished apartments equipped with all modern facilities and amenities for tenants to complete their luxurious stay in Abu Dhabi. The latter option is suitable for the tenants who want to spend time in luxurious rooms along with flawless modern facilities without considering rental amount.

Like other states in the United Arab Emirates, one can see a rapid development boom in Abu Dhabi as well as Abu Dhabi property market. Due to these numerous developments, the city is capable to cater to unique residential property needs of people having different requirements and demands. You can surely find a suitable apartment that can satisfy your shelter needs and your fine taste within your budget. Rent in Abu Dhabi is mostly paid in advance usually from six months to one year through the bank. Before this, a lease agreement is also prepared describing the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords.

Investing in Abu Dhabi rental apartments is always a lucrative option to earn stable money by renting out these apartments ahead to tenants. It is because there are several people who have been living in Abu Dhabi since long but their budget does not allow them to invest a hefty amount in buying an apartment. Therefore, they prefer apartments for rent as there is no dearth of rental apartments and they can surely find one apartment matching their requirements within reasonable budget. There are many free zone areas in Abu Dhabi, where expatriates can invest to get their own property to let to others.

The city offers a number of leisure, fun, entertainment and business development opportunities that attract people all over the globe and they fly to Abu Dhabi whether for holidays, business, job or for fun. No matter you are a local tenant or an expatriate, you will never find a shortage of suitable and reasonable accommodation options.

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Studio Apartments for Rent in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, with about 80% expatriate population, is a home to multiple headquarters of blue chip companies. Being the capital and main business hub of the UAE, Abu Dhabi creates many employment opportunities for locals and expatriates living in it. A great number of foreigners making their livelihood in Abu Dhabi are those who live in the Emirates alone without their families. Since most expats work on contracts of a few years, they prefer living on rent as compared to buying property in Abu Dhabi.

For such singles, bachelors and college students, living in studio apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi is an ideal option. Studio apartments are self contained units with a single large room serving multiple purposes such as studying, resting, cooking, watching TV, playing, and dining. Having all the activities assembled in a single large room with only bathroom as a separate room, studio apartments make the smallest available accommodation option for rent in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi features grand Abu Dhabi property developments and their studios are all modern, unique and promise a complete lifestyle to tenants. A large stock of studio apartments is available in the market for both short and long term stays of tenants in various sizes and one can easily hunt the one which fit their lifestyle. If you afford to pay Abu Dhabi rent then choose a studio to experience a successful and memorable experience of living.

Types of Studios in Abu Dhabi

A huge number of students, singles, bachelors and even married ones with one or two kids frequently opt to live studio apartment rooms in Abu Dhabi. Studios can be found in Abu Dhabi either in extended-living hotels, big apartment complexes or even in private bungalows. In private bungalows, landlords just lease a single large room to tenants and live in the rest of the house with their families. There are two types of studio apartment rooms for rent in Abu Dhabi.

Serviced Studio Apartments – If you look for a studio in apartment complexes or hotels in Abu Dhabi, you will probably find a serviced studio apartment. This studio is a furnished studio which contains furniture and all the necessary equipments including households, kitchenware, toiletries, and electronics required for a complete lifestyle. These studios also provide access to the first class amenities such as on-site gym, pools, parking area, club house, tennis court and offer finest services such as house keeping, security and air conditioning services.

Non-serviced Studio Apartments – If you look for a studio in a private house or bungalow, you are likely to get a non-serviced studio apartment. In this type, the landlord only lets a studio apartment room for rent in Abu Dhabi and the tenants have to buy furniture and other necessary equipments on their own cost. The tenants can enjoy swimming pool, parking area, or a gym if the bungalow owner allows them to use these facilities available in the house. The rent of a non-serviced apartment is lower than the serviced apartment, since it does not take into account the cost of using furniture and other equipments.

Benefits of living in a studio

Studio apartments make the most affordable housing solutions in Abu Dhabi because the rents of studio apartments are lower as compared to large hotel apartments in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, since the size of a studio apartment is small, it takes less energy to cool down the room during summers and heat it up during winters. This brings economy in utility bills and that is why the service charges of studios are always lower as compared to other types of property stocks available in the market.

Due to small area, studio apartments have less space that has to be cleaned and mopped for which tenant does not even need the help of any maid. Last but not the least, studio apartments are the best alternative to living in shared accommodations for gaining economy in rents, since they offer high level of privacy.

Cost Effectiveness!

Studio apartments are the most affordable type of property available for rent in Abu Dhabi. Many people before renting small size Abu Dhabi rental properties make comparative cost analysis between studio and one bedroom apartments. These analyses always show studios are the most economical rental accommodations. Moreover, studio apartments are also much cheaper than one bedroom hotel apartments in Abu Dhabi. Due to their small size, their rents are low which save huge bucks on accommodation expenses in the long term.

Economy in Utility Bills!

With only one room to keep temperatures down during the summers and heat up during the winters, people can save much on utility expenses. In the night you probably need one light to lighten the room whereas large size apartments need multiple lights to lighten entire apartment. Mostly landlords in Abu Dhabi include utility bills in the rent. In this way, it becomes easy to calculate living cost when tenants write only one cheque for rent, utilities and maintenance of the apartment.

Easy Cleaning & Decoration!

Since studio apartments are small in size, tenants don’t probably need to spend a lot on furniture and decoration stuff. You probably only need a bed, sofa-cum bed, computer, table, chair, necessary kitchen equipment and toiletries to live in a studio. Having less space in the studio also means less work required to clean and mop the room. Moreover, if tenants live in a furnished studio, they don’t even need to spend on furniture but in this case the rent they pay is slightly higher than the regular rent of a studio.


Studios basically make a popular choice for those who wish to live in complete privacy at lower rents. Living in a studio for rent in Abu Dhabi is a far better option than living in a shared house to gain affordability in rent. Sometimes, privacy is disturbed when some guest comes to meet the tenants, since sleeping and living areas are not separated. Tenants can always overcome this issue by fixing partitions between the areas. Partitions can only be fixed if the landlord allows and in case if it is not allow, at least tenants have the valid reason to avoid guests coming for extended stays and enjoying free stays on their cost.
Guide to Affordable Rental Apartments in Abu Dhabi
Creating employment opportunities in Abu Dhabi is an untiring and never ending preposition for the UAE government. The favorable business environment, tax-free status and quality lifestyle of the emirate attracts many businesses from all over the world to relocate their business to Abu Dhabi. This huge business activity if on one hand provides employment to many the UAE locals then on the other hand also lures unemployed foreigners to come and settle in Abu Dhabi. A large number of expatriates working in Abu Dhabi raise the demand of rental Abu Dhabi real estate.

According to research, a higher percentage of expatriates working in Abu Dhabi comprises of those people who prefer to live in studio apartments. A studio apartment is basically a single large room for rent in Abu Dhabi which makes ideal accommodation for those who want to live in a small space at affordable rents. In studio, there is only one single large room having separate small portions for studying, playing, resting, sleeping, cooking and eating. Small powder room in studio apartment is separate but if the landlords allow, tenants can also set up partitions or hang curtains to separate different areas of the room.