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Overview of Abu Dhabi
The largest of the seven emirates that comprise the UAE and the national capital, Abu Dhabi is truly an embodiment of stability and strength that drives the country forwards. Gaining foothold in the global arena in leaps and bounds, Abu Dhabi packs a fitting punch of tradition, culture, wealth and modernity that have helped the emirate cement its position in the world.

Like the emirate, the Abu Dhabi real estate sector has evolved over the years and its value has grown manifold. Unlike the fickle dynamics of the real estate sector in the rest of UAE, particularly neighbouring Dubai, the sector in Abu Dhabi has maintained a steady growth trajectory and has remained somewhat beyond the effects of global and regional shifts in investment and financial foci.

Property prices in Abu Dhabi do not suffer from rapid declines as the government there can withstand global pressures and can continue injecting capital as well as other interventions to maintain a healthy equilibrium in the real estate sector. This has been the very reason that the emirate has successfully generated global and regional interest in its real estate market by investors looking for stability and superior returns.

Being the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi also commands administrative respect in state affairs and is home to a large number of government offices. Though rich in oil and other natural resources, the capital has shifted focus on other sectors to reduce economic dependence on fossil fuels and measures taken to promote cultural, real estate, industrial and tourism sectors have produced handsome results.

Non-oil sectors real estate, tourism and other industries generate about 71% of the city's GDP. These alternative sectors, especially the Abu Dhabi real estate sector has taken much of the burden of the growing economy of the United Arab Emirates. Despite being the backbone of the economy, many of the real estate properties in Abu Dhabi did not suffer much loss in value in the economic crunch of 2008/09 and the few that did were quick to recover., which is the prime real estate portal for Abu Dhabi properties of all kinds, offers proof of the emirate's strong real estate sector through a host of listings of Abu Dhabi real estate.

Popular locations in Abu Dhabi property sector such as Al Reem Island, Al Reef, Al Raha Beach, Saadiyat Island, Al Ghadeer, Khalifa City A, Al Raha Gardens, Hydra Village, Mohammed Bin Zayed City and Al Khalidiyah offer posh and high standards of living. has huge listings of properties available in these as well as the other locations in Abu Dhabi. Al Matar, Ras Al Akhdar, Mussafah, Mina Zayed, Al Zaab, Al Mafraq, Al Khubeirah are also among dozens of other amazing localities can help you find a living or business space in.
Top 3 Developments in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, the largest emirate located between the blue seas and red dunes, has a clear vision to reduce oil share of its economy to less than 40% of the GDP by the end of 2030. In order to make it a reality, the government of Abu Dhabi has an ambitious plan to construct huge Abu Dhabi real estate developments and promote tourism and business in the emirate.

The emirate features gigantic Abu Dhabi property developments and construction on several projects is still going on. Looking at the tall skyscrapers and grand landmarks, one might wonder if there would ever be an end to the massive construction planned to cover every available piece of land in Abu Dhabi. With the prediction of Abu Dhabi population to triple by the end of 2030, government is focusing on supplying grand real estate projects having quality properties for residents in Abu Dhabi.

From Saadiyat Island to Khalifa City A, B and C, Golf Gardens to Hydra Village, Mangrove to Lulu Island, Al Manasir to Al Rahba, Marina Village to Al Muroor and Nurai island to Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi features grandiose and unique property projects. Among various projects, the communities which make the most sought-after projects for property investment in Abu Dhabi include the following:

Al Reem Island

Being constructed on a natural island about 600 meters off the coast of Abu Dhabi lays the grand property project, Al Reem Island. This project, expected to cover an area of 633 hectares, is known for offering one of the first freehold Abu Dhabi properties and so makes a popular choice for foreigners to live in Abu Dhabi. This mixed-use project is expected to feature about 22,000 residential units in its planned 147 high-rise towers upon completion. The project is being constructed by three developers - Tamouh Investments, Sorouh Real Estate and Al Reem Investments which own 60%, 20% and 20% of the project respectively.

Al Raha Beach

Stretching over 11 kilometres along Abu Dhabi’s coastline lays the spectacular project of Aldar Properties known as Al Raha Beach project. Covering over an area of 6.8 million square meters, this project is expected to be a home to around 12,000 residents upon completion. Al Raha Beach is a waterfront project consisting of 11 precincts named as Al Bandar, Al Lissayli, Al Seef, Khor Al Raha, Al Thurayya, Al Shaleela, Al Rumaila, Al Zeina, Al Zahiya, Al Dana and Al Razeen. The project is ideally located at 20 minutes drive from the Abu Dhabi City Centre and it takes hardly 10 minutes to drive to the main Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Al Reef Villas

Located at a 12 minutes drive from the Abu Dhabi Island lays the first planned property project for middle income people in Abu Dhabi, the Al Reef Villas. Being located on an area of 10 million square foot, Al Reef Villas is an exclusive community that features several apartments having up to three bedrooms in sizes ranging from 64 to 125 square metres. The project also features about 2,700 semi detached villas and townhouses having up to 5 bedrooms divided into four themed communities. Having a security controlled access, private gardens, parking places and swimming pools with each villa townhouse, also makes it a worthwhile project for big families.

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