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1-15 of 3260 Apartments
Overview of Apartments in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, being the largest emirate and the federal capital of the UAE, has one of the best performing real estate sectors in the world. Unique employment opportunities, lush landscaped gardens, serene beaches, high quality lifestyle and worth seeing tourist places attract a lot of worldwide people to come and settle over here. A number of those, who don’t want to leave their native cites permanently, visit the city frequently as tourists to enjoy their summer holidays.

This high influx of people is increasing the population of Abu Dhabi and to cater to the accommodation needs of these people, Abu Dhabi features exclusive apartments in all of its breathtaking developments. Apartments Abu Dhabi combine the Arabian hospitality with all the modern comforts of life and thus make the best living option in Abu Dhabi.

Apartments for Sale!

If you are getting fascinated by the peaceful and secure living style of Abu Dhabi and want to settle over here permanently with your family, you must buy any apartment in Abu Dhabi keeping in view the space needs of your family. The city features all types and all sizes of apartments Abu Dhabithat suit everybody’s needs and budgets. You can even hunt up to five bedroom apartments easily in all the posh areas of Abu Dhabi.

However, if you are coming here for employment purposes without family, living in small sized apartments would be better for you. If you want to live in complete privacy, buying a studio apartment is the best available option for living in Abu Dhabi real estate sector.

Apartments for Rent!

Apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi are mostly furnished to the highest standards of living. You would normally find all the basic equipments already installed. All of this adds to the comfort of life. The serviced apartment normally includes cable T.V connection, Internet broadband connection, active telephone connection, fitted wardrobes, washing machines, air conditioners, toiletries, furniture, and kitchen appliances.

For Long Stays: If you don’t have much money in hand to invest in an apartment and you plan to live in Abu Dhabi for a long time, you must go for an alternative or a cheap option - living in long term rental apartments Abu Dhabi. You can sign a long term contract with the landlord and enjoy a complete lifestyle in a cost effective way, since you don’t need to invest money furnish the property.

For Short Stays: Be it a few days, weeks and months holiday or your business tour in Abu Dhabi, living in short term hotel apartments makes perfect sense for you. There are many five star hotels in Abu Dhabi which feature short term apartments for 1 night onwards and provide the ultimate luxury, convenience and comfort to the guest. Hotel apartments are however expensive than regular apartments.

In hotel apartments, you also enjoy additional 24 hour concierge service beside a regular furnished apartment.