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Why Rent an Apartment in Business Bay?

Appealing to working professionals, couples and young families, Business Bay is an up-and-coming corporate hub that offers a mix of both apartments to rent and office spaces. With over 100 retail outlets running along Bay Avenue and no shortage of cafes, restaurants and bars, its apartment rentals are very much in-demand among Western expats – especially those whose businesses run out of locally situated offices. The area has become home to more than just business – with over 25,000 people renting an apartment in Business Bay.

Accessibility and Commute Times to/from Business Bay

- One of the biggest selling points of apartment rentals the Business Bay area is the spectacular views of Downtown Dubai, the Burj Khalifa and the Business Bay Canal, all within the 15-minute drive radius. Leasing an apartment in such a central location means being able to reach some of the biggest business and lifestyle destinations in the emirate, such as the Dubai Mall, World Trade Centre, Jumeirah Beach and Safa Park - all within a short drive away. Furthermore, Business Bay has two major advantages with regards to commuting times: Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Metro both pass through it, which means residents can get to all areas of Dubai with ease.

Apartments in Business Bay

- There are furnished and unfurnished apartments available to rent in Business Bay, including studio apartments, penthouses and three-bedroom or four-bedroom villa apartments – all right in the heart of downtown. The apartment rentals in Business Bay are spacious and airy, both furnished and unfurnished units that range from studio apartments, penthouses and three-bed or four-bed villa apartments, all right in the heart of downtown. The villa-style condos are unique to Business Bay’s largest apartment development, Executive Towers. These large lower floor spaces have a surrounding balcony to mimic a back garden and are especially in-demand among those who want the best of both apartment and villa life.

Lifestyle and Community in Business Bay

- Catering to some of the biggest names in the corporate world, Business Bay is equipped to cater for every necessity and whim of both its residents and office workers. There are over 100 retail outlets in Bay Avenue, which runs along the cluster of Executive Towers - like a downtown variant of JBR. There are also gymnasiums, swimming pools, clinics, day-care centres and schools, making it a self-contained city within a city. Located in one of Dubai’s prime business hubs, it is no surprise that Business Bay is also home to some of the city’s finest dining and nightlife venues. With a mix of much-loved homegrown concepts as well as elegant restaurants, bars and lounges inside of its 5-star hotels, there’s no shortage of choice whether it’s a special occasion or a casual evening.

Added Value in Business Bay

- With an uninterrupted panorama of the Burj Khalifa and the dancing Dubai Fountains, this is the sort of selling point usually associated with renting prime, luxury real estate – and rightly so.