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Overview of Dubai Apartments for Sale
Dubai, the real jewel of the desert, has one of the best booming real estate sectors in Dubai. The decision of Dubai government to lessen its reliance on oil reserves has lead to the creation of exclusive and luxurious apartments in Dubai. The breathtaking developments of Dubai including the massive Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Jumeirah Village, Dubai International City, Dubai peal, The Greens, Discovery Gardens and Arabian Ranches features all types of best apartments with respect to their structural designs, affordability, quality of life and other features.

Since Dubai is a hotspot for tourist, apartments in the spectacular communities of Dubai, cater to the needs of holidaymakers. The lush and glittering shopping malls, dining places, entertainment centres, beauty salons, spas, schools, coffee bars, cinemas, museums, and mosques are in close proximity to the apartments of these developments and make your experience of living in Dubai unforgettable. There are all kinds of apartments for sale in Dubai throughout the year.

Buying Dubai apartments

Many want to have their own apartments in one of the most beauteous Emirate of the world that offers safe, healthy, peaceful and tax-free living space to its residents. If you have plans to live in Dubai for years and if you can afford to buy property here, investing in Dubai apartments maybe the best possible option for you. If you want to settle here with your family, look at the size of the family and then hunt one, two, three, four, or even five bedrooms apartments according to your need and budget.

If you are a single working individual, small sized apartments are the best possible option for you. Similarly, if you prefer complete privacy, small studio apartments should be your premium choice. If you are planning to stay in Dubai for a longer period but you cannot afford a decent apartment, mortgage financing can get you your dream apartment.

Renting Dubai apartments

If you are on a short visit, living in rental apartments in Dubai is the most cost effective option for you. Furnished apartments in Dubai are the best for short stays as they offer 24-hour concierge service, and in-house apartments at quite cheap rates. Even if you are coming for less than a week or even a day or two, serviced apartments promise the ultimate luxury, continence and comfort. Same is true for serviced apartments Dubai. If individual faces budget constraints, they can also live in shared apartments, since tenant sharing is also common in Dubai.

Amongst all Dubai apartments for sale, ready apartments can be crowned the ultimate contender in the race of being the accommodation option in Dubai. These are the real charm of Dubai real estate, since they contain all the facilities and amenities. These apartments are mostly in Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, which offer the perfect blend of luxury and style and are much cheaper to live in for short stays as compared to staying at hotels. The apartment in these two locations offer the same level of convenience and comfort which you can expect from any five star hotel in Dubai. These luxurious and unique apartments of Dubai have boosted the value of Dubai real estate.
About Serviced Apartments in Dubai
In order to attract foreign exchange in the Emirate, Dubai Government is much focused on its tourism industry. With increased tourism, the accommodation needs of these visitors have also increased. Be it a corporate tour of a couple of days or a leisure trip stretched over weeks, serviced apartments Dubai make the most cost effective accommodation for visitors.

Cost Effectiveness!

Stats show that as compared to staying in hotels, serviced apartments of Dubai cost 30% to 35% less. Much like a hotel room, serviced apartments, meeting your need and budget, can be reserved in advance. After selection completes, you follow the check in and checkout procedure but unlike hotel rooms, you don’t have to pay for services that come with the apartment.

Serviced apartments in Dubai are not offered only for short stays. If you are relocating to Dubai and need a permanent accommodation, you can choose between a wide range of serviced apartments for sale in Dubai as well as get them on rent for a period of more than one year. In this case, you don need to spend money on purchasing a house and decorating it accordingly. The cost of maintenance, utility and housekeeping is included in the rent of the apartment and you are not required to pay any extra charges.

Ideal Serviced Apartments in Dubai

There are four types of serviced Dubai apartments for sale and rent available which include: studio apartments (complete with kitchen), one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment and three bedroom apartment. In some rare case, you can also find a serviced apartment with more than 3 bedrooms. Ideal serviced apartments for tourists are mostly available in following areas of Dubai.

• Dubai Jumeirah Beach
• Deira Dubai
• Dubai Marina
• Bur Dubai
• Palm Island
• Al Barsha

Amenities in Serviced Apartments

All the serviced apartments in Dubai have stylish furnishings and modern conveniences. These luxurious facilities are meant to ensure comfortable living. All apartments come with spacious kitchens and attached bathrooms. Bathrooms are provided with toiletries, towels and linens whereas kitchens are equipped with refrigerators, ovens, cooking ranges, coffee makers, food processors, cutlery silverware as well as cooking utensils. Wireless internet connections, iPod docking stations, and LCD televisions, telephones, voice mail facilities and security systems in these furnished apartments in Dubai add to the comforts of life.

Besides the above mentioned items, furnished apartments also come with furniture such as sofas, tables, beds, chair, chest of drawers, dressing tables, electric goods, home appliances and other household items. Serviced apartments also have curtains and decoration items to make sure that all needs of the residents are met, giving each of the apartments a home-like feel.

Just like hotels, many serviced apartments in Dubai are mostly for short term stays and they also provide concierge services and food made by some of the popular chefs of Dubai. Moreover, some high class serviced apartments also provide laundry and dry-cleaning, car parking, baby sitting, doctor on call, courier services and meeting room.

Some owners of the serviced apartments in Dubai also take care of the property and offer related services on regular basis by conducting property checks, maintaining and cleaning it in order to keep it up to the mark for tourists as well as permanent residents. The serviced apartments are the real beauty of Dubai real estate and the quality of life offered by them attracts both foreigners and investors alike.
About Self Catering Apartments
For those tourist families who want to enjoy home-like comfort during their visit to Dubai, the city features special type of serviced apartments known as self catering apartments. These apartments are basically self contained holiday accommodations which provide an option of preparing and catering meals yourself. In most countries, self catering apartments are offered on rent for more than a week but these apartments in Dubai are also available on rent for more than two days.

Self catering apartments are furnished and normally are more spacious than hotel rooms, since they also have living rooms and kitchens. Self catering apartments offer a number of facilities and amenities ranging from bed linens to towels, kitchen appliances to refrigerators, washing machines to microwave ovens, televisions to hair dryers, ironing boards to wireless internet services and much more.

Since you have to cater to your needs yourself, self catering apartments mostly don’t provide cleaning or sweeping services, cooked or readymade meals and concierge services. Nobody takes out your garbage from the door so you have to carry your trash to the main garbage dumping area yourself. Self catering apartments in Dubai are located in some of the finest locations in Dubai which allow close proximity to major attractions of the city. The following areas offer luxurious and lavishing self catering serviced apartments Dubai.

• Dubai Marina
• Jumeirah Lake Towers
• Palm Island Jumeirah
• Jumeirah Beach Residence
• Mirdif Dubai
• Old Town – Burj Khalifa

Home from home!

Self catering apartments in Dubai make you feel as if you are at home from home. With a proper kitchen and easy availability of groceries from the nearby markets, you can prepare your own meals. This way, you get the taste of your homemade meals. This way, you rid yourself of the compulsion of getting up early for the free breakfast. Especially families with children don’t need to bother if there is not many good meals on the menu for the children since they can always prepare meals for them anytime they want.


Sine self catering apartments are no different than your own home they allow you to live as you like. There is no compulsion to leave or enter the apartment at a fixed time which is the case for most of hotel rooms in Dubai. These apartments offer complete privacy because there is no one trooping past your door all the time. Moreover, you don’t need to feel hesitation if your child walked on the beach and left mud stains on the carpet. All you need to do is just vacuum clean it yourself.

Cost effectiveness!

Since you have to prepare and serve meals yourself, these apartments are cost effective as compared to living in hotel apartments where the price of meals and maid service is included in the rent of the apartment. But this is not a deciding factor since rent of self catering apartments also varies with the level of the facilities and amenities. Most of the times, tourists also ask for cleaning service which adds to their bill. However, food service mainly distinguishes these apartments form other serviced apartments in Dubai.

Dubai features one of the best Dubai apartments for sale which make good investments. Astute investors must choose perfect apartments for sale in Dubai, convert them into self catering apartments and earn a constant stream of income.
About Studio Apartments
Do you often dream of having a classy and luxurious living experience at the lowest possible rent in Dubai? Studio Dubai apartments are meant to turn this dream of your into a reality. Studio apartments also known as efficiency apartments or studio flats and are the most renowned type of apartments in Dubai which feature a single, large room serving the purpose of a bedroom, living room, kitchen, play area and study area.

These are multipurpose units which dedicate certain portions of a single large room to sleeping, cooking, studying, relaxing and playing. The bathroom is the only space that is kept separate. Some studio Dubai apartments for sale or for rent also have partial dividing walls or small folding partitions which separate the sleeping areas from the living areas to maintain high level of privacy from the guests.

Since studio Dubai apartments make the most common rental accommodation, they can be easily found in all the famous areas of Dubai including Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Downtown Dubai, International City, Discovery Gardens and The Greens etc. These self catering units are more popular among the business travellers, professional workers, couples without children and students living in Dubai. Some advantages of living in a studio apartment in Dubai are given below.


Since studio apartments occupy less area normally ranging between 300 to 600 square feet, the rent of these apartments is the lowest as compared to other types of furnished apartments in Dubai. In a few areas, some studios having bigger areas are also rented out to up to 4 persons on shared basis. This rent sharing further reduces the rent per tenant. Moreover, studios during summers in Dubai take less energy to cool down the room which also brings economy in the utility bills.

High Privacy!

In contrast to the hotel and serviced apartments in Dubai, where services are also impersonal, rental studio apartments or studio apartments for sale in Dubai provide complete privacy to the tenant. Moreover, some expatriates living in Dubai share larger accommodations to make rents economic but in this way they sacrifice their independence and privacy. Studio apartment in Dubai features an entire home-like set up in one large room and they make your best bet if you want to live in complete privacy at low rents.

Free Furnishings!

Most of the studio apartments in Dubai are completely furnished up to the highest standards of living. These serviced apartments in Dubai provide luxurious facilities and amenities in residences including air conditioning, kitchen appliances, washing machines, drying cupboard, television, sofas, beds, internet access, and DVD players. Some studio furnished Dubai apartments, which are featured in apartment complexes, also provide access to some of the joint facilities like swimming pools, saunas and gyms etc.

Easy Management!

Since studio Dubai apartments have lesser space for furnishings and limited decoration areas, its management is quite easy. Due to lesser space, you don’t need to spend much time on cleaning after hectic job hours. Moreover, you don’t need to hire some maid for cleaning and management of the studio, since there is very less room for clutter. You can concentrate on the management of the studio on weekends or whenever you get time because you are independent of following the rules and regulations which apply in the case of other types of homes in Dubai.