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Why Rent an Apartment in Bur Dubai?

Defined by traditional souks full of sought-after spices, handicrafts and shopping bargains, Bur Dubai is a place that is never short on excitement. The streets here are full of life day and night, and the environment exudes an old-world charm not found anywhere else in the city. Bur Dubai is one of the oldest settlements in the city, but that does not make renting an apartment there any less exciting than in newer parts of Dubai.

Accessibility and Commute Times to/from Bur Dubai

- Bur Dubai is not only a window into the history of Dubai but also one of the most easily accessible districts of the city. Besides the obvious transportation options like public buses and taxis, the locality can be accessed through traditional dhows plying the waters along Dubai Creek, as well as several metro stations operating in the area. The connectivity factor alone has made Bur Dubai a favourite with thousands of professionals working in Dubai. If there is one thing people living in global cities like Dubai value the most, it’s time. And residents of Bur Dubai will always have a little more of that as the area is located in the heart of Dubai. Whether you are heading to Business Bay for work or planning to catch the Dancing Fountains next to Burj Khalifa in action, it won’t take you long to get there. And even if you are planning a visit to some place a bit further away, like the Ibn Battuta Mall, you simply need to get to the nearest metro station. You’ll be there in no time.

Apartments in Bur Dubai

- Whether it’s a cosy studio unit or a bigger 2-bed apartment with city view you are after, Bur Dubai has all sorts of units to fit the needs of both families and singles well. Most of the buildings in Bur Dubai are little more than four-storeys high and offer well-equipped apartments at affordable rates.

Lifestyle and Community in Bur Dubai

- Bur Dubai is a melting pot of cultures in the emirate. It is an ideal living community for people who want affordability and ease of travelling around the city along with an opportunity to reside in a lively environment. From food to shopping and from groceries to routine repairs, everything is easily available and easily done for folks who rent an apartment in Bur Dubai. The area also has several quality schools, hospitals, parks and recreational areas, making it equally suitable for both singles and families. Living in Bur Dubai comes with a great plus, the opportunity to enjoy delicious cuisines from around the world. Apart from myriad roadside eateries churning out mouth-watering shawarmas and döner kebabs, one can enjoy tasty cuisines from all corners of the world.

Added Value in Bur Dubai

- Lastly, Bur Dubai is a wonderland destination for shoppers looking for quality products at bargain prices. Whether you are looking for branded articles or hunting the finest specimens of quality merchandise from around the world, Bur Dubai has it all. From mega supermarkets stocked with latest electronics to tiny kiosks selling hard-to-find spices, the streets of Bur Dubai have something for every visitor. You can even haggle over prices a with the shopkeepers.