Developed by master-developer Aldar, the community of Khalifa City A has grown to be one of the most in-demand residential areas in Abu Dhabi. Due to its growing appeal, the area has recently been garnering a lot of interest by both expats and locals; and today MyBayut explores the reasons why. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of living in Khalifa City A. 

benefits of living in Khalifa city a

If you are considering to move to this area, here are the benefits you will get to enjoy:

The LARGE CHOICE OF properties in Khalifa City A

Apartment buildings in Khalifa City A
All the residential units in Khalifa City A come with top-notch amenities

One of the first and biggest benefits of living in Khalifa City A is that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to property types. The properties in Khalifa City A include both apartments and villas, that come in different configurations and at affordable prices. So whether you are a bachelor looking for a studio or a large family looking for a spacious villa – Khalifa City A has it all. 

  • When it comes to apartments in Khalifa City A, the configurations include studios, 1, 2, 3 and larger 4-bedroom units for which rent prices start at AED 18k per annum for a studio and going all the way up to 153k for 3-4 bhk options, depending on the quality and location of the apartments.
  • As for the villas in Khalifa City A, expats have the option to rent villas while locals can buy and rent villa units ranging from 2 to 6-bedroom configurations. 

Having a varied choice of properties within a single community is extremely beneficial to its residents because if the need to move to a larger home ever arises, a resident can easily do so within the community, rather than moving out and adjusting to the lifestyle of a new area. This also makes Khalifa City A the ideal place for long-term settlement. 


villas in Khalifa City
Life in Khalifa City A is that of a suburb

Life in Khalifa City A is one of tranquillity and peace – it is away from the hustle and bustle of the main city and offers its residents all the benefits of living in a suburban community. Currently, there aren’t any big malls or retail outlets in the Khalifa City A, so you won’t have to worry about any heavy foot or vehicle traffic in the community. Parents will be happy to note that Khalifa City A is home to several of the best schools in Abu Dhabi with international curriculums and nurseries. Khalifa City is also serviced by a large landscaped park that has a dedicated play area for children and lovely benches to sit for their guardians. However, this won’t be the only one – up to 16 new parks are expected to be built in the community in the coming years. The availability of schools, nurseries and parks combined with the suburban vibes is the reason why Khalifa City A is considered to be one of the best residential areas in Abu Dhabi for families.

availability of all the facilities and amenities in Khalifa City

The next benefit of living in Khalifa City A is that the neighbourhood has everything you will need. From hospitals and supermarkets to schools and nurseries, this residential community has all the necessities in one place.

Pink Shops in Khalifa City A
This is the line of Pink Shops in Khalifa City A
  • Khalifa City A is home to the row of Pink Shops which hosts a row of shops that have groceries, salons and launderettes, cafes and more. There are also local grocery stores dotted around the area and if you can’t find what you need there, Khalifa City A also has several large supermarket chains such as Spinneys and Carrefour.
  • There are several cafes dotted around the neighbourhood – perfect for the days you don’t feel like cooking dinner.
  • There are numerous pharmacies situated around the community, however for more urgent requirements, NMC Royal is just a 5-6 minute drive away.

All these facilities and amenities combined truly make living in Khalifa City A the most ideal place for anyone and is one of the many reasons why people consider moving here. 

accessible location OF KHALIFA CITY A

Abu Dhabi Golf Club view
View of the Abu Dhabi Golf Course from Al Rayyana Complex in Khalifa City A

One of the other advantages of living in Khalifa City A is that it is centrally located. The Abu Dhabi international airport is 15 minutes away, Abu Dhabi’s popular leisure destination Yas Island is 10 minutes away and visiting Dubai will also take you under 40 minutes. Residents of Khalifa City A won’t have to travel far to find entertainment – Saadiyat Island is just a stone’s throw away and so is the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. The Al Forsan International Sports Resort is also close by and has a host of outdoor activities including archery, horse-riding and shooting.

As you can see, there are definitely many advantages to living in Khalifa City A. Here’s a quick summary of why you should live in Khalifa City A:

  • You can choose between villas and flats in Khalifa City A
  • It’s quiet and serene
  • It’s family-friendly
  • Has everything you will need in one place
  • Easy accessible

Things to consider about life in KHALIFA CITY A

While there are many benefits to living in this residential community, there are a few things you should keep in mind before moving Khalifa City A. 

Khalifa City A community
The streets of Khalifa City A

having a car is a must 

Khalifa City A is slightly disconnected from the main city and public transportation is limited to buses and taxis. This is why having a car is must if you are considering moving to Khalifa City A as it is the most convenient way to get around. Parking also won’t be a challenge since most of the residential buildings and villas come with dedicated parking spaces. 

it lacks green spaces 

One of the other things to consider about life in Khalifa City A is that the area lacks green landscaped areas, which in turn leaves the community with a hue which many may not find appealing. The green spaces are limited to the community park and the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. If you don’t care much for greenery around you, this won’t post much of a problem as Khalifa City offers you everything else you will need, but if you are a lover of nature and all things green, this may be one of the things you’d like to consider. 

It’s not a freehold area

If you are an expat looking to invest, this is one of the things that may affect your decision of moving to Khalifa City A. Currently only UAE and GCC nationals are allowed to purchase property in Khalifa City A. Expats can only lease properties here. 

That’s everything you need to know if you’re considering moving to Khalifa City A. Although there are a few cons to living here, Khalifa City A does have a lot to offer and is likely to get even better because of the developments taking place in and around the city. 

Now that you know about the advantages and disadvantages of life in Khalifa City A, how likely are you to move here? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’d like a closer look at this residential neighbourhood, make sure to browse through our area guides section for more information on Khalifa City A.


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