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Why Rent a Villa in Ajman?

Lying north of Sharjah along the fringes of the Persian Gulf, Ajman is a peaceful emirate devoid of the congestion and the crowds found in UAE’s larger cities. It is the smallest of the seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates. Accessing the city of Ajman is easy, as it’s only 15 kilometres away from Sharjah and 25 km away from glitzy Dubai. Owing to short drives required to get to Sharjah (15 minutes) and Dubai (30 minutes), many who work in these cities prefer renting a villa in Ajman to take advantage of the lower costs. Besides affordability, a quiet and peaceful environment make Ajman a truly ideal city to call home.

Types of Villas
- Villa rentals in Ajman are an ideal choice for people looking for plenty of space at affordable rates. Furthermore, villas in Ajman offer a peaceful living environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Choices of residences range from 4-bed and 5-bed villas and the luxuriously spacious villas that have seven bedrooms, eight bedrooms and even ten bedrooms. Most villas have large outdoor areas and gardens, spacious rooms with en suite bathrooms, quality fixtures and fitting and can be found communities that offer ample security and peace of mind.

Popular Areas - Renting a unit in one of the several villa communities of Ajman means you and your family can enjoy a lot of space, host lavish parties in private courtyards and your kids can play outside freely and safely. Owing to the above features, an increasing number of professionals working in different parts of the UAE are choosing villas in Ajman as their choice of residence, leading to an ever-increasing demand for these properties. Few of the popular areas for renting villas in the emirate include Al Zahra, Al Mowaihat, Al Rawda, Al Rashidiya, Ajman Uptown, Al Hamidiyah and Al Naemiyah.

Lifestyle and Community
- Ajman is a city without the traffic and congestion of Dubai Sharjah and even Abu Dhabi. The city has an efficient transport and communications network so accessing various parts of the area is easy. Travelling to other cities is also an easy affair thanks to readily available and affordable taxis and various bus routes. Ajman has many malls and hypermarkets that serve the routine and luxury shopping needs of residents well, besides offering various avenues of entertainment like food courts, cinemas, gaming arcades, cafes and fast-food chains. Good schools are aplenty in Ajman, as are quality medical institutions like Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, Thumbay Hospital and Ajman Speciality Hospital. One of the most popular leisure and entertainment destination is the public beach along Ajman Corniche. With many facilities for water sports as well as several kiosks, food stalls, cafes and fast-food outlets, the beach turns into the centre of social activities on weekends. Al Helio Park and Rashidiya Ladies Park are other popular places to enjoy an evening with the family.