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Overview of Fujairah

UAE real estate has ensured great profits and returns for the investors. It has been rightly observed that except for the few estates of the UAE, which are the point of focus, rest of the places like Al Ain, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khalmah have stayed beyond the visual frequency of the local as well as international investors. The situation has altered now as the prospects of the land and property value of the region call for larger scale of investors and therefore, the previously less fortunate states are beginning to receive their well deserved share of glory. offers matchless property buying and selling services in Fujairah real estate sector. The unusual topography of Fujairah makes it the oasis of the region. Unlike rest of the western UAE states, Fujairah receives decent rainfall and thus has a pretty decent agricultural value. The sand dunes and glowing mountainous valleys of the state against the teal and blue sky are a rare site. Fujairah has every possible attraction to the investors who have already begun to realize its potential and have started buying big chunks of land in the emirate.

For the foreigners, buying Fujairah property is not open yet but they can surely invest in the business sector and buy as much as 49% of shares. The location and geography of Fujairah suggest that the emirate has tremendous potential to beat the hot and much visited neighboring destinations in terms of real estate properties. And the best thing about this investment opportunity for the locals is that they can be the sole beneficiary of this lifetime investment., which is regarded as one of the best real estate portal of UAE, offers detailed listings of various Fujairah properties. It also has detailed catalogues of various popular locations spread across the emirate of Fujairah which you can browse individually.