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Overview of Ajman

Real estate investment is a fairly popular way of not only securing your money and asset but also adding to its value. In Ajman as well as the whole of the UAE, investing in real estate is a certified way of gaining profits over a period of time. Ajman, which was the second emirate in the United Arab Emirates to offer a freehold property after the city state of Dubai, is one of the richest emirates in the UAE, where investing in Ajman property sector is one of the surest, and what was the safest way not too long ago, for multiplying your investment many folds.

Despite the economic crisis which seems to be sucking the life out of several important sectors of the world, Ajman remains the only emirate in the whole of the UAE to offer all international investors, regardless of the nationality, a hundred percent freehold ownership in the real estate sectors for several of its zones. This has worked wonders in favour of both the state in general and the real estate sector in particular as it has helped attract an impressive number of investors from around the globe.

The huge investment, which comes from the local as well as the international investors as a result of this fully transparent freehold property ownership, has given the government of Ajman the confidence to initiate and work on several development projects in the emirate despite the not-too-promising global economic conditions. In these circumstances, Ajman is an emirate which provides investment opportunities but it is not always too easy to find the best deals., however, provides you with a complete list of the properties available for sale in Ajman. You can take a look at the property prices for various popular locations such as Rumaila Area, Naemiyah, Marmooka City, Emirates City or Al Rashidia in Ajman real estate. Those of who you are just looking to live on rent in Ajman too can log onto the site to see the rates offered by landowners.