The UAE is a real estate paradise with some of the most exciting property innovations in the world. Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are making remarkable progress when it comes to diversifying the property market with exciting new offerings. One of the testaments to the capital city’s amazing accomplishments is the man-made miracle, Yas Island. The district is known as the consummate lifestyle destination in Abu Dhabi, which means living on Yas Island is a power-packed adventure, with residents having easy access to an enviable list of exclusive recreational facilities. For those of you planning to move to this happening neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi, here are some of the pros and cons of living on Yas Island.

Pros of living on Yas Island

There are many reasons to love life on Yas Island; the beautiful waterfront properties, the world-renowned theme parks, the abundance of retail opportunities and much more. Here are some of the benefits of living on Yas Island for anyone who is considering a move to the neighbourhood.

The colourful Riviera-style living

The highlight for those renting apartments on Yas Island is definitely going to be the fantastic lifestyle on offer in the neighbourhood. The du Arena has hosted chart-busting artists from all over the world, along with rib-tickling comedians, actors and other luminaries. Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld and Yas Marina are other attractions that keep things interesting for those living on Yas Island. The Yas Marina Circuit, restaurants and luxury hotels add to the opulence of this district that has become the cornerstone of recreation in the capital city.

The dU arena on Yas Island
The du arena, Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld makes life for those renting on Yas Island extremely enjoyable.

The proximity to the airport

Yas Island is close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport, making travel plans easy for folks living on Yas Island. Even for those who don’t travel extensively, living near an airport can have many advantages. One of the benefits of living on Yas Island is that the proximity to the airport has ensured that the area is well-connected, with plenty of taxis available at a moment’s notice. However, Yas Island is not so close to the airport that residents are bothered by aircraft noise.

Living on Yas Island
Residents of Yas Island face a mere 10-minute commute to the airport.

Access to schools, parks and beaches

While life on the island is generally fine-tuned for high-octane entertainment, there is no shortage of advantages for renting on Yas Island, for families with children. The Sabis School and West Yas Academy are prominent schools in Abu Dhabi with excellent reputations. The landscaped parks and gardens around the communities on Yas Island offer a healthy distraction for younger children, and weekends can be spent on the beautiful sands of Yas Beach. The beach is also the preferred location for many community events that are hosted for the residents living on Yas Island.

Parks and recreational facilities on Yas Island
With the beach, parks and gardens, there’s plenty to keep families engaged on Yas Island.

The gorgeous waterfront properties with world-class amenities

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy the perks of living near the crystal clear waters of the beach. Those renting on Yas Island have access to some of the most beautiful waterfront properties in Abu Dhabi. The ready apartments in Ansam and the upcoming villas in West Yas and Yas Acres, in particular, are fine properties, giving residents access to resort-style facilities such as spas, pools, gyms and more. The good news for expat investors in Abu Dhabi is that the properties on Yas Island are available for expats to buy. So, if you grow fond of the home you are renting on Yas Island, you can easily buy it and make it your permanent address.

It’s evident that there are many benefits if you are thinking of moving to Yas Island. Here’s a recap of the advantages of living on Yas Island:

  • The enviable recreational options
  • The proximity to the airport
  • The schools, parks and beaches
  • The waterfront appeal


Cons of Living on Yas Island

While there’s plenty of reasons to love life on Yas Island, it’s important to consider everything before moving there. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider before moving to Yas Island.

Away from the main island

Yas Island is fairly close to the newer developments in Abu Dhabi including Khalifa City A, Saadiyat Island and Al Raha Beach. It is, however, a little further away from the main island, so, for those working in Abu Dhabi, the commute might become irksome over time. It takes 30 minutes to get into the centre of mainland Abu Dhabi, which can make all the difference when it comes to that early morning snooze.

Things to consider about living on Yas Island
The long travel times and need for a private vehicle are a few of the things to consider for those renting on Yas Island

You need a car to get around

If you are used to living in a city with a lot of public transportation options, be aware that it’s important to have your own vehicle to get around easily while renting on Yas Island. There are buses and taxis for those who do rely on public transportation, but most residents find that it’s easier to have your own vehicle if you are planning on moving to Yas Island.

Price trends for properties on Yas Island

Now that we are aware of the benefits of living on Yas Island and some of the things to consider before moving, it’s also important to factor in the price trends in the region. Yas Island emerged as one of the most-popular areas to buy property in Abu Dhabi, both for apartments and villas in the first quarter of 2018.

When it comes to the apartments on Yas Island, the rent for a studio in Ansam, Yas Island, starts at AED 50k. If you are an investor looking to diversify your real estate portfolio with property in the capital, you would be happy to note that a 1-bedroom apartment for sale on Yas Island goes for an average of AED 1.39M, as of the first quarter of 2018, down by 3.8% since the year before. If a sprawling villa is more up your alley, the 3-bedroom villas on Yas Island average at AED 3.2M, 4-bedroom houses go for AED 4.3M and 5-bedroom properties AED 4.8M.

Yas Island for buying villas in Abu Dhabi
Yas Island is a popular location for those looking to buy villas in Abu Dhabi.

Overall, Yas Island presents a cornucopia of options for recreation, renting and buying. It’s certainly one of the most sought-after locations to live in Abu Dhabi, boasting that compelling combination of incredible views, luxury amenities and a quintessential ‘it’ neighbourhood vibe. If you fancy looking at the other popular Abu Dhabi island paradise, home to the world-famous Louvre, be sure to check out the pros and cons of living on Saadiyat Island.


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