The capital city is truly a wonder of its own – its home to some amazing residential units that offer its residents a luxurious and tranquil lifestyle. Whether you are a bachelor or a family of four, you can surely find a home that fits your needs in Abu Dhabi. Today, MyBayut explores areas in Abu Dhabi that have the best studios in Abu Dhabi, that are perfect for young professionals working in the capital city. We analyzed our data from the past six months to bring to you the five most popular areas to rent studios in Abu Dhabi under AED 45k and here are the results. Read on to know more about these areas and what you can expect if do end up renting a studio there. 

top 5 areas to rent studios in Abu Dhabi under aed 45k

popular areas to rent studios in Abu Dhabi under AED 45k
Top 5 areas to rent studios in Abu Dhabi under AED 45k.

The most recent report of the Abu Dhabi property market shows that property prices on average, for both rent and sale, have decreased when compared to prices seen in Q2 of 2018. Rents for studios, specifically, saw an overall decrease of 0-6% with the most noticeable difference being a 9.3% decrease for studios in Khalifa City A. This is extremely favourable for anyone looking to for studios for rent in Abu Dhabi, as you can get them at an affordable rate. With that being said, let’s have a look at what all these five areas have to offer. 

Mohammed Bin Zayed City (MBZ) is the most popular area to rent studios in Abu Dhabi

apartment buildings in MBZ City
There are attractive apartment complexes with studios in MBZ City for rent

MBZ city is number one on our list of areas to rent studios in Abu Dhabi. Although this area is largely known to be a villa community, it hosts a few attractive apartment blocks that feature great studio rentals, which are in close proximity to all of MBZ’s facilities and amenities. The wholesome neighbourhood is a particular favourite due to its economic appeal. The average price for renting a studio in MBZ City is AED 25k, making it the most affordable place to rent studios in Abu Dhabi in this list. Apart from this, MBZ is also prized for its peaceful setting and close proximity to the Dalma Mall that hosts numerous recreational activities, and the large Lulu Hypermarket that is perfect for grocery shopping. 

khalifa city a is the NEXT CHOICE FOR RENTING AFFORDABLE studios in abu dhabi

Apartments in Khalifa City A
The studios for rent in Khalifa City A are in modern residential buildings like these

Next up on our list of popular areas to rent studios in Abu Dhabi, we have the coveted residential neighbourhood of Khalifa City A. This area is extremely ideal for young professionals who are looking for a place that is in close proximity to both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are several large supermarket chains operating across the Khalifa City A neighbourhood, alongside the local baqalas, so you won’t have to worry about travelling far to get your essentials. The area is also served by the Pink Shops, which is a row of shops that has groceries, salons and launderettes. Since this is a fairly new area, most of the apartment buildings come with the necessary facilities and amenities. In terms of requirements, Khalifa City A has everything you need and it comes at an affordable price. The average rents for a studio in Khalifa City A are AED 30k.

old favourites Al Muroor and airport street are popular choices FOR studio rentals in Abu Dhabi under aed 45k.

Taking the third spot, we have the studios in Al Muroor. This area is comprised of a numerous highrise residential and commercial buildings that have all the necessities dotted all around – from ATMs, restaurants and retail outlets, Al Muroor has everything. Due to the mix of commercial and residential options, this area has a metropolitan buzz to it, which is perfect for working professionals who are looking to be in the heart of the action. The prices for renting studios in Al Muroor start at AED 22k, as per current listings on Bayut, but they generally average at AED 38k, keeping them well within the price range that most will be looking at. 

Al Muroor Road
Al Muroor Road is a hub of commercial activity

Airport Street took the fourth sport for the most affordable studio rentals in Abu Dhabi. Just like Al Muroor, Airport Street also has a mix of commercial and residential buildings. It is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi city and comes with easy access to public transportation. The Al Wahda Park and Al Wahda Mall has also located just a stone’s throw away, so you have everything you need if you rent a studio in Airport Street. The price for renting a studio here starts at AED 25k as per current listings on Bayut, while prices on average are AED 41k. 

Al mushrif completes the list of the top 5 areas with affordable studios for rent in Abu Dhabi

buildings in Al Mushrif Abu Dhabi
Al Mushrif has a mix of low rise buildings with studios in them

The final feature on our list of areas for renting studios in Abu Dhabi is Al Mushrif. This neighbourhood is home to the popular Umm Al Emarat Park and is a short distance from the Abu Dhabi’s scenic Mangrove National Park that offers unique recreational activities. The area of Al Mushrif is centrally located and offers a range of apartment buildings that have studios for rent starting from AED 22k,  with the average being around AED 36k. The Mushrif Mall is also located close by hosts various retail brands and popular eateries – perfect for a relaxing weekend. 

That was our round-up of all the places in Abu Dhabi with studios for rent under AED 45k. Which one of these areas would you consider renting a studio in? Let us know in the comment section below. If you are looking for something bigger than a studio in Abu Dhabi, you can check out our feature on the best places to rent affordable 1-bedroom apartments in Abu Dhabi.

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