Al Muroor gets its name from the famous, Sultan Bin Zayed, The First Street, it was formerly known as Muroor Road or 4th Street. The neighbourhood houses a mix of commercial and residential properties. Presenting a quiet yet spirited environment for the residents, the residential districts in Al Muroor are away from the rush of the roads but lie in close proximity to all of the basic necessities of life. Al Muroor is one of the best areas for singles to rent property in Abu Dhabi

Over the past few years, Al Muroor has maintained its position as a popular renting destination in Abu Dhabi. According to Bayut’s H2 Report for 2018, Al Muroor ranked as the 4th most popular location to rent apartments while villas for rent in Al Muroor took the 6th best spot and these ranks have remained consistent for the past two years.

Best areas in Abu Dhabi to Rent Apartments - Ranking 2018
Renting studios, 1-bed and 2-bed flats in Al Muroor popular in Abu Dhabi.


  • Connected to major road networks such as Sultan Bin Zayed The First Street, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street and Al Ain Road.
  • Is one of the most popular localities in Abu Dhabi to rent apartments and villas.
  • A residential haven for singletons with affordable rental properties.
  • Serene lifestyle away from the rush of the city.
  • Close to many basic necessities. 



Al Muroor is a mixed-use community with mid and high rise apartment towers comprising residential flats. The street is generously loaded with restaurants, shops, and commercial spaces, while down the road, one may also find villas built in separate compounds mainly for families. Resting amidst residential communities, schools, and healthcare departments, Al Muroor makes for a family-oriented community while it is equally preferred by singles, expats, and youngsters.


Located just a few blocks away from Al Salam Street, the residential community of Al Muroor is located between Downtown Abu Dhabi and Embassies District. It is dotted with numerous mid to high-rise iconic towers. On the other end of the road, clusters of villas exist with large living spaces. These villas are mostly preferred for renting, however, some of them are also available for investment purposes. Offering a variety of options from 3-bedroom to 6-bedroom units, these houses are ideal for any family. Most of the structures are fairly new while some units are up for rent after renovations. You can be sure whichever unit you get, it will be unique with state-of-the-art construction technique and amenities.

Villas in Al Muroor
Luxurious villas with parking spaces

Flats for rent in Al Muroor are found in the well-maintained buildings, these also do not compromise on the privacy of tenants. Due to its prime location and competitive prices, Al Muroor is one of the most sought-after areas by locals and expats alike. The apartments in Al Muroor are extremely spacious as seen with the rental studios, they come with a large living area of around 400 sq. ft. to 850 sq. ft. Paying an average expense of approximately AED 38k per annum, the amenities you get are beyond amazing – the major reason why Al Muroor is one of the best places in Abu Dhabi to rent studios. Opting for larger covered areas opens up more options for renting 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments, equally famous for affordability and fine construction. Each unit is built with contemporary architecture and unique work of stones and marble.

Apartments in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi
Apartment buildings in Al Muroor

In the past few years, the rental prices in Al Muroor have seen a slight fall, leading to an increase in demand for both, apartments and villas. A standard 3-bedroom villa in Al Muroor will cost no more than AED 125K while the price of renting a luxurious 6-bed villa can be as low as AED 170K. Similarly, 1-bedroom apartments for rent are preferred by singletons and couples who can afford to fork out the rent varying from AED 35K to AED 65K annually. Expanding the options and going for bigger, more spacious units like 3-bed rental flats in Al Muroor, will cost you around AED 95K to AED 150k.

Besides residential properties, several commercial properties including modern offices are built on the side of the road in high-rise towers. Lying in close proximity to the business hubs around the emirate, these units are ideal for a number of start-ups looking at affordable commercial spaces.


Though there aren’t any bus stops settled in Al Muroor, getting around the city and in and out of the emirate is relatively easy because a number of stations lie in close proximity. The nearest bus stop is in the Al Nahyan district that has buses running through the area every hour. Moreover, around nine new public buses have been set up to connect the residents to all of Abu Dhabi. At about 10-minute walking distance, one may catch a bus towards key areas and important landmarks.

parking in al muroor
Convenient parking spaces in the commercial area

Finding a parking space in Al Muroor used to be a little tough back when parking lots weren’t properly constructed and managed. It happened only recently in August 2018, that the inhabitants are introduced with paid parking to manage the rush on the roads and provide a safe spot for each traveller. Since the entire emirate is a major business hub, there are several offices and commercial spaces in various districts including the Muroor Road. Therefore, paying an amount worth AED 800 to AED 1,200 to get the permit for a year will relieve everyday stress on the road. The locality will witness about 2,831 parking spaces in the near future while some residential villas and apartment buildings like Saif Bin Darwish Building, Ramee Royal Hotel Apartments, and Al Falahi Tower already have free parking facilities for those living in one of the units.


Everything you expect from a well planned residential community, from educational facilities to medical care providers and entertainment spots are present at or near Al Muroor.

commercial spaces in Al Muroor
The commercial strip of Al Muroor


LuLu Express, a project by LuLu Group is the most popular stop for all items from groceries to electronics. With ATMs and mobile recharging systems installed, it makes for a convenient store for typical family shopping days. It is located in the vicinity of Muroor Road and has a separate parking area. Millennium Hypermarket and Step Grocery are located side by side and preferred mostly for budget-friendly shopping sprees. Just off the road at a 10-minute drive is Mushrif Mall with a huge LuLu Hypermarket. 

shops in Al Muroor
Easily accessible ground floor shops in Al Muroor


There are plenty of mosques located at a few minutes distance from the residential district of Al Muroor. The closest ones are small community mosques while Hamad Al Mansouri, Mosque Mus’ab Bin Umair, Ahmed Omran Mosque, and Saeed Bin Ali Mosque can be reached in less than 10 minutes. There is a mosque in the Al Mushrif district which has been renamed to 'Mariam Umm Eisa' Mosque, this translates to 'Mary the Mother of Jesus' Mosque. The mosque is located close to a cluster of churches to promote religious tolerance. Some of these include Abu Dhabi Apostolic Church, Snowball Church, St. Andrew Church, and St. Joseph’s Cathedral, all located at a short 7-minute drive. Sadly, there aren’t any temples for the Hindu community but there is a temple planned for the residents of Abu Dhabi it will be completed in 2020. Otherwise, Hindu worshippers can head to the Hindi temple in Jebel Ali, Dubai. 


Families who decide to move to Al Muroor can check out Al Nahda National School for Boys, Belvedere British School, and Saint Joseph’s nearby. Some elementary schools are also located on the Al Muroor Road including ABC Nursery. Sheikh Khalifa University is a notable option for higher education offering several specialization, graduate, and undergraduate programs.


NMC Royal Women’s Hospital, Beverly Hills Medical Centre, Universal Hospital Tower, and American European Medical Centre are easily accessible as they are located a short drive away. Al Muroor also has a number of pharmacies including Pulse Rate Pharmacy and Paragon Pharmacy and Al Nawadir for Veterinary Medicine is especially popular for the availability of all types of medical care and treatments related to pets.


residential apartment area in Al Muroor
Peaceful residential area with apartments

Unlike other areas of Abu Dhabi, Al Muroor itself is a metropolitan district with no sub-communities as such. However, it is located between popular family-favourite residential districts, Downtown Abu Dhabi and Muroor Road. If you plan to move here, you will come across a number of sub-districts on Muroor Road. Enjoying easy access to the main city, the community of Al Zahraa and Habdat al Zaafran are specifically as the most affordable districts. 


One of the best parts about living in Al Muroor is its exceptional connectivity to the main city. The residential districts are away from the heart of the city centre while Abu Dhabi’s key areas are in close proximity. Being located just beside Muroor Road, it shares the same network with Airport Road and the Dubai - Abu Dhabi (E11) Highway. The communities of Al Nahyan, Al Mushrif, Al Etihad, and Al Rowdah form the border lines of Al Muroor while Al Bateen makes for its next door neighbour.



You get the real essence of Arabian nights when you step on the land of Abu Dhabi. The sister emirate of Dubai has a vibrant personality through districts dotted with historical landmarks and tourist attractions. Al Muroor is no exception to any of this. It isn’t as big as any of Dubai’s sub-communities but provides a happening street-life with many different cuisines gathered from around the world.


Al Wahda Mall
Famous Al Wahda Mall usually has special discounts and sales

Those visiting Al Muroor will be introduced to a number of shopping malls offering anything and everything you’d expect from a full-fledged shopping arcade. Al Wahda Mall located on Hazza Bin Zayed Road at a short 7-minute drive is loaded with several high-street brands, over 50 eateries, a large cinema and a children’s play area. Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre shines on the Sultan Bin Zayed, The First Street favoured for the best jewellery stores and gold centres in town.


There’re quite a lot of options for foodies in Al Muroor as the community has restaurants and cafes serving delicious Indian, Pakistani, Continental, Lebanese, and Arabian cuisines. Apart from the loaded eateries in Al Wahda Mall, there’s Pizza Hut and KFC built on the ground floors of apartment buildings. For vegans, Salam Bombay Vegetarian Restaurant is a preferable option while Masala House Restaurant, as the name suggests, serves authentic Indian and Pakistani food. There are also other casual dining establishments such as Al Mrzab Restaurant, Tandoori Corner, Paprika Restaurant and more. Fine-dining options include Thai eateries Benjarong and Pachaylen and meat eateries BOA Steakhouse and Choice Cut Steakhouse. These are all licensed options as well but if you looking to head to a bar or lounge instead there are also many options. Drive down to Al Wahdah and you find the most-loved Velocity club, Level One Bar & Lounge, and Porters English Pub in Millennium Hotel.

Restaurants in Al Muroor
A strip of eateries in Al Muroor


One of the blessings of living in Al Muroor is that you’re never away from the beach-life. For those who fancy unwinding sessions near the sea and sand every once in a while, it makes for a favourable destination with Abu Dhabi Beach only 7-minutes away. The Corniche Beach is also very closely connected to the residential districts of Al Muroor offering majestic views and a perfect spot for family picnics.


Coming to Abu Dhabi is all about adventures at the Safari and desert rides. One such super favourite leisure activity near Al Muroor is the Camel Ride and Evening Desert Safari by Abu Dhabi Holidays. For a typical day out, Al Bateen Mall and Al Wahda Mall are preferred stops, especially for those who love shopping. Residents of Al Muroor are about 15 minutes away from the great Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre, one of the world’s largest mosques. It is a historical landmark highlighting the art and history of the emirate. Qasr Al Hosn, another key landmark that hosts several festivals and events is only 13 minutes away.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center
Celebratory lights in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


The extravagant green gardens with full-bloomed flowers and picnic spots are the charm of this locality. Umm Al Emarat Park is just next door featuring a botanic garden, open lawn, and a shade house. Families love hanging out around here with kids who enjoy petting farm animals.

Umm al Emarat
Umm Al Emarat Park with Playground

As the UAE is known to have a lot of desert areas, the authorities have formed great green landscaped gardens with fountains and playgrounds in the city. Eastern Mangroves Park on 8th Street is just the perfect example of such leisure point with a nice place to sit and enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. These parks also have well-maintained jogging and walking tracks lined by mangroves and palm trees where families take their pets out for a nice walk.

Maven Spa in Al Wahda Mall is preferred for perfect relaxing holidays, and Honolulu Salon is the nearest beauty spot you can find.


The residential community doesn’t host any events in particular but has a lot of it going all around the Al Muroor neighbourhood. The nearest ones are those held at Umm Al Emarat Park like The Ripe Market, which attracts families, children, designers, and artisans with a number of stalls apart from food items. Another cultural festival is held every year at Qasr Al Hosn for the public to witness dance performances and cultural art shows. 

Qasr Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi landmarks
Qasr Al Hosn is a famous Landmark in Abu Dhabi and a Tourist Attraction


Al Muroor is a busy district with mixed properties so you might take a bit of time to adjust in the fast-paced environment. However, it lies away from the chaotic roads and the residents have all the basic amenities at hand.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Al Muroor?


  • 30 minutes away from Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Al Bateen Airport is only 12 minutes away.
  • Lying in close proximity to Abu Dhabi and Corniche Beach
  • Ease of access to the main city centres including Downtown, Khalifa City, Al Nahyan, and Mohammad Bin Zayed City

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