Khalifa City A was the most popular area of renting villas in the capital city as per the Bayut.com 2017 Abu Dhabi Annual Property Market Report. It came second only to Al Reem Island for renting apartments and was even the 6th most popular location for buying villas in Abu Dhabi.  In this area guide, you have access to in-depth information about living in the area and what to anticipate if you are planning on moving to Khalifa City A.

Top areas for renting villas in Abu Dhabi infographic.
Popular areas for renting villas in Abu Dhabi.

It’s easy to see that Khalifa City A is a popular option, considering the fact that it is ideally located on the highway to Dubai. This suburb is easily identified by the prominent head offices of Etihad Airways on both sides of the highway when driving into Abu Dhabi from Dubai. The area is famous for housing the Abu Dhabi Golf Club and the Al Forsan International Sports Resort, both huge attractions to investors and renters alike.


  • Close to Dubai, so good for those commuting regularly
  • Large spacious villas and affordable apartments
  • Home to the Etihad Head Office
  • Near Al Raha Beach and Saadiyat Island
  • A calm, serene area with plenty of schools, supermarkets and other amenities including a golf course



What started as a small community by master-developer Aldar has blossomed into an in-demand residential location with a golf course, several reputable schools and multiple retail and dining options. The area is at the centre of the larger Madinat Khalifa suburb which includes Khalifa City B also known as Shakhbout City and New Khalifa City. The large, luxurious villas and reasonably priced apartments in Khalifa City A make it a popular spot for renting in the capital. Aldar has also worked hard on improving the infrastructure of the area. Developments like Al Rayyana, Al Forsan Village and Golf Gardens are firm favourites with both expats and locals for the elegant and upscale lifestyle they offer.

Apartments in Khalifa City A
There are a number of beautiful apartments for rent in Khalifa City A.

Properties in Khalifa City A 

When it comes to residential options, there is a wide range to choose from in the area. Apartments start from cosy studios and go up to 3-bedroom configurations. Villas in Khalifa City A are more spacious; sometimes you can even find 11-bedroom houses for rent and sale here!

Average asking rents for studios in the area is AED 36k, 1-bedroom flats go for AED 53k and 2-bedroom apartments are priced at AED 80k. The villas in Khalifa City A are also highly sought after for their competitive price range in terms of renting. A 3-bedroom house is priced on average at AED 155k, 4-bedrooms go for AED 180k and 5-beds are at AED 200k.

Apart from the convenience of the location, the locality is also known for having some of the best residential communities in the capital. Average rents are lower than those expected for the capital making renting in Khalifa City A far more affordable than the neighbouring Al Raha. It appeals to most demographics, is extremely expat-friendly and has several schools catering to international curriculums. While the villas in Khalifa City A are preferred by families, studios get a lot of interest from bachelors and young couples. The suburb is also quite cosmopolitan, with an almost equal representation of Western and Asian expats.

Villas in Khalifa City A
There is an assortment of villas in Khalifa City A.

Khalifa City A gets a fair share of interest from investors for buying villas, but there are currently no freehold apartments for sale in Khalifa City A. Asking price for a 3-bedroom villa here is around AED 4.5M, 4 beds average at AED 5.8M and 5 beds are approximately AED 7M.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Khalifa City A

Since it is a well-planned suburb, parking is not a challenge; residential buildings come with dedicated parking spaces, and visitors can easily find parking in the many designated areas.
Public transportation in Khalifa City A, however, is limited to buses and taxis. Currently, there are only 2 buses that take you to the main city.

Parking in Khalifa City A
Visitors can easily find parking spaces in Khalifa City A.

If you are relying on public transportation to get to Dubai you will either need to hail a cab or go to the main island and take a bus from there. The lack of connectivity is being looked into and the situation is expected to improve in the future. The easiest way to access Khalifa City is by the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway and the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain road. 


Supermarkets in Khalifa City A

Finding basic amenities is easy for those living in Khalifa City A with several large supermarket chains operating across the suburb, including Spar, Geant and Spinneys.

Besides this, there are also local groceries and mini-marts to get most of your household goods. The Pink Shops, a row of shops, groceries, salons, launderettes and more (that have acquired the moniker thanks to their bright pink exteriors) are firm favourites with those looking for supermarkets in Khalifa City A. Some gated communities even come with their own malls; the Boutik mall in Al Rayyana is a prime example. For more extensive shopping, there’s Etihad Plaza and Al Raha Mall both of which are a short drive away.

Pink Shops in Khalifa City A
Pink Shops in Khalifa City A.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Khalifa City A

There are quite a few mosques in Khalifa City A, including the Abdulla Bin Omar Masjid and the Albasset Masjid known for its beautiful architecture and elaborate decor. The Mar Thoma Church in Abu Dhabi is the closest spiritual centre for the suburbs Christians, which is 15 minutes away. A temple is set to open its doors to Abu Dhabi residents in 2020, but at the moment the closest temple is in Jebel Ali, Dubai which is over an hours drive away.

Mosque in Khalifa City A
A mosque in Khalifa City A.

Schools in Khalifa City A

The robust educational infrastructure in the area is a big reason why it is a hit with families. The popular schools in Khalifa City A include International School of Choueifat which follows the Sabis curriculum, GEMS American Academy which has both the American and IB system. There is also Al Raha International School which is one of Abu Dhabi's best schools, it follows the IB module of education from pre-primary to Year 13. For those with little ones, Humpty Dumpty, Noah's Art and Little Smarties are excellent nurseries in Khalifa City A.

Universities in the area include Zayed University, Khalifa University and Abu Dhabi University. The proximity to these options is one of the biggest benefits for parents considering moving to the community.

Clinics and Hospitals in Khalifa City A

When it comes to your medical requirements, you are well taken care of in Khalifa City A. Besides the many pharmacies and clinics in the area, you also have NMC Royal and Mediclinic Hospitals in Khalifa City A for incidents which might require a specialist’s attention.


One of the most popular areas for those moving to Khalifa City A is Al Rayyana, a gated community of low rise apartment buildings complete with its own mall, mosque and recreational spaces.

Villa Compound which houses both apartments and villas comes in at a close second. Other popular areas include Golf Gardens and Al Dahre compound.

Popular areas in Khalifa CIty A.
Top 5 areas in Khalifa City A.

Nearby Areas

Geographically, Khalifa City A is situated north-east of the Musaffah industrial area. It’s well connected to Abu Dhabi by two bridges and is a short drive away from the entertainment hub, Yas Island. While the international airport is 15 minutes away. It is also ideally located between the two highways to Dubai and Al Ain, adjacent to the upscale Al Raha Beach area, and close to the new cultural capital of the country, Saadiyat Island.



Khalifa City A has built a reputation for being a quiet, friendly neighbourhood but that doesn’t mean you can’t let down your hair here! For a great night out Yas Island is just around the corner. To soak in some culture, the Louvre Museum located nearby Saadiyat Island and when the long-delayed Guggenheim project (which is yet to receive a launch date) is completed, there will be no shortage of activities for art lovers.

Malls in Khalifa City A

For most shopping requirements, Al Raha Mall is the go-to destination. Popular malls in the capital, like Marina Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall, are also a 30-minute drive away. Most residents also appear to swear by the Pink Shops (the row of shops with a bright pink exterior), that stock pretty much everything under the sun!

The Al Forsan International Sports Resort and the Abu Dhabi Golf Club are also popular hangouts offering a mix of sports and leisure activities.

Restaurants in Khalifa City A

Restaurants in Khalifa City A
A restaurant in Khalifa City A.

There are plenty of cafeterias for take-out and restaurants in Khalifa City A, including La Brioche and Jones the Grocer which attract a loyal fan base. The Al Forsan International Sports Resort and the Abu Dhabi Golf Club also have several dining outlets catering to the residents of Khalifa City A.

Beaches near Khalifa City A

Al Raha Beach Near Khalifa City A
Al Raha Beach near Khalifa City A.

A hop, skip and jump away from Khalifa City A is the Al Raha beach where you can enjoy relaxing weekends with the family. If you are looking for variety, the Corniche is less than half an hour away and the pristine white beaches of Saadiyat Island are even closer.


Abu Dhabi Golf club Khalifa City A
Abu Dhabi Golf Club in Khalifa City A

One of the biggest benefits of living in Khalifa City A  is that you can enjoy teeing off at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club, conveniently located in the heart of the suburb. If you are looking for more sporty challenges, The Al Forsan International Sports Resort has a host of activities including archery, horse-riding and shooting. To really push your boundaries, you can even take up lessons with trained specialists in the resort.

Al Forsan Sports Resort in Khalifa City A
Al Forsan Sports Resort in Khalifa City A.

Besides the many community events that happen in the suburb, residents have easy access to the music festivals in Yas Marina and art exhibitions in Saadiyat Island and cultural events in the Emirates Palace.


The most famous park in Khalifa City A has to be the ‘park behind the Pink Shops’. This landscaped beauty has a large play area for children, lovely benches to sit and read and lots of serenity. Several other parks are found in the area, and up to 16 new ones are expected to be completed by the end of 2018. There are jogging tracks in Khalifa City A's Golf Club and Sports Resort, and the nearby Al Raha beach too has a running track.

Parks in Khalifa City A
There are several parks in Khalifa City A.

If a gym is a must on your list of areas to consider living in, most apartments and villa communities in Khalifa City A come with a small fitness centre, and bigger chains can be found across the area.

In the UAE, you will be hard-pressed to find a neighbourhood that does not have a salon. Khalifa City A predictably has many salons and spas, so you won’t need to be concerned about trimming beards or getting your nails done!


Khalifa City A is a great place to live in if you like a quiet simple life. One of the things to consider for those looking at moving to Khalifa City A is that it can be a little disconnected from all the hustle and bustle of the city. There are currently no large malls or cinemas in the locality. But this could change in the near future as more and more developments are taking place in and around the city. 

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Khalifa City A?


  • Khalifa City A is an in-demand residential area in the capital of the UAE.
  • It’s well connected to Dubai and the main Island of Abu Dhabi.
  • Very close to other popular hubs like Al Raha Beach, Yas Island, Saadiyat Island etc
  • Investing in Khalifa City A is a popular option and it is one of the top areas to buy property in the Abu Dhabi Real estate market.
  • The Abu Dhabi International airport is 20 minutes away and the new DWC Airport is an hour’s drive.
  • When it comes to the other emirates, Dubai is an hour away, Sharjah and Ajman are less than 2 hours away and Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain takes close to 3 hours.

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