The growing number of properties all across the UAE and the introduction of the new policies such as the 5-year visa for retirees plus the 10-year visa and 100% ownership of foreign companies, is bringing a lot of attention to the real estate market here resulting in an increased the need for real estate agents. To get an understanding of peoples views across the country about their experience with property agents, we opened up a survey on real estate agents in Dubai, to over 300,000 followers across our social media outlets and email subscriber base. Let’s take a look at what the results have to show about property agents in Dubai.

how quickly did the agent get back to you?

real estate agents in Dubai survey
How quickly does an agent get back to you after the first contact?

The first thing we wanted to understand about real estate agents in Dubai, was the response time our audience experienced when contacting a property agent. The results were pleasant to note! A large majority of 45% of respondents said that the agent responded to them the same day that they contacted them. This is positive for all end-users who are looking to work with property agents in Dubai. Since other users have experienced a quick response from their property agent, new users will likely experience the same. This also means that, if you have any urgent queries related to the real estate market in the UAE, you can expect a quick response. 

When you used an agent, how knowledgeable was the person about the area and the property?

property agents in Dubai survey
The expertise of property agents from various real estate agencies in Dubai.

One of the most important aspects of real estate agents in Dubai that we wanted to understand from the survey, was how knowledgeable people found their agent to be. For this question, a majority of 56% said that they found their real estate agent in Dubai to be fairly knowledgeable, followed by 39% saying they were very knowledgeable which only a small percentage of people saying otherwise.

There are many benefits to hiring a good real estate agent, and having an agent who knows the A to Z about the property in their portfolio is essential, as they can provide you with information that may not be available elsewhere. The responses go to show that anyone looking to rent or invest in the real estate market in Dubai is sure to find support and valuable insights when using property agents.

After letting the agent know about my requirements, the agent:

agents in the Dubai real estate market
Was the agent helpful?

We followed up the previous question by asking our users if the agents were able to provide the right kind of support after sharing the requirements and a whopping 64% said that the agent not only gave the right advice but also suggested more properties to them. It is extremely satisfying to know that the property agents in Dubai go beyond their required duties to help their clients find the right home. This is actually one of the most essential tips to become a top real estate agent in the UAE, so if you are an aspiring agent, make sure to keep this in mind in your next meeting

When you interacted with a real estate agent, they came across as:

Dubai property agencies agents survey
The experience of interacting with a real estate agent from Dubai property agencies.

Upon asking whether property agents in Dubai they dealt with were professional, a large majority of 63% said that they found them to be very professional with a keen attention to detail and in-depth knowledge about their area of a most expert. Having a professional approach with clients is an essential way for real estate agents to build trust with clients and achieve success in the UAE real estate market. This also goes a long way with clients as agents in the UAE real estate industry can get more business if they are able to cater to the clients’ needs in a professional manner. 

How likely are you to recommend the property agent you used to your friends?

real estate agent referral
Would you refer the real estate agent you used to a friend?

Over 71% of respondents said that they would definitely refer the real estate agent that they used to their friends. This goes to show that people do believe that real estate agents in Dubai are helpful and can help other end-users with any property related queries. These results also further fortify the position of professional services offered by property agents in Dubai, as they are receiving the best kind of promotion through client referrals. 

Overall, the responses for this question on our survey on real estate agents in Dubai showed a positive outlook to property agents in Dubai. Users considered them to be professional, knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to dealing with property related transactions in the UAE real estate market. The fact that a large proportion of people found their real estate agents useful goes to show that there is a need for them in the market. The next time you are thinking about buying or renting property in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, make sure to get in touch with a property agent as they can provide valuable insights that you would otherwise not have access to. If you are looking to find some of the best real estate agents and agencies in Dubai, make sure to check out Bayut’s agents’ section on the website and browse from some of the best property agencies in the UAE.

Have you interacted with a real estate agent in Dubai? Let us know how your experience was in the comments section below. To stay informed about more interesting surveys and all the latest information about life in the UAE, be sure to check in to the best property blog in the UAE, MyBayut. 


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