Without a doubt, shawarmas are the most cherished delicacy in the UAE. Wherever you turn, you are guaranteed to find a shawarma stand, serving shawarmas. With all the options available, how do you choose the right one? Yes, every shawarma is special in its own way, however, if you are looking to find the best shawarma in Dubai, here is MyBayut’s selection. Read on to find out our picks of the top 9 shawarma places in Dubai!

9 PLACES WITH THE best shawarma in Dubai

The following 9 restaurants are definitely one to try out as they are considered to be restaurants with the best shawarma in Dubai. 

shawarma sandwich
Shawarmas are made with seasoned meat and other condiments stuffed in a pita bread

1. Al Safadi 

First up on our list of places with the best shawarma in Dubai is the popular Lebanese restaurant Al Safadi. You can choose from either the Chicken or Meat shawarma, which is available for only AED 11 and comes with delicious stuffings that include pickles and an authentic tahini sauce. Al Safadi also serves a range of dishes from Lebanon and is actually known to be one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Dubai.

  • Open daily from 8am-1:30am; Thu-Friday 8am – 2:30am
  • Three Outlets: Al Safa, Al Rigga, Trade Center Area
  • Contact: 600500601


2. Al Mallah

With 5 outlets around the city, Al Mallah is next on our list of the best shawarma places in Dubai. Al Mallah has been a strong favourite for over 30 years now. They are best known for their variations of chicken and meat shawarmas that are served in the form of a sandwich, plate or a traditional saj. For the cheese lovers, the chicken shawarma with cheese is a must try and they have a Mexican shawarma too! All of these are priced between AED 8 to AED 11 for the sandwich. They also serve a range of other budget-friendly dishes that include pastries, falafel, sandwiches, grills, snacks, fresh juices, cocktails and mocktails.

  • Open daily from 7am-2am; Friday 7am-12noon, 1:30pm-2am
  • Five Outlets: two in 2nd December Street and Al Mamzar and one in Qusais
  • Contact: Dependant on location


3. Shiraz Nights

Shiraz Nights is another public favourite when it comes to shawarmas in Dubai. Their chicken and meat shawarmas are priced at AED 7 and are served with salad, soup and yoghurt. Add-ons can be added for just AED 10. They also serve a range of seafood menu items, kebab dishes and refreshing juices. Shiraz Nights is definitely one of the best places with shawarma in Dubai as it offers its visitors a wholesome experience with their budget-friendly menu items and family-friendly vibes. 

  • Open daily from 8am-2am
  • Opposite Kuwaiti Supermarket, Baniyas Square, Baniyas, Dubai
  • Contact: +971 4 2227720
Shawarma plate
Shawarmas are one of the most popular Arabic street food

4. My Shawarma

If you are residents of the Al Barsha or Discovery Gardens community, just head on over to the My Shawarma outlet near you, because they are known to be another one of the places with the best shawarma in Dubai. The restaurant, as the name suggests, exclusively serves shawarmas. You will be spoilt for choice here – from the classic chicken and meat shawarmas to their signature shawarmas such as ‘The Greek”, My Shawarma has got it all! 

  • Open daily 
  • Two Outlets: Al Barsha(10:30am-2am) and Discovery Gardens (10am-10pm)
  • Contact: Dependant on location


5. Shawerme

‘Shawerme’ is a shawarma restaurant in Dubai that is present in three of the most happening hotspots of the city which are Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and Al Seef. They offer a refreshing twist to the most popular street food in Dubai – their shawarmas are succulent and feature a unique smoky flavour. You can choose from the classics or try out their other sandwich variations that incorporate shawarma flavours. If you are with a large group of friends and family, make sure to try out the Vogue Shawerme.

  • Open daily 
  • Three Outlets: Downtown Dubai(11am-1:30am), Dubai Marina(12noon – 12am), Al Seef(10am-12am)
  • Contact: Dependant on location


6. Zaroob

Offering an authentic and wholesome experience of Levant food in Dubai, Zaroob is next on our list of best shawarma restaurants in Dubai. Their restaurants feature live cooking stations and open kitchens which provides their visitors with the opportunity to experience traditional Arabic street food, through sight, smell and taste. They serve the classic chicken and beef shawarmas along other savoury Arabic dishes, salads, desserts and cold beverages. 

  • Open daily
  • Five Outlets: Trade Center Area(24 Hours), Uptown Mirdif Mall(7am-12am), Ibn Battuta Mall(8am – 12am), Dubai Marina(24 Hours), Golden Mile Palm Jumeirah (8am-10pm), 
  • Contact: Dependant on location
shawarma stand
Shawarma meat is usually cooked by stacking it on a cone-like shape on a vertical rotisserie

7. Shawerma & Furun

Next up on our list, we have the quaint shawarma cafe known as Shawerma & Furun. If you are residing in the community of Al Nahda, you may already know of this place, but for those who have yet to discover this unique shawarma cafe – expect nothing less than the best shawarmas in Dubai. From the classics to Greek and Mexican flavoured shawarmas, that are priced around AED 10 – AED 12, you are guaranteed a mouthwatering experience at Shawerma & Furun. 

  • Open daily from 12:30pm-1:30am, Thursday-Friday 12:30pm-2:30am
  • Near Grand Service Auto Station, Baghdad Street, Al Nahda, Dubai
  • Contact: +971 4 2639876 / + 971 56 818 9715


8. Beirut Restaurant & Grill

Beirut Restaurant & Grill is the next place that takes a spot on our list of restaurants with shawarma in Dubai. This restaurant is best known for serving the most authentic Lebanese cuisine and also the best shawarma in Dubai! A must try at this restaurant is the ‘Twin Shawarma Sandwich’ that comes with two shawarmas and a side of fries, pickles and a soft drink, all for AED 27. 

  • Open daily from 12pm-2am; Friday 1pm – 2am
  • Two Outlets: MOE and Al Hudaiba
  • Contact: Dependant on location


9. Operation: Falafel

Although the name may seem that this place is only for falafels, Operation: Falafel is one of the best places with shawarma in Dubai. Their shawarma menu items include the chicken, beef and falafel shawarma which boast a rich and delicious flavour. This restaurant also serves a range of other falafel themed dishes. 

  • Open daily 
  • Eight Outlets
  • Contact: Dependant on location


There we have it! MyBayut’s selection of the top 9 places with the best shawarma in Dubai. Which one of these will you be headed to first? Let us know in the comments below! And if you are looking for more food-related round-ups, you may enjoy our feature on the top 10 burger restaurants in Dubai.


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