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1-15 of 129 Apartments
Bur Dubai is a district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which is famous for its history. The area plays host to the ruler’s court as well. There are many popular tourist spots in this district, for example the Grand Mosque, and the only Hindu temple in the entire country. Due to the fact that tourism is quite an industry in Dubai, it is no big deal that a lot of people visit the district and need a place to stay. This leads them to search hotel apartments. Hotel apartments provide customers with the same feel and qualities of a normal self owned apartment but only with the fact that it is not owned by them but that does not put an end to the luxuries and comforts of life offered by these apartments in Bur Dubai.

These Bur Dubai hotel apartments come in all shapes and sizes. According to your needs, you can stay in either small or big apartments. The choice of number of rooms is available. Hotels with apartments up for grabs are located all over the district so it’s not that hard finding an empty apartment but finding the right one might prove to be harder than it actually looks. For this reason, there are many firms operating within Dubai properties sector as a whole, who can help you find the right apartment for you and your needs, according to your budget. Apart from that, your travel agent might also come in handy in this situation.

Facilities and perks of these Bur Dubai apartments are that, first of all these are furnished apartments and you don’t have to make arrangements, because everything is already set and done for you. There are restaurants so you can get a good fresh meal anytime you want. Outdoor swimming pools will help anyone who wants to escape the Dubai heat and take a dip to cool off and relax for a bit. There is also room service for those who would like to be pampered during their stay. There are also café’s located in the hotel itself for people who would like to go and enjoy an evening with a friend and have a cup of coffee or lunch. Saunas and steam rooms are also available in some hotels for the customers to relax in and blow off a little steam and just escape the world for a little bit. Apart from that, fitness facilities are also at hand if someone wants to go to the gym and work out and other facilities like yoga classes and such are also available for the customers to use.

Apart from the hotel apartments, residential apartments in Bur Dubai are also available for sale. The area is covered with new and also old medium-rise buildings which host the apartments. Everything from the old apartments to new studios is available. Sometimes the larger apartments which are too big for one person are used instead as company flats, which is an equally good use. Excellent facilities can be expected from the newer buildings, such as pools and good parking and generally a good location which is close to many famous areas in the district so one does not have to travel far to do everyday things and tasks. This is what makes these newer Bur Dubai apartments cost a lot more than the older ones.

On the other hand, if you consider buying an average type apartment in a considerably older building than you can also expect to have fewer facilities but at the same time the price or rent of these apartments is much lower too. All in all, whatever your need is, you can find the right hotel apartment to stay in. On the other hand, if your purpose is to solely move in like a local, either alone or with a family or wife, then you can get your very own apartment in this area with a lot of choice between the quality and type of these apartments according to your needs and your budget.