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Why Buy an Apartment in Bur Dubai?

Spread along the western bank of Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai is a historic residential locality in Dubai and one of its most important commercial hubs. It is home to several historic sites, museums, parks, beautiful mosques and is packed with all kinds of small and large retail outlets. To buy an apartment in Bur Dubai means befriending people from all parts of the world, exposure to various cultures and the chance to enjoy delicious food. The area’s central location makes it easily accessible, which is why it’s extremely popular with a large chunk of the population living in Dubai.

Accessibility and Commute Times to/from Bur Dubai

- Being at the heart of Dubai, Bur Dubai can be accessed from all sides of the city and through various means of transportation. Besides the readily available taxis, several bus routes, the Dubai metro and even the traditional dhows and water taxis will get you to Bur Dubai. There are six metro stations currently operating across Bur Dubai, making travel to the area both incredibly easy and affordable.

Apartments in Bur Dubai

- Accommodations in Bur Dubai mainly consists of apartments in low-rise buildings. Although a lot of buildings in Bur Dubai for sale are from the older stock of construction, apartments in these buildings are well equipped and of high quality. Buyers can choose from a range of studio, 1-bed and larger apartments that offer good living space and attractive returns on investment.

Potential for Return on Investment in Bur Dubai

- Bur Dubai is a lucrative locality whether you plan to live in or let out your flat. Although Bur Dubai is not entirely a freehold area, there are several developments in the district where foreigners can get full ownership rights to properties. The demand for real estate in Bur Dubai has made it one of the best areas concerning returns on investment. In 2016, apartments in Bur Dubai offered a rental return on investment (ROI) of 6.5%. With hundreds of studio, 1-bed and two-bed apartments available for acquisition, rental returns ranging between 6.5% and 8% make for an attractive return on investment. All in all, Bur Dubai is a happening community that will never fail to put a smile on your face, whether you happen to be a resident, an investor or an eager shopper.

Lifestyle and Community in Bur Dubai

- Bur Dubai is home to a majority of South Asian and residents from the Far East in general that makes up the backbone of the city’s economy. Properties in Bur Dubai, both commercial and residential, remain in high demand from renters the year around. Therefore, the area is always lively, be it day or night. For residents, it is an ideal living community that is high on practicality, accessibility, affordability and vital facilities like healthcare, educational institutes and parks. These factors make it equally perfect for families as well as single occupants. Bur Dubai is home to thousands of commercial concerns spread across the locality. This has resulted in an additional demand for residential apartments in Bur Dubai from business owners who prefer to live close to their commercial interests. The concentration of shopping and other commercial centres also makes it ideal for residents who save precious time by not having to travel far away to find whatever they are looking for. Any conversation about Bur Dubai will be incomplete without mentioning the avenues for shopping that the locality offers. From renowned shopping malls and centres like Karama, CentrePoint Shopping Mall and Al Ain Centre to the array of small and medium-sized outlets in Bur Dubai, Al Fahidi Street and Bur Dubai Souk, the area is truly a wonderland for shoppers.