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Why Invest in Dubai Marina Apartments

Dubai Marina is home to various high-end luxurious apartments, which are known worldwide for their awe-inspiring architecture, beautiful construction, and spectacular water views. Most of the buildings in Dubai Marina are residential apartments that are second to none when it comes to amenities, types, and sizes.

As compared to many fine villa communities in Dubai, Dubai Marina apartments are more in demand. It is primarily because Dubai Marina offers wider choices in apartments and the prices of these apartments are comparable with that of the other apartments in nearby communities.

Since Dubai Marina offers mainly studios, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, the locality is perfect for small and middle-sized families. If you are an investor keen to invest in Dubai properties sector, you must consider investing in Dubai Marina apartments because it offers high quality lifestyle, has stunning malls, boasts some of the city’s best marina and beaches, and presents the most vibrant communal facilities. The following paragraphs discuss the reasons why you must invest in Dubai Marina apartments.

High Demand!

The results of various polls and surveys have revealed that Dubai Marina is the most sought after destination in Dubai among tenants and investors. One of the reports about Dubai property search on internet shows that one in every five search related to Dubai properties is about Dubai Marina. These stats confirm that the demand of apartments in Dubai Marina is not just high but all-time high. Because of being one of the first free zone areas offering 100% freehold ownership to the foreigners in Dubai and ensuring better ROI, Dubai Marina apartments enjoy special place in the priority list of foreign investors.

Stable Investment!

Stats show that any investment made in Dubai Marina apartments is the most stable and the securest in Dubai properties sector. Even during bad times when the value of property in Dubai declined owing to lesser demand, apartments in Dubai Marina sold like hot cakes. The wise investors consider it a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to buy properties when the market is low and resell them when it goes back up. Even during recession when landlords were unable to find tenants for their properties, occupancy rates in Dubai Marina rental apartments remained noticeably high.

Lucrative Returns!

Investors can buy apartments in Dubai Marina to earn lucrative returns on their investment by:

1. Renting out their apartments for long term stays to the families living in Dubai. The contract is usually renewable annually. If after a year, the tenants do not want to continue living their, they can cancel their contracts and liquefy their investments.
2. Renting out their apartments for short term stays to tourists in Dubai. In this case, they need to furnish their apartment once with the basic furniture and household items. Renting out apartments for stays of over 2 days can bring in very high returns, since the rent of furnished apartments is higher in Dubai.

Capital Growth!

The successful investors of Dubai real estate know how much capital growth Dubai Marina apartments promise to their investors. Once you invest in Dubai Marina property, the value of your investment is bound to grow over the years. Stats reveal if the condition of property is good, any investment made in Dubai Marina apartments can be doubled within a few years. Moreover, when you plan to sell your property after a few years, you can easily find good number of buyers as well as enjoy high capital gains.