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Investing in Smart Dubai Marina Apartments
Dubai Marina is home to super luxury residences and every luxury property owner wants his home, villa or apartment to be fully equipped with state of the art facilities and amenities. For a long time, the construction and common features remained remarkably similar in both affordable and luxury apartments but changes are finally occurring now and are picking up speed as well. We usually hear about eco-friendly construction, energy and water conservation but now the competition has gone one step up with the introduction of smart apartments in Dubai. The introduction of smart Dubai Marina apartments is a step to make luxury apartments more intelligent than ever before.

Smart apartments are smart in every way – in terms of resource consumption like water, energy and so on and in terms of intelligent systems installation as well to control the apartment system. These apartments are equipped with modern home automation systems to ensure a comfortable lifestyle combined with elegance, style, simplicity, ease of use, flexibility and foolproof security. The intelligence system allows remote access to all devices and appliances along which comes an unimaginably long list of possibilities. Elite investors and buyers pay more attention to the smart apartments as they can enjoy a super luxury life and later sell these apartments at a high price.

The following write-up describes what differentiates smart apartments from ordinary apartments and why investing in smart apartments in Dubai Marina is a wise decision.

Convenient Living

Convenience is the biggest and foremost reason to build and purchase smart apartments. These dwellings allow residents remote control access to every system available within the apartment including central cooling system, light, music, intercom, multimedia devices and other appliances. Your presence can be simulated even when you are not at home. Through video calling and a few clicks on your computer, you can see what’s going on in your home, switch the lights off and on, check the locks, check whether window panes are locked or not, raise or lower the blinds, watch video or listen to audio, communicate with visitors and regulate the cooling system. All common tasks are streamlined.

Smart homes are securer than others

Smart apartments are securer than ordinary apartments because they are equipped with advanced security systems with cameras, motion sensors and a link to the private security company. Due to these measures and advance tools, these apartments are securer than other dwellings in Dubai. The majority of the smart apartments allow key cards or fingerprint identification instead of conventional locks to restrict entry of strangers and suspicious intruders and that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to break in. The resident can upgrade the security system by configuring intrusion detection settings. The system can work in two tiers - firstly by detecting motion outside of your home and then through alarm to warn the security personnel or residents in case a window or a door is being forced open.

Optimum resale value

When it comes to selling a smart apartment in Dubai Marina, property owners have a number of effective selling points. First of all, you have an advantage of being in the posh residential community of Dubai. Secondly, the apartments are mostly equipped with a plethora of features that you can explain to the buyers and show them how a smart apartment can make their life easier. Since the supply of these smart apartments is limited at this time, their reception is good. Keep in mind that apartments equipped with automated systems have more potential to sell at high prices as compared to the apartments with conventional features.

If your apartment is not automated, spending some money to automate the apartment can be a worthwhile investment to increase its market value and to attract maximum buyers, whenever you want to sell it.
Why Invest in Dubai Marina Apartments
Dubai Marina is home to various high-end luxurious apartments, which are known worldwide for their awe-inspiring architecture, beautiful construction, and spectacular water views. Most of the buildings in Dubai Marina are residential apartments that are second to none when it comes to amenities, types, and sizes.

As compared to many fine villa communities in Dubai, Dubai Marina apartments are more in demand. It is primarily because Dubai Marina offers wider choices in apartments and the prices of these apartments are comparable with that of the other apartments in nearby communities.

Since Dubai Marina offers mainly studios, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, the locality is perfect for small and middle-sized families. If you are an investor keen to invest in Dubai properties sector, you must consider investing in Dubai Marina apartments because it offers high quality lifestyle, has stunning malls, boasts some of the city’s best marina and beaches, and presents the most vibrant communal facilities. The following paragraphs discuss the reasons why you must invest in Dubai Marina apartments.

High Demand!

The results of various polls and surveys have revealed that Dubai Marina is the most sought after destination in Dubai among tenants and investors. One of the reports about Dubai property search on internet shows that one in every five search related to Dubai properties is about Dubai Marina. These stats confirm that the demand of apartments in Dubai Marina is not just high but all-time high. Because of being one of the first free zone areas offering 100% freehold ownership to the foreigners in Dubai and ensuring better ROI, Dubai Marina apartments enjoy special place in the priority list of foreign investors.

Stable Investment!

Stats show that any investment made in Dubai Marina apartments is the most stable and the securest in Dubai properties sector. Even during bad times when the value of property in Dubai declined owing to lesser demand, apartments in Dubai Marina sold like hot cakes. The wise investors consider it a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to buy properties when the market is low and resell them when it goes back up. Even during recession when landlords were unable to find tenants for their properties, occupancy rates in Dubai Marina rental apartments remained noticeably high.

Lucrative Returns!

Investors can buy apartments in Dubai Marina to earn lucrative returns on their investment by:

1. Renting out their apartments for long term stays to the families living in Dubai. The contract is usually renewable annually. If after a year, the tenants do not want to continue living their, they can cancel their contracts and liquefy their investments.
2. Renting out their apartments for short term stays to tourists in Dubai. In this case, they need to furnish their apartment once with the basic furniture and household items. Renting out apartments for stays of over 2 days can bring in very high returns, since the rent of furnished apartments is higher in Dubai.

Capital Growth!

The successful investors of Dubai real estate know how much capital growth Dubai Marina apartments promise to their investors. Once you invest in Dubai Marina property, the value of your investment is bound to grow over the years. Stats reveal if the condition of property is good, any investment made in Dubai Marina apartments can be doubled within a few years. Moreover, when you plan to sell your property after a few years, you can easily find good number of buyers as well as enjoy high capital gains.
The Best Investment Option for Foreigners
Dubai Marina makes an equally popular investment choice for both local global investors. Since Dubai Marina is a freehold community allowing foreigners to get freehold ownership of property in the area, it always remains at the top of the priority list of global realty investors looking for high financial returns.

Many foreigners are reluctant to invest in other international real estate sectors because they know the unfamiliarity with local market trends can lead them to lose their hard earned money. Investing in Dubai Marina apartments can help them overcome this fear because the data on Dubai Marina property trends is widely available and is very accurate. Dubai Marina is part of the highly transparent Dubai property market where you can be satisfied that the price you would pay to buy property would be the fair market price.

Recent reports on performance of property in Dubai Marina reveal that it’s the foreigners who are closing a large number of property deals in Dubai Marina. Many of these foreigners are those who don’t find it profitable to invest in Dubai Marina apartments. Besides excellent ROI, the top three reasons why foreigners eye Dubai Marina apartments for investment include the following.

Best Stock Enjoying High Liquidity!

Liquidity is an important factor to look out for before investing your hard earned money. Liquidity is the ability of an investment to sell off quickly without any loss. The higher the liquidity, the lesser is the risk attached to the investment. People say real estate investment has low liquidity. Those who prefer investing in stocks and keep their savings in banks also prefer investment in Dubai Marina apartments, since this investment unlike other real estate investments enjoys high liquidity.

There are always a good number of buyers interested to hunt property in Dubai Marina at fair prices. If at any point investors intend to liquefy their investment, they can do so without suffering any loss.

Best Stock in Diversified Portfolio!

Those foreigners who invest large amounts in real estate mostly keep their real estate investment portfolios diversified. Diversification means not putting so many eggs in one basket and investing small amounts in real estate sectors of multiple states. This reduces the risk of suffering loss on investment since the loss from one investment is small and can easily be offset from the profits of another investment.

These foreign investors if choose Dubai real estate for investment, always prefer investing in Dubai Marina apartments. This is because, performance wise, Dubai Marina apartments could make the best stock in anybody’s portfolio. If investors face loss from several stocks, profits from Dubai Marina stock alone are enough to offset this loss and still benefit the investors.

Best Hedge Against Inflation!

Nobody can deny the fact that inflation erodes the value of money. For the investment to grow in value over the years, the rate of growth must be higher than the rate of inflation. If investment grows at a rate equal to the growth rate of inflation, there remains no purpose to invest. People say gold provides the best hedge against inflation but many think real estate investment does the same but in a better manner.

History shows investment in Dubai Marina apartments doubled or even quadrupled during the boom years. This shows the potential of Dubai Marina investment to grow in value is high and it can easily beat inflation. The rate of growth is quite high as compared to growth rate of inflation in Dubai so it provides best hedge against inflation as compared to other property stocks in Dubai.