Al Reef, set on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, is one of the most popular areas to rent and buy in the capital. This residential development by Manazel Real Estate, emerged as the most sought-after area to buy villas in Abu Dhabi as per Bayut’s H1 market report. It was also the 3rd most popular area to rent villas and the second most popular for buying apartments in Abu Dhabi. With all these superlatives attached to the apartments and villas in Al Reef, it’s easy to see that the community here has grown into an ideal living arrangement. This area guide explores all the different aspects of life for the residents of this district and points out all the things to consider before moving to Al Reef. 

Top areas for buying villas in Abu Dhabi.
Popular areas for buying villas in Abu Dhabi.


  • Home to both villas and apartments
  • Close to the prestigious Al Raha Beach and Khalifa City A
  • Set on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, ideal for commutes to Dubai
  • Less than 15 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport



The area is divided into the villas in Al Reef Village and the apartments in Al Reef Downtown. A complete residential community, living in Al Reef is a great choice, from a geographic standpoint. Located off the main island, it was the first development exclusively targeted to middle-income earners. Its prime location near the airport and Al Raha beach has contributed to its growth into a coveted residential hub complete with a wide selection of parks, health clubs, educational and medical amenities.

Apartments in Al Reef
Apartments in Al Reef.

Properties in Al Reef

There are over 2000 villas in Al Reef, set in themed villages: Contemporary Village, Dessert Village, Arabian Village and Mediterranean Village, with predictable architectural influences from their regions. In the centre of the development, sits a collection of residences called Al Reef Downtown, housing over 1500 apartments. Villas in Al Reef start from 2-bedroom units and go up to 5-bedroom properties. Apartments in Al Reef feature a large selection of studios, 1 and 2-bedroom units, with a few buildings having to 3-4 bedroom flats.

Conceived as a middle-income residential community, living in Al Reef is an affordable proposition. Average rents for studios are AED 48k, 1-bedroom apartments are at AED 69k and 2-bedrooms go for AED 82k. When it comes to the villas in Al Reef, average rents are at AED 125k for 3-bedroom house, AED 155k for 4-bedroom villas and AED 170k for 5-bedroom units.

For investing in Al Reef, the average sale price for studios start at AED 700k, 1-bedroom flats go up to AED 870k and 2-bedroom apartments are AED 1.05M. For those looking to buy in Al Reef, the villas here offers some of the most lucrative deals, with 3-bedroom houses averaging at AED 1.7M, 4-bedrooms at AED 2.22M and 5-bedroom villas going for AED 2.59M.

Villas in Al Reef
Villas in Al Reef.

The area features a large expat population and boasts a cosmopolitan vibe with multiple nationalities calling the development home. The large villas here are a hit with family buyers and renters, and the apartments in Al Reef Downtown have a dedicated fan base of singles and young couples looking for more convenient rental options.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Al Reef

Parking has been one of the sour points for residents living in Al Reef Downtown. While the villages housing the villas come with dedicated parking spaces for residents and visitors, the apartments are a different story altogether. The lack of sufficient parking spaces has led to congestion around the area, but the developers are seeking to resolve this situation by adding to the infrastructure of the community.

Parking in Al Reef Downtown
The villas in Al Reef come with dedicated parking spaces.

Most residents rely on their own vehicles to get around the area. You can also count on public transportation in Al Reef in the form of the taxis that frequent the area. There is also one bus that connects the area to Zayed Sports City for residents seeking more economical options.


Al Reef is a self-contained community where residents can rely on the availability of all amenities at close quarters.

Supermarkets in Al Reef

The area is well-served by the Select Supermarkets in Al Reef's Arabian Village and the central plaza, and several other local groceries that dot the residential clusters. For more extensive shopping requirements, those living in Al Reef can drive to Carrefour in Deerfields or Spinney’s in Khalifa City A, in less than 10 minutes.

Supermarkets in Al Reef
Al Reef is well-served with supermarkets.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Al Reef

To cater to the spiritual needs of the community, Camp Masjid is conveniently located in the development. For Christian residents, the Mar Thoma Church in Mussafah is the closest option, a 20-minute drive away. The Hindu temple for Abu Dhabi will be completed in 2020 but for the time being the Hindu residents of the community will have to venture down to Dubai. 

Mosque in Al Reef
A mosque in Al Reef.

Schools in Al Reef

Parents in Al Reef will be happy to note that the Sabis School in Yas Island and the widely acclaimed Raha International School are only 15 minutes away from the residential community. For younger children, there are several nurseries in Al Reef that parents can enrol their little ones in and around the area, including Super Nanny Nursery.

Clinics and Hospitals in Al Reef

When it comes to medical amenities, the closest clinic in Al Reef is Al Sabah Medical Centre. Medeor in Yas Island and Mediclinic in Khalifa City A are also in close proximity in case of any serious medical requirements.


Al Reef is split into the Al Reef Villages which feature the villas and Al Reef Downtown, home to the apartments in the community. The villas are more popular with both renters and investors in Abu Dhabi, followed closely by the apartments.

Popular areas in Al Reef Abu Dhabi
Popular locations in Al Reef.

Nearby Areas

Al Reef is located north of the Abu Dhabi International Airport, en route to Al Shahama, and close to Al Raha Beach, Khalifa City A and Yas Island. It’s a 30-minute drive into the main island of Abu Dhabi and just 35 minutes away from the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai. The residential community is well-connected to the city’s main highways with the E11 Ghweifat International Highway on the east, and the E12 Sheikh Khalifa Highway on the north.



Al Reef is a lively community with a plethora of entertainment, retail and dining options at close quarters, making it a huge hit with the young renters and investors of the capital. You will see children laughing and playing in the gardens and couples strolling along the many parks of the community. A vibrant, colourful community, Al Reef is a crowning glory in real estate developer’s Manazel’s portfolio.

Malls in Al Reef

Al Raha Mall
Al Raha Mall near Al Reef.

One of the unique things about this locality is that unlike most areas in the UAE, there are no massive malls in Al Reef, to distract from the calm environs of the locality. The closest malls for Al Reef residents looking for retail therapy are Deerfields and Al Raha Mall both of which are just 15-minutes away.

Restaurants in Al Reef

There are quite a few restaurants in Al Reef for foodies to choose from. Italian restaurant Il Forno, Middle-eastern favourite Just Kebab and casual diner Calzone Cucina are a few of the popular dining outlets located in the area. The clubs and bars of Yas Island are also very close for those looking at licensed options.

Beaches near Al Reef

Al Raha Beach Near Khalifa City A
Al Reef residents have easy access to Al Raha Beach.

One of the advantages of living in Al Reef is the easy access to the upscale Al Raha Beach. Other beaches in Abu Dhabi, like the Saadiyat Beach and Yas Island beach, are also not too far away.


Although there are plenty of green areas in Al Reef, a public park is yet to be opened in the community. There is, however, a landscaped area near the Arabian Village where people can take a stroll.  Fitness enthusiasts needn’t worry though; there are dedicated gyms in the villages of Al Reef for residents to stay fit. The shared pools in the area also help residents to cool off in the summer.  Like most residential neighbourhoods in the UAE, Al Reef has its fair share of salons and spas for pampering residents and visitors. Papillon Spa, Nailbox Beauty Salon and Body Art Beauty Centre are notable amongst these.

Parks in Al Reef
There is plenty of green in Al Reef.


Al Reef has definitely found a unique place in the Abu Dhabi real estate market as a favoured housing option. If you are thinking of moving to Al Reef, bear in mind that the apartments in Al Reef have its fair share of parking-related woes. This is expected to change in the future as more infrastructure is built around the community. It is also one of the quieter communities in the area but this too may change in the future.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Al Reef?


  • The Abu Dhabi International Airport is 10 minutes away from Al Reef
  • Al Raha Beach, Khalifa City A and Yas Island are 15 minutes away
  • The drive to the main island of Abu Dhabi takes 30 minutes, and the drive to Jebel Ali Free Zone also takes 30 minutes, making it convenient for those commuting to both Emirates.
  • The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is 30 minutes away and Louvre Abu Dhabi is 20 minutes away.
  • Al Reef, home to over 15,000 residents, is a pivotal housing project catering to the mid-income bracket of Abu Dhabi’s society. Located on the outskirts of the main island, Al Reef is has grown into an investment hotspot over the years, making a definitive mark in the Abu Dhabi real estate market.

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