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Founded in 2007 — GEMS Wellington International School is an acclaimed British school in Dubai that is managed by the GEMS group. The academy has consistently received an ‘Outstanding’ rating by KHDA. Offering state-of-the-art facilities — it ensures high-quality learning right from elementary school all the way to the higher secondary years.

The inclusive school has a competent leadership team headed by the Principal. The impressive performance of students in the GCSE exams and the option to choose the International Baccalaureate programme in higher grades are additional reasons for the school’s popularity with parents.

Following the British Curriculum that is based on the values of the National Curriculum of England,  GEMS Wellington International School, Dubai is one of the premier educational institutes near Jumeirah.

In A Nutshell

  • Location: Al Sufouh
  • School Fees: AED 43,941 - AED 95,597
  • Curriculum: British Curriculum
  • Co-Ed or Segregate: Co-ed
  • KHDA Rating: Outstanding
  • Years Offered: FS 1 - Year 13

Residential Communities near GEMS Wellington International School

GEMS Wellington International School which is located in Al Sufouh is conveniently accessible from various residential areas including:

Parents who want to reduce the school commute time of their children and make it more comfortable for them to reach school can buy properties near GEMS Wellington International School:

Campus of GEMS Wellington International School

Sprawling over a massive area of eight acres — GEMS Wellington International School Dubai provides a selection of modern facilities and resources that enhance the learning environment for students.

Classrooms are equipped with high-speed internet and feature interactive whiteboards. Arts facilities include the drama studio, dance studio, art studio and television studio. The school also contains a large library and a spacious auditorium that has a seating capacity for 470 people. A gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool and a 25m indoor swimming pool is also there.

The educational institution is home to three fixed computer suites equipped with projectors, full wireless internet, interactive whiteboards and industry-standard software. The campus also incorporates various sports facilities including sports courts for tennis, basketball, netball and volleyball and a cricket net.

Playing facilities at GEMS Wellington International School
GEMS Wellington International School provides a selection of modern facilities and resources that enhance the learning of students. (Image credits: GEMS Wellington International School Website)

Location of GEMS Wellington International School

GEMS Wellington International School is located on Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), a popular road in Dubai, in Al Sufouh 1. It is located near Al Sufouh Beach at a drive of 7 minutes. With a vibrant and bustling atmosphere, Al Sufouh is a waterfront neighbourhood along the western coast of Dubai.

Why GEMS Wellington International School?

The GEMS Wellington International School has an impressive architectural design offering an enriched curriculum and state of the art facilities. The school has an amicable ambience created through the ‘Creation Garden’ featuring exotic plant life and flora. The school corridors are adorned with digital signboards. There is also an in-house TV/Radio Station informing students of their next classes, upcoming events, and other information.

At GEMS Wellington International School, along with academics, the development of social and interpersonal skills is considered equally important. Students have over ninety clubs to choose from inside the school. These clubs cover arts, outdoor education and a variety of sports.

With a team of highly trained and qualified educators, GEMS Wellington International School Dubai delivers high-quality education that nurtures the abilities of children. Focusing on the all-round development of students, the educational institution encourages pupils to participate in extracurricular activities.

The school supports its highly qualified educators to be more innovative and use different teaching techniques. It also provides a handful of tools and resources to its teachers to make the whole process more effective. The school is also well known for its academic excellence. The school website publishes the results.


School Details

Years Offered at GEMS Wellington International School

GEMS Wellington International School offers education from Foundation Stage 1 till Year 13.

Key StageYears Covered
FS-1 and FS-2 Foundation Stage 1 and 2
Key Stage 1 Year 1 and Year 2
Key Stage 2 Year 3 to Year 6
Key Stage 3 Year 7 to Year 9
Key Stage 4 Year 10 and Year 11
Sixth Form Year 12 and Year 13

GEMS Wellington International School Curriculum

GEMS Wellington International School follows the British education style, its curriculum is based upon the framework of the National Curriculum of England. For Year 12 and Year 13, the academy offers the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

The curriculum places an emphasis on innovative and thorough learning for each child. The broad and flexible curriculum meets the needs of each individual. Offering an engaging and stimulating environment — it motivates students to be critical thinkers. Through enquiry based learning, the programme focuses on building the research and communication skills of the students.

The medium of instruction is English. It is mandatory to also learn Arabic. However, non-native speakers can opt for the basic version of the subject as a second language, while Arab students have to study the more intensive Arabic A syllabus.

Students are familiarised with the use of technology from a young age. The use of gadgets such as iPads, laptops and desktops is common right from the primary years.

Foundation Stage

The early years’ education at GEMS Wellington International School comprises of Foundation Stage 1 and Foundation Stage 2. These are for children who are aged between three to five years. The learning programme focuses on activities that are exciting and enjoyable and engage the children in many unique ways.

Children build their imaginative, learning and socialising skills during their early years and this is then carried forward as they grow older. Offering a stimulating and safe environment for students, the school motivates them to question and discover new things. Kids are closely monitored while they are playing. Children learn through the following seven areas:

  • Understanding the world
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Expressive Arts and Design
  • Mathematics
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Key Stage 1: Years 1 and 2

Catering the needs of each pupil, the learning programme for Year 1 and Year 2 is interesting and vibrant. The curriculum is designed based on the Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum for England.

Qualified educators GEMS Wellington International School engage students in an array of exciting activities which help them discover their dormant abilities. ICT is a part of the programme that amplifies learning. The educational institution focuses on pragmatic and purposeful learning.

Key Stage 2: Years 3 to Year 6

Key Stage 2 — a 4 year-long learning programme, builds goal-oriented, focused and innovative students who are ready to take on the challenges of life. The educational institution ensures that teachers are implementing the curriculum in a way that it is fulfilling the needs of each individual.

Developing strong communication and teamwork skills — students socialise with fellow pupils and engage in different programmes such as group projects and team-leading activities.

Just like Key Stage 1, ICT is also integrated into Key Stage 2. Technology strengthens pupils innovative and creative skills and sets a strong base for upcoming technology-related courses.

Key Stage 3 Year 7 to Year 9

The learning programme of Key Stage 3 is carefully planned to prepare children for Key Stage 4. Students have an input into the planning and evaluation of their own learning and review progress against personal targets that they set for their own learning. Specialised sports, music, language and performance opportunities increase, allowing children to have a variety of broad experiences while being able to specialise in areas of strength and talent.

Computer Science
Islamic Studies
Arabic A and B
Social Studies
Physical Education
Students engaged in curricular activity at GEMS Wellington International School
The curriculum emphasizes innovative and thorough learning for each child. (Image Credits: GEMS Wellington International School Website)

Key Stage 4 – Years 10 & 11

The Key Stage 4 curriculum is wide and flexible so children can explore and learn a range of possibilities before they enter Post-16 education. The learning programme is specially tailored so that pupils can prepare for upcoming challenges and make the best out of future opportunities.

Broadening the perspectives of students, the courses motivate them to learn new things. The school works closely with students and their parents. The learning programme is customised for each pupil.

GCSE is the acronym for General Certificate of Secondary Education. Following are core subjects that all students are required to study:

  • Accelerated Triple Science (=3 GCSE Grades) or Combined Science(= 2 GCSE Grades)
  • Mathematics (=1 GCSE Grade), Further Mathematics (=1 GCSE Grade)
  • Core PE (non-GCSE, not examined)
  • English Language & English Literature = 2 GCSE Grades

This leads to 5 GCSEs for all students and the possibility of up to 7 GCSEs for accelerated Mathematics and Science students. In addition to the core subjects, pupils need to study the following courses as well as directed by the Ministry of Education.

  • Moral Education Programme (MEP)
  • Social Studies
  • Arabic as a First Language for Arabic passport holders
  • All Muslim students must continue to study Islamic Studies

Students need to choose at least four optional courses:

Psychology Art & Design
Photography Creative Media Production
Physical Education Business Studies IGCSE Cambridge
Drama & Music Computer Science
GCSE Dance Design & Technology
French Language Economics
German Language Geography
Spanish Language Information and Communication Technology
Business: International BTEC Level 2 Media Studies

International Baccalaureate

The IB Programme at GEMS Wellington International School features a pre-university curriculum that is designed to prepare students for top universities. It is a temporary phase after Key Stage 4 that focuses on developing the students holistically. The school realises that in a world where competition is enormous to get a place in the top universities, having a unique and well-developed student profile is essential.

The diploma has three core elements:

  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)
  • The Extended Essay (EE)

Pupils pick 3 subjects at Standard Level (SL). These courses consist of 15 hours of teaching time over the time of 2 years. Upon reaching the Higher Level (HL), pupils again have to pick three subjects. These comprise of 24 hours of teaching time.

It is compulsory for Higher Level Maths students to study four courses at Higher Level.


The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the government entity responsible for inspecting private schools in Dubai with judgments made on a six-point scale of Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Weak and Very Weak.

KHDA ratings explained

Emphasising on maintaining a high standard of education, KHDA also examines the happiness and wellbeing of students and educators. Continuously, striving to provide comprehensive learning for its students, the school has consistently achieved ‘Good’ rating for the past few years.

GEMS Wellington International School KHDA rating for year 2018-2019 is ‘Outstanding’. With an excellent teacher-student ratio of 1:13, the school is home to over 2,693 students.

Here’s a history of the KHDA ratings for GEMS Wellington International School so far:

2008-2009 Good
2009-2019 Outstanding

According to the inspection report, the selection of superior resources and provision of a spacious learning environment played a great role in achieving these good remarks. The school fosters the personal development of pupils which results in more inclusivity and a positive atmosphere. Providing great care to students, educators are highly trained qualified. Foundation Stage features a strong and versatile learning programme with an exciting and interesting environment.

However, a few improvements as pointed out by KHDA, are required in Arabic as an additional language. Also, the school should closely monitor that the standard of the school’s curriculum is delivered to pupils explicitly.

Academic Calendar for GEMS Wellington International School

GEMS Wellington International Academy's academic calendar is divided into three terms. The new academic year starts in late August and ends in early July of the next year.

Academic Calendar BreakdownDates
Beginning of the first semester 29th August 2022
End of the first semester 9th December 2022
Winter Vacation 12th December - 30th December 2022
Beginning of the second semester 2nd January 2023
End of the second semester 24th March 2023
Spring vacation 27th March 2023 - 7th April 2023
Beginning of the third semester 10th April 2023
End of the third semester 7th July 2023

Admission and Fees

How to Apply to GEMS Wellington International School?

To apply for admission at GEMS Wellington International School parents will have to pay a non-refundable fee of AED 525 inclusive of VAT charges as well. One can pay the fee in AED cash, bank transfer or cheque.

You will need the below-mentioned documents to apply for admission:

  • One copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Applicant’s visa copy
  • Immunisation certificate copy
  • Birth certificate of the student ( it should be either in English or Arabic)
  • Sponsor passport copy
  • Medical declaration and information form
  • One copy of sponsor Emirate ID
  • A report of student’s performance in the last two years
  • One copy of sponsor visa

Additional information required with the online registration form:

  • Parent’s complete contact details and emergency telephone number
  • Confirmation of necessary child vaccination
  • Updated information on medical condition or allergies of the applicant

Entry Criteria

GEMS Wellington International School, Dubai provides equal opportunities to children of all nationalities regardless of their religion or ethnicity. The educational institution is known for providing a healthy and secure environment for its students. However, the school’s admission criteria are competitive and the reports of student’s previous school are carefully examined by the teaching. Students who are applying for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) require a minimum standard in their GCSE or equivalent.

After the applicant is offered a place at GEMS Wellington International School, the academy will request you to present a transfer certificate for student’s previous school.

An original TC is required on school’s letterhead that is signed and stamped by the principal. The medium of language must be English or Arabic. Students coming from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Europe, USA and UAE don’t need to provide an attested certificate, whereas applicants from other countries will have to provide a TC which is attested by:

  • UAE Embassy
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Applicants who belong to Dubai are required to request KHDA a transfer certificate from his previous school — whereas students from other emirates need to get the TC attested by the Ministry of Education.

However, before starting the admission process, parents must ensure that their child meets the following age placement criteria.

YearsMinimum Entry AgeMaximum Entry AgeMinimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
FS 1
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
FS 2
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 1
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 2
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 3
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 4
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 5
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 6
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 7
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 8
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 9
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 10
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 11
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 12
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 13
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*

This is based on the age of the students on 31st August (for schools beginning in September). Source: KHDA

* This is to cater to students transferring from systems that admit students of a younger age)

Fee Structure at GEMS Wellington International School

GEMS Wellington International School fees are as follows:

GradeTerm 1 FeeTerm 2 FeeTerm 3 FeeAnnual Fee
Term 1 Fee
AED 17,577
Term 2 Fee
AED 13,182
Term 3 Fee
AED 13,182
Annual Fee
AED 43,941
FS-2 - Year 6
Term 1 Fee
AED 22,136
Term 2 Fee
AED 16,605
Term 3 Fee
AED 16,605
Annual Fee
AED 55,346
Year 7 - Year 9
Term 1 Fee
AED 30,526
Term 2 Fee
AED 22,893
Term 3 Fee
AED 22,893
Annual Fee
AED 76,312
Year 10 - Year 11
Term 1 Fee
AED 34,348
Term 2 Fee
AED 25,761
Term 3 Fee
AED 25,761
Annual Fee
AED 85,870
Year 12 - Year 13
Term 1 Fee
AED 38,237
Term 2 Fee
AED 28,680
Term 3 Fee
AED 28,680
Annual Fee
AED 95,597

The registration fee is refundable only if the school does not offer the candidate a place. It is not deductible from the tuition fee if the applicant is offered a place at the school.

There are some additional charges that parents must know:

Optional ServicesFees
Transport AED 7,450 to AED 9,550
Uniform AED 1,000 to AED 3,500
Extracurricular Activities AED 565 to AED 1,200
After-school Activities AED 6,000 to AED 12,000
Learning Support Assistance AED 32,500 to AED 65,000
Canteen AED 1,200 to AED 3,600
School Photographs AED 100 to AED 500
School Trips AED 7,800 to AED 10,160

The other charges are based on the info available in KHDA’s fee fact sheet.

Scholarships at GEMS Wellington International School

GEMS Wellington International School scholarships are offered to deserving students who consistently outperform others and set benchmarks for at least three years. If a pupil has secured a position in the top 95th percentile and is committed to learning and improving his grades, they can apply for a scholarship. These are available for students from Grade 6 (Year 7). Below are some highlights of the scholarship process.

  • The application form is assessed by GEMS
  • The candidate has to complete the outcomes of non-verbal and verbal reasoning tests
  • The written examination is assessed by GEMS School
  • The full report is evaluated by GEMS from the candidate’s present school
  • The student will be interviewed by the principal of the GEMS school to see the candidate’s passion and commitment
  • Finally, the students are interviewed by the GEMS scholarship committee
GEMS Wellington International School Dubai scholarships
GEMS Education offers scholarships to deserving students who consistently outperform others and set benchmarks for at least three years. (Image Credits: GEMS Wellington International Facebook Page)


Lunch Options at GEMS Wellington International School

A selection of refreshments is offered by the school cafe in a multipurpose area. The multipurpose space is also utilised as a hall to hold informal meetings.

The educational institution encourages students to bring healthy and nutritious lunch.

School Transportation at GEMS Wellington International School

The school transportation of GEMS Wellington International School Dubai is managed by School Transportation Services LLC (STS) — an award-winning transport service provider in Dubai. The company follows safety standards and regulations that are set by the Road Transportation Authority of Dubai. Each vehicle is fully integrated with scanners, video surveillance system and global positioning systems which ensure the attendance and safety of kids.

It is operated by trained and experienced professionals. The drivers are thoroughly trained to follow the rules and regulations. STS provides transportation in many areas including Al Barsha, Dubai Internet City, Al Quoz, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, JLT and many more. 

Boarding Facility at GEMS Wellington International School

GEMS Wellington International School does not provide any boarding facilities as it is not a boarding school

Holiday Camps at GEMS Wellington International School

The holiday camps at GEMS Wellington International School is provided through ESM Sports Management. They provide a range of sports-related activities for these camps at extra costs. Students who are enrolled at any of the GEMS schools can avail a 30% discount.

Sports Facilities

At GEMS Wellington International School sports activities have an essential part in the educational journey of students. The school encourages students to follow a healthy active lifestyle. 

All students are motivated to engage in sports activities regardless of their skill level. The school believes in providing a healthy and safe environment for students where they can explore their talents and develop their skills.

  • Gymnasium
  • Play equipment areas
  • Primary sports hall
  • Health and fitness studio
  • Outdoor pool
  • Cricket nets
  • Tennis, basketball, netball and volleyball courts
  • Floodlit astroturf
  • Large, multi-purpose sports hall
  • 25m indoor swimming pool
Running track at GEMS Wellington International School
All students are motivated to engage in different sports activities (Image credits: GEMS Wellington International Facebook Page)

Extra-curricular Activities at GEMS Wellington International School

Offering a different extracurricular — GEMS Wellington International School believes that learning beyond the academic curriculum plays a crucial role in keeping the mind and body active and healthy. Following extracurricular activities are included in students’ journey:

  • Performing arts
  • Leadership development
  • Creative subjects

GEMS Wellington International School has also the provision of ESM paid activities. ESM/East Sports Management is a recognised sports services provider in the U.A.E. The programs offered include tennis, football, swimming, cricket, rugby and climbing.

The other external provider at the GEMS Wellington International School is DELTA Learning. The following are the list of programs offered by DELTA:

Professional Chess Class Numerical Methods
Blended Math & English Horse Riding at Sustainable City Equestrian Club
STEM Golf Junior Coaching Program
Russian Beginner Language Class Russian Advanced Class
Coding Adventures Italian Mother Tongue Language Class
Students of GEMS Wellington International School engaged in co-curricular activities
Extra-curricular activities play a major role in the development of students at GEMS Wellington International School. (Image credits: GEMS Wellington International School Facebook Page)

Field Trips from GEMS Wellington International School

The GEMS Wellington International School delivers The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. This is an international well-known award for gifted children aged 14-24-year-olds. The award prepares students to extend their learning outside the classroom. The award is a voluntary and engaging set of activities and demands consistent endeavour over time. As part of this award students of GEMS Wellington International School are taken camping giving students lessons on life skills.

Apart from these, students of Year 7 were taken to Kite Beach to participate in the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

Students of GEMS Wellington International School on a field trip
GEMS Wellington International School takes students to different field trips. (Image credits: GEMS Wellington International Facebook Page)

After-school Care at GEMS Wellington International School

Currently, the school has only after school activities club available for students that are provided by external provider ESM. The school does not permit students to wait at school to attend a club that starts later in the day. Parents are requested to arrange drop off and collection of their child for their school activity.

Medical Care at GEMS Wellington International School

The healthcare centre of GEMS Wellington International School is situated beyond the sports hall on the ground level. Children are given medical care and treated quickly through medication (after the consent of parents) to relieve pain and minor ailments. Parents are needed to sign the consent of providing medicines to children when they are ill.

Parents also have to fill the medical form when admitting their child into the school. It is crucial that the school knows about the medical conditions of the candidate beforehand.

The school has qualified nurses to deal with emergency situations. Guardians are informed immediately if the child faces any uncertain situation. Moreover, if the situation is severe, the pupil is taken to the hospital straight away.



Mode of Communication between Teachers and Parents

Parents play a pivotal role in the growth of a student. Timely informing about the progress of pupils, GEMS Wellington International School, Dubai believes in keeping close communication with parents. The academy has an open-door policy that encourages guardians to visit the school at any time.

The school also organises consultation evenings where teachers report on the progress of the child and give advice on how they can improve. Regular presentations are also held at the school offering a wide range of topics for parents to discuss and learn from in terms of improving their child’s education journey.

WISPA (GEMS Wellington International School Parents’ Association) is a proactive parental body that supports the school. This body provides its voluntary services in all school activities such as organising social, academic, performance, sporting and fund-raising events.

Class Communication Coordinators through the primary school, are linked to each class. They communicate information on class WhatsApp groups. Important updates are also shared on Parents Portal of Gems Wellington International School.

GEMS Wellington International School Contact Information

Note that the cover image belongs to GEMS Wellington International School


Does GEMS Wellington International Academy conduct after-school activities?

GEMS Wellington International Academy offers after-school activities to students, which are often provided by ESM.

How many grades/years are there in GEMS Wellington International Academy?

The school offers education from FS 1 until Year 13.

Does GEMS Wellington International Academy follow a co-education model?

Yes, the school follows a co-educational model.

How many students are currently studying in GEMS Wellington International Academy?

There are around 2,693 students enrolled at GEMS WIA.

Does the school have any special education programmes or learning plans for students of determination?

The school's commitment to High Performance Learning ensures individual needs of all learners are met and the effective use of additional adults adds targeted support where needed. WIA identifies and manages barriers which may limit achievement, participation and progress to ensure quality education for all.

What is the academic calendar of GEMS Wellington International Academy?

The academic calendar runs from August to July with three breaks in between.

What is the tuition fee charged by GEMS Wellington International Academy?

The annual tuition fee ranges from AED 43,941 to AED 95,597.

Does GEMS Wellington International Academy offer scholarship programmes to needy and deserving students?

Wellington International School offers scholarship in various fields to deserving students. However, parents can contact admissions office to know if the school has any financial aid system in place.

How does GEMS Wellington International Academy communicate with parents?

There are several ways for teacher or the school to communicate with teachers including a parent portal. Other than this, school events, parent-teacher meetings, WhatsApp groups and social media pages are also crucial for two-way communication.

Does the school have a cafeteria or a canteen on campus?

Yes, there's a canteen on campus serving fresh and healthy meals to students.

How often does GEMS Wellington International Academy arrange field trips?

The school takes students on domestic as well as international trips round the year.

How many teachers are currently teaching in the school?

Currently, there are 214 teachers and 96 teaching assistants employed by GEMS Wellington International Academy.


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