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Update: The school is no longer operational

GEMS United School is one of the GEMS Education schools in Dubai. It follows the American curriculum and offers classes from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. The Common Core and Advanced Placement curriculum integrates international elements in the course study.

The school believes that respect and trust are best communicated through the examples set by teachers and mentors. GEMS United School has 573 students and 72 full-time teachers. KHDA has rated the school as ‘Good’ consecutively for the third year.

GEMS United School Dubai managed by GEMS Education was established in 2009 as a part of Bradenton Prep Academy. The school is headed by a qualified US Head of School. The US curriculum is based on the American AERO Common Core Plus Standards. Graduating students receive the American High School Diploma.

The school is a mid-sized American international school and teachers belong to over 60 nationalities. Students are taught a well-designed curriculum enabling them to become innovative leaders and responsible citizens.

English is the primary language of instruction throughout the school while French, Spanish and Arabic classes are part of the curriculum and language programme. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered to the most inquisitive students.

Residential Communities near GEMS United School

Residential communities near GEMS United School include:

  • Jumeirah Village Circle
  • Dubai Production City
  • Jumeirah Golf Estates

Jumeirah Golf Estates is a premium villa community built around two world-class golf courses. Dubai Production City is a mixed-use development primarily featuring apartments. Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is a family-friendly neighbourhood ranked among top areas for renting and buying properties in Dubai in 2019.

Families looking to settle down near GEMS United School can check out:

  • Apartments for rent near GEMS United School
  • Apartments for sale near GEMS United School
  • Villas for sale near GEMS United School
  • Villas for rent near GEMS United School

Campus of GEMS United School

GEMS United School’s campus is a purpose-built and modern facility consisting of a group of buildings. The school can also use the resources offered by Dubai Sports City.

classroom of GEM United School
Well-decorated classrooms keep students focussed (Image Credit: GEMS United School)

Each level including Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School and High School has its own building. There is an additional building that houses facilities for art, drama, music as well as science laboratories.

Classrooms are well-equipped and use whiteboards. One can also find built-in storage, movable desks and chairs.

Location of GEMS United School

GEMS United School is situated in Dubai Sports City. It is adjacent to the famous Dubai Sports Academies. Having Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) in the proximity connects it to several areas.

Why GEMS United School?

The school provides quality education empowering students to think out of the box and become a responsible citizen. The school encourages all kids to wonder, question and advocate their thoughts and queries.

GUS Dubai is currently a NEASC (New England Association of Schools and College Inc.) candidate and is accredited by Accreditation International (Ai) and National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

After the KHDA inspection, GEMS United School received positive remarks from the inspection team. They appreciated the principal and vice-principal. The KHDA found the governing board invariably supportive. Parents and school management have established an effective partnership resulting in a positive impact on students.

GEMS United School overview
National Day event at GEMS United School (Image Credit: GEMS United School)

Digital learning infrastructure and vocational education have made the school a considerable choice for parents who prefer American curriculum-based education for their children.

Parents seem satisfied with the school. Teachers are passionate and invest time and effort on every student on a personal level. Premium facilities include a full-court indoor gymnasium, a 25-metre swimming pool and a separate pool for young learners. There is an additional facility for arts, the spectrum of Science and Technology and a well-equipped library for middle and high school students.

GEMS United School was shortlisted as a Top School, in the category of “Best American Curriculum School in the UAE” for the year 2019. Academic performance is of prime importance but value-based education goes a long way. Core values including global citizenship and learning through innovation are deeply embedded in the school curriculum. GEMS United is among the top American schools in Dubai.

GEMS United School partners with Tony Blair Faith Foundation and engages students of different faiths in a meaningful dialogue. This encourages young people to recognise and understand the similarities between different faiths. Students respect each other and deal with conflicting issues with tolerance and maturity.

Students are involved in charity activities and take part in several programs. This enables them to serve a wider international community through a variety of student-led events. Students of GEMS United School play an active role in programs including The World Scholars Cup, Tony Blair Faith Foundation, World Challenge, The Global Young Leaders Conference, Washington, Empower Peace – Women2Women International Leadership Program and The Astronaut Virtual Training programme. You can find a list featuring many other programs on the official school website.

Covid-19 Protocols at GEMS United School

The Government of Dubai has developed protocols for schools to follow until the pandemic is over. This is an accumulative effort and approach to keep everyone safe and healthy, including students, teachers, parents, and relevant third parties.
The KHDA has uploaded FAQs for schools on the official website for your convenience. Here’s an overview of the preventive SOPs in place

  • Sterilising the school building, classrooms, laboratories and other facilities regularly, according to the recommendations of the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management.
  • Assessing the temperature of everyone who enters the school building daily.
  • Maintaining physical distance guidelines as recommended by the relevant health authorities and reducing the headcount capacity in classrooms.
  • From this academic year, 1-metre distancing is recommended. Schools must take appropriate precautions to ensure that students and teachers stay physically distanced where possible.
  • Buses may run at full capacity provided they comply with health and safety protocols.
  • Schools shall reinstate Physical Education, swimming lessons and sports activities. Changing rooms and sports areas will be sanitised after each group of students
  • The canteen shall reopen and resume live cooking
  • School trips, excursions and holiday camps shall be resumed.
  • After-hours care, extra-curricular activities, performances, assemblies and other events at school or external venues are allowed.
  • Students older than six years, staff and visitors to schools must continue to wear face masks.
  • Vaccination is not compulsory. Unvaccinated school staff must submit a negative PCR test each week. Students are not obliged to submit negative PCR tests.
  • From October 3rd 2021, all teaching and learning at Dubai private schools will only be face-to-face. Students who wish to continue with distance learning after the stated date must provide a medical certificate issued by Dubai Health Authority.

Distance Learning at GEMS United School

As per the instructions of The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), all schools across the UAE will discontinue distance learning from January 2022.


School Details

Years Offered at GEMS United School

Kindergarten (Pre-KG, KG1 and KG2)

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten 1 is for students aged 3 to 4 years old. During these years, GEMS United School introduces the concept of learning and knowledge to the new learners. It gives care and safety of students’ special attention. Children are also encouraged to play as it enhances the young learner’s ability to gain knowledge.

GEMS United School elementary section
Students engage in different activities and events (Image Credit: GEMS United School)

Teachers help strengthen the social, physical, emotional and cognitive abilities of students. They are introduced to English, Maths and Creative Expressions based on the US curriculum. In English, letters, sounds, speaking and listening abilities are taught to students. Numbers and shapes are included in the Mathematics lesson. Students can explore their cognitive and creative side through colouring, drawing and painting.

KG2 is best-suited to 5-year-old students. During this year, the US Common Core curriculum is introduced. In fact, it is the first year of formal education in the American education system. Students are taught to apply their knowledge of letter and sound. KG2 students emerge as readers and writers. Strong numerical skills are developed in Mathematics through meaningful and practical lessons.

Teachers provide personalised instructions to meet each child’s established learning goals. KG2 students are also given opportunities to play in the purpose-built indoor and outdoor areas.


Grade 1 to 5 are for students aged 6 to 10 years. Elementary School students follow a text-based curriculum, unlike Kindergarten. They are not rushed to write and read, rather encouraged to transition smoothly towards higher-level learning.

Primary School students are taught specific and core subjects based on the American curriculum. These include:

  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
  • Arabic
  • Islamic Studies
  • PE (Physical Education)
  • Music
  • Art
  • Library Science
  • Instructional Technology


Grade 6 and 8 are for students aged 11 to 14. During these years, teachers work on students while developing their understanding of core subjects as per their interest and aptitudes. In Middle School, developing emotional and social skills in students is inevitable while preparation for the high-school phase goes hand-in-hand.

Core subjects offered during Middle School are:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Arabic
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Islamic Education (for Muslim students)


High School involves students aged 15 to 18. During this level, students mould their future academic plans according to their aptitude. This stage involves preparing students for college, so the course structure is more defined and practical. The school has a wide range of subjects to meet student competencies and interests.

GRADE 11 – 12

Students who graduate from Grade 11 and 12 receive a High School Certificate. These grades are the most academically advanced. GEMS United School students receive full guidance from teachers who prepare them for the future.

Other than academics, students are especially encouraged to participate in athletics, arts, technology and service-related activities within the school. In this way, their academic programme is also supplemented.

GEMS United School Curriculum

GEMS United School Dubai follows the United States AERO Common Core Plus Standards, an AP Curriculum where the language of instruction is English. Students of Pre-KG and KG1 programmes are groomed according to the expectations of the Common Core curriculum while keeping each student’s needs in mind.

The Common Core Program from KG2 until Year 12 focuses on Mathematics, Science, Reading, Writing and Social Studies. The Arabic language is compulsory for both native and non-native speakers, while Islamic Studies is only for Muslim students.

Use of technology is incorporated from KG1 to Year 12. The campus has internet access while Bring Your Own Device program applies for Grade 6 to Grade 12 students.

After-School Activities (ASA) are part of the curriculum so students can explore their aptitude. Teachers encourage students to be practical learners while grasping theoretical learning opportunities.

Teaching practices are modified to meet the curriculum requirements and ensure outstanding learning opportunities for students.

Advanced Placement Courses are offered to students in Grade 10 to Grade 12. 13 Advanced Placement (AP) courses are sponsored by the College Board in the United States. Courses offered under AP are equivalent to first-year college/university courses. The Advanced Placement Courses are for students who have proven their outstanding academic ability, aptitude and required motivation to cope with the extra workload and academic requirements.

Students are suggested to carefully consider the extra time and effort required for AP courses. They should discuss AP courses with their parents, course teacher, counsellor and enrolled AP students. AP exams are held in May.

Students in Grade 9 to Grade 12 follow a university preparatory program. A High School Diploma requires 24 credits. Students are recommended to spend 25 hours of community service to graduate from GEMS United School. Courses to be taken are stated by KHDA, the Ministry of Education in the UAE.

KHDA Rating

KHDA School Ratings
KHDA School Ratings

Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) provides a comprehensive report on the standard of private school education within the emirate of Dubai. The report also helps point out the required improvements in the school.

According to the KHDA report, the overall quality of education at GEMS United School is good and it achieved improvements in 12 areas.

DSIB report says that the curriculum of the school is well-balanced and provides a smooth progression throughout different phases. Students were also found to have positive attitudes and high levels of responsibility for learning.

GEMS United School has excellent systems in place to ensure the safety and well-being of students. Plus, teachers closely monitor their students. Parents are also kept well-engaged and are provided with regular opportunities to get involved in the different aspects of their kids’ school life. Their views are important for school, especially with making important decisions and setting priorities.

Parents and school remain connected through more than one channel of communication. 94% of parents are strongly satisfied with the quality of education provided by GEMS United School.

Students show impressive progress in English, Mathematics and especially Science. Their progress and attainment in Arabic and Islamic Studies are acceptable. Learning skills of students are well-developed, particularly during high school.

GEMS United School facilties
Students benefit from a wide range of facilities at GEMS United School (Image Credit: GEMS United School)

Students show exemplary personal and social development. Their positive attitude is also commendable. Understanding and knowledge of Islamic values, particularly the understanding of Emirati culture, is well-developed. GEMS United Dubai helps develop social responsibility and innovation skills in students.

Teaching at the Kindergarten level uses assessment data. The curriculum is well-designed in all phases to match the learning needs of students. It is also in line with the American school requirements related to career guidance. Cross-curricular links are one strength of the school.

Arrangements made by the school to ensure the health and safety of students are exemplary. Student’s determination is good and positive. GEMS United School has improved the overall quality of care and support for students.

The school management, including the principal, is playing a very positive role. The staff has improved care and support in Kindergarten. Quality of management, staffing, facilities and resources are of high quality.

Kindergarten students show good achievement in English, Mathematics and Science. Students show remarkable progress by polishing their personal and social skills at all levels. They also have positive attitudes towards other people. The principal of GEMS United School Dubai tries to maintain the partnership between parents and the community.

Academic Calendar for GEMS United School

The school begins on 2nd September. Elementary Trimester 1 ends on 21st November. Classes resume after Winter Holiday on 5th January. High School Semester 1 exams begin on 19th January and end on 21st January.
The second Semester starts on 26th January. Students go on spring holidays from 26th March and return on 12th April. The second semester ends on 25th June.

You can view the GEMS United School academic calendar on the official website. School days and holidays can vary because of national and Eid holidays.


Admission and Fees

How to Apply to GEMS United School?

To start the application process, applicants must submit the enquiry using the Enroll Online page on the official website. A successful application will generate an enquiry number. Applicants must keep this number safe as it will verify the application submission. In the next step, the applicant receives an acknowledgement email.

Applicants have to submit an application fee of AED 525 inclusive of VAT. The fee is refundable only if the school does not offer the seat.

Submitting the documents listed below along with an application form to the Registrar is mandatory. For GEMS United School admission, parents must provide:

  • 4 passport size photos of students with the applicant’s name mentioned on the backside
  • 1 photograph of both father and mother
  • A copy of the birth certificate (must be in English or Arabic)
  • A copy of the vaccination/immunisation record
  • Copy of student’s passport
  • Copy student’s residence visa
  • Copy of Emirates ID card
  • Copy of parents’ Emirates ID
  • A copy of transfer certificate
  • Complete language background form
  • Copy of parents’ residence visa
  • The complete confidential recommendation form (KG to 12)
  • Copies of 3 years of previous school report (must be in English)
  • Standardised test results (if available) (for example MAP test or CAT4 )

The application process can only proceed further once parents submit the documents and application fee. The school gives siblings of already enrolled students priority for admission over students with SEND requirements.

The school tries to make the most appropriate grade placement for each student. The assessment is based on the student’s age, academic, social and emotional development stated in the policy guidelines. Interviews of students and parents are also conducted before entry and each student is required to go through an age-related placement test to ensure that he/she is ready for the education offered at GEMS United School.

Admission for Pre KG children is offered on conditional acceptance following a parent/child interview. Kindergarten students are invited for a group assessment that is specially designed to determine if they are ready for school life. Acceptance in Pre-KG, KG1 and KG2 are conditional for the first term of the year. New students who join Kindergarten will have a transition week during their first week of attendance.

GEMS US Dubai welcomes children with a range of learning preferences, including students of determination (SEND) and students who are English Language Learners.

To fulfil the special needs of students, the school appreciates getting full details of any special educational needs and individual education plans (IEPs). Reports from Education Psychologist, Pediatric and other specialist reports should be also submitted during admission.

Assessing literacy and numeracy for applicants of Grade 1 to Grade 12 is part of the admission process. GEMS US uses MAPs (Measure of Academic Progress) test and CAT4 Assessments for evaluation. They excuse students who provide recent MAPs or CAT4 test results and a letter of recommendation from the current principal.

Students re-entering GEMS US Dubai are exempted from reassessment only if they are absent for not more than one school year. However, the decision is at the sole discretion of the principal.

Students’ acceptance is based on the availability of seats and the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of the previous school year
  • Recommendation letters (if required)
  • Assessment or admission results
  • Previous school documents and records such as a transcript,
  • Transfer certificate
  • Fluency level in English as an Additional Language (ELL)

Students lacking proficiency in English can still secure a seat after satisfying all the enrolment regulations.

Fee Structure at GEMS United School

As discussed earlier, the application fee is AED 252 (inclusive of VAT). It is non-transferable, non-adjustable and refundable only if the seat is not available. This fee is adjustable against the total tuition fee for the academic year.

At the time of registration, 10% deposit of annual tuition fee is due upon the acceptance of the Offer Letter.

Sibling discount is also available. 3rd and 4th sibling get a 25% discount, 5th sibling gets a 50% off. This sibling discount is always calculated as per the term tuition fee for the youngest sibling. However, it is not applicable for charges of application, the fee for registration and admission fee or re-enrollment charges.

GEMS United School fee is as follows:

Number of Terms: 3
Pre K

  • Term 1 – AED 12,970
  • Term 2-AED 9,725
  • Term 3: AED 9,726
  • Annual Fee: AED 32,421

KG 1

  • Term 1: AED 13,435
  • Term 2: AED 10,077
  • Term 3: AED 10,076
  • Annual Fee: AED 33,588

KG 2

  • Term 1: AED 21,270
  • Term 2: AED 15,951
  • Term 3: AED 15,950
  • Annual Fee: AED 53,177

Grade 1 to 6

  • Term 1: AED 28,030
  • Term 2: AED 21,024
  • Term 3: AED 21,023
  • Annual Fee: AED 70,077

Grade 7 and 8

  • Term 1: AED 30,270
  • Term 2: AED 22,703
  • Term 3: AED 22,703
  • Annual Fee: AED 75,676

Grade 9 to 12

  • Term 1: – AED 31,705
  • Term 2: – AED 23,777
  • Term 3: – AED 23,776
  • Annual Fee: AED 79,258

The tuition fee should be paid in advance, either on the annual or per term basis. If someone chooses to pay on a per term basis, the payment should be made at least a month before the start of the term and not later than the first day of the term.

For students who join in the middle of a term/semester, the tuition fee is calculated on the number of months.

Re-Registration Deposit: 5% of annual tuition deposit fee is payable to secure an already enrolled student’s place for the next academic year.

  • There are several ways to pay the tuition fee including:
  • GEMS Online Payment
  • Cash
  • Credit card payments
  • Current and post-date cheques
  • Wire transfer

If the fee is not paid, it may result in loss of the student’s place in the school and withholding of school reports, references or examination reports. The student might also get suspended or face expulsion from the school.

Scholarships at GEMS United School

GEMS United School is part of GEMS Education that proudly offers the largest scholarship opportunity in the UAE. The merit-based scholarship program is designed to reward students who excel in academic, creative and performing arts, sports, Arabic studies, innovation and digital technology.

Students who receive the scholarship get a 10% to 100% concession in the annual school fee. The scholarships are offered for a single academic year and awardees are required to apply for renewal on an annual basis based on their academic progress.


  • Academic Scholarships are offered to students who secure the top place in the class in all subjects for the last three years.
  • Academic Scholarship is awarded to candidates based on proven outstanding academic achievement.
  • These scholarships are available for current and prospective students of GEMS school from Year 7.
  • Scholarships are awarded after a competitive application process.

Academic Scholarships are awarded on the following basis:

  • GEMS assessment of candidate’s scholarship application form
  • Assessment of the full report from the candidate’s present school by GEMS
  • Verbal and non-verbal reasoning test results
  • Result of written examination by the awarding GEMS School
  • An interview with the principal who assesses the calibre and commitment of the candidate
  • A final interview with the GEMS Scholarship Committee


Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships are for passionate artists and performers. Students must secure the top 70th percentile in their class. Also, candidates should have the required commitment and passion to stick to Creative and Performing Arts.

The fields include music, drama, theatre, debating, spoken words and dance and visual and creative arts. These scholarships are available for current and prospective students of GEMS School from Year 7.

Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships are awarded based on:

  • The assessment of the candidate’s scholarship application form
  • Candidate’s present school’s full report and its assessment by GEMS
  • Awards and recognition from relevant national and international awarding bodies
  • Auditions conducted by awarding GEMS school
  • Interview with the Principal of the awarding GEMS School that helps in assessing candidate’s calibre and commitment
  • A final interview with the GEMS Scholarship Committee.


Sports Scholarships are for students who are in the top 70th percentile in their class and are committed to sports. They must have played a specific sport for the last 3 to 5 years and competed in a regional or international tournament.

GEMS United School scholarships
Sports Scholarships are offered from Year 7 onwards (Image Credit: GEMS United School)

These scholarships are awarded to candidates after he/she proves their athletic ability, potential, determination and enthusiasm. Candidate should also demonstrate his/her potential to compete on a national and international level. Scholarships are awarded based on a competitive application process to current and prospective students of GEMS School from Year 7 onwards.

It awards sports Scholarships based on the following criteria:

  • Assessment of the candidate submitting the Scholarship Application Form by GEMS
  • GEMS assessment of the full report from the candidate’s current school
  • Benchmark results and proof of representation honours for relevant sports including swimming, track & field, rugby and football
  • An interview with the principal of GEMS School to assess candidate’s calibre and commitment
  • A final interview with the GEMS Scholarship Committee


These are suited for candidates who demonstrate potential to excel in innovation and digital technology such as coding, cryptology, computational thinking and app development. Students from Year 7 and onwards are eligible for the scholarship.

Students in GEMS United School
Digital Technology Scholarships are offered at GUS Dubai (Image Credit: GEMS United School)

They award innovation and Digital Technology scholarships based on:

  • Candidate’s full report from the present school
  • Candidate’s presentation/demonstration regarding innovation project for the Scholarship Committee
  • Interview with the principal to assess candidate’s calibre and commitment.



Arabic Studies Scholarships are for native speakers and candidates who have proven outstanding academic achievement in Arabic Studies. Arabic Studies Scholarships are for current and prospective students of GEMS schools from Year 7 and onwards.

This scholarship is awarded based on:

  • Assessment of the candidate’s scholarship application form by GEMS
  • Results of standard proficiency tests (written and oral) awarded by GEMS School
  • An interview with the principal of awarding GEMS School that helps in assessing candidate’s calibre and commitment
  • A final interview with the GEMS Scholarship Committee.

The assessment of a full report from the candidate’s current school by GEMS to confirm that the applicant has:

  • Made literary contribution in Arabic (such as poetry, story, novel or speech)
  • Played a major role in spreading the Arabic language inside and outside the school
  • Played a leadership role within the Arabic department
  • Acquired grades in the 95% percentile during internal or external Arabic language exam
  • Won prizes in any Arabic language (national and international) competition
  • Performed in the Arabic language at school, national or international level in front of a live audience

Arabic Studies Scholarships for non-native speakers are for candidates who have proven outstanding academic achievement in the field of Arabic Studies and can maintain a high level of academic achievement. The students of Year 7 and onwards are eligible for the scholarship. This scholarship is for students whose parents do not hold Arab passports.

Arabic Studies Scholarships for Non-Native Speakers are awarded based on:

  • Candidate’s Scholarship Application form assessment by GEMS
  • Result of standard proficiency test (written and oral) by the awarding GEMS school
  • An interview with the principal of the awarding GEMS school that helps in assessing candidate’s calibre and commitment
  • A final interview with the GEMS Scholarship Committee

GEMS’ assessment of a full report from the candidate’s present school showing that the applicant has:

  • Grades for external or internal Arabic language exams in the 95th percentile
  • Strong ability and fluency in writing and speaking
  • High-level of proficiency in reading and listening to Arabic
  • High-level of proficiency and ability to use the Arabic language (inside and outside the classroom)

Only students enrolled in GEMS schools are eligible for scholarships. Similarly, students with an active enrollment application can also apply for the scholarship. Applicants must submit the scholarship application form directly on the official website of the school. A cover letter must be submitted with authenticated copies of the school report for the last two years.

Each scholarship is awarded for a single academic year of the GEMS School. However, students are eligible to reapply for the next academic year. Bear in mind that renewal application is considered with other scholarships. Renewal of a scholarship strictly depends on each scholar’s engagement and academic progress.

Certain points should be acknowledged and well-understood by the scholar including:

  • He/she should maintain course pacing requirements i.e. completing a course on time without any extension.
  • The scholar must meet the attendance requirement
  • He/she must meet the Awarding School’s behavioural standard as defined in the student handbook
  • He/she should participate in all mentoring meeting and activities
  • The scholar should agree to represent the awarding school in the particular field/department
  • He/she should prove continuous and consistent progress in the specialist area
  • Scholars should demonstrate model behaviour towards their teachers, contemporaries and other adults

GEMS Education reserves the right to immediately withdraw any scholarship without notice to the scholar once it has determined that the scholar has misled GEMS Education or the awarding school regarding the eligibility criteria.


School Facilities

Lunch Options at GEMS United School

Lunch is provided by Slices, a food and beverage company based in the UAE. The company is known to provide wholesome, nutritious, healthy and balanced meals to GEMS United School.

The ingredients used for preparing the meal are always fresh to preserve the taste and nutrients. Food safety measures strictly comply with UAE food authorities standards.

A full meal costs AED 22 and includes soup, salad, main course protein, carbohydrates, vegetables (fibre) dessert, beverage and fruit.

The main course is charged at AED 12 and includes a main course protein, carbohydrates and vegetable (fibre).

Meals for KG level are priced at AED 22 and include salad, main course protein, carbohydrates, vegetable, dessert, fruit and water. Meals for KG students are delivered to the classrooms.

À la carte menu comes with a choice of soups, salads and desserts for AED 4 each.

Students in Grade 5 and above can make payments through the Student ID Card. The student ID card is delivered within 2 business days and it can be used to register online on Slices. Once the card and registration are ready, parents can log in and top-up funds so that their child can purchase meals. Cash is only accepted for new joiners at the beginning of the academic year for the first few weeks.

For students of Pre-K to Grade 4, the first step is to register for an account with Slices, after which they can order a hot meal through the online menu system. Meals can be ordered for two weeks at a time. Once the meals are selected, payments can be made online.

Meals for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4 have to be pre-ordered, at least 48 hours in advance, for classroom delivery.

The school, in collaboration with Slices, also provides a variety of tasty vegetarian options. All food products are halal certified, as per the UAE’s law and requirement.

School Transportation at GEMS United School

GEMS United School is offering safe and secure transportation services to the students. The school has collaborated with School Transport Services (STS) LLC for its transportation services. STS is an ISO Certified transport service that won the Dubai Quality – Appreciation Programme (DQAP) Award in 2011 and the Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport in 2010. It was the winner in School Transportation & Transport Safety categories in 2012.

The school ensures that exceptional safety standards are maintained. The bus fleet follows the rules set out by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai. Each bus is equipped with CCTV and Global Positioning Systems.

Those interested to avail the transport service should submit a Transport Request form. The STS area specialist confirms service availability in the requested community. If the school bus does not serve the requested area, parents are informed regarding pickup and drop-off points, timings and bus mobile contact number. Payments for the services should be made online.

For further details, parents can call on +971-4-818-3600.

Sports Facilities

Sports are an integral part of every student’s life. To maximise the learning experience and polish sports skills in students, GEMS United School Dubai Sports City has a purpose-built campus.

Sports facilities available at the campus include:

  • A football field
  • A 400-metre track
  • Tennis Courts
  • 2 full court indoor gyms
  • A 25-meter swimming pool
  • Pool for young students
  • Outdoor basketball courts
  • 2 large outdoor multipurpose elementary spaces
  • Covered outdoor space
  • Multi-purpose covered courts for basketball, tennis and badminton
  • An elementary AstroTurf field

Some key sports offered at the school are:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Aquathon
  • Golf
  • Volleyball

GEMS United School Dubai Sports City has 32 athletic teams in total. It has organised 6 championships for Grade 1 to Grade 12. The school runs a strong athletic program with 8 competitive sports and over 25 teams from elementary to secondary school take part in the competition.

sports facilities at GEMS United School
GEMS United School has 32 athletic teams (Image Credit: GEMS United School)

GEMS United School Dubai’s basketball team has been ranked among the top three Dubai Schools leagues consistently for the past few years. The U14 boys’ soccer team of GEMS US Dubai Sports City campus completed the season as undefeated divisional champions.

The elementary golf team won the U10 overall school championship. This was made possible with passionate sports coaches and mentors.

GEMS United School is very supportive of its athletes and helps them balance their academic and training schedule. The students proudly compete at national and international levels in tennis, golf and swimming. Sporting goals of students are supported by the school.

Extra-curricular Activities at GEMS United School

The school provides a wide range of extracurricular activities to students allowing them to develop multiple skills as per their aptitude. The activities offered by the schools are set to meet the needs of different students under the supervision of specialists and teachers.

Extracurricular activities include diving, debate, music, art, gym and a range of physical sports.

There is a Student Council that introduces children to the concept of responsibility, representation and accountability. Chosen representatives are elected for a single academic year. The members of the Student Council meet their Faculty Advisor and the Principal regularly where they discuss issues highlighted by other students.

Field Trips from GEMS United School

Field Trips organised by GEMS United School are scheduled for half/ full-day outside the school campus. Students are required to get a signed permission slip to go on a field trip.

field trips from GEMS United School
Students during their field trip to Sri Lanka

Field Trips and activities outside the classroom at GEMS United School are planned as Week Without Walls for secondary school students. During this specified week, students are encouraged to pursue learning outside the classroom. Throughout the Week Without Walls (WWW), students engage in sustainable service. Topics including poverty, environmental degradation and preservation are of top priority during WWW. Students work as a team for a greater common goal.

Each Week Without Walls is uniquely designed and planned by a professional provider known as Camps International and its affiliated partners.

Middle School students were taken to Sri Lanka, where they embraced the local culture and participated in local community events. Students particularly enjoyed bathing the elephant, Kamala. They also visited a turtle sanctuary and went for a safari.

A visit to a local school was also scheduled for students where they experienced education from a different perspective while taking part in a class lesson.

Students from Grade 6 and 7 went to experience an opportunity provided by Ecoventure. This provided exposure to the natural environment while students work on their confidence, independence and decision-making skills.

High School trips are organised for Grade 9 to 12 students. A group of students from high school were taken to Tanzania Community Service.
Fee for field trips is not included in school fees.

After-school Care at GEMS United School

After-School Activities (ASA) play a vital role in students’ lives. The after-school programme is not mandatory, but students are highly encouraged to participate as per their aptitude.

All ASAs finish at 04:30 pm. Parents are requested to pick up their children from the cafeteria after 04:30 pm. If parents run late to pick their child, a staff member will contact parents and supervise the child until the parents pick him/her.

GEMS United School after-school activities
Students choose after-school activities according to their interest (Image Credit: GEMS United School)

A wide variety of after-school activities are offered for secondary students. The ASA programme accommodates each student’s first choice of activity with other choices based upon availability. Activities offered include sports, arts and crafts, Arabic conversation, robotics, creative writing, world languages and musical productions.

The activities are scheduled between 03:30 pm to 04:30 pm and last for eight weeks.

Medical Care at GEMS United School

GEMS United School, Sports City campus has a School Health Office in Block G. It has a full-time doctor and a nurse. They are entitled to administer first-aid medications, treat minor ailments, educate students regarding health issues, update vaccinations and maintain medical information.

Students are required to stay at home if they are suffering from:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Fever
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Rashes

Doctors and nurses conduct medical exams on campus throughout the year. The medical exam includes a basic head to toe assessment, weight and height measurement and testing for colour vision and distance.



Mode of Communication between Teachers and Parents

GEMS United School (GUS) believes in working closely with parents to facilitate the students and provide them with an enriched learning environment. To build a strong relationship between teachers and parents, all parents are automatically enrolled in GEMS US PA.

As an American school, GUS Parents can celebrate special occasions as per the American holiday calendar. They share all such information through newsletter or email. Parents can log in on the parent-portal to receive notifications regarding the school events and their child’s progress.

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are held twice a year to discuss student’s progress. Whenever required, parents can have informal conferences, telephone conferences and email conversations. However, the principal and counsellors are only available via appointment.

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