More and more people seem to be living in smaller spaces these days. The downsizing trend doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. While living in small homes has its benefits and can be the only option for some, storage space is the first thing that comes to mind. But contrary to popular belief, a small home doesn’t have to be crowded and messy!

With Bayut’s creative storage ideas for small spaces, you can maximise the limited space and personalize it the way you like. Some of the storage hacks below are DIY methods, so here’s a handy list of must-have tools for your home, too! Read on to discover storage hacks for small-space living that will also add a creative touch to your home!

8 Simple Storage Ideas for Small Spaces That Will help You Maximise Space

Think High Shelves Along Your Walls

First up on our list of storage ideas for small spaces is installing shelves high up – along the perimeter of your walls. This DIY storage solution won’t take up any square footage, an important factor for those living in tiny homes. Instead, store books, photos, knick-knacks and the occasional potted plants for some much-needed greenery to your home.

Don’t Forget the Corners of Your Room

White Floating Shelves as storage ideas for small spaces
These charming floating shelves are the perfect way to brighten up any corner of your rooms, while creating for storage space!

Open up the corners of your rooms with this neat storage hack for small homes. Invest in floating shelves to spruce up the corners of your room that would normally be considered dead space. Add some floating shelves – and store just about anything! This is one of the simple storage hacks for small apartments that can be used in your living room to display photos or decorative items. Or install it above your corner workspace in your bedroom to clear the clutter off your worktable. Better yet, put them up in your kitchen to store spices and cutlery, too. 

Containers Are Your Best Friend

Out next storage hack will help you keep your home super-organised! Forget messy closets by storing your items in handy containers like fabric storage boxes. These storage containers are inexpensive, easy to store and move around whenever you want! You can also label them, so finding things at home has never been easier. Don’t have enough room in your closets? You can also repurpose these storage ideas for small spaces by adding storage baskets underneath your bed. Consider investing in some pretty woven baskets to store items on those pretty shelves too. It’s a great storage solution, and an aesthetically pleasing one as well.

Have Your Coffee Table Also Double as Storage Space

Lift Top Coffee Table for Storage ideas for small spaces
Make your coffee table stylish and handy by getting one with a lift-top to store things inside!

The trick to storing more in a small house is to have multitasking furniture. For instance, make sure to get a coffee table with a lift-top, so you can store things within! Hide those remote controls, DVDs, books, chargers or even cutlery and plates. This way, you’ll be hiding things out of sight, without eating up floor space. And these storage ideas for small homes don’t mean you have to compromise on style! Lift-top coffee tables come in a variety of styles, from contemporary to antique finishes.

Get Some handy Peg Rails

Wondering how to create storage space in a small house? A quick and budget-friendly solution is to buy some handy peg rails. You can install these just about anywhere! Fix them near your entryway, and voila! You can now hang keys, coats, jackets and bags without taking up more space. Or have peg rails or hooks on the inside of your wardrobe door. You can hang all your day-to-day essentials here and have them within arm’s reach!

Get Creative with Your Bed Space

Bed with drawers as storage ideas for small spaces
Get a bed with built-in drawers and shelves for extra storage space in your bedroom!

Does your bed take up most of the space in your room? You’re not alone. But there are ways to work around this pesky problem. You can invest in a bed with storage such as built-in drawers. Sleep comfortably, and get some extra storage space, too! Stash your blankets, pillows, bedsheets inside, and free up your closet. You also use this storage hack for small homes by getting a loft bed, instead. If you aren’t afraid of heights, this is a great option. You can have a neat workspace underneath or a cosy reading nook, too!

Go for Mirrors with Cabinets

How many times have you struggled with tangled jewellery? Solve that problem right away by getting a mirror that comes with a cabinet. Store your makeup and jewellery in the handy built-in shelves and hooks – and leave home every day looking absolutely flawless.

Clear Up Your Kitchen Counter

Kitchen Knives on Magnetic Strips are storage ideas for small kitchens
Looking for budget-friendly storage hacks for small kitchens? Get a mess-free kitchen counter with these magnetic strips

Nobody wants to work in a messy and cramped kitchen space. Luckily, we’ve got a couple of storage ideas for small kitchens that will delight the master chef within! The key is to keep things off your kitchen counter to avoid clutter. Instead, consider a magnetic strip on the wall for your kitchen knives. Another handy trick is to install a pegboard, where you can hang vessels, cooking utensils, everyday spices and cutting boards. These clever storage ideas for small spaces will free up your kitchen workspace and cabinets.

Another bonus tip: invest in small containers for all your spices, herbs and essential ingredients. It will spruce up your kitchen space right away, and with some labelling, you’ll avoid wasting time hunting for that one ingredient.

And that brings an end to our list of storage ideas for small spaces. Tell us, which of these did you like best? For more tips on small-space living, check out how to make a small room look bigger with these easy tricks! If you live in a studio apartment, you’ll love our post on how to divide your studio into multiple rooms. And follow MyBayut, for more articles on creating a beautiful and organised home.


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