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Green Lakes, JLT


About Green Lakes, JLT

Green Lakes is a residential development in Cluster S, Jumeirah Lake Towers. Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) is a community packed with numerous amenities like dining options, retail stores and supermarkets. Regarded as one of the most popular complexes in the mixed-use community, Green Lakes offers lavish residential spaces overlooking the man-made lakes. The project is developed by ASAM and designed by Archgroup Consultants

Green Lakes Tower 1 entrance
Entrance view of Green Lakes Tower 1

Green Lakes, JLT is a three-tower complex and the three residential towers are known as Green Lakes Tower 1, Green Lakes Tower 2 and Green Lakes Tower 3. The tallest building among the three is Green LakesTower 2 which has 39 floors. Both Green Lakes Tower 1 and Green Lakes Tower 3 have 34 floors each.

Each building in the Green Lakes complex offers lavish 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments. The project has reserved retail spaces for supermarkets, boutiques and restaurants. Besides retail spaces, each tower is anchored with a sophisticated lobby. To maximise convenience for residents, the towers also feature health clubs, swimming pools, security systems and massive parking areas. 

Green Lakes Towers JLT combines modern infrastructure with posh living. The towers are set amidst lush landscapes and fountains. Positioned in the prestigious community of JLT, Green Lakes residents enjoy many perks. The neighbourhood is packed with a plethora of restaurants and eateries serving diverse menus. Apart from this, public transport is also readily available in the bustling community. 


  • Located in Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Consists of three residential towers
  • Offers 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments
  • Zoom supermarket is located in Green Lakes Tower 2
  • Multiple dining options within walking distance
  • DAMAC Properties Metro Station is within walking distance
  • Dubai Marina is a short drive away


Facilities in Green Lakes Tower, JLT

Parking in Green Lakes
Parking facility outside the building


There is underground parking in Green Lakes Tower, JLT. Each apartment is allotted one parking space and sometimes, multiple parking slots are offered to residents. There are plenty of paid parking spaces in JLT for guests and visitors.


Each tower features high-speed elevators and service elevators

Security, Central Air-Conditioning and Maintenance Services 

The security system in Green Lakes Tower, JLT is operational 24 hours. To ensure the maximum safety of residents, all three towers only allow key card access.

Gym and Fitness Facilities 

Green Lakes Tower, JLT have health clubs in each building. Residents can access roof-top gyms and spas in the towers. There is a separate swimming pool in each building for residents to enjoy a relaxing dip.

Lifestyle Amenities

There are designated play areas for kids in the towers. A separate swimming pool is also present in the building where kids can take a dip. What’s interesting to note is that the complex also features walkways, promenade seating and retail options.

seating area cluster S JLT
Residents can spend some quality time outdoors in the beautiful seating area

Concierge and Guest Services 

Apart from the well-maintained lobby, there are concierge desks in each tower.

Green Lakes, JLT Floor Plans 

Bayut has designed Green Lakes floor plans in 2D and 3D formats. You can find the floor plans for the individual towers on the website.

Apartment Types in Green Lakes, JLT

Green Lakes Tower, JLT offers an array of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments overlooking the stunning man-made lake. The complex has 720 residential units in total.

lake views from Cluster S apartments JLT
Cluster S buildings enjoy views of one of the three man-made lakes in JLT

1-Bedroom Apartments in Green Lakes, JLT

1-bedroom apartments in Green Lake Tower have covered areas ranging from 975 sq. ft. to 1,200 sq. ft. Those interested in the flats can find both furnished and unfurnished options. The apartments are well-maintained and include a laundry room and a spacious balcony. Each flat in the tower features two bathrooms.  

2-Bedroom Apartments in Green Lakes, JLT

Spanning 1,350 to 1,700 sq. ft., 2-bedroom apartments in Green Lake Tower are spacious and have a sizable terrace and kitchen. Apart from other amenities, the residents also get a maid’s room and a laundry room.  

3-Bedroom Apartments in Green Lakes, JLT 

3-bedroom apartments in Green Lake Tower boast sizeable layouts. Each flat covers more than 2,200 sq. ft. of space. The apartments have large living rooms with spacious bedrooms. Featuring a maid’s room, a laundry room and a large terrace, these flats are a good option for families. The units have 3 en-suite bathrooms with high-quality finishings. 

Most Popular Apartment Types in Green Lakes, JLT

  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%100%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 12 months

According to Bayut, the most popular apartment types in Green Lakes Dubai are the 1-bedroom apartments. Next on the list are 2 BHK flats. Rounding up the list are the 3-bedroom units.

Rental Trends in Green Lakes, JLT

There are numerous JLT apartments for rent. Those interested in apartments for rent in Green Lakes, JLT can consider the following trends:

In most cases, rental payments are to be made via post-dated cheques. The number of cheques required will depend on your contract and the requirements of the landlord.

Sale Trends in Green Lakes, JLT

Those looking for apartments for sale in Green Lakes, JLT will find it to be an affordable option compared to other JLT apartments for sale.

Rental Yield in Green Lakes, JLT

  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 0
  • 2%
  • 4%
  • 6%
  • 8%10%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 12 months

The return on investment (ROI) for those looking to invest in Green Lakes Dubai is 6.2% at the minimum. 2-bed apartments are the most profitable with their ROI at 7.3%. 1-bedroom flats closely follow with an ROI of 7.2%.

Service Charges in Green Lakes, JLT

General Fund
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
General upkeep of the building
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
General repairs and replacements
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Utilities Services
Charges for using DEWA/district cooling facilities and meters
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Management Services
Owner’s association charges for managing the property
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Charge for the insurance of the building
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Master Community
Fees for communal facilities in the neighbourhood
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Reserved Fund
The difference between the estimated amount charged the previous year vs the actual amount spent
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Funds used for major repairs and to help maintain the yearly service charges fees
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED

These figures are based on the services charges for Green Lakes, JLT* as per the Dubai Land Department. There are many different types of service index charges in Dubai. Read up on the service charges guide if you are interested in buying a property in Dubai.

*These charges are subject to change.


Transportation near Green Lakes, JLT 

Finding public transportation near Green Lakes, JLT is hassle-free.

Bus Stations Near Green Lakes, JLT

The closest bus stop is Saba Tower1. Buses 84, F55A service the area.

Metro Stations near Green Lakes, JLT

DAMAC Properties Metro Station is at a 5 to 10-minute walking distance from the complex. DMCC Metro Station is also at a 15-minute walking distance.

DAMAC Properties Metro Station is served by the Dubai Metro Red Line

Restaurants near Green Lakes, JLT

There are many amazing JLT restaurants near Green Lakes Towers JLT such as:

  • Kitchen India Restaurant
  • Laq Mouche Restaurant
  • Sagar Ratna Restaurant

Residents can find the Indian eatery – Kitchen India Restaurant in Green Lakes Tower 2. For residents in Green Lakes Tower 1, the closest eateries are Laq Mouche Restaurant, Sagar Ratna Restaurant and the waterfront breakfast spot Hayz. Besides these, the much-visited Friends Avenue Café is a 5-minute walk away. 

Supermarkets near Green Lakes, JLT

Supermarkets near Green Lake Towers include:

  • ZOOM
  • Carrefour
  • Q Mart
Zoom market near Green Lakes
Zoom is a popular option for grocery shopping

Zoom is located on the ground level of Green Lakes Tower 2. The convenience store, Q Mart, is less than a minute’s walk from the complex. Carrefour is a 6-minute walk from Green Lakes Tower 1. For those living in Green Lakes Tower 3, the most convenient supermarket is Manila Mart. 


  • Al Seef Tower – Residential building
  • Saba Tower 2 – Residential building
  • Fortune Executive Tower – Commercial building

Green Lakes, JLT is close to many residential buildings, its closest neighbours include Al Seef Tower and Saba Tower 2. Fortune Executive Tower is a 35-storey office building located in Cluster T of Jumeirah Lake Towers.

Major Landmarks

Major landmarks in the area are:

Green Lakes Towers are a 5-minute drive away from the notable Pullman Jumeirah Lakes Towers Hotel.

Major landmarks near Green Lakes
Dubai Marina Walk is a major tourist attraction in the vicinity

Dubai Marina Walk is the main attraction for the residents as it is only a 14-minute drive from the building. There are numerous fun-filled activities for residents thanks to the many exciting shopping destinations and restaurants on Marina Walk by Emaar.


Green Lakes, JLT offers modern homes in a scenic community. Not to forget, the residents have easy access to a plethora of facilities. Those in search of larger apartments with four bedrooms or more can consider other buildings in JLT.

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