Al Ramth 41, Remraam

Al Ramth 41, Remraam


About Al Ramth 41, Remraam

The neighbourhood of Remraam in Dubailand is home to more than 190 buildings. One can easily access the community via Sheikh Zayed Road and its popular neighbouring areas include Mudon and Dubai Golf City.

Remraam is divided into two sub-communities: Al Thamam and Al Ramth. Each sub-community features several residential buildings along with parks, playgrounds and other amenities. Amongst the many developments in Al Ramth, you can spot Al Ramth 41, an 8-storey residential building.

One can find 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments in Al Ramth 41, Dubai that are equipped with several world-class amenities. The building is ideally situated near Remraam Road, Hessa Street and is in proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road


  • An 8-storey residential building in Al Ramth, Remraam
  • A project by Dubai Properties
  • Offers 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bedroom flats
  • Dubai Miracle Garden is a 13-minute drive away
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure is a 20-minute drive away
  • Al Maktoum International Airport is a 30-minute drive away


Facilities in Al Ramth 41, Remraam


Street parking is available near the building
Cars parked outside the building

There is underground parking in Al Ramth 41, Dubai. Residents can park multiple vehicles in the parking area while guests get separate parking space. You can also use street parking.


There are multiple elevators in Al Ramth 41.

Security, Central Air-Conditioning and Maintenance Services 

Since Al Ramth 41 is part of a gated community, several security guards are on-duty. The security system also includes a 24-hour CCTV security system with regular maintenance services and waste disposal services. Residents would have to pay yearly chiller/cooling charges depending on their contract.

Gym and Fitness Facilities 

One can find fitness facilities such as a community pool, an open green space to exercise and engage in outdoor activities and a shared gym in Al Ramth 41. You can also find spa facilities which include a temperature-controlled sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room.

Lifestyle Amenities

Al Ramth sub-community features multiple sports and entertainment facilities like outdoor swimming pools, basketball court, tennis court and open spaces.

Entertainment wise, Al Ramth 41 has a kid’s play area, a nursery, several landscaped gardens and a barbeque area. Residents also have easy access to Remraam kid’s playground 1 and Remraam kid’s playground 2.

Concierge and Guest Services 

There are concierge services in the building. Guests can use the lobby on the ground floor.


Al Ramth 41 is a pet-friendly building. There is an open space beside the building and a couple of local parks within walking distance as well where residents can take their pets for a walk and enjoy quality time with them.

Safety Features

The residential building has safety features such as:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire exits

Al Ramth 41 has many high-tech smoke alarms installed along with fire extinguishers at every fire exit.

Al Ramth 41 Floor Plans 

  • 1-bedroom apartments in Al Ramth 41 consist of 10 different unit types
  • 2-bedroom apartments in Al Ramth 41 consist of seven different unit types

Bayut has worked on creating a simple format for 2D and 3D floor plans on the website. Residents and investors can find the unit type and bed type by browsing Al Ramth 41 floor plans.

Apartment Types in Al Ramth 41

There are 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bedroom apartment types in Al Ramth 41. The residential flats have a modern interior inspired by Arabic style Moorish architecture

Each unit in Al Ramth 41 features a large living room with multiple double glazed windows that let in plenty of natural light.

These flats also have spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms and separate wardrobes. One can choose from open and closed style kitchens that are fully furnished with built-in cabinets, marble flooring and marble countertops

The bathrooms in the residential building have marble floors and high-quality sanitary. Some bathrooms have cabinets, large bathroom mirrors, shower and a ceramic bathtub. Guest bathrooms come in a standard-setting: marble flooring, large mirror and shower.

Other features of the flats include a spacious balcony offering views of the community. All units get at least one parking space in the dedicated area.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Al Ramth 41 

All 1-bedroom apartments in Al Ramth 41 have a large, spacious bedroom with an attached bathroom and a separate wardrobe. The flat also has a big living room. One can find a fully furnished kitchen, a spacious balcony and a guest bathroom. 

2-Bedroom Apartments in Al Ramth 41

2-bedroom apartments in Al Ramth 41 have three bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a spacious balcony. Each bedroom has an attached bathroom and built-in wardrobes; the living room has a guest bathroom. The open-style kitchen has built-in cabinets and marble countertops. As for the balcony, it is accessible via the living room.

3-Bedroom Apartments in Al Ramth 41

3-bedroom apartments in Al Ramth 41 have covered areas of 1,667 sq. ft. These flats have three large bedrooms with attached bathrooms and separate wardrobes. The large living room also has a guest bathroom. The open style kitchen is located at the entrance of the flat and there’s a laundry room as well. The balcony can be accessed through the living area.

Most Popular Apartment Types in Al Ramth 41

  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%100%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 12 months

According to Bayut, the most popular apartment types in Al Ramth 41 are the 1-bedroom flats. The second most popular bed types are 3-bedroom apartments and 2-bed flats get the third spot on the list.

  • 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Al Ramth 41 are available for AED 56k to AED 65k.

The price to rent apartments in Al Ramth 41 ranges from AED 40k to AED 65k. You can also find apartments for rent in Remraam starting from AED 52k.

Residents will have to pay their annual lease in post-dated cheques. The number of cheques required will be stated in your contract.

Investors and expats will find apartments for sale in Al Ramth 41 a good deal like other Remraam apartments for sale

  • 1-bedroom apartments for sale in Al Ramth 41 are available for AED 410k.

Service Charges in Al Ramth 41

General Fund
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
General upkeep of the building
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
General repairs and replacements
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Utilities Services
Charges for using DEWA/district cooling facilities and meters
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Management Services
Owner’s association charges for managing the property
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Charge for the insurance of the building
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Master Community
Fees for communal facilities in the neighbourhood
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Reserved Fund
Funds used for major repairs and to help maintain the yearly service charges fees
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
The difference between the estimated amount charged the previous year vs the actual amount spent
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
A credit or debit charge
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED

These figures are based on the services charges for Al Ramth 41* as per the Dubai Land Department. There are many different types of Dubai service charges index. Read up on the service charges guide if you are interested in buying a property in Dubai.

*These charges are subject to change.


Transportation near Al Ramth 41 

Transportation near Al Ramth 41 includes bus, taxi and the Dubai Metro. Residents can also rely on online cab services.

Bus Stations near Al Ramth 41

The closest bus stop is Mudon Al Salam Town Centre Bus Stop, at a 7-minute drive away. Other bus stops near Al Ramth 41 are The Sustainable City, Main Entrance Bus Stop, Sports City, Shami Tower Bus Stop and Arabian Ranches 2, Main Entrance Bus Stop. These bus stops are a 10-minute drive away from the building.

Metro Stations near Al Ramth 41

The nearest metro station, DMCC Metro Station, is a 19-minute drive away from Al Ramth 41.

Restaurants near Al Ramth 41 

Restaurants near Al Ramth 41 include:

  • Bob’s Fish and Chips DAMAC Hills
  • Little Neighbourhood Restaurant
  • Fifth Circle Restaurant and Café

Residents can find Bob’s Fish and Chips DAMAC Hills within walking distance. You can also dine at the Little Neighbourhood Restaurant, which is known for its quality food and the comfortable seating arrangement. Fifth Circle Restaurant and Café is a 3-minute drive away.

Other restaurants near Al Ramth 41 are:

  • BIG miSTEAKs
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • KFC

Big MiSTEAKS serves steak and cheese sandwiches; it a 5-minute drive away. For those who love to eat pizza will find Domino’s at a 5-minute walk away and fried chicken fans will find KFC at a 2-minute drive away. 

Supermarkets near Al Ramth 41

Residents of Al Ramth 41 can shop and buy their daily groceries from Carrefour Market as it is a 3-minute drive away from the building. If you want to visit other supermarkets near Al Ramth 41 then you will have to visit neighbouring communities.

  • Geant Express in Mudon
  • Spinneys in Town Square
  • Choithram in Layan Community

You will find Geant in Mudon at a 9-minute drive away from Al Ramth 41.

geant express store in mudon
Geant Express

Spinney’s in Town Square is an 11-minute drive away and Choithram in Layan Community is a 14-minute drive away.


There are many residential buildings situated near Al Ramth 41 such as:

  • Al Ramth 37
  • Al Ramth 16
  • Al Ramth 45

Residents will find Al Ramth 37, Al Ramth 16 and Al Ramth 45 near the residential tower. Al Ramth 20 and Al Ramth 22 are also in proximity to the building.

Major Landmarks

Al Ramth 41 is close to multiple landmarks and tourist attractions such as:

Residents will find Dubai Cricket Stadium at an 11-minute drive away. Known for hosting several domestic and international cricket matches and high-profile leagues, it was also a home ground for Pakistan Cricket Team. 

You can visit Dubai Butterfly Garden which is the world’s largest butterfly garden featuring over 15,000 butterflies. It is an indoor garden which consists of ten dorms. This tourist attraction is a 15-minute drive away from the building.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is a few minutes away from the location
Dubai Butterfly Garden

Then there is Dubai Autodrome, a motorsports circuit, at a 15-minute drive away. The arena stretched over a 5. 39 km racecourse features karting tracks and other attractions.

Picture of carting track in Dubai Autodrome
Go-carts lined-up on the tracks at the Autodrome


Al Ramth 41 is tucked away from the hustle of the city. However, public transportation options are limited at this point in time.

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