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Sunmarke School offers high-quality education to the children in Dubai and is a part of the Fortes Education Group. This private and co-education school caters to the needs of children aged 3 to 18 years old. Students from all over Dubai can access the school as it is located at the Jumeirah Village Triangle. Sunmarke School also provides bus transportation services for convenience.

The school’s ultra-modern spacious campus with high-end amenities helps provide top-notch education to over 1,300 students. The teaching staff of 124 teachers and 16 teaching assistants provides individualistic attention to all students. The teacher to student ratio at this school is 1:10, which ensures plentiful individual attention and care.

By following the Positive Education (PostEd) culture, the school enriches the National Curriculum of the UK to equip students with 21st-century skills. It is the first school in the UAE to offer multiple paths to students at the sixth form stage. The school’s effort to maintain a high-quality education is evident in the latest inspection report by KHDA. Currently, KHDA rated the performance of the school as very good. British Schools Overseas (BSO) also inspected the performance of Sunmarke School and rated the performance as outstanding.

Besides academic excellence, the educational institution also attempts to offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities to support the professional and social development of its students.

Read this guide by Bayut to learn more about the curriculum, educational options, facilities, admission and fee details of Sunmarke School.

Residential Communities near Sunmarke School

Located in the gated community of the Jumeirah Village Triangle, Sunmarke School, Dubai is near various residential communities. Some nearby ones are:

The Springs, a peaceful villa community, is nearest to the school. With beautiful lakes, green landscapes and luxurious villas, it is an ideal community for those looking to live near the school. The community is known for its quaint living environment where people can find apartments, villas and townhouses as residential options.

Campus of Sunmarke School

Sunmarke Campus sprawls over a large area with buildings on three sides of the campus. The 5-storey modern-day building houses several high-end facilities. The lower storeys of the building are dedicated to young students, while the upper storeys are for secondary and sixth form students.

As a premium-priced school, students of Sunmarke school enjoy high-end school facilities. With a predominant focus on adopting technology, the school has IT-enabled classrooms with Smart TVs and interactive whiteboards. Additionally, students of each phase have access to a separate IT-enabled library media centre with a plethora of educational apps, e-books and other online resources. It also has four ICT laboratories, nine science laboratories, five design-focused laboratories for electronics, textiles, resistant materials, robotics and food technology, an activity room for co-curricular activities and a discovery centre for foundation stage students.

It also provides exceptional creative facilities to its students. These facilities include a black box studio, a professional studio for dancing, three fine arts labs and a 600-seat auditorium. The sports facilities at school include both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Auditorium at Sunmarke School
Auditorium for extra-curricular activities at Sunmarke School (Image Credit: Sunmarke School Facebook Page)

Other facilities available on this campus are two cafeterias (separate for primary and secondary), career centre, organic garden, sixth form common room, teacher training centre, parents’ association office, medical clinic and prayer rooms.

Location of Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School Dubai is located in front of The Imperial Residence near the roundabout of D33 Street and D41 Street in Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT). The front entrance of this school faces D33 Street. It is at a 3-minute walking distance from the nearest tennis court in JVT District 5.

Why Sunmarke School?

Despite being a newly established school, Sunmarke School has become popular among parents. There are several reasons why parents are inclined to opt for this school.

As a part of Fortes Education, Sunmarke School Dubai has the support of a well-established educational group with experience of more than 35 years. The credibility of their teaching staff is also another attractive feature, as they hire experienced staff from their sister school i.e. Regent International School.

Following the National Curriculum of the UK, Sunmarke School implements similar educational standards as some of the top British Schools in Dubai. Likewise, it also competes in terms of the range of subjects offered by top IB Schools in Dubai, as students can opt for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) in the sixth form.

The school offers an exciting educational experience by amalgamating positive education (PostEd) culture with the British educational programme that focuses on improving the students’ wellbeing. With a high level of engagement, optimism and social skills, students are well-equipped to tackle modern-day challenges.

Sunmarke School further boosts its syllabus by adopting specialised learning methods, such as Digital Learning, MultiSmart Learning and STEAM Learning. They expand the scope of their curriculum and help students become inquisitive and life-long learners. All these learning techniques help the school to offer a wide range of academic directions in the sixth form stage. Students can select one of the following choices: A-Levels, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) and International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IB CP). For vocational elements of IB CP, the school uses BTEC courses.

Additionally, Sunmarke houses high-end facilities to support academic and extracurricular activities. The school facilities fully support the extra-curricular activities (ECA) programme consisting of over 60 activities.


School Details

COVID-19 Protocols

Sunmarke School follows the revised COVID-19 protocols issued by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) to reopen schools for the academic year 2021-2022. These protocols are as follows:

  • COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory for students and staff members. Employees eligible for the vaccine but who are not interested will have to submit a negative PCR test result every week. Unlike schools in Abu Dhabi, students are not obliged to submit negative PCR test results.
  • All students must physically return to school by October 3. The remote learning programme will be offered to students that show a relevant medical certificate issued by the Dubai Health Authority. Schools can switch to distance learning if a positive COVID-19 case is identified.
  • Parents can now pick up and drop off their children from the classroom if the school allows. However, schools should ensure that parents do not have access to other facilities on campus.
  • Moreover, KHDA has reduced the minimum physical distance to 1 metre. However, schools should continue to take precautions by maintaining a safe distance. Staff members and students above six years old should wear a mask at all times.
  • Schools are now allowed to conduct swimming and sports lessons, holiday camps, extracurricular activities, after-school clubs and catering services under strict health and safety measures. Schools must clean and sanitise the changing and sports areas after each group of children.
  • Students are asked to enter the specific gates wearing facemasks. The school has to check their temperatures at the entry points. Students with body temperatures over 37.5-degree centigrade are not allowed to enter. They will be sent home with their parents.

For more information, read the detailed COVID-19 protocols and guidelines issued by KHDA and COVID-19 initiatives taken by Sunmarke School.

Years Offered at Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School provides education to children from Foundation Stage to Sixth Form, catering to children aged 3 to 18 years old.

Foundation Stage FS1 and FS2
Primary Section Year 1 to Year 6
Secondary Section Year 7 to Year 11
Sixth Form Year 12 and Year 13

The campus also has a well-established nursery, which is a part of Jumeirah International Nurseries.

Sunmarke School Curriculum

Sunmarke School follows the National Curriculum of England. It is enriched with PostEd culture, Digital Learning, STEAM Learning and MultiSmart Learning.

Nursery Stage Curriculum

This is the first stage of education at Sunmarke School. Parents enrol their children in the nursery stage to help children adapt to a school environment. The staff ensures that each child feels safe and secure. Teachers are well trained and fully meet the requirements of the EYFS framework for young learners. For more information, check out the approach of Jumeriah International Nursery.

Foundation Stage Curriculum

For Foundation Stage students, the school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework, which is a popular educational framework for young students. The school focuses on the development of children based on seven key areas of learning that are further split into prime and specific areas of learning. The prime areas of learning are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

By focusing on the aforementioned areas of learning, the school develops necessary skills among early years’ students to learn specific areas of learning. These areas are:

  • Understanding the World
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Literacy

It is based on play-based activities, where students play and learn simultaneously. Enriched learning plans for EYFS students include after-school activities. Early years’ students are exposed to creative, sports, music and art-related clubs and activities. After completing the foundation years, the students at Sunmarke are ready for primary education.

Early Years' students of Sunmarke School playing and learning simultaneously
Play-based activities for young learners (Image Credit: Sunmarke School Facebook Page)

Primary Curriculum

At the primary level, the school’s syllabus includes UK curriculum subjects and UAE statutory subjects. They utilise real-life experiences and thematic concepts to provide the best educational experience to children. This approach helps the children develop strong independence and critical understanding skills. The primary curriculum at Sunmarke revolves around leadership, social responsibility, digital learning and thinking skills.

In KS1, the school introduces students to the more formal learning approach. Whereas in KS2, the formal learning approach is extended to develop confident and competent learners. This results in the development of skills like humility, compassion and respect for others.

The core subjects at the primary level are:

English Mathematics
Science including STEAM Islamic Education
Arabic Values in Action/ Moral Education

The foundation subjects at the primary level are:

Computing History
Geography Modern Foreign languages (MFL): French
Art and Design Philosophy for Children
Music Physical Education

The school also offers a range of co-curricular and enrichment activities, including sports and physical education, to develop personal interests.

Secondary Curriculum

The secondary education programme is an extension of the National Curriculum of England based on the concepts taught at the primary level. It revolves around digital learning, leadership, thinking skills, social responsibility and global outlook that result in the development of lifelong learners with superior thinking skills.

STEAM education and creative learning programme are the basis of the subjects offered at the secondary level. The school maintains the level of difficulty of the curriculum for all schools to ensure every student has access to the highest quality of education.

From Year 10, students prepare for the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). The compulsory core subjects offered from Year 9 to Year 11 are:

English Language and Literature Mathematics and Statistics
Science Modern Foreign Languages
Design Technology

Physics, biology and chemistry are taught as science subjects. Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) include Spanish and French. Subjects that are part of design technology are food nutrition, resistant material, hospitality, graphic products, electronics, A-Level product design and textiles.

Sunmarke School, Dubai also offers a different pathway to secondary students. This includes BTEC Courses (Level 2) from Year 10 onwards. In this stream, students can opt for the following courses:

Information Technology Creative Digital Media Production
Business Studies

Students are also offered a wide range of physical education and sports opportunities. A rigorous timetable is set for activities including badminton, trampoline, health-related fitness (PE), swimming, table tennis, rounder, athletics and cricket. Students are encouraged to participate in Zumba, martial arts, touch rugby, football, netball, basketball, handball and volleyball. Secondary students are also encouraged to participate in creative and performing arts.

Sixth Form Curriculum

The innovation in the secondary curriculum by introducing BTEC courses results in multiple pathways for students to opt at the Sixth Form level. Like secondary curriculum, the sixth form syllabus for this educational institute is also based on digital learning, leadership, thinking skills, global outlook and social responsibility.

At this stage, students can opt for one of the following options:


At Sunmarke School, students can select from a pool of 23 A-Level subjects. They can either opt for 3 to 4 A Level subjects over 2 years (Year 12 and Year 13) or select 1 subject with BTEC Diploma.

Further Mathematics
English Literature
Business Studies
Media Studies
IT Computer Science
Theatre Studies
Product Design

BTEC focuses on developing vocational skills that lead to university admissions or job opportunities. The courses available for students are:

Travel and Tourism Hospitality
Creative Media Production Business Studies
International Baccalaureate

Those opting for International Baccalaureate IB have the option of selecting either the IB Diploma Programme (DP) or IB Career-related Programme (CP).

The courses offered in IBDP are:

English Langauge & Literature
Environmental Systems and Societies
Business Management
Visual Arts
IT in a Global Society
Maths: Analysis & Approaches
Maths: Application & Interpretation

Whereas, those opting for IBCP have the following options:

Business Creative Media Production
Hospitality Travel and Tourism

Distance Learning

As per the new COVID-19 protocols issued by KHDA, schools are discontinuing the distance learning programme from October 3, 2021. Those wishing to continue their education via distance learning have to show a relevant health certificate issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Schools may revert to distance learning if COVID-19 cases are detected in a class or a group in a class.

KHDA Rating

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is a regulatory body for educational institutes established by the Government of Dubai. Its primary task is to oversee the quality of education provided by the private educational institutes in Dubai. It inspects the schools annually and rates schools based on a six-point scale ranging from outstanding to very weak.

KHDA's 6-point scale
KHDA’s rating scale explained

In its latest inspection for the year 2018-19, KHDA rated Sunmarke School, Dubai as Very Good. The school successfully attained the second-highest rating on the KHDA’s scale in its third inspection. Here is a brief history of KHDA rating for this school:

YearsKHDA rating
2016-2018 Good
2018-2019 Very Good

KHDA has observed significant improvements in its latest inspection. Following are the positives of the last inspection:

  • The school has an inspirational leader that acts as a positive role model for students, staff and parents.
  • Students demonstrate very strong learning skills across the school, especially in the foundation stage.
  • Students show a commendable sense of personal responsibility and positive attitude towards their work.
  • The school pay outstanding attention to students’ health and safety. The staff also ensure a warm and nurturing environment for students.

Nonetheless, by continuing the investments for developing resources and sharing the best teaching practices throughout the school, Sunmarke School can further improve its ranking for future inspections.

Academic Calendar for Sunmarke School

The academic year at Sunmarke School starts in late August and ends in early July. The academic activities are split into three terms: autumn, spring and summer.

  • The first (autumn) term starts in the last week of August. Students expect a week mid-term break in the third week of October. The term concludes in the second week of December.
  • After a three-week holiday, the second (spring) term starts in the first week of January. During the second and third week of February, students go for a mid-term break. The term finally ends in the last week of March.
  • After a two-week holiday, the final (summer) term begins in the second week of April and ends in the first week of July.

To find the exact dates of academic events or holidays, visit the Sunmarke School’s academic calendar for the year 2021-22.


Admission and Fees

How to Apply to Sunmarke School?

Admission process and documents

Before applying to Sunmarke School, the school encourages parents to visit the campus. The school is more than happy to respond to any queries and concerns. The school invites the parents for an open information day in July and August. You can schedule a tour by filling out the form available on the official website. Sunmarke is also offering a virtual tour of its campus on the official website.

After getting all the required information, parents can fill an online admission form. They also need to pay the application and assessment fee of AED 500 exclusive of VAT. Please note that the admission and assessment fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The names of the students will be placed on the waiting list for the selected academic year and will not be carried forward to subsequent academic years.

Parents need to upload the following documents with the online application:

  • A copy of the child’s passport
  • A copy of the child’s residence visa on passport (if available)
  • A copy of both sides of the child’s Emirates ID card (if available)
  • A copy of the transfer certificate (Year 3 onwards) or letter of enrolment
  • Child’s birth certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • A copy of the last academic report by the previous school (in English)

The admission office will assess the application and contact parents to bring their child for an assessment test. The admission test assesses the child’s aptitude to understand his or her learning requirements. The following documents are required before or on the assessment day:

  • Documents for SEN information (if applicable)
  • Transfer certificate or letter of enrolment
  • A copy of the previous academic record
  • Recommendation form (for admission in primary or secondary stage)

After successfully clearing the assessment test, Sunmarke School, Dubai extends an admission offer to parents. To secure the placement, parents need to pay an acceptance fee equal to 10% of the tuition fee within the next 2 days from the date of the offer. Please note that the acceptance fee is non-refundable but adjustable in the tuition fee for the first term of the year of joining.

Parents need to submit the following documents before or on the child’s first day at Sunmarke School:

  • Passport-sized photograph of the child (recent)
  • Passport-sized photograph of parents
  • Copy of the child’s residence visa on passport
  • Copy of both parents’ and child’s Emirates ID cards (both sides)
  • Original transfer certificate (attested by KHDA if the transfer is from Dubai)
  • DHA’s consent form for vaccinations
  • Updated immunisation record

Transfer certificate requirements

For admission in Year 3 onwards, KHDA made it mandatory for the schools in Dubai to ask for the transfer certificate. The requirements for the transfer certificate are as follows:

  • Those coming from other schools in Dubai need to get their transfer certificate attested by the KHDA.
  • Those coming from schools in other emirates of UAE and GCC countries need to get their signed and stamped transfer certificate by the Ministry of Education of that Emirate or country.
  • Those coming from North America, Western Europe, Australia, UK, Europe, New Zealand, Africa, Eastern Europe, South and Central America, Asia, Russia, CIS countries and the Middle East (except GCC and UAE) need to get their signed and stamped certificate attested by the UAE Embassy in that country.

Admission criteria

For admission in the foundation stage, they conduct an informal interview and assessment test to gauge an applicant’s readiness to join the school.

For admission in Year 1 to Year 3, the school conducts a formal interview and assessment test. Completion of the assessment test is mandatory for admission. In addition, the school will also review the previous academic record.

For admission in Year 4 onwards, the admission criteria include a formal interview, completion of assessment test and an online assessment. The school gauges an applicant’s quantitative, verbal, non-verbal and spatial abilities. The school will also consider the previous academic record to decide on offering admission.

YearMinimum Entry AgeMaximum Entry AgeMinimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Foundation Stage 1
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Foundation Stage 2
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 1
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 2
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 3
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 4
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 5
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 6
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 7
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 8
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 9
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 10
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 11
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 12
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 13
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*

This is based on the age of the students on 31st August (for schools beginning in September). Source: KHDA

* This is to cater to students transferring from systems that admit students of a younger age)

For more information, contact the admission team.

Fee Structure at Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School Dubai fee for the academic year 2021-22 is as follows:

YearAnnual Tuition Fee (AED)
FS1 46,700
FS2 51,900
Year 1 and 2 57,400
Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 58,450
Year 7, 8 and 9 72,700
Year 10 and 11 76,860
Year 12 and 13 77,900

They also offer a sibling discount to the parents with at least 2 children enrolled in their school. There are several modes of payment available for parents’ convenience, including the VLE mobile app, and bank transfer. The due dates for Sunmarke School fees are:

  • Re-enrolment fee – 15th February
  • First-term – 1st August
  • Second term – 15th November
  • Third term – 12th April

For more information, visit the fee structure at Sunmarke School.

Scholarships at Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School is starting Sunmarke Scholarship Programme from September 2021. The board of directors are funding the scholarship programme that will offer 50% to 100% concession on the tuition fee of deserving students. The scholarship will be offered to students that show aspiration to complete at least three A-Level courses or International Baccalaureate programme from this school. You can register for the scholarship programme by filling out the online form.

For more information, read the details on the scholarship programme of Sunmarke School Dubai.


School Facilities

Lunch Options at Sunmarke School

The school offers lunches and several snack options to its students. The campus has separate dining areas for primary and secondary students outside the catering service area. The cafeteria and dining spaces are open from morning to lunch hours. Sunmarke assures the availability of healthy and nutritional food items to its students. To meet food requirements, they collaborated with Kieta to deliver scrumptious yet healthy and nutritional food items.

Keita, a dynamic event and corporate catering company in the UAE, offers the best quality food items to its clients. It is also used extensively by schools and other educational institutes to deliver food prepared in a hygienic environment. For educational catering, their food is free from harmful additives and preservatives.

Keita offers a variety of international hot and cold food items to children. The menu varies every day to ensure students eat a variety of food items. In addition, the menu is split into the following categories:

  • Salad
  • Protein
  • Vegetarian
  • Carbohydrates
  • Healthy snack

School Transportation at Sunmarke School

The school has taken the services of My Bus Transportation Services LLC to provide a comfortable yet safe and reliable commute from home to school and vice versa.

My Bus is one of the most popular transport service providers with exceptional safety and security features. They run a fleet of air-conditioned buses with high safety standards, experienced transport staff, excellent route planning and technology-aided commute.

The areas covered by My Bus Transportation are:

Arabian Ranches Business Bay
Discovery Gardens Dubai Marina
Emirates Hills Gardens
Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT)
Palm Jumeirah Al Satwa
Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai Sports City, Dubai Motor City
Springs, Meadows The Greens, Tecom, Al Barsha

The transportation fee charged by the school is as follow:

AreaOne-Way Fee (AED)Two-Way Fee (AED)
Bur Dubai, Sheikh Zayed
One-Way Fee (AED)
Two-Way Fee (AED)
The Springs, The Meadows, Dubai Sports City, Motor City, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Discovery Gardens, The Gardens, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Jumeirah Park, Palm Jumeirah, Barsha, Barsha Heights, The Greens, The Lakes
One-Way Fee (AED)
Two-Way Fee (AED)

For more information, contact the Bursar’s office or read about the transportation service of Sunmarke School on its official website.

Boarding Facility at Sunmarke School

Currently, the school does not offer boarding facilities to its students.

Holiday Camps at Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School understands that holidays can be an excellent occasion to teach students different skills. For this purpose, the school collaborates with Elite Sports Academy to offer exciting winter camps. Elite Sports Academy camp helps students remain active by engaging in physical activities and sports. In addition, organised sports activities help in improving the school life of children. These camps also help in cultivating a sense of social awareness, friendship and leadership skills that are important in sports-related activities.

The major sports activities in the Elite Sports Academy winter camp include cricket, football, hockey, dodgeball, and basketball. Students can participate in half-day, day or weekly camps.

Sports Facilities

To support sports-related activities offered as extra-curricular activities, they offer high-end sports facilities on the ground floor and rooftop of the institute.

The sports facilities within the campus include a 6-lane 25-meter swimming pool. The pool is shaded and is regularly cleaned to ensure a hygienic environment to swimmers. The school also has a fitness studio with weights and other fitness-related equipment.

The outdoor facilities within the campus include a FIFA-18 sized football pitch and playing zones for early years’ students. In addition, students also have access to facilities existing outside the campus, including tennis courts in Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT).

Students of Sunmarke School running on a racing track
Junior sports competition at Sunmarke School (Image credit: Sunmarke School Facebook Page)

Extra-curricular Activities at Sunmarke School

The school offers a comprehensive extra-curricular activity (ECA) programme. It provides several opportunities to develop an interest in skills necessary to compete in the 21st century. Over 60 extra-curricular activities are part of the ECA programme, including Model United Nations (MUN), Duke of Edinburgh International Award, World Scholar’s Cup and Performing Arts Academy.

Students of Sunmarke School painting stones
Stone painting as an extra-curricular activity at Sunmarke School (Image credit: Sumarke School Facebook Page)

In addition, after-school activities are offered that further support the ECA programme. These activities are designed to build a strong personality and character traits such as strong communication skills, leadership, teamwork, self-esteem and perseverance.

Field Trips from Sunmarke School

As a part of their curricular approach, Sunmarke School offers several field trips including residential trips. Students explore popular locations in the UAE where they learn and play simultaneously. The popular field trips for students include Ecoventure overnight camp for children in Year 5 and day visits for Year 5 and Year 6, FS2 students visit Burj Khalifa, Year 3 visit to Green Planet and Year 4 students visit Aventura Park.

Students of Sunmarke School enjoying at OliOli
Students of Sunmarke School visiting OliOli (Image credit: Sunmarke School Facebook Page)

After-school Care

Sunmarke School also offers a comprehensive after-school care programme for its students. These activities are independent of the school’s curricular and extracurricular activities. For after-school activities, the school collaborates with external bodies with qualified instructors.

The after-school activities are split into sports, performance arts and fun, development and languages.


Those opting for sports have a wide variety of options including:

  • Basketball (Hoops Basketball and MPAC Sports Basketball)
  • Soccer (Alliance Academy, Elite Sports Academy, Soccerkids Dubai and IFA Sports)
  • Gymnastics (Simply Gymnastics, Totnastics and Artistic Gymnastic)
  • Martial arts (Budo Juku Martial Arts School and Gulf Star Karate)
  • Swimming (Elite Swimming Academy and High-Performance Swimming Club)

Performance Arts

The options available to students of Sunmarke School include:

  • Ballet (Unique Dance)
  • Hip Hop Dance (Turning Pointe)

Fun, Development and Languages:

Following programmes are available for students of Sunmarke School:

  • English and Maths booster Sessions (Kip McGrath)
  • Robotics (Premier Genie)
  • Russian, Spanish and French language (Headway Institute)
  • Early Robotics (The Logix engine)

Medical Care at Sunmarke School

The school also provides medical care to its children. It has a medical bay with equipment, trained nurses and a qualified doctor to provide medical intervention to students.



Mode of Communication between Teachers and Parents

Sunmarke School considers parents to be an important part of the school’s community. Therefore, it arranges several engagement programmes and has multiple modes of communication. One popular parental engagement programme is Wellness Wednesday that happens every month. In Wellness Wednesday, the school’s counsellors guide parents about lifestyle and other topics.

Parents also play a vital role in managing many events such as International Day, Mother’s Day and other popular days. FOSS, the parents’ association at Sunmarke School deals with such matters.

Progress made by children on a termly basis is also communicated to parents. This includes meetings between teachers and parents that occurs at the end of each term. Also, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the parents’ portal by Fortes Education, keeps parents informed about students’ progress, upcoming events, examination schedules and much more.

Not only this, parents and teachers can also communicate through WhatsApp groups.

Sunmarke School Contact Information

  • Location: Sunmarke School, District 5, Behind Limitless Building on Al Khail Road, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai, UAE
  • Telephone: 971 4 423 8900
  • For general enquiries:

Official website and social media

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