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Standing tall as one of Dubai’s finest educational institutions, Sunmarke School is known to push the boundaries of educational excellence. Part of the renowned Fortes Education Group, which boasts of a legacy of providing world-class education for over four decades, Sunmarke is recognised as one of the top 5 schools in Dubai, contributing immensely to the educational landscape of the GCC.  

At the core of Sunmarke’s success lies a dynamic curriculum that nurtures the minds of students through multiple pathways that lead to incredible future opportunities. It is one of the few schools in Dubai to offer both, the IB and A-Level curriculum pathways as well as BTECs.  Strengthened by a team of committed educators who embrace innovation at every step, an education at Sunmarke kindles a passion for knowledge and information. 

What truly sets it apart are the extraordinary Signature Programmes offering a holistic education that transcends traditional boundaries. Through these leading-edge initiatives, students also are encouraged to imbibe values of compassion, creativity and critical thinking, equipping them with skills needed to navigate a complex world.  

Moreover, Sunmarke has been recognised as a global leader in Positive Education. This revolutionary concept that has sparked a paradigm shift in the realm of learning where equal priority is given to wellbeing and character development along with academic excellence. 

Over the years, Sunmarke students have achieved outstanding success in IB and A-level examinations and have secured top university placements worldwide. They are also high achievers in the field of sports, arts and extracurricular activities. 

Its innovative programmes, exceptional results and visionary management have resulted in accolades such as an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the British School Overseas Inspection Authority (BSO) and a ‘Very Good’ rating by KHDA. All this has made Sunmarke School JVT one of the premium schools in Dubai.

Residential Communities near Sunmarke School

Located in the gated community of the Jumeirah Village Triangle, Sunmarke School, Dubai, is near various residential communities. Some of the nearby areas are:

The Springs, a peaceful villa community, is nearest to the school. With beautiful lakes, green landscapes and luxurious villas, it is an ideal address for those living near the school. The Springs is known for its quaint living environment where people can find apartments, villas and townhouses as residential options.

Campus of Sunmarke School

Nestled within the upscale residential areas of Jumeirah Village Triangle in Dubai, the Sunmarke School campus is elegant in design and vibrant in atmosphere. The area sprawls with expansive learning spaces that encourage students to explore unlimited opportunities for study, reflection and creative expression. Its prime location and thoughtfully designed spaces make it an ideal hub for interaction, sports and recreation.

Steam Room Sunmarke School
Space X – Sunmarke School’s STEAM Room

A plethora of cutting-edge facilities await students, including a state-of-the-art STEAM room, a spacious auditorium, a MUGA court, and a Sixth Form Centre. Each corner has been meticulously architected to cater to the diverse needs of students while exuding a warm, friendly and interconnected environment.

Auditorium in Sunmarke School Dubai
Auditorium in Sunmarke School can accommodate 400 spectators

Location of Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School Dubai is located in front of The Imperial Residence near the roundabout of D33 Street and D41 Street in Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT). The front entrance of this school faces D33 Street. It is a 3-minute walking distance from the nearest tennis court in JVT District 5.

Why Sunmarke School?

One of the most innovative and character-building schools in the Middle East, Sunmarke School JVT Dubai offers parents a compelling choice for their children's education. Backed by Fortes Education’s 40-year legacy in academia, Sunmarke nurtures the hearts and minds of students, inspiring them to achieve their dreams and flourish in all aspects of life.

Sunmarke stands out with its leading-edge Signature Programmes, which play a pivotal role in shaping and inspiring tomorrow’s generation. Its rigorous and holistic education, emphasising academic excellence and participation in myriad extracurricular activities, paves the path for future growth.  

Over and above, Sunmarke is recognised as a global leader in Positive Education, prioritising both academic excellence and students' wellbeing and character development.

Its multiple pathways, offering IB, A-levels and BTECs, provide diverse educational opportunities for students while its outstanding results in IB and A-Levels, top university placements, and high achievements in arts, sports, and extracurriculars have cemented its credentials as one of the best British curriculum schools in Dubai. As a result, Sunmarke School is counted as one of the top British schools in Dubai.

With inspiring teachers trained in the most advanced educational practices, exceptional facilities offering state-of-the-art architecture, design, IT, and infrastructure, and an emphasis on customer satisfaction and robust management systems, Sunmarke is a world-class knowledge enterprise school.

teacher and student in Sunmarke School
Students are taught by credible teaching staff at the school. (Image Credit: Sunmarke School)

Its innovative approach to education, dynamic curriculum and outstanding results have seen Sunmarke being rated "Outstanding" by the British School Overseas Inspection Authority and "Very Good" by KHDA. A commitment to both academic excellence and personal development makes this institution a top choice for parents seeking a school that can help their children thrive and reach their full potential.


School Details

Years Offered at Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School JVT Dubai provides education from Foundation Stage to Sixth Form, catering to children aged 3 to 18 years old. The campus also has a well-established nursery, part of Jumeirah International Nurseries.

Foundation Stage FS1 and FS2
Primary Section Year 1 to Year 6
Secondary Section Year 7 to Year 11
Sixth Form Year 12 and Year 13

Sunmarke School Curriculum

Sunmarke School follows the National Curriculum of England, though each of its programmes is enriched with the Positive Education ethos that pays equal emphasis on wellbeing and character development as it does on academic results.

Powered by its unique Signature Programmes, Sunmarke offers multiple academic pathways and the widest subject choices to ensure that children have enough options to take up a career of their choice.

Following completion of their GCSEs, IGCSEs &/or BTECs (Level 2) in Years 10 and 11, in post-16 (Year 12 and 13), students can complete their A Levels, International Baccalaureate Diploma, IB Career-related courses, or BTEC (Level 3) qualifications in Year 13.

Nursery Stage Curriculum

Jumeirah International Nurseries (JINS) at Sunmarke School is the nursery section of the school that offers British education for children aged 45+ days old. Based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, the curriculum integrates STEAM, Positive Education, Reggio-Emilia, and the Curiosity Approach to bring hands-on learning experiences to life.  Children 'learn through play' and engaging activities, developing pre-writing, literacy skills, and important mathematical concepts. Moreover, they experience EYFS at Sunmarke School in the Summer Term, getting acquainted with new environments, practitioners, peers, routines, and expectations to ensure a smooth journey into early education.

Nursery Stage Students in Sunmarke School
Personalised guidance given to students at Jumeirah International Nurseries

Foundation Stage Curriculum

Blending a range of outstanding Early Years practices from around the world, Sunmarke’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), for students aged between 45 days and 6 years, lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. The school’s EYFS has been rated as ‘outstanding’ in the latest KHDA report (2022-23). 

The EYFS curriculum ensures a balanced and inclusive approach to learning, encompassing seven vital areas of development. The Prime Areas focus on fostering Personal, Social, and Emotional Development, Physical Development, and Communication and Language Development. Additionally, the Specific Areas encompass Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World, and Expressive Arts and Design.

Embracing the philosophy of learning through play, the entire EYFS curriculum at Sunmarke is thoughtfully crafted to enhance critical thinking abilities, fuel risk-taking and creative skills.

Sunmarke extends its commitment to the growth and enrichment of young minds by offering an exciting after-school programme from Sunday to Thursday, spanning 1 pm to 6 pm. This programme caters to children from FS1 to Year 2, providing a diverse range of activities and classes. Moreover, the school partners with external agencies to offer paid extracurricular activities, such as sports, language lessons, coding sessions, and more.

foundation stage students in Sunmarke School
Early Years Foundation Stage students learning through play at Sunmarke School’s Forest School

Primary Curriculum

Sunmarke’s Primary phase caters to students aged 5 to 11, fostering holistic development from a young age. The British curriculum, along with UAE subjects, is creatively delivered in line with a STEAM approach. In Key Stage 1 (KS1), a growth mindset is nurtured, transitioning to more structured learning in Key Stage 2 (KS2), promoting confidence and communication skills.

Leadership qualities are cultivated as children begin taking charge of their learning journey from Year 1, evolving into Lead Learners and embracing resilience. The foundation of Positive Education underscores all initiatives, ensuring exceptional academic, social, and personal accomplishments. Forest School lessons and outdoor learning further enrich the experience.

STEAM, central to the curriculum, now features the dedicated SPACE-X STEAM Centre and specialist design technology and computing educators. The curriculum follows a thematic-to-design thinking trajectory using the Stanford school method. Besides English and maths, interdisciplinary STEAM projects encompass science, technology, engineering, arts, maths, and humanities, besides integrating UAE moral, social, and cultural studies and Values in Action goals.

The Primary Core subjects encompass English, Mathematics, STEAM, Arabic, Islamic, Values in Action/Moral, Social and Cultural studies. The Primary Foundation subjects span History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, Art and Design, Computing, Music, and Physical Education. Robust sports and arts programmes complement the timetable.

Primary stage students in Sunmarke School
Sunmarke offers a next-generation AI-driven learning platform that enhances education through self-paced problem solving.

Extensive extracurriculars, led by Sunmarke’s educators, broaden horizons beyond the curriculum. Students from Years 1 to 13 also embrace coding as a third language, delving into programming, hardware, software development, computational thinking, AI, robotics, and emerging technologies.

Secondary Curriculum

Secondary School empowers students as independent thinkers, preparing them for life beyond Year 13. Strengthening leadership qualities and eco-awareness, digital learning and tech skills are key to making them rounded individuals prepared for future learning. Subjects rooted in STEAM and Creative Learning guide Year 10 choices, while the multiple pathways offered in the form of GCSE, IGCSE, and BTEC open vast opportunities in Key Stage 4.

All students study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Arabic, Games and Moral, Social Cultural Studies. Additionally, they select four more subjects from an extensive list of optional subjects. Over and above, sports, arts, and performing arts, alongside volunteering, mountain treks and public speaking, play a role in nurturing personalities and passions of these bright young minds.

Secondary students at Sunmarke School
STEAM education and creative learning programme are the basis of the subjects offered at the secondary level.

A key highlight of the Secondary school education at Sunmarke is the Sunmarke Mini MBA, a one-year programme following the format of a traditional adult MBA, delivered in conjunction with the University of Birmingham, Dubai. Modules in economics, finance and marketing are taught by qualified business and economics teachers and educators at the University of Birmingham that give interested students a deep insight into the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Sixth Form Curriculum

Imbued with the spirit of Positive Education, Sunmarke's Sixth Form is dynamic and innovative, designed to equip students with the skills needed for a future full of possibilities. What truly sets apart Sunmarke's Sixth Form is its diverse range of pathways, including A-Levels, BTECs, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and the International Baccalaureate Careers-Related Programme. This unique offering is underpinned by a steadfast commitment to nurturing leadership acumen, fostering independent thinking, nurturing social responsibility, and cultivating essential digital proficiencies.

Sixth form students at Sunmarke School
Sunmarke School offers multiple academic pathways in Sixth Form such as A-Levels, IB, GCSE & BTEC Pathways.

Advanced Level Qualifications or A-levels are globally recognised academic qualifications that provide subject-specific learning. A-levels are an excellent pathway for university education as they hold international recognition, granting access to top universities globally. Opting for A-Levels enables specialisation right after 16, before university, and emphasises exam skill development due to limited coursework components. Studying a combination of A-Levels allows students to specialise in a particular area post 16 as opposed to waiting until they begin university. With few subjects having coursework components, there is a lot of focus on exam skills.

At Sunmarke School, students can select from a pool of 23 A-Level subjects. They can either opt for 3 to 4 A-Level subjects over 2 years (Year 12 and Year 13) or select 1 subject with BTEC Diploma. The subjects include Further Mathematics, Chemistry, History, English Literature, Economics, Computer Science, Product Design, Physics, Mathematics, Spanish, Art, Music, Psychology, Geography, Biology, Sociology, French, Business Studies, Media Studies, Theatre and PE.


Short for Business and Technology Education Council, BTECs are a practical-based, vocational qualification where students often go on educational visits to industry specialists and get hands-on work experience in Year 12. Students are able to take a combination of BTECs and A-Levels in order to have a balance between hands-on learning whilst also studying more traditional subjects. The courses offered include Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Creative Media Production and Business Studies.


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) provides a comprehensive post-16 education while enabling specialisation in three subjects. This includes three Standard Level and three Higher Level subjects, along with the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, and the Creativity, Activity, and Service Programme (CAS). Renowned globally, the IBDP opens doors to highly competitive universities worldwide, being an ideal preparation for higher education. The programme fosters critical thinking, balanced argumentation, and academic writing through coursework like the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. Meanwhile, the CAS program cultivates well-rounded skills in students.

IB Diploma Programme course at Sunmarke are:

  • English Language & Literature
  • Environmental Systems and Societies
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Psychology
  • Business Management
  • Visual Arts
  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Maths: Analysis & Approaches
  • Maths: Application & Interpretation
  • Film

The International Baccalaureate Careers-Related Programme (IBCP) empowers students to specialise in their chosen industry while retaining versatile options. Spanning two years post-16, this programme readies students for entry into their chosen industry or university, depending on their preferences. Sunmarke has carved a niche in two prominent career paths: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and Creative Media Production. Like BTECs, the Careers-Related Programme merges practical experience with academic theory, seamlessly bridging towards university pathways. The reflective project hones research and academic writing skills, serving as excellent groundwork for future undergraduate assignments.


A cornerstone of Sunmarke's Sixth Form is CIVITAS, an inspiring student-driven leadership programme encompassing diverse volunteer societies. With an overarching goal of nurturing global leaders and fostering empathy and self-awareness, CIVITAS designs distinctive community outreach projects. Through these initiatives, students spearhead endeavours that enhance their leadership and organisational skills and cultivate a sense of global citizenship and knowledge.

KHDA Rating

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is a regulatory body for educational institutes established by the Government of Dubai. Its primary task is to oversee the quality of education provided by the private educational institutes in Dubai. It inspects the schools annually and rates schools based on a six-point scale ranging from outstanding to very weak.

KHDA's 6-point scale
KHDA’s rating scale explained

The latest inspection by KHDA for Sunmarke School was done for the academic year 2022-2023. The school continued its superb performance as it secured a ‘Very Good’ rating for the third consecutive inspection. Here is a brief history of the KHDA rating for Sunmarke.

YearsKHDA rating
2016-2018 Good
2018-2019 Very Good
2019-2020 Very Good
2022-2023 Very Good

KHDA has observed significant improvements in its latest inspection. The following are the highlights:

  • “Relationships among students, and between students and members of staff, are very positive. Behaviour is exemplary.”
  • “The curriculum in FS and Primary is thoughtfully planned to provide students with stimulating and imaginative learning experiences. Innovation starts in FS and is promoted throughout the school.”
  • “The school has high-quality arrangements for health and safety, including child protection. Leaders demonstrate a very strong commitment to wellbeing in the school.”
  • “Teachers know their students very well and have built very positive relationships based on trust and confidence.”
  • “A particular strength is the wide range of extra-curricular activities for all students… and the excellent quality of relationships which leaders have built with parents and governors.”
  • “Leaders invested significantly in facilities and resources to promote science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) education in all phases.”
  • “Teachers have strong subject knowledge in all phases. Teaching in FS is particularly vibrant.”
  • “Positive Education underpins the whole school curriculum and seamlessly links to UAE values.”

Academic Calendar for Sunmarke School

The academic year at Sunmarke School Jumeirah Village Triangle starts in late August and ends in early July. The academic activities are split into three terms: autumn, spring and summer.

  • The first (Autumn) term starts in the last week of August. Students expect a week mid-term break in the fourth week of October. The term concludes in the second week of December.
  • After a three-week holiday, the second (spring) term starts in the first week of January. During the third week of February, students go for a mid-term break. The term finally ends in the last week of March.
  • After a two-week holiday, the final (summer) term begins in the second week of April and ends in the first week of July.

To find the exact dates of academic events or holidays, visit the Sunmarke School’s academic calendar for the year 2023-24.


Admission and Fees

How to Apply to Sunmarke School?

Admission process and documents

Before applying to Sunmarke School Jumeirah Village Triangle, parents are encouraged to visit the campus. An open information day in July and August is organised to acquaint parents with the school. They can also schedule a tour by filling out the form available on the official website. Sunmarke also offers a virtual tour of its campus on the official website.

After getting all the required information, parents can fill an online admission form. They also need to pay the application and assessment fee of AED 500, exclusive of VAT. Please note that the admission and assessment fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The names of the students will be placed on the waiting list for the selected academic year and will not be carried forward to subsequent academic years.

Parents need to upload the following documents with the online application:

  • A copy of the child’s passport
  • A copy of the child’s residence visa on passport (if available)
  • A copy of both sides of the child’s Emirates ID card (if available)
  • A copy of the transfer certificate (Year 3 onwards) or letter of enrolment
  • Child’s birth certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • A copy of the last academic report by the previous school (in English)

After successfully clearing the assessment test, Sunmarke School extends an admission offer to parents. To secure the placement, parents need to pay an acceptance fee equal to 10% of the tuition fee within 2 days from the date of the offer. Please note that the acceptance fee is non-refundable but adjustable in the tuition fee for the first term of the year of joining.

The following documents also need to be submitted before or on the child’s first day at Sunmarke School:

  • Passport-sized photograph of the child (recent)
  • Passport-sized photograph of parents
  • Copy of the child’s residence visa on passport
  • Copy of both parents’ and child’s Emirates ID cards (both sides)
  • Original transfer certificate (attested by KHDA if the transfer is from Dubai)
  • DHA’s consent form for vaccinations
  • Updated immunisation record

Transfer certificate requirements

For admission in Year 3 onwards, KHDA made it mandatory for the schools in Dubai to ask for the transfer certificate. The requirements for the transfer certificate are as follows:

  • Those joining from other schools in Dubai need to get their transfer certificate attested by the KHDA.
  • Those joining from schools in other emirates of the UAE and GCC countries need to get their signed and stamped transfer certificate by the Ministry of Education of that Emirate or country.
  • Those joining from North America, Western Europe, Australia, UK, Europe, New Zealand, Africa, Eastern Europe, South and Central America, Asia, Russia, CIS countries and the Middle East (except GCC and UAE) need to get their signed and stamped certificate attested by the UAE Embassy in that country.

Admission criteria

For admission in the foundation stage, an informal interview and assessment test is conducted to gauge an applicant’s readiness to join the school.

For admission in Year 1 to Year 3, the school conducts a formal interview and mandatory assessment test. In addition, the school also reviews the previous academic record.

For admission in Year 4 onwards, the admission criteria include a formal interview, completion of assessment test and an online assessment. The school gauges an applicant’s quantitative, verbal, non-verbal and spatial abilities. The previous academic record is also considered while making an offer.

YearMinimum Entry AgeMaximum Entry AgeMinimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Foundation Stage 1
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Foundation Stage 2
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 1
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 2
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 3
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 4
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 5
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 6
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 7
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 8
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 9
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 10
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 11
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 12
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 13
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*

This is based on the age of the students on 31st August (for schools beginning in September). Source: KHDA

* This is to cater to students transferring from systems that admit students of a younger age)

For more information, contact the admission team.

Fee Structure at Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School Dubai fees for the academic year 2023-24 is as follows:

YearAnnual Tuition Fee (AED)
FS1 48,722
FS2 53,793
Years 1 and 2 61,051
Years 3, and 4 61,957
Years 5 and 6 62,011
Years 7, 8 and 9 76,846
Years 10 and 11 80,689
Years 12 and 13 82,129

Sunmarke also offers a sibling discount to parents with at least 2 children enrolled in the school. There are several modes of payment available including the VLE mobile app, and bank transfer. The due dates for Sunmarke School fees are:

  • First-term – 1st August
  • Second term – 15th November
  • Third term/Re-enrolment fee – 15th Feb

Visit the Sunmarke School Dubai fees for more information.

Scholarships at Sunmarke School

The Fortes Scholarship Programme is a recognition of ability and application and is aimed at students who have not only demonstrated a high level of academic, sporting or artistic skills, but have also displayed motivation and drive to achieve the highest possible standards in life.

Besides academics, sports, music and art, scholarships are also offered in two special categories - Student of the Future scholarship and The Founder’s Scholarship.

Scholarship at Sunmarke Schools Dubai
Sunmarke School offer diverse scholarship options for students.

The scholarships in each category are tailored to specific strengths. The school environment fosters scholar growth by providing guidance for character development, academic support, leadership roles, and extracurricular engagement. Academic scholars are motivated to achieve the highest standards, sports scholars receive facilities for skill improvement, music and art scholars have performance-focused environments and skill-enhancing facilities, while students of future scholars are encouraged academically and given mentorship opportunities.

For more information, read the details on the scholarship programme of Sunmarke School Dubai.



Lunch Options at Sunmarke School

Sunmarke School offers options for healthy, wholesome and nutritious meals for students. Healthy eating habits are encouraged from an early age, and towards this, the school has partnered with Mastercook, the catering experts, to tailor-make dining menus and meal programmes. A bright and spacious cafeteria is where students meet to enjoy healthy food options, socialise and deepen their friendships. They can opt for pre-packaged food in environment-friendly packs as well. Grab & Go snacks are available as well. 

The Mastercook's menu offers a selection of nutritious, additive-free and preservative-free school meals. With options from various cuisines, the lunch menu is priced at AED 24.25 with nut-free options as well. 

Parents of EYFS and Primary students can place their lunch orders online, with lunch delivered directly to their child’s classroom.

Secondary students can enjoy lunch at the school canteen with payments made using credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Lunch options at Sunmarke School
Students get plenty of lunch options at the school. (Image Credit: Sunmarke School)

School Transportation at Sunmarke School

Sunmarke uses an independent third-party bus operator, My Bus Transport Services LLC, for transportation services. My Bus operates an air-conditioned and timely transport service from various parts of Dubai to the school, which parents may avail of at their own discretion and cost.

Check out transportation fees by Sunmark School.

school buses of Sunmarke School
Sunmarke ensures kids commute in well-maintained buses. (Image Credit: Sunmarke School)

Boarding Facility at Sunmarke School

Currently, the school does not offer boarding facilities to its students.

Sports Facilities

Sunmarke presents world-class sports facilities, boasting a myriad of squads and teams for students to join. Whether they aspire to excel in football or swimming, Sunmarke serves as a catalyst for their ambitions.

Children inclined towards sports can enjoy a comprehensive PE timetable encompassing Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis, Trampolining, Cricket, Rounders, and Athletics. This provision is augmented by the School's Games Programme, allowing students to immerse themselves in competitive team sports like Football, Touch Rugby, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, and Handball. This is complemented by further avenues for fostering health and fitness.

In addition to a dedicated PE staff, Sunmarke enlists specialist coaches to bolster the Games Programme, inspiring students to participate in competitions at local, regional, and national tiers.

On-site, the school boasts a full-sized and 5-a-side Astroturf pitch, alongside outdoor MUGA courts catering to various sports. Indoors, two Multi-Purpose Sports halls, a dance studio, a gymnasium, a 25m swimming pool, and a learner swimming pool are available.

Sunmarke's athletes have garnered many accolades for the school through remarkable successes in regional and international competitions.

sports facilities in sunmarke school
A glimpse from a sports competition at Sunmarke School (Image credit: Sunmarke School)

Extra-curricular Activities at Sunmarke School

Going beyond the mandated curriculum, Sunmarke School offers a comprehensive extracurricular programme to expand children’s horizons, develop their personalities and enable them to explore their passions. Over 60 activities are offered, including clubs for sports, the performing arts, drama and theatre, journalism, music, math, science, robotics, debate, public speaking and more. These activities are designed to hone their talents, and build teamwork and leadership skills, equipping them with the ability to compete with the best.

Students of Sunmarke School playing basketball
Students get to play a variety of sports and engage in many extracurricular activities. (Image Credit: Sunmarke School)

Field Trips from Sunmarke School

Sunmarke affords its secondary students the unique opportunity to participate in term or summer programmes abroad at affiliated schools or camps. This engagement serves to enrich their understanding of geography, history, linguistics, and culture, as they wholeheartedly immerse themselves in the milieu of a foreign nation.

Further, both Secondary and Sixth Form students have the chance to partake in residential expeditions facilitated by the school's close partnerships with Camps International and Ecoventure ME. These organisations conduct regional and international excursions throughout the academic year, all with the central aim of fostering a well-rounded perspective and a global mindset among students.

In addition, Sunmarke extends the Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DofE International Award), a programme that adds value to students' lives through practical experiences and life skills, encouraging the exploration of their latent talents and capabilities.

Moreover, students are presented with collective travel opportunities, enabling them to discover novel destinations alongside their schoolmates. A recent invigorating journey to Barcelona, Spain, undertaken by our students spanning from Year 8 to Year 12, stands as a prominent testament to this ethos.

Students of Sunmarke School enjoying at a field trip
Sunmarke School students visited France and Spain as part of their International School Trips

After School Care

Sunmarke offers its premises to reputed independent external third-party providers who run paid After School Activities (ASAs) individually or as group activities, separate from the school’s curriculum and extra-curricular activities. With qualified instructors and structured programmes conducted in a safe and secure environment, students get an opportunity to develop their full potential in their chosen field. The below are also offered as summer and winter camps. 

These ASAs are organised for various subjects: 

  • Sports: Basketball, football, gymnastics, parkour, swimming, volleyball, badminton, karate and tennis
  • Performing Arts: Baby ballet, sunstars, musical theatre, street dance, lyrical contemporary dance, and tap dance and ballet.
  • Fun, development and languages: Public speaking, alternate math, hands-on STEM activity and so on.

Medical Care at Sunmarke School

The school also provides medical care to its children. It has a medical centre with equipment, trained nurses and a qualified doctor to provide medical intervention to students.



Mode of Communication between Teachers and Parents

Sunmarke School places a strong emphasis on communication between teachers and parents, recognising its importance in the educational journey. The school employs several effective modes of communication to keep parents engaged and well-informed.

Parents are encouraged to participate in various activities such as assemblies, reading clubs, and wellness sessions. These events provide opportunities for face-to-face interactions between parents, teachers, and school staff, increasing a sense of community and involvement.

They also join Sunmarke’s popular monthly Wellness Wednesdays for useful parenting and lifestyle advice by experts.

parents and teachers at sunmarke school
Parents are kept well-informed about their child's progress. (Image Credit: Sunmarke School)

The Friends of Sunmarke School (FOSS) is the name of the parent's association that plays a central role in organising various community events throughout the year. Some calendar favourites include Movie Night, International Day, Cupcake Sales, Mother's Day, Dance-A-Thon, etc.

The Association also provides vital support to parents and families joining the school or those who have just moved to Dubai. The FOSS coffee mornings and the FOSS Healthy Hub are great ways to make new friends and socialise.

Moreover, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the parents’ portal by Fortes Education, keeps parents informed about students’ progress, upcoming events, examination schedules and much more. Additionally, parents and teachers can also communicate through WhatsApp groups. For more information, read parent engagement at Sunmarke School. Also, check out parent testimonial and remarks on Sunmarke School.

Sunmarke School Contact Information

  • Location: Sunmarke School, District 5, Behind Limitless Building on Al Khail Road, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai, UAE
  • Telephone: +971-4-423-8900
  • For general enquiries:

Official website and social media

Note that the cover image belongs to Sunmarke School.


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