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Repton School, Dubai



Established in 2007, Repton School is one of Dubai's most popular British schools. It is part of the Repton International Schools, which is providing quality education for over 400 years.

This private school is one of the few boarding schools in Dubai that educates over 1,750 students. Along with students who stay at the Repton hostel, there are day scholars who attend this outstanding school in Dubai.

With an exemplary academic record and commitment to developing students' academic and non-academic skills, it quickly gained popularity with parents in Dubai.

Repton School, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, educates students aged 3 to 18. There are 165 teachers and 50 teaching assistants, making the teacher-to-student ratio 1:10, ensuring plentiful attention and care. Repton Dubai follows the National Curriculum of England. From September 2021, Repton School Dubai offers A-levels in Year 12 and Year 13 alongside the existing International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Read this guide to learn more about this prestigious school in Dubai.

In a Nutshell

  • Location: Nad Al Sheba
  • School Fee: AED 52,863 - AED 95,000
  • Curriculum: National Curriculum of England (Early Years to Year 11), IB Curriculum (Year 12 onwards)
  • Co-ed or Segregate: Co-education
  • KHDA Rating: Outstanding
  • Years Offered: Pre-K - Grade 12

Residential Communities near Repton School Dubai

Located in the popular area of Nad Al Sheba 3, Repton School is in proximity to several key residential areas. These areas offer many residential options based on people's budget and needs. These areas include:

Nad Al Sheba 4 is the closest to the Repton School. Nad Al Sheba 4 has spacious and luxurious villas as residential options. Those looking for apartments can opt for International City and Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Campus of Repton School Dubai

The Repton School Dubai campus is spacious and has specialised centres for excellent educational and extra-curricular activities. With a covered area of 1.3 million sq. ft, it is amongst the largest Dubai schools in the area.

The Repton Dubai campus comprises 10 buildings that surround a massive circular outdoor area with green spaces. These buildings have classrooms, laboratories, an art room, indoor sports halls, a large-sized swimming pool and a two-storey library for learning. The libraries are spread across two floors connected through a spiral staircase.

The spacious classrooms in Repton School Dubai open into the outdoor area, where children engage in a variety of activities.

The buildings located to the left of the campus are for the junior school. For students in Year 1 to Year 3, the classrooms are on the ground level to ensure access to open spaces. Classes for Year 4 to Year 6 are on the first storey of the primary section. This building also includes an art room, technology spaces and a library. The building to the right of the junior school includes two cafeterias and other leisure facilities. Cafeterias are spacious and have proper seating arrangements to ensure students enjoy their leisure time in a relaxed environment.

Senior school is spread across three buildings to the left of the main centre of the campus. Corridors in the secondary section are more spacious. Entire corridors are dedicated to Humanities, Science and MFL.

Two buildings, one each for boys and girls, are allocated for the boarding facility. The school is expected to include a performing arts centre and an auditorium in the coming years.

Repton School Dubai offers a comprehensive virtual tour of its facilities on the official website.

Location of Repton School Dubai

Developed by Nakheel, Nad Al Sheba is an outstanding residential community with four grand sub-communities featuring villas, schools, colleges, supermarkets and restaurants. Repton School is located in Nad Al Sheba 3, near Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. It is in proximity to major areas of Dubai, such as Dubai Silicon Oasis, International City and Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 1.

Why Repton School Dubai?

With over 400 years of experience in providing quality education to students in the UK, Repton School in Dubai carries the legacy of its sister school.

Using cutting-edge teaching facilities, Repton School offers high-quality education to its students. It offers the IB Diploma Program to secondary school students in Year 13. Schools offering IB programs and diplomas are increasingly popular with parents as they provide intensive training, preparing students for the academic commitment required to ace their time at Ivy League universities.

Repton School has a well-trained staff, which meets all the educational needs of children. Many of their students get admissions to the best universities in the world.

Another reason behind people preferring to enrol their children in Repton School is the availability of the boarding facility. Since Repton is the only British boarding school in Dubai, parents are likely to consider it to be a good option. However, the quality of education and the level of care taken by the school’s boarding management are exemplary.

Repton School is a credible option for high-quality education in Dubai with a top-notch boarding facility, including excellent pastoral care services. It welcomes students irrespective of their ethnic background, colour, religion, ability or any other form of discrimination. Innovative teaching techniques make it an ideal school for students of determination.

A balanced approach ensures children take part in both academic and non-academic activities. Repton School offers many extra-curricular activities, including sports opportunities, giving kids access to a well-rounded education.


School Details

Years Offered at Repton School Dubai

Repton School is a comprehensive educational facility catering to students aged 3 to 18. Education stages include:

Nursery and Reception Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) and Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)
Lower School Year 1 to Year 4
Middle School Year 5 to Year 8
Senior School Year 9 to Year 13

Repton School Dubai Curriculum

Repton School follows the National Curriculum of England. The school offers both International Baccalaureate (IB) and A-Levels education for students in higher secondary grades.

For children in the Foundation Stage (FS1 and FS2), it follows the EYFS programme.

The primary school in Repton Dubai focuses on developing fine motor skills and children's social and emotional development. The components of the EYFS curriculum, including mathematics, literacy and communication, are designed so that a firm foundation is set for core subjects.

Confidence, creativity and curiosity development is the aim of KS1 (Year 1) and KS2 (Year 2 to Year 3) curriculum. It includes subjects such as 

Art and MusicScience

 Apart from educational competencies, the curriculum also focuses on developing basic sporting skills by introducing them to competitive sports.

The curriculum for middle school children (Year 4 to Year 7) in Repton includes a more complex version of the core subjects: 

MusicArtDesign Technology
PEICTLanguages (German, French, Spanish and Arabic)

Specialised teachers conduct accelerated classes for native speakers. Other additions in the curriculum include social studies, moral education and educational trips.

For children in Year 8 to Year 11, the IGCSE curriculum is followed, which includes mandatory and optional subjects. Mandatory subjects include the following:

English LanguageLiterature
MathematicsScience (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
World LanguagesPhysical Education

 Optional subjects include these:

Business StudiesGeography

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program in Repton School helps students learn specialised skills. English and Mathematics are compulsory subjects. They can select at least one science, humanities and world language subject. Students must also take one BTEC Course (Business or Sport) and two IBDP subjects. A-Level subjects will be confirmed once approved by the relevant bodies.

For more information, read the curriculum overview of Repton School Dubai.

KHDA Rating

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority is a government body responsible for improving private education in Dubai. They inspect schools annually and rate them according to certain criteria. In total, there are six different ratings: Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Weak and Very Weak.

KHDA rating for schools
KHDA rating for schools in Dubai

From the academic year 2014-15 to 2018-19, KHDA rated Repton School as Outstanding, an incredible feat achieved by a few schools in the last few years. Here is a history of KHDA rating over the last 10 years:

YearsKHDA Rating
2008-2014 Very Good
2014-2019 Outstanding

The overall review of Repton School by KHDA concludes that the school’s management and leadership have taken considerable steps in ensuring high-quality education is delivered to their students. In addition, kids from foundation years to higher secondary school have shown tremendous progress in core subjects. It has also performed exceptionally well in terms of health and safety. The strengths of the school reported by KHDA are:

  • Students in Foundation Stage have shown tremendous progress in language and scientific skills.
  • Primary, secondary and post-16 students are making progress in English, science and mathematics.
  • Harmonious and conducive school environment due to students’ outstanding personal behaviour, appreciation of Islamic values and sense of responsibilities.
  • High-quality health care support and safety standards are appreciated by parents.
  • The school’s leaders have played an outstanding role in promoting the school as a first-class learning institute. They have established effective relationships with parents to improve the overall school experience.

KHDA recommends Repton School improve on the Arabic and Islamic Education for all stages, especially Secondary and Post-16.

Academic Calendar for Repton School Dubai

The KHDA’s approved academic year at Repton School in Dubai starts in the last week of August and ends in July.

Fall term starts in the last week of August and ends in the second week of December. This is followed by a three-week winter break till the end of December.

Students return for the commencement of the winter term in the first week of January, which ends in the fourth week of March. Spring break lasts till the first week of April.

Classes resume with the start of the summer term in the second week of April. The third term ends in the first week of July.

Besides the aforementioned, the school remains closed on some national and international events and holidays. Some of these are subjected to moon sighting and the announcement by the government. For more information, keep an eye on the calendar of Repton School Dubai.


Admission and Fees

How to Apply to Repton School Dubai?

Like many other schools in Dubai, admission to Repton School is a straightforward task. Usually, the school recommends parents to visit the school for a tour. You can book a tour on the official website before applying. A member of the school’s admission team shows the facility and answers questions. This allows an opportunity for parents to see the school and its features before opting for admission to Repton Dubai.

Repton School Dubai also offers a virtual tour to parents on its official website. However, this step is not mandatory and parents can directly contact the school for an online admission form which needs to be filled along with the following documents:

  • Child’s passport copy
  • Report card (if applicable)

The age requirements followed by the Repton School Dubai are:

YearsMinimum Entry AgeMaximum Entry AgeMinimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Nursery/Foundation Stage S1
Minimum Entry Age
3 years
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Foundation Stage 2
Minimum Entry Age
4 years
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 1
Minimum Entry Age
5 years
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 2
Minimum Entry Age
6 years
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 3
Minimum Entry Age
7 years
Maximum Entry Age
7 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 4
Minimum Entry Age
8 years
Maximum Entry Age
8 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 5
Minimum Entry Age
9 years
Maximum Entry Age
9 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 6
Minimum Entry Age
10 years
Maximum Entry Age
10 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 7
Minimum Entry Age
11 years
Maximum Entry Age
11 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 8
Minimum Entry Age
12 years
Maximum Entry Age
12 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 9
Minimum Entry Age
13 years
Maximum Entry Age
13 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 10
Minimum Entry Age
14 years
Maximum Entry Age
14 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 11
Minimum Entry Age
15 years
Maximum Entry Age
15 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 12
Minimum Entry Age
16 years
Maximum Entry Age
16 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Year 13
Minimum Entry Age
17 years
Maximum Entry Age
17 years and 11 months
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*

This is based on the age of the students on 31st August (for schools beginning in September). Source: Repton School Dubai

* This is to cater to students transferring from systems that admit students of a younger age)

After submitting the admission form, along with the required documents and registration fee, parents will receive an invitation to bring their child for an assessment. In the assessment stage, a child’s social, competencies, maturity and other relevant skills are measured. For admission in primary school and above, the child’s Mathematics, Reading and English language skills are assessed.

Parents receive the decision via email in three to four working days. For further information about admission procedures and requirements, learn more about the admission process at Repton School Dubai.

Fee Structure at Repton School Dubai

For registration, students will have to pay a non-refundable registration fee of AED 500. The Repton School Dubai fee structure is as follows:

GradeAnnual Tuition Fee (AED)
FS1 52,863
FS2 58,270
Year 1 and 2 59,754
Year 3 61,697
Year 4 62,191
Year 5 and 6 70,221
Year 7 75,000
Year 8 78,000
Year 9 80,000
Year 10 and 11 88,000
Year 12 and 13 95,000

Fee for optional services is mentioned here.

Optional ServicesFee in AED
Transport 5800-10000
Uniform 60-2000
Extracurricular Activities 75-150
School Residential Trips 175-4000
Canteen 7280-9100
School ID Card 50-55
School Trips 60-20000

It is important to note that all these fees are per annum. If a payment for an academic year is made in full, parents will receive a discount of 5%. For further information, visit the official website to understand the fee structure of Repton School.

Scholarships at Repton School Dubai

In Repton School, scholarships are available to internal and external students in Year 5 to Year 8 and IB students in Year 12. Those with outstanding performances in academics, music and sporting activities can apply for a scholarship. Awarded as per the discretion of the headmaster, students can expect a scholarship that covers 10% of the tuition fee.

Bear in mind that upon attainment of music scholarship, scholars should remain available for Repton School music performance groups.

Similarly, sports scholars need to take part in the school’s sports teams.

To apply for the scholarship, parents of the children can apply by emailing, clearly explaining the chosen category. For more information, visit scholarships at Repton School Dubai.


School Facilities

Lunch Options at Repton Dubai

Repton School offers lunch to their students. To avail school lunches, one needs to fill a form and pay the fee for the academic year. The request form for school lunches is available online. Once the form is submitted and the fee is paid, parents have to wait for at least 24-hours before their child’s name is added to the list.

It offers separate formal eating areas for young and older students to meet their needs. Healthy meal options are available for students that are mostly prepared within the school premises.

Children belonging to Muslim families do not need to worry as the school offers Halal food, which is completely nut and shell-free.

In partnership with Food Nation LLC., they provide lunch boxes to their students. To ensure healthy and nutritional lunches, each item is prepared from scratch. In addition, the ‘Eat Bright’ programme by the school ensures they use products with targeted nutrition for the growth and nourishment of children. They believe that the food children take plays a prominent role in their academic success.

School Transportation at Repton Dubai

Repton School also provides transportation services to its students. School Transport Services (STS) is their school bus provider, which is a reputable name in the UAE. They are known to deliver vehicles that are in excellent condition with some of the finest technology to ensure a safe and hassle-free commute to children from home to school and vice versa. Moreover, they cover almost all the routes to ensure children living in different areas in Dubai can reach school on time.

For more information, contact the school or STS representative for Repton School Dubai.

Boarding Facility at Repton Dubai

Only a few schools in the UAE, like Repton School, offer a boarding facility to their students.

Full-time weekly and flexible boarding (3-day and 4-day) facilities are available for students in Year 7 to Year 13. Repton School offers an incredible residential boarding experience to its residents with high-end facilities like high-speed internet in study bedrooms, attached bathrooms and study areas. In addition, the school policy allows parents to stay in their room for evenings, which allows children to meet their parents.

Hygienic and nutritional foods are prepared on-site and offered to the occupants. To ensure a perfect living environment, Repton School has a highly experienced housemaster/housemistress, residential house tutor, gap year boarding assistant, house matron and support staff. The support staff includes highly trained housekeepers, nurses, and on-site doctors. The fee structure for the boarding facility is as follows:

  • Full boarding (Sunday to Saturday) – AED 66,000 per annum
  • Weekly boarding (Sunday to Thursday) – AED 60,500 per annum
  • 4-day boarding – AED 51,500 per annum
  • 3-day boarding – AED 42,500 per annum

For further information, contact

Holiday Camps at Repton Dubai

To keep students engaged with healthy and creative activities, Repton School Dubai offers holiday camps to its students. Most of the holiday camps are run by Gulf Star Sports. The most prominent holiday camps in the school include sporting activities and featured games. All this leads to the development of sporting and social skills.

For more information, contact Gulf Star Sports and the school’s administration.

Sports Facilities

Repton School offers an incredible sports facility to its students.

The sports area in Repton Dubai lies behind the cafeteria section, which has numerous options for children to play competitive sports.

Sports facilities at Repton School Dubai
Some of the sports facilities at Repton School Dubai include outdoor sports fields

There exist two large-sized indoor pools, a state-of-the-art gymnasium and a large outdoor playing area. The outdoor playing area has a full-sized rugby field, tennis courts and facilities for other popular sports. In addition, pupils have access to experienced sports professionals including those who have performed on the national and international stage.

Students have represented Repton School in football, cricket, netball and other famous sports at national and international levels. Students living in the boarding facility can also avail sports facilities available through Dubai that include access to a golf course and horse racing.

Extra-Curricular Activities at Repton School Dubai

Many extra-curricular activities are available for students of Repton School. The school encourages students to take part in these activities that result in the development of skills outside the curriculum to compete in the 21st century.

Most of these extra-curricular activities fall into the category of music, sports and adventure. Activities, such as debating, programming languages and drama, are a few of the many activities that happen throughout the academic year.

science activity repton school dubai
Repton School Dubai student’s participating in a science-based extra-curricular activity

Considering different interests of children, Repton School has over 150 extra-curricular activities for them. Some noticeable extra-curricular activities in the school include Model United Nations (MUN), UK Mathematics challenges, F1 events in schools and 4×4 challenges.

Field Trips

Repton School offers field trips to its students. Most of these field trips are in conjunction with their educational curriculum, providing practical knowledge to students. Primary and secondary students go on various trips in Dubai, including Magic Planet.

repton school dubai students italy trip to ggran paradiso
Repton School students visiting the Gran Paradiso in Italy as part of the outdoor education initiative

Students enrolled in IB programs undergo several national and international field trips. Previously, students in the first year of the IB program went on a trip to Thailand to complete their fieldwork in specialised subjects like Biology and Geography. Last year, senior school IB program students participated in an expedition to climb the Gran Paradiso in Italy.

The school arranged this 5-day trip where students had to climb up to 3000 meters and learn the art of using equipment to reach their goal. School trips for younger students include Escape Hunt, where students’ cognitive, emotional and physical skills are challenged. In addition, international trips for students in the senior school during vacations are also arranged.

After-School Care

Several after-school care facilities are available for students of Repton School. Students that opted for boarding service can access the on-site medical services around the clock.

It also includes a pastoral care team encompassing experienced teachers, school counsellors, doctors, nurses, heads of the year and other important representatives to ensure a safe and friendly environment for each student. Other after-school care facilities include extra-curricular activities, field trips and sports trips.

Medical Care at Repton School Dubai

There is a medical centre where students with minor to moderate injuries and illnesses are provided with medical assistance.



Mode of Communication between Teachers and Parents

Communication between parents and teachers is essential for the progress of a child. For this purpose, Repton School has an online parent portal, which provides key information about the child’s progress and upcoming events. Teachers can also inform parents about the progress of their kids through detailed reports on a half-termly and annually.

Regular parent-teacher meetings are also organised as another source of communication between parents and the management in Repton School.

Teachers can also inform the parents about the latest updates regarding upcoming events through the WhatsApp group for each year.

Repton School Dubai Contact Information

For general enquiries, interested parents can fill an online contact form with their query.

Note that the cover image belongs to Repton School.


What are the timings of the school?

The school hours are from 7:40 am to 2:40 pm. Pre-Kindergarten timings are 7:45 am to 1:20 pm.

Does Repton School conduct after-school activities?

Yes, Repton School offers after-school activities.

How many years are there in the school?

The school has Pre-KG to Grade 12 classes.

Does Repton School Dubai follow a co-education model?

Repton School has co-educational model.

How many students are currently studying in the school? How many nationalities are represented?

The school has 1,767 students. Most of them are British.

Does the school has any special education programme or learning plans for students of determination?

Repton School pays special attention to students of determination and has programmes to meet their educational needs.

Please describe the academic calendar of the school.

The school year is divided into three semester and lasts from August to July.

Please mention the range of the tuition fee charged by the school.

The school fee ranges from AED 52,863 to AED 95,000.

Does Repton School offer scholarship programme to needy and deserving students?

Repton School awards scholarships in the form of reduction of 10% school fee. It offers scholarships to students who perform extremely well in academic, music and sports.

How does the school communicate with parents?

Repton School uses multiple communication channels for communicating with the parents. It organises periodic parent-teacher meetings. Parents also get access to the online portal on the school website. They can also join grade-specific WhatsApp group.

Does the school have a cafeteria or a canteen on campus?

Repton School has a cafeteria where healthy and hygienic meals are prepared for students. Students can have their meal in the dining area.

How often does the school arrange field trips?

Repton School organises multiple national and international field trips for students. This helps students to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

How many teachers are currently teaching in the school?

The teaching faculty comprises 165 teachers and 50 assistant teachers.


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