North London Collegiate School Dubai

North London Collegiate School Dubai


North London Collegiate School Dubai (NLCS) was established in 2017 in Sobha Hartland, MBR City. Offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) World Continuum curriculum to students aged 3 to 18 years, NLCS Dubai is the second international school operating under the North London Collegiate School group management, whose roots can be traced back to the first NLCS established in the United Kingdom in 1850. 

North London Collegiate School Dubai follows the values and ethos of its sister and parent schools and strives to provide a world-class education to its attendees. North London Collegiate School Dubai is an authorised IB World School that imparts International Baccalaureate education to children from Nursery to the Sixth Form.

Through their Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP), the school aims to support their students in attaining both academic and non-academic excellence and to provide the gold standard in education.

Residential Communities near North London Collegiate School Dubai

North London Collegiate School Dubai is next to the Hartland International School Dubai in Sobha Hartland, MBR City, Dubai. The school’s convenient location makes it easy for parents and students to access neighbouring residential communities, which include:

NLCS Dubai is close to Al Khail Road, making commuting easy for parents and students alike. Parents can consider these available properties in MBR City if they wish to live closer to the school:

Campus of North London Collegiate School Dubai

NLCS Dubai’s 38,000 sq. m. campus houses modern amenities to promote students’ holistic development. NLCS Dubai encourages every student to embrace and develop their talent. Be it sports, arts and crafts, or performing arts, the school’s campus provides the best facilities for children to strengthen their abilities further. NLCS Dubai also organises various club activities that students can participate in to expand their knowledge and broaden their skills.

Budge Square at North London Collegiate School
North London Collegiate School Dubai is built on a vast plot in MBR City (Image Credits: NLCS Dubai Flickr)

Built on a 38,000 square metre plot in Sobha Hartland, the National London Collegiate School Dubai boasts state-of-the-art amenities that can facilitate the needs of over 2,000 students.

NLCS Dubai has well-equipped classrooms
Well-equipped classrooms at NLCS Dubai (Image Credits: NLCS Dubai Flickr)

The school has on-campus large classrooms equipped with the latest technology, thirteen science laboratories, IT-based learning and research hubs, dedicated art studios, design and robotics labs, devoted music studios, gyms, a music recital hall, a vast dining hall, a well-stacked senior library, and an exclusive Performing Arts Centre that frequently hosts drama productions, concerts and house competitions.

stacked libraries at NLCS Dubai
Libraries at NLCS Dubai are fully stacked for the students (Image Credits: NLCS Dubai Flickr)

The school also houses music practice rooms, composition suites, a recording studio, specialist art classrooms, a Mac suite and a black box drama studio – all designed for students inclined towards Music, Art and Drama.

NLCS Dubai has a state-of-the-art multipurpose auditorium on campus
The auditorium of NLCS Dubai hosts drama productions, concerts and more (Image Credits: NLCS Dubai Flickr)
Gym at NLCS Dubai
NLCS Dubai has a gym on campus (Image credits: NLCS Dubai Flickr)

Location of North London Collegiate School Dubai

NLCS Dubai is located in MBR City and is easy to access from areas such as Business Bay and Downtown Dubai. The new development offers apartments, villas, and townhouses for rent and sale.

Families living in far-off communities, such as Dubai Hills Estate, can access the school fairly easily via E44. NLCS Dubai is close to eateries, entertainment centres, equestrian and falcon areas, and the world’s largest artificial lagoon.

Why NLCS Dubai?

North London Collegiate School Dubai is an ambitious educational institution that aims to achieve the academic excellence of its parent-school NLCS UK and sister-school NLCS Jeju. NLCS UK has a notable history of successfully placing its students in leading universities globally. It delivers the International Baccalaureate Curriculum for students from Nursery to Sixth Form and is an authorised educational institution that conducts the Diploma Programme (DP).

The school wants to instil excellence not just in academia but also in non-scholastic activities. NLCS Dubai promotes the development of individual talent amongst its students through the world-class facilities the campus offers.

They also ensure that the students get used to the international culture. The school offers Arabic, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin as language subjects to facilitate this purpose further.

The IB Curriculum adopted by North London Collegiate School Dubai is an internationally recognised curriculum that offers three educational programmes- the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP). The school employs highly qualified teachers to instruct the students. Each teacher is entrusted with specific pastoral responsibility to ensure students overcome difficulties.

School Details


The Government of Dubai has developed protocols for schools to follow until the pandemic is over. The KHDA has uploaded FAQs for schools on the official website for your convenience. Here’s an overview of the preventive SOPs in place.

  • Sterilising the school building, classrooms, laboratories and other facilities regularly, according to the recommendations of the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management.
  • Assessing the temperature of everyone who enters the school building daily.
  • Maintaining physical distance guidelines as recommended by the relevant health authorities and reducing classroom headcount capacity.
  • From this academic year, 1-metre distancing is recommended. Schools must take appropriate precautions to ensure that students and teachers stay physically distanced where possible.
  • Buses may run at full capacity provided they comply with health and safety protocols.
  • Schools shall reinstate Physical Education, swimming lessons and sports activities. Changing rooms and sports areas will be sanitised after each group of students
  • The canteen shall reopen and resume live cooking
  • School trips, excursions and holiday camps shall be resumed.
  • After-hours care, extracurricular activities, performances, assemblies and other events at school or external venues are allowed.
  • Students older than six years, staff and visitors to schools must continue to wear face masks.
  • Vaccination is not compulsory. Unvaccinated school staff must submit a negative PCR test each week. Students are not obliged to submit negative PCR tests.
  • From October 3rd 2021, all teaching and learning at Dubai private schools will only be face-to-face. Students who wish to continue with distance learning after the stated date must provide a medical certificate issued by Dubai Health Authority.

Distance Learning at North London Collegiate School Dubai

As per the new COVID-19 protocols issued by KHDA, schools are discontinuing the distance learning programme from October 3, 2021. Those wishing to continue their education via distance learning have to show a relevant health certificate issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Schools may revert to distance learning if COVID-19 cases are detected in a class or a group.

Years Offered at North London Collegiate School Dubai

NLCS Dubai consists of Junior School and Senior School, further divided into different grades.

First School
Nursery – Grade 2
Lower School
Grade 3 – Grade 6
Middle School
Grade 7 – Grade 9
Upper School
Grade – Grade 11
Sixth Form
Grade 12 – Grade 13

Junior School

The Junior School at North London Collegiate School Dubai starts from Nursery (Pre-Kindergarten) and continues until Grade 6. The Junior School is divided into: 

  • First School: Nursery to Grade 2
  • Lower School: Grade 3 to Grade 6

Students in Junior School follow the IB Primary Years Programme, where the key areas of focus are knowledge, concepts, skills, and attitudes. Individual pastoral care is offered at this level.

Early Years Foundation Stage Classroom at NLCS Dubai
An Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) classroom at NLCS Dubai (Image Credits: NLCS Dubai Flickr)

Senior School

The Senior School accommodates students from Grade 7 till Grade 13. The IB Middle Years Programme and the IB Diploma Programme is taught at this level. The Senior School is further divided into: 

  • Middle School: Grade 7 to Grade 9
  • Upper School: Grade 10 to Grade 11
  • Sixth Form: Grade 12 to Grade 13

The IB Middle Years Programme is common for both Middle School and Upper School students, whereas the IB Diploma Programme is exclusive to Sixth Form students.

North London Collegiate School Dubai Curriculum

Following the International Baccalaureate Curriculum, NLCS Dubai has three programmes that cover a wide array of subjects best suited for the accompanying grade. The programmes are:

The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The IBPYP curriculum taught from Nursery to Grade 6 revolves around six central themes: who we are, where we are in place and time, how we express ourselves, how the world works, how we organise ourselves, and how to co-exist peacefully.

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Implemented in the Senior School, the IBMYP is undertaken by Grade 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. At the end of Grade 11, students sit for an e-Assessment and are awarded the Middle Years Certificate.

Students also have to complete two long-term projects: 

  1. The Community Project: Completed and internally assessed at the end of Grade 9
  2. The Personal Project: Completed and internally assessed at the end of Grade 11

The IB Diploma Programme (DP)

The IBDP taught to Sixth Form students is a challenging qualification recognised by top universities around the globe. It is mainly made up of six subject groups. They are: 

  1. Language and Literature
  2. Language Acquisition
  3. Individuals and Societies
  4. Sciences
  5. Mathematics
  6. The Arts

Sixth Form students are expected to take up one subject from each group (three subjects at Higher Level and three at Standard Level). Students can opt-out of a subject from group 6 and instead select a subject from the other groups instead of an Arts subject.

Students are expected to pursue their ‘core’ in addition to these subjects, which consists of three parts: 

  • The Theory of Knowledge Programme: Students are assessed on the nature of knowledge through a 1600-word essay and oral presentation.
  • The Extended Essay: A 4000-word research piece on their chosen subject.
  • 150 hours of Creativity, Activity and Service during their Sixth Form

KHDA Rating

The KHDA inspected North London Collegiate School Dubai from 24th to 27th February 2020 and rated it as ‘Good.’

As per the latest report, students’ attainment is either very good or outstanding in every subject except Arabic and Islamic Education. When it comes to Science, Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) students’ attainment and teachers’ expertise is better.

Students are independent and thoughtful learners. They value healthy eating and are active. The majority is aware of Emirati culture and Islamic values. They have strong knowledge of their own cultures and other world cultures. Students take the environment seriously and show a responsible attitude.

Teaching is of high quality in almost all subjects, but it varies in Arabic and Islamic Education. Teachers deliver engaging lessons and mostly have positive interactions with students. High-level thinking and critical responses are encouraged with the skilful use of targeted questions. Teachers use assessments to personalise the learning experiences of students.

The curriculum is rich, balanced and broad. It carefully ensures skills and knowledge are built sequentially from year to year. Regular curriculum review leads to increased opportunities for students to develop academically and personally. Students of determination, Gifted and Talented students are supported with suitable adaptations.

North London Collegiate School has policies for health, safety and child protection. Students get plenty of healthy food options at the school. The campus is well-maintained and designed as per safety standards. However, the management should monitor it for avoiding potential risks.
Teacher-students relationships are excellent. Inclusion teachers provide well for students.

Leaders of the school promote a compelling vision drawn on the best traditions of NLCS in England. Educational leadership is strong in all subjects except Islamic Education and Arabic, which is less effective.
The school has highly effective communication with parents. The school governing board supports the development well. It does it with its expertise and provision of high-quality resources.

The best features of the school are:

  • Students’ very good and outstanding attainment in English, Science and Mathematics. They have well-developed critical thinking throughout the school
  • Students’ personal and social development at the school make them articulate, thoughtful and well-mannered young people
  • Strong relationships and personal attention underpins a sense of community, care and support
  • Variety of activities beyond the classrooms that include student societies, sports, arts and other options for senior students
  • School’s excellent facilities and resources for teaching and learning

KHDA recommendations include these:

The school has to improve the quality of provision for learning Islamic Education and Arabic by:

  • Improving teaching quality to ensure students make expected progress
  • Thoroughly implementing UAE curricula for Islamic Education and Arabic
  • Making sure Islamic education and Arabic get high-quality leadership
  • NLCS should identify potential risks and address them, including those related to managing vehicular traffic.

Academic Calendar for North London Collegiate School Dubai

The NLCS Dubai academic calendar is as follows:

The school year commences in August and concludes in July. Half-Term Break is observed in October and once more in February.

Winter Break commences mid-December and concludes at the beginning of January. Spring Break begins at the end of March and continues until the second week of April (10 days).

The school remains closed from July till September for Summer Break.

School operates from 08:00 am to 02:00 pm for Pre-KG students, 08:00 am to 02:40 pm for KG1, 08:00 am to 03:20 pm for Grade 1 to Grade 6, and 08:00 am to 04:00 pm for Grade 7 to Grade 13. 

Extracurricular activities are scheduled from 03:25 pm to 04:05 pm till Grade 6 and 04:05 pm to 05:05 pm for Grades 7 to 13. Parents can find detailed school schedules for each year on the website.

Admission and Fees

How to Apply to North London Collegiate School Dubai?

To secure admission to NLCS Dubai, prospective students must follow these steps: 

  1. Download the Application Form in editable PDF format. 
  2. Submit the filled form via email to with the following supporting documents: 
    1. Copy of Father/Guardian’s Passport
    2. Copy of Father/Guardian’s UAE Residency VISA
    3. Copy of Father/Guardian’s UAE ID Card
    4. Copy of Mother/Guardian’s Passport
    5. Copy of Mother/Guardian’s UAE Residency VISA
    6. Copy of Mother/Guardian’s UAE ID Card
    7. Copy of Child’s Passport
    8. Copy of Child’s UAE Residency Visa 
    9. Copy of Child’s UAE ID Card
    10. Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate
    11. Copy of official school or nursery reports from the past two years (in English)
    12. Four passport size photographs or a digital image of the child 
  3. A Transfer Certificate should be provided on completion of the current academic year. 
  4. A non-refundable Application Fee of AED 525 will be charged upon application submission.
  5. Alternatively, parents can submit the online admission form and send the supporting documents to
  6. The school conducts entrance exams to assess the calibre of each child. Parents can get in touch with the admissions team to schedule an assessment. 
  7. Ensure that your child meets the age requirements for each year by referring to this Age Placement Chart.

Parents can participate in various Admissions Events hosted by the school, such as School in Action and Open Afternoon, to decide their child’s academic career.

Fee Structure at NLCS Dubai

The breakdown of North London Collegiate School Dubai fees for each grade is as follows:

KHDA Approved Fee
Discount Rate
Fee After Discount
KHDA Approved Fee
AED 83,000
Discount Rate
Fee After Discount
AED 66,400
KHDA Approved Fee
AED 87,000
Discount Rate
Fee After Discount
AED 69,600
KG-2 – Grade 3
KHDA Approved Fee
AED 95,000
Discount Rate
Fee After Discount
AED 80,750
Grade 4 – Grade 5
KHDA Approved Fee
AED 98,000
Discount Rate
Fee After Discount
AED 83,300
Grade 6 – Grade 8
KHDA Approved Fee
AED 115,000
Discount Rate
Fee After Discount
AED 92,000
Grade 9 – Grade 10
KHDA Approved Fee
AED 120,000
Discount Rate
Fee After Discount
AED 96,000
Grade 11 – Grade 12
KHDA Approved Fee
AED 130,000
Discount Rate
Fee After Discount
AED 104,000

Fees can be paid in full annually at the beginning of the school year or in three instalments at the beginning of each term.

NLCS Dubai also offers sibling discounts, 5% for the second child, 10% for the third child and 15% for the fourth child. This discount will be valid for the entirety of the child’s tenure with NLCS Dubai.

School Facilities

Lunch Options at North London Collegiate School Dubai

NLCS Dubai strives to promote healthy eating habits among students. For this purpose, the Dining Hall on the campus serves balanced, nutritious lunches. The school’s Coffee Shop, which is open to parents, teachers and students, serves snacks, drinks, smoothies and fruit. The school also offers vegetarian dishes if the need arises. Parents have to inform the school in advance of any child’s dietary requirements or allergies. 

Parents also have to ensure they don’t pack snacks or lunches with nuts or sesame seeds in them, as NLCS Dubai maintains a nut and sesame-seed free environment. 

School Transportation at NLCS Dubai

The school works closely with the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) to provide a safe transport service for the students. Each bus is managed by a qualified driver and a female bus conductor. The routes NLCS Dubai covers are: 

Dubai Marina
The Greens
The Lakes
Al Barsha South
Mohammed Bin Rashid City
Jumeirah Island
Jumeirah Park
Business Bay
Downtown Dubai
Al Badaa
City Walk
Burj Khalifa
Dubai Mall
Al Safa
SZE – Business Bay
Palm Jumeirah / Jumeirah
Umm Suqeim
Dubai Media City
Bur Dubai
Oud Metha
SZR Financial / SZR Emirates
Al Warqaa 2 & 4
Dubai Silicon Oasis
Falcon City of Wonders
Damac Hills
Dubai Sports City
Studio City
Al Reem 3
Arabian Ranches 1 & 2
The Sustainable City
Al Nahda
Al Qusais
Al Riqqa
Meydan Polo
Al Jaddaf
Al Wasl
Dubai Healthcare City
Al Quoz
Al Garhoud
International City
Meydan South
Meydan Heights

The transportation cost at North Collegiate London School Dubai are as follows: 

Type of Service
Type of Service
Two-way / full service
AED 2954 per term / AED 8860
Type of Service
One-way / half service
AED 1934 per term / AED 5800

Buses generally pick up students between 06:20 am to 07:15 am. This may vary depending on the route. Departure times are usually between 03:30 pm and 04:15 pm, depending on the students’ year group and extracurricular activities. Parents can register for School Transportation by filling the registration form.

Boarding Facilities at North London Collegiate School Dubai

Unlike its parent and sister schools, NLCS Dubai is a day school and currently does not offer boarding facilities.

Holiday Camps at NLCS Dubai

North London Collegiate School Dubai organises educational trips for the students to expand their horizons and give them a chance to travel and explore the world. 

Students from Grade 5 to Grade 8 travelled to Verbier, Switzerland, in February 2020. Students of NLCS Dubai were also participants of The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN), during which time they visited Singapore. They could steal a few minutes to visit Universal Studios and other tourist locations in Singapore before getting down to work at THIMUN.

NLCS Dubai students in Singapore
Students who participated at THIMUN from NLCS Dubai at Universal Studios, Singapore (Image Credits: NLCS Dubai Facebook Page)

Sports Facilities at North London Collegiate School Dubai

Football field at NLCS Dubai
Students participate in football matches on the outdoor football field at NLCS Dubai (Image Credits: NLCS Dubai Flickr)

The 38,000 square meter campus of NLCS Dubai features state-of-the-art sports facilities. Students can make use of six tennis courts, rugby and cricket pitches, a basketball court, 8-lane indoor swimming pool, trainer pool, gym, and EYFS play area that NLCS Dubai has to offer.

Indoor Sports Hall at NLCS Dubai
The indoor sports hall at NLCS Dubai (Image Credits: NLCS Dubai Flickr)

Many sporting activities and competitions occur in school, which encourages students’ physical health and boosts their sportsmanship spirit.

Extracurricular Activities at NLCS Dubai

The school offers a wide array of non-scholastic activities for students to choose from. 

Junior School

There are over a hundred clubs that Junior School students can join during the school week. Some extracurricular activities and clubs organised by NLCS Dubai at the Junior School level are: 

Student newspaper
Tennis & Netball
Mad Scientists

Performing Arts Clubs for Junior School students are: 

  • Orchestra Club
  • Choir Club
  • Drama Club

Students can enrol for private music and drama lessons under the ‘Trinity’ lessons scheme the school offers. This will furnish them with opportunities to participate in concerts and productions throughout the school year. 

Senior School

The school strives to offer a well-rounded education at the Senior School level that teaches music, drama, sports, and creative arts in the academic year and the student’s lesson plans. The school also organises local and international trips that add value to the students’ academic growth, such as The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN), Singapore.

Extracurricular activities that the Senior School students can participate in are: 

NLCS French Radio
Mural Painting

The school offers both recreational and advanced sports training. Students of NLCS Dubai compete in DASSA and DAPSA leagues and inter-school competitions. Sporting activities for Senior School students are: 

Table Tennis
Martial Arts

Field Trips from North London Collegiate School Dubai

North London Collegiate School Dubai students are proud participants for The Duke of Edinburgh International Award, recognising and rewarding achievements beyond academia. As part of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award’s qualifying ‘Adventurous Journey activity, the NLCS Dubai team undertook a 2-day hike through Fujairah’s Kalba Mountains, where they were expected to camp, cook, and navigate their way through the mountains with resources they pre-packed for the excursion.

NLCS Dubai also organised a trip to Wadi Shawka for Grade 10, 11, and 12 Geography students. Grade 1 students went on an adventure around Dubai where they tried all forms of public transport such as bus, tram and monorail. Grade 4 students visited the Dubai Museum. Grade 9 Geography students took part in a study trip where they examined the characteristics of Bur Dubai and Downtown Dubai.

NLCS Dubai students in Wadi Shawqa
Students explore Wadi Shawka during a field trip organised by NLCS Dubai (Image Credits: NLCS Dubai Facebook Page)

After-school Care at North London Collegiate School Dubai

The school offers extracurricular activities that operate beyond school hours. Timings for these activities depend on the year group of the student.

Medical Care at North London Collegiate School Dubai

The school has a dedicated Medical Centre on the campus. A full-time nurse employed by NLCS Dubai tends to unwell students. The school also employs a part-time doctor on an on-call basis.


Mode of Communication between Teachers and Parents

NLCS Dubai has an in-house parent portal called the School Base System. The school regularly updates this portal, and parents can access any vital information regarding their ward through this platform.

The school also frequently sends out emails to parents to keep them in the loop regarding their child’s academic journey.

North London Collegiate School Dubai Contact Information

Note that the cover image belongs to North London Collegiate School Dubai.

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