Ibn Seena English High School, Sharjah

Ibn Seena English High School, Sharjah


Ibn Seena English High School was established in 1978 under the patronage of His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, the Ruler of Sharjah. English is the medium of instruction at the school, and students can opt for A-level, AS Level and IGCSE as per the British curriculum guidelines.

Ibn Seena English School Sharjah has separate classes for girls and boys. Teachers are well-qualified and experienced, and the teacher to student ratio is 1:12. The school offers the AS Level programme – a well-recognised international qualification.

Residential Communities near Ibn Seena English High School

Sharjah Cricket Stadium and Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi Mosque are the closest landmarks. Residential communities near Ibn Seena School include:

  • Al Khezamia
  • Samnan
  • Al Tala’a
  • Al Darari
  • Al Abar

Samnan is a small villa community in Sharjah. Part of the Halwan Suburb, it features traditional villas with a spacious layout. Al Darari is another developing residential area in Sharjah. It is one of the communities in the Mughaidir Suburb.

Those looking for accommodation near the school campus can check out:

Location of Ibn Seena English High School

Ibn Seena English High School is based in Mughaidir Suburb, a residential area dominated by villas. Families living in Al Shahba and nearby residential communities can easily reach the school. Sultan Al Qasimi Street connects it with other areas of Sharjah.

Why Ibn Seena English High School?

Ibn Seena English Sharjah is committed to transforming students into responsible citizens. Students are trained to accept diverse cultures and respect every individual. Ibn Seena English High School provides a supportive and relaxed atmosphere for students to grow and reach their full potential.

Teachers are well-qualified and try new ideas with a passion for educating students. They also receive in-house training and lectures.

Ibn Seena is one of the few school high schools in Sharjah that publishes its results online. Graduating students have joined prestigious universities, including the University of California-Berkeley, University of Michigan, University of Edinburgh, Oxford University, Cambridge University and the Carnegie Mellon University of Chicago.

School Details

Distance Learning at Ibn Seena English High School

The school is using the following application for the distance learning program:

  • Google Classroom
  • Zoom

To ensure that the distance learning programme runs smoothly:

  • All lessons will be uploaded on Google Classroom.
  • Synchronous lessons are conducted via Zoom, and the link is sent via Google Classroom.
  • Asynchronous lessons use videos or MS Powerpoint audio lectures.
  • Parents must provide a quiet and peaceful environment for their children. They can provide headphones if required.
  • Parents must be aware of the child’s timetable.
  • Parents should make sure that the child attends the class on time and their attendance is also marked. According to MOE, attendance is necessary for distance learning.
  • Parents must ensure that the child submits the given homework and assignments on time.
  • The teacher regularly assesses the child.
  • Parents must check their emails every day for updates.
  • Parents can also check the school website to communicate with the teacher.
  • The class teacher conducts Zoom classes in the morning; students can interact with their teacher and communicate during the session.

Years offered at Ibn Seena English High School

Learning Stage
Years Offered
Learning Stage
Primary School
Years Offered
KG 1 until Grade 2
Learning Stage
Junior School
Years Offered
Grades 3 to 7
Learning Stage
Senior School
Years Offered
Grades 8 to 12

Year 11 (Grade 10) is the final year of IGCSE. Year 12 (Grade 11) is the AS Level, while Year 13 (Grade 12) is when students appear for their A-Level exams.

Ibn Seena English High School Curriculum

Curriculum of Ibn E Seena School
The British curriculum is followed throughout the school

Ibn Seena School in Sharjah follows the British curriculum from KG until Grade 12.

Subjects for IGCSE include:

English Literature
Chemistry Or Accounting
Economics Or Business Studies

Students have to study the following subjects as per the MOE curriculum guidelines:

Islamic Studies
Social Studies
Physical Education

Ibn Seena allows students to pursue A-Levels. Subject combinations available include:

Physics / Chemistry
Biology / Chemistry
Physics /Mathematics
Economics / Accounting
ICT / Mathematics
Economics/ ICT

Academic Calendar of Ibn Seena English High School

The academic calendar for Ibn Seena is divided into two semesters.
You can view the detailed Ibn Seena academic calendar on the official website highlighting exam dates, semester breaks, holidays and school events.

Admission and Fees

How to apply to Ibn Seena English High School?

admission at Ibn E Seena English School
Admissions start with registering the child for an entrance exam

Ibn Seena English High School admissions are open for the 2021-22 school year.

The first step for admission into Ibn Seena English High School is to submit an online admission form. Once the form is filled and submitted, parents are requested to print out the admission form and submit it with the following documents. Please note that all documents mentioned below must be on A4-size paper.

  • Original and a photocopy of passport and valid residence visa
  • Birth certificate of the student (original and photocopy must be in English or Arabic)
  • Two recent photographs of student
  • Photocopy of father’s passport with a valid UAE visa
  • Two months advance fee (only cash)
  • Copy of the Immunisation card
  • Original Emirates ID and one copy
  • SIS number of Nursery (if attended in Ajman or Sharjah)
  • Any student who is transferring from UAE must submit their medical file from last attended school.
  • All candidates, regardless of the system, must submit an attested Report Card.

All documents issued outside of the UAE must be authenticated/attested by the following:

  • The country’s Ministry of Education or Education Bureau.
  • The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The UAE’s embassy or consulate of that country
  • The TC / Leaving Certificate should state that the student has completed the course and has been promoted.
  • Students coming from the British system should provide a Transfer Certificate (duly attested).

For Grade 2 to 12

(Transfer within Ajman or Sharjah)

  • A student coming from other than the British system must provide a school leaving certificate attested by the Ministry of Education along with an SIS Number and an attested report card.
  • A student coming from the British system has to provide a transfer certificate attested by the Ministry of Education, SIS number and attested report card.

Students coming from outside UAE should provide a birth certificate, latest report card and school leaving certificate attested by the following authorities:

  • The Ministry of Education of the country origin
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the student is coming from
  • Embassy or consulate of the UAE where the students are coming from

Students from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, or any other country and those who studied other curriculums must provide an attested school leaving certificate and an attested report card.

Fee Structure at Ibn Seena English High School

Here’s the Ibn Seena English High School fee structure for the different age groups:

Full Year Tuition Fee
Number of Instalments
Instalment Amount
KG1 and KG2
Full Year Tuition Fee
AED 5,300
Number of Instalments
Instalment Amount
AED 1,060
Grades 1 to 4
Full Year Tuition Fee
AED 6,300
Number of Instalments
Instalment Amount
AED 1,260
Grades 5 to 10
Full Year Tuition Fee
AED 7,400
Number of Instalments
Instalment Amount
AED 1,480
Grade 11
Full Year Tuition Fee
AED 7,400
Number of Instalments
Instalment Amount
AED 1,850
Grade 12
Full Year Tuition Fee
AED 10,500
Number of Instalments
Instalment Amount
AED 2,625

The fee paid is non-refundable. Those who pay the school fee in advance must also pay the school transportation fee in advance. The fee schedule is:

  • September and October fees have to be paid before 10th September.
  • November and December fees have to be paid before 10th November.
  • January and February fees have to be paid before the 10th of January.
  • March and April fees have to be paid before the 10th of March.
  • May and June’s fees have to be paid before the 10th of May.
  • Students who have not cleared the fees for two months will be struck off the roll.
  • Online payments can be made via the SKIPLY app. Those visiting the school can submit the fee at the counter using POS machines, current-dated cheques or cash.

School Facilities

School Transportation at Ibn Seena English High School

The school does provide bus services to facilitate students. Those who wish to use the school bus service should reach the stop by 01:25 pm sharp after school dismissal. Misbehaviour during the ride is strictly dealt with as it distracts the driver and puts students in danger.

For further details regarding school transport, parents should get in touch with transport administrators.

Extracurricular Activities at Ibn Seena English High School

Ibn Seena English High School organises different activities and events to keep students engaged.

UAE Flag Day
Winter Party
Spelling Bee
Digital Championship
Earth Day
Islamic Activities
English Activities


Mode of Communication between Teachers and Parents

Parents must check their pupil’s diary every day as it is used for communication between parents and school.

Parents-teacher meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month between 01:30 pm to 02:30 pm unless parents are informed otherwise. If parents wish to discuss anything on other days, they can communicate through the student’s diary. If an urgent matter needs to be discussed, they can book an appointment with the teachers.

Contact Information

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