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Horizon International School is a well known British educational institution in Dubai. The school first opened in 2008 and is now under the management of the Al Najah Education group since 2013. Offering education from Foundation Stage 1 to Sixth Form (Year 13) — its syllabus is based on the National Curriculum for England. Alongside the delivery of excellent education, Horizon International School Dubai also offers an array of extracurricular activities for the all-round development of students. It also provides children with a range of facilities — from the library and art room to swimming pools and sports courts. It has also successfully achieved a ‘Good’ rating from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) adding to its appeal with parents.

A fun and creative learning environment at Horizon International School
HIS Dubai offers a stimulating environment for its students. (Image credits: HIS Dubai website)

Residential Communities near Horizon International School

Set within Umm Al Sheif, Horizon International School is accessible from numerous residential neighbourhoods. Parents who would like to find out more about the communities near the school can look at the detailed information about those areas.

Al Sufouh — a waterfront community that is home to various state-of-the-art properties, is the closest residential area to Horizon International School.

Parents who want to make the school commutes of their children quick and comfortable can opt to buy or rent a property near Horizon International School.

Campus of Horizon International School

With an engaging environment that is filled with opportunities — the campus of Horizon International School features a selection of state-of-the-art facilities including:

Full-equipped science laboratories Fully-fitted multipurpose theatre
Dining hall Art Room
Indoor gymnasium Outdoor AstroTurf football pitch
Eight-lane swimming pool Food technology room
Primary stage library Secondary stage library

Location of Horizon International School

Horizon International School is located on Street 9A in Umm Al Sheif at a 7-minute drive from Burj Al Arab. Home to an array of luxurious villas and apartments, Umm Al Sheif is a small residential community in Dubai. It is surrounded by many opulent neighbourhoods including Al Sufouh, Umm Suqeim and Al Manara. The neighbourhood is quite popular among families as it offers a selection of modern facilities — from supermarkets and schools to restaurants and entertainment venues.

Occupying a prime position, it sits close to many transport routes including Al Wasl Road (D92), Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) and Al Thanya Road. These roads offer great connectivity to the school from different areas of the emirate and make it convenient for students to reach the educational institution.

Why Horizon International School?

Horizon International School believes that high standard education enhances the lives of students, helping them to become contributing members of society. Students are taught using the syllabus prescribed by the British curriculum in a competitive learning environment that is customised to suit their academic needs. To gain knowledge and develop skills, each individual gets care and equal attention.

The fact that it is accredited by British Schools Overseas adds to the appeal for parents who want their children to attend a recognised British institute in the city.

Horizon International School also offers GCSE and IGCSE exams in Key Stage 4, ensuring that children can easily transition into university life.

With over 1,000 multicultural students, the academy has turned into one of the best British schools in Dubai over the years. With top-notch amenities and highly qualified educators, it nurtures the talent of a child through unique teaching techniques. To meet the requirement of a globalised and dynamic world, it keeps on reinventing its teaching approach. This helps to inculcate 21st-century learning skills enabling students to better adapt to the needs of the changing world.

Providing a balanced and broad learning experience, the educational institution ensures the well-being of its students. Alongside outstanding delivery of education, it offers great pastoral care.

Extracurricular activities are also crucial to the overall development of a child. The school gives equal importance to extracurricular activities.

Collaborative learning at Horizon International School
Students are taught in a competitive learning environment that is customised to suit their academic needs. (Image credits: HIS Dubai website)

School Details

Years Offered at Horizon International School

Horizon International School offers education to students from early years till the sixth form. The stages of education at this educational centre are:

Early Years FS1 and FS2
Primary School Year 1 to Year 6
Secondary School Year 7 to Year 11
Sixth form Year 12 and Year 13

Horizon International School Curriculum

Horizon International School Dubai follows the British Curriculum — a 13-year curriculum. The British Curriculum holds a reputation for its comprehensiveness and quality.

While the medium of instruction is English, students can choose from a wide variety of second languages. Arabic as a second language is mandated by the Ministry of Education however, non-native speakers are taught a more basic syllabus while native Arabic speakers have to take advanced courses.

Early Years: Foundation Stage 1 and 2

Teaching UK National Curriculum — Horizon International School Dubai nurtures the students through exciting activities in shared learning zones. The foundation stage provides young pupils with an engaging and exciting environment to commence their educational life.

Supporting children to acquire their full potential, the school has a warm, happy and safe environment for Foundation Stage. Qualified teachers emphasise on an inquiry-based approach to maximise their learning.

Horizon International School Dubai believes in keeping the community inclusive. Parents get an invitation to be a part of morning learning sessions followed by morning coffee with other parents and the school team.

The aim of early years education is to nurture the inner abilities of a pupil by:

  • Teaching children to socialise and build confidence
  • Setting a path for inquiry-based learning
  • Valuing each child’s unique abilities and giving each child individual attention.
  • Fostering the imagination and creativity of each student
  • Infusing the values of religious, cultural and social acceptance
Children playing and learning at foundation stage in Horizon International School
The foundation stage provides young pupils with an engaging and exciting environment to commence their educational life. (Image credits: HIS Dubai website

Primary Stage

The primary stage at Horizon International School is divided into two categories including Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6).  The National Curriculum for England is taught in the primary stage. Educators use a blend of teaching techniques to guide and motivate children to succeed.

Using modern learning techniques, it aims to provide students with a robust and engaging atmosphere where they learn, grow and excel in all aspects of life.

Primary stage student using computers at Horizon International School
Educators at HIS use a blend of teaching techniques to guide and motivate children to succeed. (Image credits: HIS Dubai website)

The Secondary School

The secondary school’s curriculum is divided into two stages:

  • Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8 and 9)
  • Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11)

In Key Stage 3 pupils learn the following subjects:

Mathematics English
Science Arabic
Moral Education Geography
History UAE Social Studies
Islamic Studies Music
PE Drama
Art Dance
Design and Technology ICT/Computer Science
French Spanish

Please note that students have the option of either French or Spanish as the second language. Also, Islamic Studies is for Muslims.

Upon entering Year 9, children begin preparation for GCSE. The subjects which are part of the GCSE curriculum are:

English Language English Literature
Mathematics Science
Islamic Studies Arabic
Global Citizenship

As they enter Year 10, children have to select four subjects alongside the core curriculum. They can achieve up to 11 GCSEs.

In the secondary stage, the school encourages pupils to be more independent so that they can confront the upcoming challenges in universities and their workplaces. Students are motivated to adopt new techniques of learning.

Physical health activities at secondary stage in Horizon International School
Students of Secondary School are encouraged to participate in different extra-curricular and sports activities to build their confidence and hone their skills. (Image credits: HIS Dubai website)

The Sixth Form: Key Stage 5 (Year 12 and 13)

Students in the sixth form experience an even more competitive environment that prepares them to enter the high school or workplace more confidently. The essential skill set required to grow in the ever-changing globalised world is instilled with advanced level courses. They also encounter crucial social, political, religious and cultural issues.

Students in Key Stage 5 are also exposed to a new range of advanced subjects to further improve their abilities. The curriculum encapsulates core subjects along with an array of A-Level examination courses from which they can choose more than four subjects. These are 2-year courses, while some subjects which are offered for AS level is only available for a year.

The following courses are taught in the Sixth Form:

Sociology Maths
Chemistry History
French English Literature
Psychology Photography
Geography Physics
Arabic Accounting
Biology Drama
Economics Business Studies
Sixth form students in Horizon International School
Students in Sixth Form are exposed to a new range of advanced subjects to further improve their abilities. Image credits: HIS Dubai Website)

KHDA Rating

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) inspects private schools in Dubai based on their facilities and academic results. Schools receive ratings such as Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Weak and Very Weak. The KHDA focuses on maintaining a high quality of education as well as the happiness and wellbeing of students and educators.

KHDA's 6-point rating scale
KHDA’s rating scale explained

Horizon International School KHDA rating for the year 2023-2024 is ‘Very Good’.

Academic Calendar for Horizon International School

  • The academic year at HIS Dubai starts in August and ends in July and has three terms.
  • The first term starts in the last week of August and ends in the second week of December. Students then go on a three-week winter break that ends in the last week of December.
  • The second term begins in the first week of January and ends in the fourth week of March. This is followed by a two-week spring break that ends in the second week of April.
  • The third week starts in the second week of April and ends in the first week of July.
Dubai Transactions

Admission and Fees

How to Apply to Horizon International School?

Admitting your child to Horizon International School, Dubai is an easy process. You can take a school tour to explore and experience life at Horizon International School. Informing the school before the tour is not necessary you can just drop by and the faculty will assist you. To book a tour, fill out the tour registration form on the official website.

You can follow these steps to enrol your kid.

Step 1:

Get in touch with the registrar through to enrol your child

Step 2:

Submit the completed online application form.

Step 3

You will be assessed by the school management following the application form.

For more information, check out the admission details of Horizon International School.

Fee Structure at Horizon International School

GradeAnnual Tuition Fee (AED)
FS1 and FS2 35,232
Year 1 and 2 40,441
Year 3 and 4 46,148
Year 5 and 6 49,336
Year 7, 8 and 9 55,878
Year 10 and 11 60,221
Year 12 and 13 66,346

The books and resources charges are:

YearOther charges (AED)
FS1 350
FS2 400
Year 1 600
Year 2 700
Year 3 850
Year 4 850
Year 5 900
Year 6 900
Year 7 1,100
Year 8 1,100
Year 9 1,100
Year 10 1,300
Year 11 1,300
Year 12 1,300
Year 13 1,300

Scholarships at Horizon International School

Horizon International School has a scholarship programme to recognise, nurture and reward excellence. The programme aims to publically recognise outstanding students, offer quality educational facilities and experiences and offer a concession on tuition fees.

The HIS Dubai scholarship is offered in the following categories:

  • Academics
  • Sports
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Innovation and Digital Technology

The scholarship is granted by the scholarship committee chaired by the principal of the school. The recommendations made by the chairperson and other members of the committee are sent to Al Najah Group for approval. Here is a brief overview of each category of scholarship:

Academic Scholarship

For the academic scholarship, the student’s present school that shows top ranks in the classroom must be submitted. Students will then be interviewed by the committee, followed by the verbal and non-verbal CAT4 test and progress test in English, maths and science if applicable.

Sports Scholarship

The sports scholarship is usually handed to students showcasing above-average in one or more sports. Students coming from the primary section captained their teams or represented locally or nationally are given preference.

Creative and Performance Arts Scholarship

This category of scholarship is for students with skills in music, dance, drama and other forms of performance art. Students should at least be in Grade 3 or equivalent grade and have an art portfolio before applying.

Innovation and Design Technology Scholarship

This scholarship is first offered to students in the academic year 2021-2022 in line with the National Agenda.

Scholarships are awarded to students from Year 5 to Year 13. There are two programmes offered by the school. In the first programme, students will get a 25% concession on tuition fees with an iPad or laptop by the school. The second programme offers a 50% concession on the tuition fee along with a paid competition or a grade exam entry.

For more information, read the scholarship programme offered by Horizon International School (HIS).



Lunch Options at Horizon International School

MasterCook, a renowned school food catering service, ensures students at Horizon International School Dubai receive meals that are not only delicious but also healthy and nutritious. 100% nut-free freshly produced food is delivered to Horizon International School daily.

Parents can choose between a hot lunch box and a cold lunch box program.

students of Horizon International school enjoying their time at school's cafeteria
The school offers nutritious and healthy meals for its students. (Image credits: HIS Dubai website)

School Transportation at Horizon International School

To provide professional and secure transport services — HIS Dubai has outsourced the bus services to Gulf Pinnacle Transport (GPT). Strictly adhering to safety standards, GPT follows the regulations set by Dubai Road Transport Authority.

The buses are fully-secured with real-time tracking of vehicle and video surveillance systems. The login and logout status is also recorded. Moreover, the buses are fully equipped to deal with any crises and mishaps.

Below are the bus routes:

  • Bus Route 1: Umm Suqeim, Bur Dubai, Al Wasl
  • Bus Route 2: JVC, Barsha Heights, Springs, The Greens
  • Bus Route 3: Jumeirah Park, The Meadows, JLT, The Springs
  • Bus Route 4: Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, JBR
  • Bus Route 5: Al Barsha, DIFC, Business Bay
School buses for students of Horizon International School
The buses are equipped with top-notch safety features. (Image credits: HIS Dubai website)

For more information, email or dial +971 5 65150987.

Boarding Facility at Horizon International School

HIS Dubai does not offer any boarding facilities.

Holiday Camps at Horizon International School

The school provides holiday camps with a wide variety of sports activities such as football, basketball etc. It also has external providers who offer to run their unique programs during these holiday camps.

Sports Facilities

Offering an abundance of sporting facilities, Horizon International School offers students opportunities to be part of different sports games that enhance their talents and enliven their experience. They learn the significance of teamwork and communication which helps them when they step into their professional lives. One can participate in the following sports:

Swim run
Cross country
Horizon International School's students playing football
Horizon International School motivates students to take part in different sports activities. (Image credits: HIS Dubai website)

Extra-curricular Activities at Horizon International School

It brings more to the table with an array of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The academy continually aims to provide a selection of thrilling traditional, cultural and out-of-the-box activities that help them to amplify their educational encounters beyond the conventional learning programs.

Co-curricular activities for students are:

Public Speaking
Digital Literacy

Other extracurricular activities offered to students are:

Horse Riding
Martial Arts
Students of Horizon International School engaged in extra-curricular activities
At Horizon International School Dubai, students get the opportunity of participating in an array of extra-curricular activities. (Image credits: HIS Dubai Facebook page)

Field Trips from Horizon International School

The school often holds fun-filled, educational and engaging field trips. They also collaborate with Ecoventure which offers programs for schools. Upcoming trips in 2020 include trips to Georgia (Y5-13) and Malaysia (Y6-10). A few of the past trips include a trip to Louvre Abu Dhabi, Year 6 students Ecoventure trip to Wadi Adventure Al Ain.

After-school Care at Horizon International School

After school care is available at Horizon International School. You can enrol your child at Star Club. Please contact the school for timings and other information.

Medical Care at Horizon International School

With all essential medicines and tools, the educational institution also incorporates a fully-equipped first aid room. The school has two qualified nurses who take care of their children in emergencies. Answering the health-related questions of pupils, the nurses are qualified to give any first aid treatment.

If the case requires any emergency treatment an ambulance is called immediately and the student is moved to a hospital. Parents are informed. To ensure the children are safe and sound while studying at Horizon International School, a doctor visits the institute twice a week for routine check-ups. These are done after the consent of parents.

medical check up of students in HIS
The educational institution incorporates a fully-equipped first aid room. (Image credits: HIS Dubai website)


Mode of Communication between Teachers and Parents

The school communicates with parents through many modes of communication. The Delta6 School Communicator is an app that provides regular updates to parents regarding events, an overview of the respective year groups and much more. To make communication even smoother, guardians are provided with the email addresses of relevant teachers. Parents can also join the Whatsapp group of the school, which is created to keep the guardian updated regarding the happenings going on in the classroom.

Numerous parent-teacher meetings are held all over the year to discuss the progress, health and learning of the student. For Foundation Stage — ClassDojo, another brilliant app connects parents and teachers on students’ progress. Parents get real-time reports and updates with pictures and videos. Guardians can also stay at Horizon International School twice a week to learn and observe the atmosphere. Workshops and coffee mornings are also conducted with parents.

Home-school diaries are the most preferred medium for teachers to communicate with parents during the primary stage. Educators share weekly reports to parents regarding the objectives and accomplishments of their children.

When pupils reach the secondary stage, their parents are directly informed about their progress through emails. Moreover, they also receive all updates regarding events and happenings in the school. Parents of secondary stage students are invited to see the progress of their child.

Horizon International School Contact Information

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