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Located in Dubai Investment Park, Greenfield International School Dubai was established in 2007 by Taaleem — the UAE’s second-largest educational services provider. Greenfield Community International School (GCIS) offers the IB curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12 (IB Diploma) with an extensive co-curricular programme. The quality of education and available facilities have made it one of Dubai’s top International Baccalaureate schools.

As per the latest inspection report by KHDA, the school has 1,187 boys and girls. The majority of students at Greenfield International School are Arab nationals. About 99 students require special educational needs. They are taught by a team of 99 teachers and 35 teaching assistants. The teacher to student ratio of 1:12 ensures excellent attention and care. Most teachers at this school are British nationals holding relevant qualifications and educational experience. KHDA rated the current performance of the school as good.

Read this comprehensive guide by Bayut to learn more about the educational programme, facilities, extra-curricular activities, admission details and fee structure.

Residential Communities near Greenfield International School

Greenfield Community International School, located in Dubai Investment Park, is easily accessible to residents living in many family-friendly communities. Parents in search of residential areas near the school can look at the following neighbourhoods:

Parents who are looking to settle down in an apartment near the educational institution can also consider these properties:

Campus of Greenfield International School

Greenfield International School Dubai features well-stocked libraries, technology labs, a sizeable 350-seater auditorium and spacious play areas for KG children. There are indoor and outdoor play areas, two cafeterias, two mindfulness rooms and two student clinics.

One can also find art studios, music rooms and dance and drama studios. Greenfield Community International School also has ICT labs and design technology workshops.

Greenfield International School is also home to many sports facilities, including a competitive swimming pool, shaded learning pool, fully-equipped gymtennis courts, and sports fields.

Shaded outdoor areas of Greenfield International School
The campus GCIS is equipped with top-notch amenities. (Image credits: GCIS website).

Location of Greenfield International School

The spacious campus of Greenfield Community International School is tucked away at DIP near Jumeirah Golf Estate Club within 17 minutes to Dubai International Stadium. Sprawling over an area of 5,683 acres — Dubai Investment Park is a mixed-use development in Dubai. The locality is made up of both commercial and residential properties.

Another distinctive feature of the school is its unique proximity to numerous prominent roads. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road, Expo Road, and Yalayis Road/ Jebel Ali-Al Hibab Road are located near the educational institution. The well-connected locality makes it convenient for residents living in many communities away from the school.

Outside areas of Greenfield International School
The spacious campus of Greenfield International School is located at Dubai Investment Park. Image credits: GCIS Website.

Why Greenfield International School?

Greenfield International School, Dubai is a top-tier IB school in Dubai that fosters the aspiration and potential of each individual. It is a centre of excellence where personal bests are achieved with excellence in music, sports and arts. The educational institution believes that schools must go beyond academic learning to create the leaders of tomorrow.

GIS supports its pupil through every step of their educational journey. With a vision to be the most inspiring and competent teachers in the emirate, the educators at Greenfield Community International School use different techniques to nurture students’ abilities. The academy has a student-centred approach to delivering education, emphasising inquiry-based learning.

While most of the teachers are from Britain, Greenfield International School hosts a multi-cultural population of educators and students, which helps students understand different perspectives and cultures.

Education goes hand-in-hand with pastoral care at Greenfield Community International School. The school knows the importance of a healthy and safe environment in students’ lives. The school instils respect and admiration for mutual students and other community members.

Students enjoying their time at Greenfield International School
Greenfield Community International School fosters the aspiration and potential of each individual. Image credits: GCIS Website.

School Details

COVID-19 Protocols

For the new academic year 2021-2022, KHDA has issued a revised set of protocols considering the current COVID-19 situation in Dubai. Most protocols remain unchanged; however, KHDA has changed some important ones that will change the way schools operate.

COVID-19 vaccines are not mandatory for students and staff for the current academic year. Before the start of the academic year, partially vaccinated staff members need to provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test result every week. KHDA also allowed schools to operate buses at full capacity. However, school bus operators must follow health and safety protocols, including sanitisation and ventilation.

Extra-curricular activities are now allowed at the start of the academic year, including sports activities, swimming pools, excursions and field trips. KHDA expects schools to meet the health and safety policies during these activities. The minimum physical distance is reduced to 1 metre. Thus, allowing most activities to be conducted within classrooms. Staff members and students above six years old will have to wear a mask at all times.

KHDA has also changed the learning and teaching methods for the year 2021-2022. From October 3, schools will offer 100% on-site learning to students. Those wishing to continue distance learning will have to provide a relevant certificate issued by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Grades Offered at Greenfield International School

The educational system of GCIS has the following stages:

Kindergarten Pre-KG to KG2
IB Primary Years Grade 1 to Grade 5
IB Middle Year Grade 6 to Grade 10
IB Diploma Years Grade 11 and Grade 12

Greenfield International School Curriculum

Greenfield Community International School follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum a renowned learning programme followed in more than 150 countries. A distinctive feature of the IB curriculum is that it is adaptive and allows pupils to transition between any IB school in the world.

It is accepted by the world’s best colleges and universities. The learning programme emphasises inquiry-based learning and encourages pupils to acquire confidence and knowledge.  Please note that the medium of instruction is English. Arabic is mandatory for all students. However, native speakers are taught the more intensive Arabic A curriculum standardised by the Ministry of Education. In contrast, non-native speakers follow the basic Arabic B curriculum.

Primary Years Program (PYP)

The International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) is crafted to focus on the child’s curiosity. The learning programme motivates students through questions and investigation within and outside classrooms.

The inquiry-based curriculum is divided into six main themes including:

  • Who Are We
  • How the World Works
  • How We Organise Ourselves
  • Where We Are in Time and Place
  • How We Express Ourselves
  • Sharing the World

Some prominent features of the PYP programme are:

  • Focuses on pupils’ emotional, social and academic needs
  • Encourages students to be independent and responsible
  • Motivates children to get a better understanding of society and fellow beings
  • Nurtures the international-mindedness of pupils

IB Middle Years (MYP)

 After completing PYP, students advance to IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). IB MYP prepares pupils for the subsequent phase of education to pick either IB Diploma Programme or IB Career-related Programme. MYP involves Grade 6-10.

MYP motivates pupils to establish personal understanding and a sense of self and responsibility. It emphasises contextual learning and global challenges through updated education. Throughout the MYP, the school adopts the Approaches to Learning (ATL) path that involves students building foundations through concepts. ATL encourages children to be independent and apply learnt skills in everyday life. Moreover, GIS considers learning different languages imperative for students. Therefore, students must study a minimum of two languages in the MYP stage.

IB Diploma Years

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a two-year academic programme that involves Grade 11 and Grade 12. The balanced curriculum is rigorous and challenging. It prepares students for admission tests at top universities.

Carefully designed to meet students’ intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs, the IB diploma programme is highly recognised and appreciated across the globe.

The six core areas of focus in the diploma programme are:

  • Mathematics
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Language Acquisition
  • Sciences
  • Studies in Language and Literature
  • Arts

Each area offers different subjects, and pupils must pick a subject from the first five areas. The student can choose between Arts and a subject from Group 1 to 5.

Distance Learning

As per the new COVID-19 protocols issued by KHDA, schools are discontinuing the distance learning programme from October 3, 2021. Those wishing to continue their education via distance learning have to show a relevant health certificate issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Schools may revert to distance learning if COVID-19 cases are detected in a class or a group in a class.

KHDA Rating

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the government entity responsible for the quality and growth of private education in the emirate of Dubai. They inspect private schools in Dubai with judgments made on a six-point scale of Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Weak and Very Weak. KHDA focuses on maintaining a high quality of education and the happiness and wellbeing of students and educators.

KHDA School Ratings
KHDA inspects schools on a six-point scale.

Greenfield International School KHDA rating for 2019-2020 is ‘good’. The inspection was done near the end of 2019.

Here’s a history of the KHDA ratings for GCIS so far:

YearsKHDA Rating
2010-2011 Good
2011-2013 Acceptable
2013-2020 Good

Some positive highlights from the KHDA inspection report on 2019-2020 were:

  • Strong leadership supporting others to achieve the highest standards
  • Attainment in English, science and mathematics
  • The positive ethos of the school and the support by the staff resulting in improved social and personal skills of students
  • Effective implementation of safety and health-related arrangements for students and staff
  • A well-tailored and modified curriculum providing progressive experience to students

KHDA also suggested a few recommendations, which include:

  • Use the latest developments that senior leaders and governors implemented to accelerate progress and attainment in Arabic and Islamic Education.
  • Improve assessments for all phases to ensure highly consistent teaching across all subjects.

Academic Calendar for Greenfield International School

he academic year at Greenfield International School starts in August and ends in July. The year is split into three terms with the following important events:

  •  The first term starts in the last week of August. The midterm break for the first term is expected in the third week of October. The term ends in the second week of December. Students then go on a three-week winter break that ends in the last week of December.
  • The second term starts in the first week of January and ends in the fourth week of March. The midterm break for the second term is expected in the third week of February. It is followed by a two-week spring break that ends in the first week of April.
  • The third term starts right after the spring break and ends in the first week of July. The midterm break for this term is replaced by the Eid Al Fitr holidays.

Please note that the dates mentioned above are subject to change as per the COVID-19 situation and the government’s announcement. Greenfield Community School also observed holidays on numerous religious, national and international events. The exact dates of these events are subjected to moon sightings and announcements by the government. For more information, check out the calendar of Greenfield International School.


Admission and Fees

How to Apply to Greenfield International School?

You can fill out the enquiry form available on the website to ask queries. The school representative will contact you and help you with all the details. Moreover, you can download the school brochure for more information.

Greenfield International School encourages parents to visit the school and check out the facilities by themselves. It is also an opportunity for the school to know more about students. Due to COVID-19 protocols and guidelines, the school can only entertain already pre-book school tours. If interested, you can fill out the book a tour form.

The admission process at this school consists of three easy steps, which are as follows:

Step 1

Fill out the online application form. You will receive an email on your given email ID to direct you to the second step.

Step 2

The email will include a list of documents required for admissions. Parents need to visit the admission department with a one-time non-refundable and non-transferable Application Fee. The institute will assess candidates regardless of their age and nationality.

Required Documents

  • Candidate’s one recent passport-sized photo
  • Candidate’s passport copy
  • Candidate’s Emirates ID copy (both sides)
  • Candidate’s residence visa copy
  • Candidate’s medical record
  • Candidate’s vaccination card copy
  • Candidate’s last school report copy on letterhead along with the school’s sign and stamp
  • Candidate’s diagnostic testing copy (if applicable)
  • Candidate’s educational assessment (if applicable)
  • Candidate’s psychological assessments (if applicable)
  • Both Parents’ passport copy
  • Both Parents’ residence visa copy
  • Parents’ Emirate ID copy (both sides)

Parents need to pay a non-refundable application fee of AED 525 along with 5% VAT that is added as per government regulation.

You are required to send scanned documents to

Step 3

The school will contact you with a date of student assessment. The admission department and faculty members are responsible for the evaluation. If it is successful, you will receive an acceptance letter. Parents need to pay a deposit fee to reserve a seat. The enrolment of students is subject to interviews and the last school’s report card.

The age-grade guideline is as follows:

GradeMinimum Entry AgeMaximum Entry AgeMinimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Kindergarten 1
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Kindergarten 2
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 1
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 2
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 3
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 4
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 5
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 6
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 7
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 8
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 9
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 10
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 11
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*
Grade 12
Minimum Entry Age
Maximum Entry Age
Minimum Entry Age for Overseas Transfers*

This is based on the age of the students on 31st August (for schools beginning in September). Source: GCIS

* This is to cater to students transferring from systems that admit students of a younger age)

Parents must provide a transfer certificate from the candidate’s last school for all students applying in Grade 2 and upwards. To find out more, read the admission process at Greenfield International School.

Fee Structure at Greenfield International School

Compared to other international schools, it is one of the affordable IB schools in Dubai. The Greenfield International School fees are as follows:

GradeAnnual Tuition Fee (AED)
Pre-KG 31,750
KG1 36,750
KG2 38,750
Grade 1 to Grade 6 49,732
Grade 7 to Grade 10 62,440
Grade 11 and Grade 12 76,315

For more information, view the fees structure of Greenfield International School.


School Facilities

Lunch Options at Greenfield International School

Children form eating habits in their childhood and carry them into their adulthood. The school motivates pupils to eat healthy and nutritious meals. GCIS offers comprehensive three course meals for its students in the break-time. As an alternative, students can also bring healthy food from their homes. Unhealthy foods such as nuts and fizzy drinks are not allowed.

There are two canteens in school. One is located in the primary building, while the other one is situated in the secondary section.

School Transportation at Greenfield International School

Greenfield International School, Dubai, has outsourced its school transportation service to Arab Falcon Bus Rental LLC — a well-known bus transportation company. Each vehicle in the bus fleet is equipped with high-standard safety features and strongly adheres to the rules and regulation set by the Road & Transport Authority (RTA). For complete care of children, a nanny travels with the students on the bus. To enhance safety features, all the vehicles feature a tracking system along with fitted CCTV cameras.

The school has four routes throughout Dubai. The routes and their tuition fee are as follows:

  • Area 1: Green Community Village, Jebel Ali, Emirate Hills, Jumeirah Island, Jumeriah Village Circle and Triangle, The Greens, Dubai Marina, JLT, The Gardens, Al Sufouh 2, Dubai Colony, Jebel Ali Industrial Area, Mina Jebel Ali, Remraam, IMPZ, Layan Community and Damac Hills (AED 8,900 per year)
  • Area 2: Umm Suqeim 1 and 2, Jumeirah, Al Wasl, Al Safa 1 and 2, Al Quoz, Al Merkad, Umm Al Sheif, Al Manara, Al Sufouh 1, Knowledge Village, Palm Jumeirah, Al Barsha, Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai Sports City, Mira, Waha, Serene Community, Studio City and Dubai Hills (AED 9,250 per year)
  • Area 3: Al Warqaa, Uptown Mirdif, Al Mezhar, Bur Dubai, Al Hudaiba, Al Mina, Al Karama, Oud Metha, Zaabel, Al Jadaf, Nad al Sheba, Business Bay, DSO, Dubailand and Dubai South (AED 9,600 per year)
  • Area 4: Al Ghadeer and Sahara Meadows (AED 10,000 per year)

For more information, contact Arab Falcon Bus Rental’s transport representative for GCIS.

Boarding Facility at Greenfield International School

Greenfield Community International School does not offer boarding facilities.

Sports Facilities

East Sports Management (ESM), a sports company in the UAE, provides sports training to students of GCIS. With highly qualified coaches, ESM offers the following activities:

Tennis Swimming
Rugby Climbing
Football Cricket

Many ESM coaches have performed at a professional level in their sport, some have captained their teams at this level and some have even made it into the Guinness World Book of Records.

It also offers classroom-based activities including Arabic Language Classes and Offsite activities such as Scuba Diving.

Students playing basketball at Greenfield International School
A wide range of sports facilities is offered at GCIS. Image credits: GCIS Facebook

Extra-curricular Activities at Greenfield Community International School

Helping students to develop and explore interests in various fields, an array of exciting extra-curricular activities complement the academic curriculum at Greenfield Community International School.

Extra-curricular activities offered at GCIS include:

Creative Writing
French for French Speakers
Qur’an Recitation
Performing Art
Creative Art
Environmental Club
Poetry Club
Model United Nations (MUN)

Some extra-curricular activities are offered by external companies such as DPA and E-sports. Fees for these are not included in tuition fees.

Students of Greenfield International School engaged in extra-curricular activities
GCIS motivates students to take part in different extra-curricular activities. Image credits: GCIS Facebook

Field Trips from Greenfield Community International School

Several field trips are organised for pupils of every grade. These help students get experiential learning and to explore the heritage and culture of different places.

Grade 3 students had a visit to Etihad Museum, where they learned numerous things about the history, culture and art of the United Arab Emirates. Similarly, the school arranged a school trip for students of Grade 4 to The Sustainable City.

Medical Care at Greenfield Community International School

With a qualified doctor and nurse — Greenfield Community International School is home to 2 well-equipped medical centres. One clinic is located in the primary building, while the other one is situated in the secondary building.

GCIS is committed to providing your children with the utmost medical care. With a spacious waiting area and observation beds, the clinic has all necessary medical equipment including ENT diagnostic sets, sphygmomanometer, nebulizer, glucometer and oxygen cylinder.

Health services meet the standards set by the KHDA and Dubai Health Authority School Health Guidelines. Medical professionals offer health tips and counselling on how to prevent injuries and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Adhering to the regulation set by Healthy Eating Initiative, the educational institution advises guardians to encourage children to eat healthy and nutritious food and avoid unhealthy snacks, chocolates, drinks and other food.



Mode of Communication between Teachers and Parents

GIS knows how important it is to establish a powerful bond between parents and teachers. Both guardians and educators play a crucial role in the development of students. The school is also on D6 Communicator app where parents can have access to the dashboard, notice board, news and other relevant information.

Greenfield Community International School encourages parents to actively participate in school events and class activities. Moreover, teachers frequently communicate the child’s progress in tests and other class activities to parents. One can also join the Whatsapp group of the school, where class teachers share important updates.

Parents teacher sessions at Greenfield International School
Parents attending an anti-bullying session at Greenfield International School. Image credits: GCIS Facebook

Greenfield International School Contact Information

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