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Emirates International School Meadows



Emirates International School – Meadows was established in September 2005 by Al Habtoor Group in the heart of the popular residential neighbourhood. The school initially offered classes from Early Years to Year 10. But now, Emirates International School Meadows Dubai provides the highest quality international education from Early Years to Year 13 for children aged 3 to 18. Currently, there are 1,726 students belonging to over 80 nationalities. Similarly, the 148 teachers belong to 25 different nationalities. There are 29 teaching assistants, and the teacher to student ratio is 1:12. EIS Meadows also has 117 students of determination.

Emirates International School Meadows overview
Students from different parts of the world make up the student population (Image Credit: Emirates International School Meadows)

The motto of EIS – Meadows is ‘Committed to Excellence.’ The school is authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Continuum programmes, including IBDP, MYP and PYP, in a co-educational setup. The school’s leadership consists of international educators with a shared passion for learning and teaching.

Located in The Meadows, the school’s mission is to provide a balanced learning program to Emirati and expatriate students. Special attention is paid to the educational, social and physical development of children of all ages. They are also encouraged to think analytically and creatively and apply their learning and knowledge outside the classroom.

The outstanding curriculum at Emirates School Meadows aligns with the IB standards. The PYP (Primary Year Programme) leads to MYP (Middle Year Programme) and then to IB DP (Diploma Programme). For the last five years, the school has steadily achieved its academic goals. Students graduating from the school were accepted by Oxford University, the University of Berkeley (USA) and other top international universities. Students also secured above IB world averages in 19 out of 21 subjects.

The primary language of instruction at the Emirates International School – Meadows is English. The school believes that education is a shared responsibility of the school management, parents, students, teachers and other staff members. EIS-Meadows is an approved IB World School. The Council of International Schools accredited it in 2011. The school is one of the most expensive schools in Dubai.

Residential Communities near Emirates International School Meadows

Popular residential areas in proximity to the Emirates International School – Meadows include:

Jumeirah Islands by Nakheel Properties is divided into six blocks known as European, Islamic, Mediterranean, Oasis, Tropical and Contemporary. You can find offers villas and townhouses in the development. Emirates Hills is an upscale gated community by Emaar Properties, home to the Montgomerie Golf Club, an 18-hole world-class golf course. It is one of the most expensive villa communities in Dubai.

Those looking for residential options near Emirates International School – Meadows can consider:

Campus of Emirates International School Meadows

The campus is divided into two sections – primary, junior school and a high school section. The campus has 65 classrooms for Primary School with LCD projectors and interactive whiteboards. The facility also contains two IT suites, a grand library, a multi-purpose hall and a 20-metre indoor swimming pool. The purpose-built campus has an expansive outdoor sports turf, a dedicated art, music and drama studio and a language teaching room.

Emirates International School Meadows campus
The school library is well-stocked (Image Credit: Emirates International School Meadows)

The high school section has six IT suites, a cafeteria, a library, a multi-purpose sports hall/gymnasium and a dance studio. There is a 20-metre indoor swimming pool, an outdoor sports turf, two art and dance suites and a drama room.

Location of Emirates International School Meadows

Emirates International School – Meadows was the first school to open near Emirates Hills to cater to Emirati and expatriate families. It is centrally located in The Meadows, a popular residential district in Dubai.

Why Emirates International School Meadows?

The school has received several accolades and serves as a role model for other IB schools in Dubai. Because of sheer hard work and encouragement from the management, the students achieved an average score of 33, making EIS – Meadows one of the highest achievers amongst all IB based schools in the country. The school has also achieved some of the best International Baccalaureate (IB) results in Dubai.

The students have consistently received a ‘Good’ rating from KHDA. The school has a supportive and caring environment while it treats health and safety as essential aspects. Since most Emirates International School – Meadows students are Arabs, and the school helps children connect to their Emirati roots.

The school puts special emphasis on science and concept building. One of the experiments by Grade 11 students for carbon nanotube was selected by NASA from 20,000 applications to be launched into space. The head of Science and MYP mentored the student along with the DP Physics teacher. This was practically the result of the hard work put in by the management of EIS – Meadows as it nurtures the ambitions and aptitude of students.

The teaching staff and school leadership team consist of international educators and administrators sharing a common passion for teaching and learning. The school has a proven track record and sticks to its commitment to providing the very best international education in the city.


School Details

COVID-19 Protocols

The Government of Dubai has developed protocols for schools to follow until the pandemic is over. This is an accumulative effort and approach to keep everyone safe and healthy, including students, teachers, parents, and relevant third parties.

The KHDA has uploaded FAQs for schools on the official website for your convenience. Here’s an overview of the preventive SOPs in place.

  • Sterilising the school building, classrooms, laboratories and other facilities regularly, according to the recommendations of the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management.
  • Assessing the temperature of everyone who enters the school building daily.
  • Maintaining physical distance guidelines as recommended by the relevant health authorities and reducing the headcount capacity in classrooms.
  • From this academic year, 1-metre distancing is recommended. Schools must take appropriate precautions to ensure that students and teachers stay physically distanced where possible.
  • Buses may run at full capacity provided they comply with health and safety protocols.
  • Schools shall reinstate Physical Education, swimming lessons and sports activities. Changing rooms and sports areas will be sanitised after each group of students
  • The canteen shall reopen and resume live cooking
  • School trips, excursions and holiday camps shall be resumed.
  • After-hours care, extra-curricular activities, performances, assemblies and other events at school or external venues are allowed.
  • Students older than six years, staff and visitors to schools must continue to wear face masks.
  • Vaccination is not compulsory. Unvaccinated school staff must submit a negative PCR test each week. Students are not obliged to submit negative PCR tests.
  • From October 3rd 2021, all teaching and learning at Dubai private schools will only be face-to-face. Students who wish to continue with distance learning after the stated date must provide a medical certificate issued by Dubai Health Authority.

Years Offered at Emirates International School Meadows

EIS – Meadows provides quality international education from Early Years to Year 13.

Early Years EY1 – EY2
Primary Year Programme Year 1 – Year 6
Middle Year Programme Year 7 – Year 11
High School Year 12- Year 13

Primary School

The Primary Year Programme follows concept based and meaningful teaching and learning methods. The lessons are transdisciplinary, not bound by traditional subject areas but are enriched with ideas. Students are encouraged to be open-minded, risk-takers and principled as IB learners.
Students are welcomed to take active roles in the school community through ECO programmes, sports opportunities, leadership programmes and share their creative ideas and talent. Primary School students can enjoy activities such as Arabic reading, rugby and yoga.

70 dedicated and committed teachers are there for students of Primary School. They work tirelessly to develop academic, physical and social and creative skills in each student.

Middle Years Programme

The MYP consists of Years 7 to 11. Students have to undertake an e-Assessment and complete an e-Portfolio to get an IB certified MYP certificate.

High School

High School students’ learning experience is stimulated by incorporating actual work activities at different levels. Teachers inspire students and guide them thoroughly. During High School, students will have a thorough learning of the following subjects:

  • English Language & Literature
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Design
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Arabic Language
  • French & Spanish
  • Physical Health Education

Emirates International School Meadows Curriculum

Emirates International School previously followed the UK curriculum (EYFS and IGCSE). However, the school now follows the IB curriculum and offers the EY1 to Year 13 class structure. The curriculum was changed after the comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of lessons. As a continuum school, the school offers the IB PYP, MYP and DP.

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) is primarily based in Geneva, and the head curriculum office for the Middle Eastern is located in The Hague, Netherlands.

The IB curriculum followed at the school gives due regard to Islamic education and Arabic as laid down by the Ministry of Education, Dubai. The curriculum is also further enriched with extra-curricular activities.

The curriculum is equally benefitting for students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) after modifications. The IB curriculum is designed to meet the educational requirement of students who aim to have a successful future. The Diploma Programme (DP) is well-rounded, offering rigorous courses and enabling students to polish their skills, knowledge and attitude.

Students have to choose subjects during the Diploma Programme that enhance their personal, emotional and intellectual growth. The programme focuses on creating a dynamic combination of critical and creative thinking in students.

The subject choices make learning easy and cover all the essential elements required for Diploma Programme graduates. The IBDP is a comprehensive two years pre-university course that trains students for higher education.
Well-known international universities prefer IB curriculum graduates. Famous universities in the United States give advanced credits to IBDP graduates. Emirates International School – Meadows offers precise and accurate guidance to students regarding university selection.

The curriculum is divided into six groups, including:

  • Group 1 – English
  • Group 2 – Languages
  • Group 3 – Individuals and Society
  • Group 4 – Experimental Sciences
  • Group 5 – Mathematics
  • Group 6 – The Arts (and Electives)

Students are required to choose three subjects during the standard level and three at the higher level. The IB Diploma Programme includes CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) and TOK (Theory of Knowledge).


As per the new COVID-19 protocols issued by KHDA, schools have discontinued the distance learning programme from October 3, 2021. Those wishing to continue their education via distance learning have to show a relevant health certificate issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Schools may revert to distance learning if COVID-19 cases are detected in a class or a group in a class.

KHDA Rating

KHDA inspected Emirates International School Meadows from 27th January to 30th January 2020 and rated it as “Very Good.” This was a massive improvement since the school was rated ‘Good’ for eight consecutive years.

KHDA School Ratings
KHDA School Ratings

The detailed Emirates International School Meadows KHDA rating and the report states that students show very good learning skills from the Early Years onwards, especially in Mathematics, Science and English. Students’ achievement is commendable in Arabic as an additional language and Islamic Education. However, their achievement in Arabic as a first language and UAE Social Studies is acceptable. Students of Determination make very good progress that matches their learning goals.

Students make a significant contribution through their respectful and considerate behaviour. They are responsible and show positive attitudes toward learning in addition to respect and appreciation for Islamic values. They take up leadership roles and show well-developed entrepreneurial and innovative skills.

Most teachers show very good, while some show outstanding teaching skills to engage students’ attention and interest. In most lessons, teachers make skilful use of questioning for promoting critical thinking in students. Students are also challenged to explain their reasoning. Teachers make good use of assessment information to ensure that the work matches with students’ learning needs.

School curriculum is effectively designed for developing students’ skills, understanding and knowledge. During the Diploma Programme (DP), high English and Science achievement is ensured through imaginative curriculum planning. Learning becomes meaningful through cross-curricular links and connections. The use of enrichment activities increases students’ achievement opportunities. Students’ needs are met through the effectively adapted curriculum.

Students’ welfare and well-being are a high priority. Clear policies and appropriate staff training support safety procedures. Students get effective supervision, and their security is well-maintained at the school and on the school bus. School life promotes healthy living in students. Students also get high-quality care and support.

Very effective leadership ensures the all-rounded development of students at the inclusive school. There are rigorous monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in place. Parents have confidence that their children are safe and well-supported, both personally and academically.

The roles and responsibilities of most members of the advisory council are not clearly defined. Emirates International School Meadows runs smoothly daily, and it is also well-resourced.

The best features of the school as highlighted in the report are:

  • Effective school leadership and accurate self-evaluation that ensures a continuing focus on improvement in the school’s positive learning environment
  • The school’s thoughtful use of assessment information and very good teaching for underpinning students’ impressive achievement, particularly in Science, Mathematics and English
  • The engaging and stimulating environment in EY that promotes rapid progress in all learning areas
  • Strong partnerships with parents and very good arrangement that keeps students safe. 
  • Students’ well-being and healthy lifestyles
  • Inclusive school ethos for ensuring students get excellent care and support. It also encourages a strong sense of social responsibility

Key recommendations made by KHDA include these:

  • Raising progress and attainment in Arabic as a first language to match with other subjects
  • Developing strategic inclusion plan for incorporating a range of alternative educational and career pathways for students who are less suited to academic programmes
  • Regarding the KHDA publication “The Gift of Good Governance” defines the responsibilities and roles of members of the advisory council.

Academic Calendar for Emirates International School Meadows

The first day of school is 29th August. Students go on a mid-term break from 19th to 21st of October. Term 1 ends on 9th December.

Classes resume from 3rd January for Term 2. The mid-term break lasts from 14th February to 16th February. Term 2 ends on 25th March.

Term 3 begins on 11th April and ends on 30th June.

Emirates International School Meadows academic calendar is available on the official website.


Admission and Fees

How to Apply to Emirates International School Meadows?

Emirates International School Meadows admission
The school offers admissions without any discrimination (Image Credit: Emirates International School Meadows)

For admissions into Emirates International School Meadows, parents must first fill the online application form available on the school’s website. Next, they need to submit the duly completed application form, mandatory documents, and an application fee of AED 525.

After submitting the application form, parents receive a reference number within 72 hours. Parents must contact the admission office of EIS Meadows with the reference number to complete the admission process.

Once the school receives the completed form, documents and fees, the admissions team schedules an assessment or interview. However, the evaluation does not guarantee a seat at Emirates International School Meadows. If the seat is not available in the required grade, the applicant is kept on a waiting list and shall be contacted once the seat becomes available.

For admission in the Early Years, students must be toilet trained and should be able to communicate correctly. Early Years applicants do not have to go through the assessment.

For admissions into Year 1 to Year 3, the applicant should clear a teacher-led assessment test in basic subjects, including Mathematics and English.

Applicants for Year 4 to Year 11 have to complete the CAT4 assessment under supervision.

Based on previous report cards and recent interviews, EIS Meadows will evaluate candidates interested in IBDP (Year 12 and Year 13). For Year 12, an interview with the IB coordinator is a must, along with the CAT4 assessment.

For Year 13, admissions are only granted to students who have good standing and transfer from IB schools. Their current courses must match those offered at Emirates International School Meadows.

All assessment results will be evaluated by academic staff and measured against the IB criteria. The school’s principal reviews the assessment results, previous school reports, application form and documents and the student’s compatibility with the IB program. The school can also schedule parents’ and student’s interviews if required.

Emirates International School Meadows reviews a child’s academic history and makes recommendations about student’s compatibility regarding courses. If the student is approved, the application is then forwarded to KHDA for final decision.

Once the admission is granted, parents have to clear all payments within seven working days. Parents have to sign a parent-school contract as mandated by the KHDA. If parents fail to contact the school within seven days, the admission is cancelled.

For completing the admission process, submit soft copies of the following:

  • Copy of the last passport, Emirates ID and valid residency visa of parents
  • Latest passport copy of the student
  • Latest valid residence visa of the student
  • Latest Emirates ID card of the student
  • Birth certificate of the student
  • Recent report cards must be in English (end of year 17/18 & end of AY 18/19)
  • Ownership of residential unit or tenancy agreement (if living in Emaar community)
  • A vaccination card should be submitted to the doctor on the first day of school with a medical form shared by the school medical department in due course.
  • An original transfer certificate from Dubai school is necessary as per the KHDA requirement.
  • Transfer certificates for overseas students should be attested from the country of origin.

Fee Structure at Emirates International School Meadows

Here’s a breakdown of the Emirates International School – Meadows fee structure. Note that the fee is per the KHDA guidelines and is reviewed every year. Emirates International School Meadows fee is to be paid yearly.

YearAnnual FeeTerm 1 FeeTerm 2 FeeTerm 3 Fee
Annual Fee
AED 26,802
Term 1 Fee
AED 10,721
Term 2 Fee
AED 8,041
Term 3 Fee
AED 8,040
EY2, Y1
Annual Fee
AED 35,175
Term 1 Fee
AED 14,070
Term 2 Fee
AED 10,553
Term 3 Fee
AED 10,552
Year 2 – Year 3
Annual Fee
AED 41,875
Term 1 Fee
AED 16,750
Term 2 Fee
AED 12,563
Term 3 Fee
AED 12,562
Year 4 – Year 6
Annual Fee
AED 46,906
Term 1 Fee
AED 18,762
Term 2 Fee
AED 14,072
Term 3 Fee
AED 14,072
Year 7 – Year 9
Annual Fee
AED 55,279
Term 1 Fee
AED 22,112
Term 2 Fee
AED 16,584
Term 3 Fee
AED 16,583
Year 10 – Year 11
Annual Fee
AED 63,662
Term 1 Fee
AED 25,465
Term 2 Fee
AED 19,099
Term 3 Fee
AED 19,098
Year 12
Annual Fee
AED 74,538
Term 1 Fee
AED 29,815
Term 2 Fee
AED 22,362
Term 3 Fee
AED 22,361
Year 13
Annual Fee
AED 79,488
Term 1 Fee
AED 31,795
Term 2 Fee
AED 23,847
Term 3 Fee
AED 23,846

Emirates International School – Meadows offers sibling discounts.

  • 3rd sibling: 10% discount
  • 4th sibling: 20% discount
  • 5th sibling: 25% discount
  • 6th sibling: 25% discount
  • 5% discount on each referral

The fee includes tuition, normal equipment, workbooks, textbooks, exercise books, and routine in-house medical treatment.

The fee mentioned above does not include:

  • Charges for field trips
  • Transportation
  • Lunch/meal at school
  • External Assessment (IB)
  • Paid extracurricular activities
  • Uniform
  • Any official photographs and school yearbook
  • Cost of loss and damage of books or any other material or equipment

Other fees include these:

Fee TypeCharges
Application Fees (VAT inclusive) AED 525
E.A.L AED 5,000
EY. EH. (EY1 & EY2) AED 3,600
KHDA Attestation Fee AED 120

EIS – Meadows fee payment can be made via:

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Credit card

The tuition fee in cash has to be paid to the accounts office, and the person submitting the fee should insist on receiving the official receipt. If payment is being made through cheques, it must be crossed.


School Facilities

Lunch Options at Emirates International School Meadows

The staff assures that students make healthy food choices while they have lunch at school. Emirates International School – Meadows encourages students to switch to healthy eating habits. The school is also reviewing a Healthy Eating Policy.

EIS – Meadows has banned all forms of nuts. Parents are strictly advised to send snacks or packed lunches that are healthy, nutritious and nut-free.

These items should not be sent as lunch:

  • Canned fizzy drinks
  • Candies
  • Chocolates
  • Chips
  • Potato crisps
  • Any junk food
  • Pot noodles

Students can have lunch in the dining area. Generally, parents are advised to pack sandwiches, fruits and drinks. The school staff supervises lunchtime and there’s a café where students can buy food.

School Transportation at Emirates International School Meadows

Diamond Lease is the authorised school transportation partner of Emirates International School – Meadows. The student must be registered at the beginning of the school year to use the school bus services.

EIS – Meadows buses are RTA compliant and have seat belts, well-trained drivers and a female bus supervisor. The school buses leave the school at 03:05 pm.

The below-mentioned rules have to be followed strictly to ensure the safety of all students during the commute.

  • Students should wear seat belts throughout the journey
  • Students should remain seated
  • Eating and drinking on the bus is not allowed
  • Talking loudly is not allowed

Students have to obey the bus supervisor and driver during the journey
Suppose any student is found using foul language, being rude to other kids, eating or moving around in the bus, damaging the bus or not following any rule. In that case, a report will be sent to the Head of Pastoral Care for further investigation.

At first, the student will receive a verbal warning. After the second incident, a written notice will be issued to the parents. If the student does not abide by the rules and commits an offence for the third time, a written warning is given, and they cannot use the bus service for a day. Parents will also be invited for a meeting with the Head of School to discuss the consequences if a student continues to break the rules.

Parents can contact the assistant supervisor at +971-56-820-6422 for all queries related to bus transportation services.

Sports Facilities

sports facilities at Emirates International School Meadows
Sports is incorporated as an essential element of students’ well-being (Image Credit: Emirates International School Meadows)

The school pays attention to the physical well-being of the students. There is a purpose-built outdoor school turf, a multi-purpose sports hall/gym and a 20-metre indoor swimming pool.

Some key sports offered by the school are:

  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Rounder
  • Netball
  • Cricket

Basketball has four teams, football has 13 teams, netball has two teams, and cricket and rounders have one team. Students must wear trainers with non-marking soles for all sports, especially if they are using the Sports Hall.

Extra-curricular Activities at Emirates International School Meadows

extracurricular activities at Emirates International School Meadows
Extracurricular activities and academics are equally important for students (Image Credit: Emirates International School Meadows)

Emirates International School – Meadows believes that extracurricular activities and academics go hand in hand and are equally important during a student’s life. To ensure students engage in extracurricular activities, Physical Education (PE) for boys and girls is part of the curriculum.

Besides lunch breaks, there is one more break during the school day where students can spend their time in outdoor spaces, corridors and libraries. There are 40 different clubs for students to join as per their aptitude. These extracurricular activities instil cultural, linguistics, artistic, practical and creative skills in students.

Those interested in swimming can join programmes led by the Hamilton Swimming Academy. Students can choose from specialist skill development and fitness courses designed to match different age groups and swimmers’ abilities.

A special set of paid and unpaid Additional School Activities (ASA) are part of the Primary School. A catalogue is sent to parents almost two weeks before the scheduled start of these activities, both in Term 1 and 2. Students have to sign up for ASA by using the Google Form.

Each student can avail of one free of charge teacher-led activity per term. After receiving the application, a confirmation email is sent by the school. The school does its best to place each applicant in their interested activity. All unpaid activities are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Teacher-led Additional School Activities include:

Guitar Debate Club
Reading Arabic Stories Ball Skills & Team Games
Art & Craft Club Instrument Making
Jewellery Making Chess & Board Games

Paid Additional School Activities include:

Gymnastics French Club
Ballet Little Master Minds
Danish Club Mad Science

Field Trips from Emirates International School Meadows

field trips from Emirates International School Meadows
Students during their visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Image Credit: Emirates International School Meadows)

Age-appropriate field trips to popular cultural, heritage and tourist destinations in the emirate and neighbouring cities are an integral part of the Emirates International School – Meadows academic year. Students visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi to learn more about the marvellous architectural masterpiece. They also took part in biking events in Dubai Sports City. Teachers took little ones to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo at The Dubai Mall.

Students of EIS -Meadows have also been on international expeditions. Past trips include visits to Singapore and Cambodia.

After-school Care at Emirates International School Meadows

After-school activities are the only form of after-school care at EIS Meadows.

After-school activities are part of the learning programme for interested students. They are divided into Enrichment Activities, Study Support Activities and Sports Activities.

All After-School Activities (ASA) begin at 02:55 pm and end at 03:50 pm. If After-School Activities are scheduled for the day, all school buses will leave the premises at 4:00 pm.

These activities are scheduled from Sunday to Wednesday. All students can participate in after-school activities. The school has contracts with external providers for football, basketball and ballet, external providers while swimming, table tennis, math club, science club, golf etc., are taught by the teachers.

Performing arts, creative subjects and language acquisition (including French and Spanish) are part of ASA for High School students. Other activities for High Schoolers include Model United Nations – MUN, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and the World Scholar Cup.

Medical Care at Emirates International School Meadows

The health and well-being of students are given special attention at EIS – Meadows. There are two clinics managed by a full-time nurse and a school doctor. If a student receives medical attention from a nurse or doctor, parents are informed via a telephone call.

All medical records, including vaccination, are maintained in the student’s file. Parents are also advised to keep the school doctors informed in case a student has a health concern. If your child has fever, cough or flu, it is best not to send them to school.



Mode of Communication between Teachers and Parents

Emirates International School Meadows parents communication
Parents are kept well-informed throughout the academic year (Image Credit: Emirates International School Meadows)

The school has an open-door policy and welcomes parents to make an appointment to meet teachers or members of the senior leadership team. To make sure a leadership team member is available for a meeting, it is advised to email the school before the visit.

The weekly School Newsletter has all the information regarding current and upcoming events to keep the parents posted. The newsletter also has general helpful information about the school.

Regular parent-teaching meetings and coffee mornings are held during every term. The staff updates parents regarding recent school developments and answers any queries parents may have.

Parent-Teacher conferences are held throughout the year. Parent Representative Groups meet every month to discuss important matters related to the school.

Emirates International School Meadows Contact Information

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