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British Orchard Nursery (BOS) is one of the top nursery chains in the United Arab Emirates. It has 18 branches in the UAE and a branch in the UK. BOS is the first and largest chain of nurseries in the Middle East certified by ISO for its quality, health, safety, and environment. British Orchard Nursery has also received over 30 national and international awards, including the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Excellence Award, the Dubai Human Development Appreciation Award and the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award.

Besides 18 branches, the nursery has government branches in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development Dubai, Dubai Municipality, DEWA Al Quoz, Dubai Central Laboratories (DCL), FAHR Deira and Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

BOS is a preschool and nursery that caters to the needs of children aged 45 days to five years old. It follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It adheres to the guidelines set by the Office for Standards in Education, Children Services and Skill (OFSTED). The nursery has a comprehensive extracurricular programme that caters to the holistic development of children.

Read this guide by Bayut to learn more about British Orchard Nursery campuses, facilities, educational programme, admission and fee details and extracurricular activities.

Campus of British Orchard Nursery

All British Orchard Nursery campuses have a wide range of facilities that support them in catering to the needs of children as per the EYFS framework. These facilities allow the nursery to offer the best learning experience where children can thrive and prosper. Besides the regular features such as colourful and bright classrooms, noteworthy facilities include:

Role Play Areas Indoor Play Area
Outdoor Play Area Gymnasium
Water Play Area Sand Play Area
Sensory Room Library
Road Track Transportation

All the teachers at British Orchard Nursery are UK-certified diploma holders with CACHE. 

Level 3 certifications. They are well experienced and take care of the needs of children professionally.

facilities in British orchard Nursery Dubai
Spacious classrooms and age-appropriate learning tools help little one participate in various activities (Image Credit: British Orchard Nursery UAE)

Location of British Orchard Nursery

British Orchard Nurseries has 18 branches located all over UAE. Below are the details:


British Orchard Nursery Al Jafiliya Villa No:16, Street 27B, Jaffiliya, 49681 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
British Orchard Nursery Al Twar Al Twar 1, 28B Street
British Orchard Nursery Bur Dubai (Mankhool) Villa 54, 33 Street Al Mankhool, Near ADCB Metro Station
British Orchard Nursery Dubai Women’s College Dubai Women’s College, Al Diyafah School Opposite Gate 5
British Orchard Nursery Media City Ground Floor, Business Central Towers, Next To Gloria Hotel
British Orchard Nursery Dubai Silicon Oasis Palace Towers ( Ground Floor ), Dubai Silicon Oasis, Landmark – Opposite Choithrams Supermarket
British Orchard Nursery JBR JBR Walk, Shams 2 Plaza Level
British Orchard Nursery Jumeirah Bandol Street, Villa 35 Umm Sequiem 1, Jumeirah 3,  Landmark : Near Enoc Petrol Station, Behind Zia Medical Centre, and ADIB Bank
British Orchard Nursery DIP Dubai Investment Park - Green Community - Dubai DIP
British Orchard Nursery DIFC Central Park Towers, 127 Sheikh Zayed Road, P3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates  Telephone: +971 04 3282050
British Orchard Nursery Mirdif Inside Shorooq Community Centre, Mirdif, Dubai.
British Orchard Nursery Liwan (DSO) Kay1 Building, Ground Floor, Behind Fresco Mart. Liwan (Dubai Silicon Oasis)

Abu Dhabi

British Orchard Nursery Al Bateen Al Falah Street, Near American Community School
British Orchard Nursery Al Nahyan Near Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi
British Orchard Nursery MBZ Mohamed Bin Zayed zone 5, Villa 125, Opposite of Emirates National School, Abu Dhabi


British Orchard Nursery Al Jazzat Near Quran R/A - Villa no. 260 - 128 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saqr Al Qasimi St - Al Riqa Suburb - Al Jazzat - Sharjah
British Orchard Nursery Nasma AdSuburb, Al Rigaibah - Al Suyoh Suburb - Al Rigaibah - Sharjah
British Orchard Nursery Samnan Women's Union Association - Halwan Suburb - Samnan - Sharjah

Why British Orchard Nursery UAE

British Orchard Nursery has made a name for itself as one of the most reputable chains of nurseries in the United Arab Emirates. Several reasons make it an attractive option for parents.

British Orchard Nursery is one of the biggest chains of nurseries in the United Arab Emirates, mainly Dubai. However, the nursery also has campuses in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Not only this, the nursery has a campus in the United Kingdom with similar facilities and educational programmes as the UAE campuses.

British Orchard Nursery is one of the few nurseries in the UAE that has received more than 30 national and international awards. Some prestigious awards include the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award, the Dubai Human Appreciation Award and the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award. Moreover, campuses have received the latest ISO certifications on health, quality and overall environment.

One of the main concerns of parents is the teaching staff available at nurseries. British Orchard Nursery Sharjah and other branches have employed 100% UK Diploma Certified teachers that are skilled, highly qualified and can connect with children emotionally.

It follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - a popular framework for childhood education adopted by top-quality nurseries around the world. It caters to the educational and non-educational needs of children. It prepares them for the formal education offered in schools. Students completing their early years' education from British Orchard Nursery Al Bateen Abu Dhabi and sister campuses can easily get admission to top-tier British schools in the UAE.

Besides academics, the nursery focuses on extracurricular activities for the holistic development of children. British Orchard Nursery has carefully planned its extracurricular activities to ensure that children with different abilities and interests are given ample opportunities. Moreover, the nursery involves parents to establish a strong sense of community and relationship. It arranges over 50 'children and parents' events in an academic year.



Age Groups at British Orchard Nursery

Branches of British Orchard Nursery Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi have students categorised into four groups.

PhasesAge Covered
Babies 45 days to 1 year
Toddlers 1 to 2 years
Foundation Stage 1 2 to 3 years
Foundation Stage 2 3 to 5 years

British Orchard Nursery Curriculum

Curriculum taught at British Orchard Nursery Sharjah
The nursery follows teacher-led and child-initiated approach during school hours (Image Credit: British Orchard Nursery)

British Orchard Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education framework. It is a British curriculum for early childhood education that focuses on developing foundational skills among children through fun and play activities. Children greatly benefit from unstructured learning as they are inquisitive and like to explore the world around them. The nursery curriculum offers a holistic learning experience to children by incorporating languages such as Mandarin, English, Arabic and French. The curriculum also allows children to participate in extracurricular activities like football, Zumba, music, yoga, etc.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework focuses on children's development through seven key areas of learning, which are:

Communication and Language

This learning area focuses on building children’s understanding, speaking, listening and attention skills. The nursery develops the aforementioned skills through rhythm, rhymes, messy plays, shows, group and small world play activities.


This learning area develops children’s understanding of numbers, shape, space and measure. Numeracy skills are developed among children through water play, cooking, puzzles and sequencing activities.

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

Personal, emotional and social development as the key learning area focuses on developing a positive sense and respect for themselves and others. It helps children learn social skills and a positive attitude to learning.


Literacy, as the key learning area, helps children to read and write. The nursery works on children's literacy skills through stories, mark-making, letter of the week and book of the month.

Understanding the World

Understanding the World is the specific area of learning that helps children understand the world, people and technology around them. The activities that support children in this area of knowledge include but are not limited to small-world play, computer play, science experiments, music, celebrating festivals and visiting the local community.

Physical Development

Physical development is one of the essential prime areas of learning that focuses on developing students' coordination, fine motor and gross motor skills. The activities in this learning area include an obstacle course, mark-making, garden games (spatial awareness), threading and self-care activities.

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive arts and design develop children’s artistic ability, imagination and creativity skills through painting, dance, role play, construction and other creative activities.

For assessments, British Orchard Nursery uses baseline and Age and Stage Questionnaire (ASQ-3) for assessments. Every child at BON, from toddler to FS2, has baseline assessments with 680 assessment goals. These goals are by the EYFS framework and BON's 3-year rolling plan. The baseline ensures that each child reaches its full potential. In contrast, ASQ-3 pinpoints the development of children aged one month to five and a half years old.

For more information on curriculum and assessment, read the British Orchard Nursery curriculum page.


Admission and Fees

How to Apply to British Orchard Nursery

Before applying for admission at BON Dubai, the nursery encourages parents to book a tour and visit the facility. Parents can book a tour by submitting the form available on the official website. The form asks for basic information such as the child's name, date of birth and contact information for better service. Moreover, the form asks for the date, desired branch and time slot. Nursery tours are offered for half an hour from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Once parents are satisfied with the facilities, they can initiate the admission process by registering their child. Fill out the registration form on the official website of British Orchard Nursery with the name, email, mobile and desired branch. The nursery representative will contact the parents via the contact details provided.

The nursery might call for a meeting to discuss the child’s perspectives and abilities. If admission is offered, parents must pay the required deposit by the deadline. For more information, contact the admission team at the desired branch of British Orchard Nursery.

Fee Structure at British Orchard Nursery

British Orchard Nursery fees has different structures for different educational plans and campuses. Contact your desired campus to enquire about the fee structure.



Extracurricular Activities at British Orchard Nursery

Extra-curricular activities at BON caters to children's developmental and other non-academic needs. Here is a list of activities that are part of the enrichment programme:

Soccer Arabic Classes
Smartboards Music
Birthday Parties Karate
GymJuniorz French Classes


GymJuniorz is a self-initiated activity by British Orchard Nursery that focuses on the physical development of children. The nursery believes physical development is crucial to academic and other developmental programmes. Therefore, it has introduced this programme that improves flexibility, strength, power, coordination, body awareness, speed, balance and discipline. Additionally, these activities develop socialising, communication and listening skills.

The programme ensures that children:

  • Demonstrate independent enthusiasm for physical activity
  • Shows interest and confidence while engaging in physical activities
  • Develops their posture
  • Build for natural flexibility
  • Develop the ability to transport their body weight
  • Develop the experience for a variety of exercises involving body motion
  • Develop an understanding of engaging in pulse-raising activities
  • Develop an understanding of the effect of physical activity on the body
  • Develop good hygiene habits

Each GymJuniorz session is an hour long in which children initially perform warmup and stretch exercises. An aerobic workout, gymnastic skill session and fitness circuit follow this. Children also explore, choose equipment, and interact with friends.

Birthday Parties

The nursery also provides a birthday celebration facility within the campus. Parents can select one birthday arrangement from multiple packages available at BON.

Childcare Options at British Orchard Nursery

British Orchard Nursery is one of the notable childcare providers and preschools in the United Arab Emirates. The nursery has an excellent range of facilities to support children's academic and non-academic needs. The nursery caters to the needs of children aged 45 days to five years old. The facilities, such as sleeping rooms, baby units, and indoor and outdoor play areas, keep kids busy and entertained. Some packages allow children to stay at the campus for longer. These programmes are ideal for parents that are full-time employees and cannot pick up their kids during regular hours.

Health and Safety Measures at British Orchard Nursery

Children’s health and safety are paramount to the British Orchard Nursery Abu Dhabi and campuses in other emirates. Several health and safety measures are in place on all campuses to safeguard students. All venues have security teams deployed at the entry and exit points. CCTV cameras are installed throughout all campuses, and parents can also remotely access the CCTV recording at an additional cost. All the campuses are secured with boundary walls.

British Orchard Nursery Sharjah also implements a no-nut policy to protect students with allergies. Moreover, parents are prohibited from sending sweets, pork, fizzy drinks, etc., as snacks for children. The nursery also has a sickness policy. According to this policy, the nursery prohibits parents from sending their kids to the campus if they experience fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, an eye infection or persistent cough. The nursery will randomly check the body temperature of children for this purpose.

Health measures at British orchard Nursery Abu Dhabi
Children learning about healthy and unhealthy meals (Image Credit: British Orchard Nursery)


Modes of Communication Between Teachers and Parents

British Orchard Nursery aims to establish a strong and effective relationship with parents. The nursery has several modes of communication to ensure that parents and teachers stay informed. Parent-teacher meetings and open houses are the primary modes of communication between teachers and parents that allow them to discuss the progress made by children.

The nursery's official website provides information on facilities, curriculum, admission and fee details and other crucial information. Interested parents can also contact the nursery representative by submitting the Contact Us Form.

British Orchard Nursery is also on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Besides the official profiles, one can also find profiles for individual campuses on the platforms mentioned above. Parents are also added to WhatsApp groups by the nursery, which is made for urgent enquiries. These groups have parents and teachers of children studying in the same classrooms.

British Orchard Nursery Contact Details

British Orchard Nursery Dubai

Al Jafiliya Branch
  • Telephone number: +971-4-591-9449
  • WhatsApp: +971-56-687-6175
Al Twar Branch
Bur Dubai (Mankhool) Branch
Dubai Women’s College Branch
Dubai Media City Branch
Dubai Silicon Oasis Branch
Jumeirah Beach Residence Branch
Jumeirah Branch
Dubai Investment Park Branch
Dubai Industrial Finance Centre Branch
Mirdif Branch
Liwan (DSO) Branch

British Orchard Nursery Abu Dhabi

Al Bateen Branch
Al Nahyan
Mohamed Bin Zayed Branch

British Orchard Nursery Sharjah

Al Jazzat Branch
Nasma Branch
Samnan Branch

General Information

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