Vincitore Benessere, Arjan

Vincitore Benessere, Arjan


About Vincitore Benessere

Vincitore Benessere is a collection of luxury apartments surrounded by the mesmerising and posh community of Arjan. With picturesque views of lush-green backdrop, this roman-styled boutique residence offers an unparalleled suburban lifestyle.

Developed by Vincitore Real Estate Development, this residence takes pride as branded luxury apartments that come with beautifully designed interiors. Not only that, but it also features a fully-active security system that provides residents with a secure, comfortable and beautiful lifestyle.

Located along Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Arjan is a billion-dollar freehold community in Dubailand that includes Vincitore Benessere. With such a vast amount of investments, this community is set to become a golden quarter where one can discover a mix of calm and luxury just minutes away from the city. It also includes multiple tourist destinations such as an open-air amphitheatre and Dubai Miracle Garden. With vast amenities, luxury sites and conveniences, Arjan is planning to become an eco-friendly community that will utilise natural resources including solar energy to sustain itself. In addition, Arjan is a mix-use community that consists of residential and commercial complexes along with several retail outlets and 5-star hotels. 

Vincitore Benessere is currently under construction but its development is expected to be completed soon. 


  • Luxury residential boutique constructed by Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC
  • Launched in 2019 and is expected to complete in 2021
  • Features 7 levels of luxury apartments
  • Studio, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom suites available for purchase
  • Parking space is available for residents
  • Includes gym, lagoon pool, Jacuzzi, mist shower, sun deck, rock waterfall, and a spacious track for jogging
  • Kids play area included
  • Located in Arjan, Dubai
  • Near Dubai Miracle Garden, Balloon Adventures Emirates and Global Village Dubai
  • Close to various restaurants, supermarkets and hospitals


Facilities in Vincitore Benessere


Residents do not have to worry about finding a place for parking in Vincitore Benessere as the building offers underground parking. However, visitors may have to look for street  parking slots as there is limited parking in this residential building.


High-speed elevators in Vincitore Benessere are available and follow the international safety protocols.

Security, Central Air Conditioning and Maintenance Services

Fully trained security staff have been stationed throughout the premises in addition to all entries, exits, access control system and common areas. 24-hour CCTV cameras are also part of the security. For maintenance, cleaning and repair, there is stand-by staff that can be called upon request.

Event Space 

This building does not include any event spaces. 

Gym and Fitness Facilities

Residents get exclusive access to the state-of-the-art gym in Vincitore Benessere. Along with that, they can also access swimming pools, a health club and jogging tracks

Lifestyle Amenities

With amazing facilities, this residence offers top-notch amenities and exceptional conveniences to residents. This residence provides a meditation centre, a modern floating gym island, a multi-purpose court, a squash court and a wide walking or cycling track

Residents who want to experience luxury and leisure can visit the sun deck, open-air Jacuzzi, gazebo, zen garden and the viewing gallery. For families, a special kid’s play area, botanical garden, temperature-controlled swimming pool and rock waterfall is available.

Guest and Concierge Services

Concierge and front desk services are available 24-hour throughout the week for both visitors and residents. 

Safety Features

Safety of residents was given utmost priority during the development process. Whether it is adding sufficient safety features or lifeguards in the swimming lagoon area, individuals can live in this residence with no worries. In addition, lock systems and smoke alarms are installed in each apartment to increase more security.

Apartment Types in Vincitore Benessere

Located in the most modern and innovative side of Dubai, this vast luxury development houses 380 branded apartments ranging from studio apartments to 3-bedroom units. Each of them is carefully designed while keeping comfort and innovation in mind. They are crafted with high-quality materials and include special features that can accommodate the daily lifestyle of modern-minded residents.

Since residents spend most of their time indoors, Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC architects have designed each apartment to include double glass windows that are wider than usual. This ensures an ample supply of air and sunlight exposure, while also keeping unnecessary noises at bay. These windows are designed to fold and slide so that they create more space without compromising the aesthetics of the space. 

Much like its predecessors, Benessere offers a collection of premium suites that are well-designed with an exceptional finish. They also feature spaciousbedrooms, walk-in balconies and modern-styled kitchens with built-in cabinets. Additionally, residents can get more space for their storage with aesthetically designed wardrobes.

Interested individuals can read through various apartment types in Vincitore Benessere below:

Studio Apartments in Vincitore Benessere

Studio apartments in Vincitore Benessere consist of a spacious room that serves as living, dining and bedroom. There is also a spacious kitchen in the unit. Apart from that, the bathroom has no bathtub but includes a shower that can be set to supply raindrops instead of the usual shower.This unit also features a wide walk-in balcony which showcases beautiful views of the community.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Vincitore Benessere

1-bedroom apartments in Vincitore Benessere are an ideal living space as these units consist of a wide walk-in balcony that showcases an enchanting view of the lagoon or lush-green surroundings. The kitchen comes in a semi-open setting and is adjacent to the living room. The bathroom consists of a shower and built-in cabinets, while the bedroom has a built-in wardrobe.

2-Bedroom Apartments in Vincitore Benessere

2-bedroom apartments in Vincitore Benessere offer a well-organised kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 spacious rooms and a walk-in balcony. There is also a wide-spaced living room that can serve as a workspace, dining area or entertainment lounge.

3-Bedroom Apartments in Vincitore Benessere

The 3-bedroom apartments in Vincitore Benessere features 3 rooms with spacious bathrooms. The flat also includes a spacious living room and a walk-in balcony that shows a vibrant view of the community. The kitchen has built-in cabinets which can be perfect for storing groceries.

Vincitore Benessere features an alluring scenery of the neighbourhood that includes everything from a lush-green plantation to a beautiful blue lagoon.

Most Popular Apartment Types in Vincitore Benessere

  • Studio
  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 6 months

Based on the data derived from Bayut, the most popular apartment types in Vincitore Benessere is the studio apartments that have bagged first position. Second position is taken by 1-bedroom apartments. Third place has been scored by 2-bedroom apartments and fourth place has been taken by 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Vincitore Benessere.

Sale Trends in Vincitore Benessere

The sale trends in Vincitore Benessere reveal the following price rates for the following accommodation types:

Interested individuals can view various rates for different accommodation types by viewing Vincitore Benessere apartments for sale. You can also view other accommodation types by reading up on apartments for sale in Arjan.


Transportation near Vincitore Benessere

Transportation near Vincitore Benessere is quite limited. Since the community is still in its development phase, residents can use public buses, taxies or their own vehicles to go around.

Bus Stations near Vincitore Benessere

Bus stations near Vincitore Benessere include:

  • Arjan, Damac Northside Buildings 1 (2 minutes away)
  • Arjan, Damac Northside Buildings 2 (2 minutes away)
  • Arjan, Damac Westside Buildings 2 (3 minutes away)

Buses can be a great option for travelling around the neighbourhood or to nearby cities in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, buses can be cheaper as compared to taxi services in Dubai.

Metro Stations near Vincitore Benessere

Metro stations near Vincitore Benessere are at least 13 minutes away and may require another means of transport to reach. Some of them include:

  • Mall of the Emirates (13 minutes away)
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank (13 minutes away)
  • DMCC Metro Station 1 (14 minutes away)

Residents in this building can use metro trains to travel around the city. Whether it is for commuting to work or travel around, metro trains are the fastest option of travel.

Tram Stations near Vincitore Benessere

Tram stations near Vincitore Benessere include:

  • Knowledge Village 2 (14 minutes away)
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers (15 minutes away)
  • Dubai Marina Mall (16 minutes away)

In addition, there is also a dedicated walking trail located on the outside of the building for those who want to walk or drive a cycle.

Restaurants near Vincitore Benessere

Hot & Cold Cafe located near Vincitore Benessere
Hot & Cold Cafe located near Vincitore Benessere

There are multiple restaurants near Vincitore Benessere. Food lovers can discover mouth-watering cultural delights at these eateries. Some of the popular options include:

  • Tomato & Basilico – Italian cuisine (5 minutes away)
  • Barbecue Delights – Pakistani, Afghani and Indian cuisine (6 minutes away)
  • Hengchen – Chinese cuisine (7 minutes away)
  • POPEYES – American cuisine (11 minutes away)

There are various cafés and healthy eateries near this residential tower that supplies a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere. They include:

  • Zest Restaurant (1 minute away)
  • Shakespeare and Co. (6 minutes away)
  • Exit Café (8 minutes away)

POPEYES is a popular American fast food chain. Launched in 1972 by Alvin C. Copeland, the restaurant specialises in serving traditional Southern fried chicken, crawfish, chicken & biscuits and much more. With more than forty years of experience, the eatery is well-known for its fresh food and caring customer service.

The restaurant is open from Saturday to Wednesday 11 am to 3 am and Thursday to Friday from 11 am to 4 am. This eatery also provides home delivery for those who want to enjoy the fried delights at the comfort of their home.

Supermarkets near Vincitore Benessere

There is a variety of supermarkets located near the building. They include: 

BlueMart located near Vincitore Benessere
BlueMart located near Vincitore Benessere
  • Marty Minimart (1 minute away)
  • Blue Supermarket (2 minutes away)
  • Carrefour Market (6 minutes away)

While there are multiple supermarkets near Vincitore Benessere, Carrefour Market is the most popular as millions of tourists and locals shop for their groceries from this supermarket. The multinational grocery store chain focuses on supplying products that include fresh and frozen food, beverages, personal and baby care, electronics, household supplies and home furnishing items.

Nearby Buildings

Some popular nearby buildings include:

  • The V Building (1 minute away)
  • Vincitore Boulevard (1 minute away)
  • Lincoln Park North Tower (2 minutes away)
  • Vincitore Palacio (4 minutes away)

There are multiple mixed-use buildings located near Vincitore Benessere. Nearby commercial buildings include The V Building, while residential buildings include Vincitore Boulevard and Lincon Park North Tower.

Major Landmarks

A plane decorated with flowers rests peacefully on the garden bed of Dubai Miracle Garden
An Emirates A380 plane decorated with blooming flowers sits in Miracle Garden, Dubai.

Some popular nearby options include: 

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and locals. The garden is well known for showcasing more than 50 million blooming flowers in the shape of various structures and creatures. From teddy bears to big huts, various designers have used all-year-long blooming flowers to decorate hundreds of structures.

Perhaps the most popular structure is an old Emirates A380 aeroplane which rests in the garden bed as millions of people come to look at it with awe. According to statistics, it has been listed as the largest flower garden in the world.

Dubai Miracle Garden is open from 9 am to 9 am on weekdays and 9 am to 11 pm on weekends. Entrance fee for an adult is AED 40, while AED 30 is for children.


This neighbourhood, in which Vincitore Benessere resides, is an ideal one, even though it is still under development. This residence is surrounded by various attractions and amenities, including the famous Dubai Miracle Garden. In fact, it is considered to be the highest quality collection of apartments among other apartments for sale in Arjan. The only thing to consider is that residents should use buses or their own vehicle to travel around as other modes of transportation are at least 13 minutes away. However, once development finishes, more travelling options will be made available. Apart from that, this residential building comes at an affordable price and can guarantee luxury, security and peace. That is why many are interested to look for Arjan apartments for rent, as this community provides a brilliant and vibrant lifestyle.

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