Shoreline Apartments, Palm Jumeirah

Shoreline Apartments, Palm Jumeirah


About Shoreline Apartments

Palm Jumeirah is known for its glitzy hotels, posh apartment complexes and upscale restaurants. Among the many residential projects, one can find Shoreline Apartments by Nakheel, an apartment complex consisting of 20 mid-rise towers. The project started in 2003 and was completed in 2007. 

Shoreline Apartments, Palm Jumeirah
Shoreline Apartments is a complex with 20 buildings

One can find 1, 2 and 3 and 4-bedroom apartments and 4-bedroom penthouses in the complex. These 10-floor towers are home to 2,604 ready apartments with multiple amenities such as key-card access to the parking area, 24-hour security and much more. Shoreline Apartments offers a spectacular view of the ocean and the surrounding community with access to the private beach. The residential towers provide solid core entry doors with security holes, ceramic floor tiles, tiled balconies and an overhead lighting system.

Shoreline Apartments are located near The Golden Mile Galleria Mall, where residents can find supermarkets, retail outlets and restaurants to suit all preferences. Both Redwood Montessori Nursery and Blossom Palm Jumeirah Nursery are a 3-minute drive from the building complex.


  • 20 mid-rise buildings
  • 10 storey towers
  • Developed by Nakheel
  • Features 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments as well as 4-bedroom penthouses
  • Access to a private beach
  • Card-access to the parking area
  • Close to Golden Mile Galleria Mall 
  • A 3-minute drive away from Blossom Palm Jumeirah Nursery


Facilities in Shoreline Apartments


There is underground parking in Shoreline Apartments. The complex provides residents with access-cards for added security.


There are multiple high-speed elevators in Shoreline Apartments.

Security, Central Air-Conditioning and Maintenance Services 

The residential towers offer 24-hour CCTV security as well as regular cleaning and maintenance services. Residents would have to pay yearly chiller/cooling charges. The district cooling supplier for Shoreline Apartments is Empower.

Event Space

Residents can use the space near the outdoor swimming pool for events and other celebrations upon request.

Gym and Fitness Facilities 

Fitness facilities include a fully equipped gym in Shoreline Apartments and an outdoor swimming pool.  Residents also have access to the private beach where they can engage in outdoor activities like beach volleyball.

Lifestyle Amenities

Shoreline Apartments have a kid's play area along with many retail and entertainment options. You can visit the Golden Mile Galleria Mall and Pet Love, a complete pet store. All these lifestyle amenities are less than a 5-minute walk from the building.

Concierge and Guest Services 

The buildings offer 24-hour concierge services and guest services.


It is a pet-friendly building complex. 

Safety Features

There are a few safety measures in the residence such as.

  • Fire alarm
  • Fire Extinguishers

Residents will find multiple fire alarms in the building. You will also find fire extinguishers at every fire exit of the building.

Shoreline Apartments Floor Plans 

  • 1-bedroom apartments in Shoreline Apartments consist of one unit type
  • 2-bedroom apartments in Shoreline Apartments consist of three different unit types
  • 3-bedroom apartments in Shoreline Apartments consist of two different unit types
  • 4-bedroom apartments in Shoreline Apartments consist of two different unit types

Bayut has worked on creating a simple format for 2D and 3D floor plans on the website. You can view floor plans for Shoreline Apartments on Bayut.

Apartment Types in Shoreline Apartments 

The residential buildings offer 2,604 units in total which includes 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments.  4-bedroom penthouses are also situated on the upper floors of the buildings. 

1-Bedroom Apartments in Shoreline Apartments

1-bedroom apartment in Shoreline Apartments have covered areas ranging from 720 sq. ft. to 1,300 sq. ft. The 1-bed flat features a large bedroom with an attached bathroom. Each unit offers a kitchen with built-in cabinets. Some 1-bedroom units offer visitors bathroom as well and a spacious balcony with views of the ocean.

2-Bedroom Apartments in Shoreline Apartments

2-bedroom apartments in Shoreline Apartments have an average covered area of 1,550 sq. ft. The 2-bed flat offers spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms and built-in closets. Each unit has a maid's room and a large living room. Some 2-bedroom flats feature more than three bathrooms and a balcony big enough to fit a small coffee table with 2 chairs. 

3-Bedroom Apartments in Shoreline Apartments

3-bedroom apartments in Shoreline Apartment come with large bedrooms with attached bathrooms and built-in closets. The covered area for a 3-bed flat usually is 2,184 sq. ft. Each unit features a maid’s room, a separate bathroom, a wide passageway and a large balcony. 

4-Bedroom Apartments in Shoreline Apartments

4-bedroom apartments in Shoreline Apartments have huge bedrooms with attached bathroom and a large living area. One can also find a maid’s room and a separate guest bathroom. The covered area of a 4-bedroom flat varies from 5,563 sq. ft. and has extra storage space. The flat comes with stairs inside the living room which connect the bedrooms with the sitting area. Each unit has a spacious balcony with a view of the community and the ocean. 

Penthouses in Shoreline Apartments 

4-bedroom penthouses come with a fully furnished, open kitchen having built-in cabinets. The covered area varies from 4,919 sq. ft. to 5,640 sq. ft. Each unit has huge bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a maid’s room, a separate guest bathroom and a spacious balcony. Each unit has stairs which connect the bedrooms to the living area. Some flats also offer 6 bathrooms and extra storage space. 

Most Popular Apartment Types in Shoreline Apartments

  • 1-bed
  • 2-bed
  • 3-bed
  • 4-bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 6 months

According to searches on Bayut, the most popular apartment types in Shoreline Apartments are the 3-bedroom apartments with 41.4% views. Next up on the list are the 2-bed flats with 35.3% views and 1-bed apartments with 20.7% user views.  4-bedroom apartments come last with 2.6% views.

Rental Trends in Shoreline Apartments

Palm Jumeirah apartments for rent attract a lot of tenants and apartments for rent in Shoreline Apartments are no different.

Some 1-bedroom flats in Shoreline Apartment offer park views and a free chiller. But prices for such properties are higherSome 2-bedroom apartments in Shoreline Apartments feature extra space in the living area and a large balcony.

Many 3-bed flats offer beautiful views of the beach. The average rental price for 4-bedroom flats in Shoreline Apartments is AED 300k. The property also features 4-bedroom penthouses which come with a fully furnished kitchen and a large balcony. 

Sale Trends in Shoreline Apartments 

The investors and expats will find apartments for sale in Shoreline Apartments a good deal like other similar apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah.

4-bedroom penthouses in Shoreline Apartments have sales prices ranging from AED 3.3M to AED 9.9M.

Rental Yield in Shoreline Apartments

  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 4-Bed
  • 0
  • 2%
  • 4%
  • 6%
  • 8%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 6 months

The highest return on investment in Shoreline Apartment is offered by 2-bed apartments i.e. 7.2%. 3-bedroom flats follow with 6.7% and 1-bedroom offer a 6.6% ROI. The 4-bedroom apartments in the building have a 5.9% ROI according to Bayut.


Transportation near Shoreline Apartments

As for transportation near Shoreline Apartments, Dubai residents prefer to use the monorail. The closest monorail station is Al Ittihad Monorail Station, which is less than a minute away. But residents also have easy access to other modes such as bus, metro and tram.

Bus Stations near Shoreline Apartments

Residents can find a bus at the Royal Mirage Hotel 1, bus stop, which is a 6-minute drive away.

Metro Stations near Shoreline Apartments

The nearest metro station is Nakheel Metro Station; it is a 10-minute drive away from Shoreline Apartments.

Tram Stations near Shoreline Apartments

Most tram stations are roughly a 15-minute drive from Shoreline building Palm Jumeirah. Jumeirah Beach Residence 1 is a 12-minute drive away.

Restaurants near Shoreline Apartments

Popular restaurants near Shoreline Apartments are: 

  • Solis Restaurant 
  • Ibn Al Bahr Seafood Restaurant 
  • Shakespeare and Co. 

There are quite a few late-night cafes and cosy, family-friendly restaurants on the Palm Dubai near Shoreline apartments. You can find Solis Restaurant, Ibn Al Bahr and Shakespeare and Co. at a walking distance. Ibn Al Bahr has excellent views of the beach along with exceptional Lebanese food.

Supermarkets near Shoreline Apartments

Supermarkets near Shoreline Apartments include: 

  • Organic Foods and Café 
  • All Day Fresh Supermarket 
  • All Day Minimart Manhal

Residents can purchase groceries and other home items from Organic Foods and Café. All Day Fresh Supermarket and All Day Minimart Manhal are a 7-minute walk from Shoreline Palm Jumeirah.


There are a few residential buildings near the residence namely.

  • Palma Residence 
  • The Palm Tower 

Shoreline Apartments are situated near Palma Residence and The Palm Towers. These buildings face each other and are located on both sides of the road.

Major Landmarks

Nearby landmarks include: 

  • Aquaventure Waterpark
  • Dolphin Bay
  • The Lost Chambers Aquarium

You will find multiple tourist attractions near the apartment complex. Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chambers Aquarium are situated at an 11-minute drive. Dolphin Bay is a Palm-fringed lagoon where the visitors get the opportunities to get up close with the dolphins and swim with them. The Dolphin Bay is a 12-minute drive away from the residence.


Shoreline Apartments in Palm Jumeirah offer many amenities. They are an excellent choice if you dream about waterfront living. 

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