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Rimal, JBR


About Rimal - JBR

Rimal - JBR, is a cluster of six towers (Amwaj, Shams, Rimal, Bahar, Sadaf and Murjan). It offers a beachfront living experience along with a luxury lifestyle. This area offers multiple famous eateries, major landmarks and a pleasant atmosphere. This complex offers a majestic view of Palm Jumeirah, the Atlantis and Bluewater Island

As per Bayut’s H1 Property Market Report for Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence is one of the most popular areas for residential buildings. Locals can easily find JBR apartments for rent at attractive prices. Moreover, JBR apartments for sale are good investment opportunities. 


  • Developed by Dubai Properties Group
  • Consists of six towers
  • Offers a luxury lifestyle
  • Rimal - JBR is a residential complex offering studio apartments, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-bed apartments
  • Sheikh Zayed Road is just a few minutes away 
  • Close to famous destinations including JBR Beach and The Walk of JBR


Facilities in Rimal - JBR


Parking space outside Rimal
Parking in Rimal

Rimal - JBR, offers a huge parking area where all the apartments have specific parking spaces. Penthouse owners are provided with 2-vehicle parking spaces.


Multiple elevators in Rimal - JBR have been installed providing access to all floors. 

Security, Central Air Conditioning and Maintenance Services

This complex has CCTV cameras installed covering all the areas of these buildings. This complex also offers maintenance services.

Event Space

This complex doesn't have any specific event space. However, the open area outside the complex can be utilized to organize events.

Gym and Fitness Facilities 

Residents can avail the benefits of a well-maintained swimming pool and gym in Rimal - JBR. You can boost or freshen yourself up after a long, tiring day through these amenities. 

Lifestyle Amenities 

Numerous lifestyle facilities are offered by this complex. It features a beachfront luxury living experience where most of the famous attractions of Dubai are located with a distance of 15 minutes. The Walk is at a walking distance from this complex.

Concierge and Guest Services

This complex offers 24-hour concierge services. Residents can get their issues resolved through the staff sitting on the front desk. All the guests are welcomed through the staff on duty.


This complex is pet-friendly. You can always spend quality time with your furry little friends outside the complex.

Safety Features

Rimal - JBR was designed with the compliance of international standards of safety. This complex also has a firefighting system.

Apartment Types in Rimal, JBR

With numerous facilities and lifestyle amenities, Rimal - JBR is gaining popularity among locals. Ranging from 710 sq. ft. to 5,652 sq. ft., these apartments offer spacious rooms and kitchens to residents.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Rimal, JBR

1-bedroom apartments in Rimal - JBR consist of a living area, a balcony and a kitchen. Some of these apartments have two small balconies instead of a huge one. 

2-Bedroom Apartments in Rimal, JBR

2-bedroom apartments in Rimal - JBR come with a large kitchen, a living area and a spacious balcony. They also have two built-in wardrobes in every room.

3-Bedroom Apartments in Rimal, JBR

3-bedroom apartments in Rimal - JBR feature five bathrooms, a large living area, built-in wardrobes and a balcony. Most of these units offer two parking spaces.  

4-Bedroom Penthouses in Rimal, JBR

4-bedroom apartments in Rimal - JBR feature six bathrooms, a large living area, built-in wardrobes, a terrace and a private swimming pool. Penthouse-owners get two parking spaces. 

Most Popular Apartment Types in Rimal, JBR

  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%

Based on searches conducted by users on Bayut.com over the past 6 months

According to Bayut.com, the most popular bed type in Rimal - JBR is a 3-bed apartment that ranks first. This popularity in apartment types is followed by 2-bedroom apartments in Rimal - JBR. Studio apartments, 1, 4 and 5-bedroom apartments rank fourth, third, fifth and sixth, respectively.

Rental Trends in Rimal, JBR

According to Bayut.com, rental trends show that rental prices in Rimal - JBR range from AED 58k to AED 250k. The details of these rental prices are:

All these apartments are available with sizes ranging from 700 sq. ft. to 4,300 sq. ft. Regardless of size, all apartment owners and tenants can avail the facilities offered by this complex. 

Sales Trends in Rimal, JBR

According to Bayut.com, sales trends show that the sales prices of apartments in Rimal - JBR range from AED 850k to AED 5.1M.

These apartments vary in area sizes. For studio apartments, the average area size is 700 sq. ft. For 1-bed apartments, it ranges from 929 sq. ft. to 1,558 sq. ft. For 2-bed units, it ranges from 1,243 sq. ft. to 2,201 sq. ft. For 3-bed units, area sizes range from 1,450 sq. ft. to 2,500 sq. ft. For 4-bed units, it ranges from 2,713 sq. ft. to 4,300 sq. ft.

Rental Yield in Rimal, JBR

  • 0
  • 2.0%
  • 4.0%
  • 6.0%
  • 8.0%

Based on searches conducted by users on Bayut.com over the past 6 months

Rimal - JBR offers property investors a risk-free profit on investments. Apartments in this complex have a good rate of ROI. 2-bed units have an ROI of 6.6% 1-bed units offer the rate of return on investments of 6.1%, studio apartments have 5.9%, 3 bed-units have 5.3%, 4-bed units have 5.1% and 5-bedroom apartments have 3.6% ROI. 


Transportation near Rimal, JBR

There are several means of transportation near Rimal - JBR. Some of these include:

Bus Stops near Rimal, JBR

  • Marsa Dubai Station 1 Bus Stop (5 minutes away)
  • JBR, Station 2 Bus Stop (2 minutes away)
  • JBR, Station 1 Bus Stop (4 minutes away)

Metro Stations near Rimal, JBR

Metro Station near Rimal
Metro Station near Rimal - JBR
  • DMCC Metro Station (7 minutes away)
  • Damac Properties Metro Station (6 minutes away)

Tram Stations near Rimal, JBR

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence 2 Tram Station (3 minutes away)
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence 1 Tram Station (6 minutes away)
  • Dubai Marina Mall Tram Station (6 minutes away)

The most convenient option is to go by bus. You can also hire a taxi or an Uber.

Restaurants near Rimal, JBR

Some popular restaurants near Rimal - JBR are: 

  • Eat Greek Kouzina (6 minutes away)
  • Pier 7 (4 minutes) 
  • The Talk Restaurant (3 minutes)
  • The Cheesecake Factory (6 minutes)
Restaurant near Rimal
Restaurants near Rimal - JBR

Pier 7 is a tall dining destination with 7 floors, offering seven different fine dining eateries. It is called a destination to 7 different flavours of the world. This restaurant celebrates the diversity of fine dining where each floor offers a completely different dining experience to visitors. It is only 4 minutes away from this complex. 

If you are looking for a place to taste European and International cuisines, The Talk Restaurant is offering a quality meal to you only 3 minutes away from this complex. This restaurant has friendly staff. 

Operating since 1978, The Cheesecake Factory is an American restaurant chain that offers freshly baked products to its customers. It is 6 minutes away from this complex. Eat Greek Kouzina is one of the best restaurants in JBR. Customers are a fan of its authentic Greek flavours

Supermarkets near Rimal - JBR

Supermarkets near Rimal - JBR include: 

  • Carrefour (1 minute away)
  • Spinneys (10 minutes away)
  • Choithrams (5 minutes away)
Carrefour Supermarket
Supermarkets near Rimal - JBR

Carrefour is a French multinational hypermarket chain. It is located only a minute away from this complex. Carrefour started its operation in the year 1960. Since then, it has grown its name as one of the top supermarket chains in the world. 

This supermarket chain, named Spinneys, has been operating in the Middle East for quite a long time. Before the 1950s, it was a sausage and meat factory which turned into a giant supermarket chain in the UAE. It is located only ten minutes away from this complex. 

If you are looking for fresh vegetable and quality meat, Choithrams is only 5 minutes away from this complex. This supermarket chain started its operations only three decades ago. It has turned into one of the most famous supermarket chains in the UAE. It also serves freshly baked products and meals to its customers. 

Nearby Buildings

This area is currently facilitating a lot of major development projects. Some of the major buildings near Rimal - JBR, are: 

  • Sadaf (8 minutes away)
  • Murjan (4 minutes away)
  • Bahar (2 minutes away)

Sadaf is a residential complex located just 8 minutes away from Rimal - JBR. Similarly, Murjan and Bahar are also residential complexes located 4 and 2 minutes away from these buildings. 

Major Landmarks

Some of the most famous landmarks near Rimal - JBR are: 

  • Dubai Marina Cruise (10 minutes away)
  • The Walk (4 minutes away)
  • Dubai Marina Walk (8 minutes away)
Major Landmark near Rimal
The Walk - JBR

The Walk is a beachfront shopping street which runs parallel to the sea. It is located only four minutes away from this complex. It has become a tourist attraction due to its luxury shopping experience with a majestic sea view. This spot hosts numerous famous restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from all over the world. You can dine in any of these eateries while enjoying a beautiful view of the surrounding.


Rimal - JBR hosts a beachfront luxury living experience. Residents can enjoy the majestic view of the sea through their balconies and dine out at beachfront restaurants located nearby this complex. The only problem that you may face is traffic congestion as the area is quite popular among locals of Dubai. Several measures are being taken by authorities to counter this issue. 

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