Ocean Heights, Dubai Marina

Ocean Heights, Dubai Marina


About Ocean Heights

A development project by DAMAC Properties, Ocean Heights is a 1,017 ft. tall residential high-rise building.  This building is situated in the Dubai Marina area. Ocean Heights, Dubai Marina is at 107th place in the rankings for the tallest buildings in the world. Regionally, it is 24th largest building in the middle-east. 

It was designed by Ian Banham and Associates - a highly reputable architectural firm based in UAE. What’s more, the construction of the building was contracted to Arabtec. This building has a unique design, in which it is twisted from three faces from its base. This design not only is attention-grabbing, but it also facilitates an unobstructed view of the creek and the surrounding area. The construction on this building started in 2007, and in 2010 it was completed. 

Ocean Heights, Dubai Marina has 83 floors above ground while 3 floors are below ground. There are a total of 519 apartments in this building with 582 parking spaces.

For investors looking to live an upscale waterfront lifestyle, they should most certainly consider apartments for sale in Dubai Marina. Nonetheless, there are also options for those who would rather lease a flat here, for them it is best to look into apartments for rent in Dubai Marina.


  • Situated in the prestigious neighbourhood of Dubai Marina
  • A large residential complex with 519 apartments and 582 parking spaces
  • A development project by DAMAC Properties
  • One of the most uniquely designed buildings in Dubai
  • Ranked at 107 in terms of the largest buildings in the world


Facilities in Ocean Heights, Dubai Marina


Ocean Heights Parking
Residents can park thier vehicles in an underground parking bay

This building has dedicated, covered-parking spaces for residents. In fact, there are 582 spaces available for parking in Ocean Heights, Dubai Marina. Each apartment will be allocated at least one covered parking spot by building management in either L1, L2 or L3 of the parking bay. Since ocean heights is in a densely populated area, visitors are not provided with any parking facilities. However, visitors have the option to either park on the side-streets or park their vehicle in one of the several paid-parking lots that surround the neighbourhood. A good example includes the Barsati Car Park, which is a 3-minute walk from the building. 


There are 4-high speed elevators in Ocean Heights, Dubai. This ensures that residents and visitors can quickly move about the building premises.

Security, Central Air-Conditioning and Maintenance Services 

Ocean Heights, Dubai is a fully-maintained building with a dedicated maintenance and repair staff. Security is ensured through CCTV cameras by an on-premise security staff. All units within the building are fitted with central cooling system. 

Gym and Fitness Facilities 

There is a dedicated gym in Ocean Heights Dubai, with all the latest exercise equipment, including treadmills and various strength training equipment for a complete cardio and weight-training workout.

Lifestyle Amenities

Ocean Heights Marina has an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool. There is also a sauna which can accommodate 6 people, as well as a steam-room. This way, residents have the option to enjoy both moist and dry environments to help their muscles relax. There are two Kids' play area in Ocean Heights. The first is an indoor toddler play area, padded with foam. The other play area is located outdoors - but it is shaded from the sun. This play area is suitable for bigger kids. It also has a sand-pit, swings, and slides as well as plays castles. For those looking to host BBQ parties, there are BBQ stations within the building premises.

Concierge and Guest Services 

This building has a warm and welcoming lobby where guests can lounge. There is also a 24-hour concierge service with professionals trained to treat each and every guest and resident like royalty. 

Safety Features

There are fire extinguishers throughout the building. The fire resistant stairways within the building allow for a safe and easy escape in case of an emergency.

Ocean Heights Marina Floor Plans 

Floor plans in Ocean Heights, Dubai are offered in different configurations. Here is the floor plan of the apartment building:

  • 1-bedroom apartments in Ocean Heights Marina consist of five unit types
  • 2-bedroom apartments in Ocean Heights Marina consists of three unit types
  • 3-bedroom apartments in Ocean Heights Marina consist of one unit type

To see visually how these different floor plans are laid out, one can checkout the 3-D floor plans for Ocean Heights.

Apartment Types in Ocean Heights Marina

What’s special about apartments in Ocean Heights, Dubai is that each apartment unit is fitted with high-quality sanitary-ware and premium-grade marble tiles are installed throughout the units. Apartments types in Ocean Heights, Dubai fall into the category of luxury flats and thus residents will enjoy upscale amenities both inside their apartments and in the building premises. 

1-Bedroom Apartments in Ocean Heights

A typical 1-bedroom apartment in Ocean Heights, Dubai will come with 867 sq. ft. of floor space. These apartments have a living room that is connected with the balcony. Looking outside the balcony, one may see the vast skyline of Dubai Marina and can observe various maritime activities taking place. The bedroom also has access to the balcony.

2-Bedroom Apartments in Ocean Heights

The average 2-bedroom apartment in Ocean Heights, Dubai will come with 1,640 sq. ft. of floor space and 3-baths. As is the case with every unit, residents will enjoy the views from an extended balcony. There is also a balcony in one of the bedrooms. Some units will come with the Sheikh Zayed Road view, while others will come with a view of the creek. 

3-Bedroom Apartments in Ocean Heights

On average, the 3-bedroom apartment in Ocean Heights, Dubai will come with 1,800 sq. ft. of floor space and a total of 3-bathrooms. Some units will come fully-furnished with integrated appliances such as induction stoves and ovens. One can also expect to find a dishwasher in selected units. Overall, the layout/floor-plan of 3-bed apartments is more or less the same as 2-beds, except the number of rooms and bathrooms.

Most Popular Apartment Types in Ocean Heights, Dubai

  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 4-Bed
  • 5-Bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%

Based on searches conducted by users on Bayut.com over the past 6 months

A February, 2019 report by Bayut revealed the level of popularity for apartments in Ocean Heights Marina. Ranking at the top are the 2-bed apartments with a popularity percentage of 34.5%. Coming in at second are 1-bed flats at 32.8%. In third place, there are the 3-bed flats at 29.9%. Moving on, 4-bed flats are in second last place at only 2.5%. Lastly, 5-bed apartments seem to be least popular at only 0.4%. 

Rental Trends in Ocean Heights

For those looking to rent flats in Ocean Heights, they can expect the following rental trends

Sales Trends in Ocean Heights

Investors can buy apartments in Ocean Heights at the following prices:

The price range depends largely on the total square footage of the apartments or penthouses and the amenities offered. 

Rental Yield in Ocean Heights, Dubai

  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 4-Bed
  • 0
  • 2%
  • 4%
  • 6%
  • 8%

Based on searches conducted by users on Bayut.com over the past 6 months

As per statistics for February, 2019 from user data on Bayut, 4-bed apartments are the most popular investment choice, yielding an ROI of 7.0%. At 6.8%, 1-bed apartments were the second most popular choice. While 2-bed returned 6.2% ROI and 3-beds were at 5.5% ROI.

Service Charges in Ocean Heights

General Fund
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Utilities Services
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Management Services
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Master Community
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Total Rate
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Reserved Fund
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Total Rate
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)
General Fund
Rate (AED/Sq.ft)

These figures are based on the services charges for Marina Pinnacle as per the Dubai Land Department.

There are many different types of service charges in Dubai, read up on the service charges guide if you are interested in buying a property in Dubai.

These are the latest service charges as of 22 November 2019 and can be subject to change.


Transportation near Ocean Heights

Metro station near Ocean Heights
One of few metro stations near Ocean Heights

There are quite a few options for public transportation near Ocean Heights, Dubai Marina. Some of the most common modes of transportation include:

Bus Stations near Ocean Heights

There are several bus stops near Ocean Heights. One of the nearest ones include Mina Al Siyahi, Le Meridien Hotel at a 4-minute walk. At a 10-minute walk, one will find Al Thuraya Tower bus stop.

Metro Stations near Ocean Heights

There are quite a few metro stations near Ocean Heights. These include Sobha Realty Metro Station and Al Khail Metro Station.

Tram Stations near Ocean Heights

There are several tram stations near Ocean Heights. Mina Seyahi tram station is just 70 meters away - a 2-minute walk at most. Other tram stations near Ocean Heights include Media City Tram station at a 9-minute walk.

Restaurants near Ocean Heights

Nearby popular restaurants include:

  • Quattro Passi Ristorante
  • Eggspectation Restaurant Cafe JBR
  • Wokyo Noodle Bar
  • Marina Social

There is a variety of restaurants near Ocean Heights. For instance, for those interested in dining on Italian Cuisine, just 9-minutes away is the Quattro Passi Ristorante in the community of Palm Jumeirah. For those who prefer contemporary American cuisine, there is the Eggspectation Restaurant Cafe JBR, which is 12 minutes away in the Jumeirah Beach Residence community. Furthermore, 8 minutes away is an Asian Fusion food Restaurant Wokyo Noodle Bar which serves exotic Ramen dishes, and is most patronized by foodies who love Asian food. Marina Social, one of the best restaurants in Dubai Marina, is located 5 minutes away from Oceana Heights.

Nearby fine-dining restaurants include:

  • The Cavendish Restaurant
  • Stay by Yannick Alleno
  • Quattro Passi Ristorante

Just 7-minutes away, residents can reach The Cavendish Restaurant, here they expect to enjoy a wide range of menu offerings that include British, Irish and Mediterranean food. On average, a couple dining at this restaurant can expect to pay around AED 350. There is also a full bar at this place. For those who want to explore fine dining options outside the immediate neighbourhood, they can visit Stay by Yannick Alleno, which is a 17-minute drive away. Here diners can enjoy a varied menu selection that includes French and European dishes. For those with special diets, there are vegetarian options and gluten free menu offerings. This restaurant also offers late night food. At 9-minutes away, there is also another interesting fine dining establishment, this is the Quattro Passi Ristorante, here you choose from various seafood menu options to traditional Italian cuisine.

Supermarkets near Ocean Heights

Nearby supermarkets include:

  • Carrefour Market
  • Waitrose
  • Freshwell

There are several supermarkets near Ocean Heights. However, the closest large supermarket is the Carrefour Market which is a 2-minute walk from the building. This well-known supermarket carries all the necessities, such as fruit juices, yoghurt, snacks, vegetables, loaves of bread, sauces, ready-to-eat-meals and various fast-moving-consumer-goods. At 14-minutes away, there is Waitrose where one can buy goods imported from the United Kingdom. At 10-minutes away, there is the Freshwell Supermarket. 

Nearby Buildings

Nearby buildings include:

  • Marina Gate
  • Elite Residence
  • Marina Promenade

At a 4-minute drive, there is Marina Gate building. Slightly closer is Elite Residence. As for Marina Promenade, it is the furthest at a distance of 8-minutes via car.

Major Landmarks

Some popular major landmarks near Ocean Heights include: 

  • Dubai Amphitheatre
  • Dubai Marina Walk

9-minutes away is the Dubai Amphitheatre where various concerts events take place. This is a great place to enjoy the nightlife with friends or family members. What’s more, 11-minutes away is the Dubai Marina Walk which is a popular tourist attraction. This is a pathway where tourists and locals walk around and enjoy the picturesque background which has the creek surrounded by skyscrapers.


There are some buildings in Dubai Marina that offers rental apartment at a cheaper rate. But, then again, you get what you pay for. And those that do offer cheaper apartments will have fewer amenities. Renting or buying in Ocean Heights is a great in-between option for those who don't want to sacrifice too much in terms of their standards of living and yet also want to stay within their budget. Another factor is the availability of guest parking. Those visiting the building will not be allowed to park their vehicles in the parking bay. However, they can park their car in one of the several surrounding car-parks.  

Are you looking to buy or rent apartments in Ocean Heights ?


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