Lake Shore Tower, JLT

Lake Shore Tower, JLT


About Lake Shore Tower, JLT

Situated in Cluster Y of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Lake Shore Tower is a high-rise structure with 46 floors above ground. Also known as Lakeshore Tower, it houses luxurious studio, 1, 2, 3-bedroom apartments and 4-bedroom penthouses. The building offers facilities including covered parking, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, gymnasium, high-speed elevators and achildren’s play area. The building also links with First Al Khail Road, Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Naseem Street (D61).

Exterior facade of Lake Shore Tower
Lake Shore Tower is located in the Cluster Y of JLT

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is a popular community in Dubai known for its waterfront properties. The district features a contemporary design including 26 clusters and 78 towers. Each cluster is denoted with an alphabet, allowing clusters from A-Z. The neighbourhood offers several amenities to residents including high-end retail options, food outlets and parks. As per the Dubai real estate market report for 2020, JLT is one of the 10 most in-demand locations in the city. There are other JLT apartments for sale available for those looking for accommodation in a different cluster.


  • Located in Cluster Y of JLT
  • 46 floors above ground with residential units of studio, 1, 2 and 3-bed apartments and penthouses
  • 24-hour security available
  • Availability of high-speed lifts
  • There is dedicated parking in Lake Shore Tower
  • Swimming pool and Jacuzzi available
  • Has a children’s play area
  • Links with First Al Khail Road, Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Naseem Street


Facilities in Lake Shore Tower, JLT


Residents are provided with dedicated covered parking spots. Smaller units have one allocated parking space whereas larger flats may have two or more. Visitors’ parking is not available inside the building’s parking bay. Nonetheless, several public parking areas are located a short walk away from the building. 


There are several high-speed elevators in Lake Shore Tower, JLT, which makes it nearly effortless for residents to move in and out of the building. Apart from this, there is a dedicated service elevator for residents to move their furniture in and out of the building with relative ease. 

Security, Central Air-Conditioning and Maintenance Services 

The building is equipped with the latest CCTV cameras. There is also a dedicated monitoring room for 24-hour surveillance. An on-ground maintenance team is always available to assist with repair and upkeep. The district cooling supplier for the project is Empower, whereas the utilities are provided by DEWA.

Event Space

The project features conference centres for corporate events and meetings.

Gym and Fitness Facilities 

The gym in Lake Shore Tower, JLT has state of the art automated and manual training machines. Additionally, there is an adequate selection of strength training equipment that can facilitate a thorough upper and lower body workout. 

Lifestyle Amenities

Lake Shore Tower, JLT has a Jacuzzi that can accommodate 3 to 4 people. There’s also an outdoor, ground-level swimming pool that has underwater lights for night-time swimming. Right along the swimming pool, there are lounge chairs for sunbathing and relaxing. Parents will be delighted to find that the building has a designated area for children’s entertainment

Concierge and Guest Services 

A welcoming concierge team is always available to assist residents.


Pets are not allowed in Lake Shore Tower, JLT.

Safety Features

Lake Shore Tower, JLT is fitted with the latest fire safety equipment which meets the government-mandated safety requirements. These include high-tech fire detection alarms as well as control systems.   

Lake Shore Tower 1 Floor Plans 

  • 1-bedroom apartments in Lake Shore Tower 1 consist of two unit types
  • 2-bedroom apartments in Lake Shore Tower 1 consist of four unit types
  • 3-bedroom apartments in Lake Shore Tower 1 consist of one unit type
  • 4-bedroom penthouses in Lake Shore Tower 1 consist of one unit type

Bayut offers 2-D and 3-D viewing options for apartment plans. Residents can choose their preferred unit type by viewing the floor plans for Lake Shore Tower 1 on the website.

Apartment Types in Lake Shore Tower

The tower houses studio, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments as well as 4-bed penthouses.

Studio Apartments in Lake Shore Tower

A typical studio apartment in Lake Shore Tower, JLT has a covered area of 505 sq. ft. Each unit has a bathroom, a kitchen, a spacious hall and at least one balcony. Additionally, these units may come with double-glazed windows.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Lake Shore Tower 

1-bed apartments in Lake Shore Tower, JLT come with 967 sq. ft. of floor space. These units have both open and closed kitchen plans depending on the configuration. The bedroom comes with an en suite bathroom and built-in wardrobe. Some units also have a powder room.

2-Bedroom Apartments in Lake Shore Tower

An average 2-bed flat in Lake Shore Tower, JLT will offer around 1,450 sq. ft. of living space. The two bedrooms have en suite bathrooms with an additional guest bathroom in the hall. Apart from this, there’s also a dedicated maid’s room in this flat. Similarly designed like the 2-bed, these flats offer open and closed kitchen plans. The living room is fitted with floor to ceiling windows. Finally, similar to other flats in the building, these apartments also come with a large balcony

3-Bedroom Apartments in Lake Shore Tower

3-bedroom units in the building have an average size of 2,700 sq. ft. Each apartment comes with three bedrooms with attached baths, at least one balcony and a hall. The closed kitchen is fitted with cabinets and has a server’s window that opens into the dining space. There is also a maid’s room with an en suite bathroom in all flats. Additionally, these spacious flats offer a storeroom, laundry room and a guest bathroom.

4-Bedroom Penthouses in Lake Shore Tower

4-bedroom units have a covered space of 4,577 sq. ft. on average. These expansive penthouses have a separate living room, dining room and a large family room. All the four bedrooms come with en suite bathrooms with a dedicated shower and bathtub. There is also a maid’s room with an attached bathroom, a powder room, storeroom and laundry room in all units. 

Most Popular Apartment Types in Lake Shore Tower

  • Studio
  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 4-Bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 12 months

According to Bayut, the most searched for apartments in Lake Shore Tower are 2-bedroom units. These are followed by 1-bedroom flats, studio units and 4-bed penthouses respectively.

Rental Trends in Lake Shore Tower

There are several apartments available for rent in Lake Shore Tower:

Apartment rent varies based on size and additional amenities. Larger units which include storerooms, powder rooms, multiple balconies and maid’s rooms cost more.

Annual rent is usually paid in four post-dated cheques. However, residents can discuss other payment plans and instalment options with the landlord.

Sale Trends in Lake Shore Tower

There are many flats for sale in Lake Shore Tower. It is a good investment option in JLT for those looking for waterfront properties. The building also offers ownership rights to expats. 

Rental Yield in Lake Shore Tower

  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 0
  • 2%
  • 4%
  • 6%
  • 8%10%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 12 months

Apartments in Lake Shore Tower offer a good return on investment (ROI) with 1-bed units offering an ROI of 7.5% and 2-beds offering 7.2%. 

Service Charges in Lake Shore Tower

General Fund
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
General upkeep of the building
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
General repairs and replacements
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Utilities Services
Charges for using DEWA/district cooling facilities and meters
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Management Services
Owner’s association charges for managing the property
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Charge for the insurance of the building
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Master Community
Fees for communal facilities in the neighbourhood
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Reserved Fund
Funds used for major repairs and to help maintain the yearly service charges fees
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
The difference between the estimated amount charged the previous year vs the actual amount spent
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
A credit or debit charge
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED
General Fund
Price Per Sq. Ft. In AED

These figures are based on the services charges for Lake Shore Tower* as per the Dubai Land Department.

Types of service charges in Dubai vary. Those interested in buying property should read the Dubai service charges guide.

*These charges are subject to change.


Transportation near Lake Shore Tower

Lake Shore Tower is located ideally close to First Al Khail Road, Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Naseem Street. This allows residents easy access to nearby communities. There are also several bus, metro and tram stations nearby.

Bus Stations near Lake Shore Tower

There are multiple bus stops that residents can reach on foot. The JLT Damas bus station is just 4-minutes away, it is located just west of Lake Shore Tower. The other bus stop is the JLT Red Diamond, which is also 4-minutes away but is located east of Lake Shore Tower. The bus stop at Tiffany Tower can be reached after a 10-minute walk.

Metro Stations near Lake Shore Tower

For those who need to take the metro, the closest metro station is DAMAC Properties Metro Station at an 11-minute walk. Other nearby stations include DMCC Metro Station 1 and Nakheel station 9 and 10 minutes away by car respectively.

Tram Stations near Lake Shore Tower

The Dubai Marina tram station is the closest to the building at a 13-minute walk. The Jumeirah Lake Towers tram stop is situated at a 9-minute drive from the building. Another nearby station is the Dubai Marina Mall stop at an 11-minute drive.

Restaurants near Lake Shore Tower

Nearby popular restaurants include:

  • Chandni Chowk restaurant
  • Sbarro
  • Farsi Restaurant

Some popular restaurants that can be reached on foot include Chandni Chowk restaurant which is considered one of the more popular Indian eateries in the vicinity.  This restaurant specializes in North Indian meals, where the food is prepared fresh while applying the highest standard of hygiene and food safety. This establishment is situated in the Cluster T of JLT. 

For those craving pizzas, there’s a pizzeria near Cluster S of JLT, this restaurant is called Sbarro. Other nearby restaurants include Farsi Restaurant, Hyu Korean Restaurant and Mythos Kouzina & Grill

Fine-dining restaurants in the vicinity include: 

  • Indego by Vineet
  • Rhodes W1
  • The Cavendish Restaurant

Indego by Vineet is a popular North Indian restaurant famous for its contemporary plating, located at a 14-minute drive. Next to it is Rhodes W1 another luxury dining restaurant, known for its British cuisine.

For those who want to try something unique, they drive to The Cavendish Restaurant which is 8-minutes away. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Jumeirah Lake Towers. This place has a full bar and serves British, Irish and Mediterranean dishes. 

Supermarkets near Lake Shore Tower

Supermarkets in the area include: 

  • Spinneys Supermarket
  • West Zone Fresh Supermarket
  • Manilla Mart

Although there are several quick marts surrounding Lake Shore Tower, there are also some large supermarkets that can be reached on foot. Some examples include the Spinneys Supermarket which is an 11-minute walk just north of Lake Shore Tower.

Another supermarket that’s also 11-minutes away is the West Zone Fresh Supermarket, this one is right next to Spinneys. For those who are looking to buy Filipino foodstuffs, there is the Manilla Mart which is a 10-minute walk Northwest of Lake Shore Tower.


  • Al Waleed Paradise – residential building
  • Green Lakes S3 – residential building
  • Al Seef Tower 3 – residential building

Lake Shore Tower is located close to other residential structures situated in JLT. Al Waleed Paradise, located in cluster R, is a 7-minute drive from the building. Green Lakes S3, at a 9-minute drive, is one of the three residential buildings located in cluster S. Another nearby building is Al Seef Tower 3 located in cluster U, located 8 minutes away by car.

Major Landmarks

Nearby landmarks include: 

Restaurant in Dubai Marina Walk
One of the many restaurants located along Dubai Marina Walk

One major landmark near Lake Shore Tower, that’s just 11 minutes away via car, is the Dubai Marina Walk. The Dubai Marina Walk is a popular tourist place that’s not only scenic but has a variety of cafes and restaurants to choose from.

For a fun-filled water activity under the sun, there is AquaFun which is an obstacle course on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. It is located in Dubai Marina at a 15-minute drive.

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai located inside Mall of the Emirates

Another popular destination at a 15-minute drive from Lake Shore is the Mall of the Emirates. In addition to hundreds of retail options, the mall also houses food and entertainment options such as a ski rink and cinema.


Although Lake Shore Tower has a decent selection of amenities, it doesn’t have a sports facility and first aid centre located inside the building. If these factors aren’t as important as its location, then renting or buying an apartment here can be a wise choice. For more options with required amenities, potential residents can explore other JLT apartments for rent.

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