Jumeirah Bay X2, JLT

Jumeirah Bay X2, JLT


About Jumeirah Bay X2

Strategically located at the entrance of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), specifically within the sub-district of cluster X, Jumeirah Bay X2 is a commercial tower mainly consisting of offices and shops. It’s total architectural height is 218 m / 715 ft, and the building consists of 47 floors located above ground. It is a development project of First Gulf property developers, was designed by National Engineering Bureau and its construction was contracted to Belhasa Engineering & Contracting Co. it’s construction began in 2006 and was completed by 2009. It stands at 119th place in terms of the tallest buildings in the Middle East and is considered at rank 82 in the category of tallest structures in the United Arab Emirates.


  • Located next to several waterfront outdoor cafes
  • Several retail stores nearby 
  • Public squares and gardens 
  • Close to several daycare centres
  • Building has a dedicated gymnasium 
  • On-premises swimming pool, sauna and steam room
  • Safe and secure parking spaces
  • Designated storage areas for supplies
  • Five high-speed elevators 
  • Designated conference rooms
  • Convenient ATM facility
  • 24/7 concierge services
  • Welcoming lobby


Facilities in Jumeirah Bay X2


Parking in Jumeirah Bay X2 a hassle-free experience. It has a dedicated parking bay for office staff where they can park their vehicles.


There are five high-speed elevators in Jumeirah Bay X2, which makes it quite convenient to move in and out of this building.

Security and Concierge Services

Jumeirah Bay X2 is monitored through CCTV cameras, and the building is regularly patrolled by highly trained security staff who are responsible for the safety and security of residents. 

Fitness Amenities

There is a fitness centre within Jumeirah Bay X2 where occupants can get a complete workout. 

Properties in Jumeirah Bay X2

In Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower, one will essentially find two varieties of office setups, these are the following:

  • Fully-fitted
  • Fully-fitted and furnished

Fully fitted offices will have all the essential infrastructure needed to move in, such as HVAC system, partitions, plumbing, electrical outlets and other essential office infrastructure. Other options include fully-fitted and furnished includes everything one would need to move in, equipped with all the essential office furniture. 

Offices in Jumeirah Bay X2

Many offices in Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower will be fully-fitted and some will also be fully furnished. Floor space options will start from 594 sq. ft. and can go up to 3,200 sq. ft. for larger offices. Some units will come with floor to ceiling double-paned windows that not only allow for majestic views but also lets in maximum amount of natural light. Each office will come with at least one bathroom, some larger offices will offer more than one bathroom which can be configured as separate male and female bathrooms for office staff.

Shops in Jumeirah Bay X2

In Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower, shops are available for rent which are located on the ground floor of the building. The average shop will have around 1,371 sq. ft. of floor space. Most options will be in their shell-and-core form, thus one could essentially set up any time of business in these shops such as cafes, book stores, office supplies, restaurant or other types of businesses that will serve the community in the most profitable manner.  One can expect to pay an average rent of AED 177k for a retail outlet within this class.

Rental Trends in Jumeirah Bay X2

There are a considerable number of options in terms of offices for rent in Jumeirah Bay X2 tower

  • At the lowest end of the rental price spectrum, rents will start from AED 50k per annum for 733 sq. ft. semi-fitted office. 
  • An in-between option could be an 884 sq. ft. fully-furnished office (ready to move in) for an annual rent of AED 75k per annum. 
  • The most upscale rental office will demand an annual rent of AED 260k and will come furnished with high-end furniture and a floor space of 3,215 sq. ft. 

Sale Trends in Jumeirah Bay X2

Investors interested in buying offices in Jumeirah Bay X2 will find plenty of options in terms of price points and floor plans. 

  • An entry level semi-fitted office that has 610 sq. ft. of floor space would demand a purchase price of AED 510k. 
  • The largest office that can be purchased in Jumeirah Bay X2 will come with 3,267 sq. ft. of floor space, fully furnished and fitted for a price of AED 3.8M. 

Service Charges in Jumeirah Bay X2

General Fund
Charges (Sq.Ft)
General Fund
Charges (Sq.Ft)
General Fund
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General Fund
Utilities Services
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General Fund
Management Services
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General Fund
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General Fund
Master Community
Charges (Sq.Ft)
General Fund
Total Rate
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Additional Services
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Additional Services
Additional Services
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Additional Services
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Transportation near Jumeirah Bay X2

There are plenty of public transportation options near Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower. Those commuting in their own vehicles will find that Cluster JLT Cluster X is conveniently located along main Sheikh Zayed Road. Thus, commuting to and from work will mostly be a stress-free experience for most people working in Jumeirah Bay X2. 

Bus Stations 

At an 8-minute walk, there is JLT, Red Diamond bus stop.

Metro Stations

At a 5-minute walk, there is DAMAC metro station. Slightly further away at 6-minutes on foot, there is JLT, Jumeirah Bay X1 Tower. 

Restaurants near Jumeirah Bay X2

Restaurants in Jumeirah Lake Towers, near Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower, include:

  • Sheikh and Shake
  • Kcal Restaurant
  • Wendy’s 

Sheikh and Shake is the closest restaurant near Jumeirah Bay X2 at a distance of 4-minutes. Here, one will find various fast-food items such as sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, fries and shakes are some typical examples of the menu offerings at this place. At a distance of 8-minutes, there is a restaurant for those looking to shed some pounds, this is the Kcal Restaurant. Here one can expect to try low-fat options for burritos, veggie wraps, and pasta. Other more popular franchise based restaurants include Wendy’s which is 10-minutes away and KFC-JLT which is 8-minutes away. 

Nearby fine dining options include:

  • Indigo by Vineet
  •  Rhodes W1
  • Atelier M
  • Cavendish Restaurant

At a distance of 12-minutes, there is Indigo by Vineet restaurant located inside Grosvenor House. Here one will find a selection of classical Indian food dishes and seafood, there is also a full-bar in this restaurant. For those looking for British Cuisine, there is Rhodes W1 in Grosvenor House, here along with a full bar, one will find a large selection of classical British food. 12-minutes away, there is Atelier M here one can enjoy Mediterranian and French cuisine. Another nearby restaurant is The Cavendish Restaurant at 8-minutes away. 

Nightlife options nearby include:

  • One club Dubai Khaliji
  • Sama Lounge JBR
  • Stereo Arcade

At a 15-minute drive, there is One club Dubai Khaliji, this is a dance club where uae residents and visitors like to unwind. With Arabian themed music and DJs, it’s an ideal place to dance the night away for those looking for an Arabian vibe. For those who simply want to lounge with friends while enjoying some drinks, there is Sama Lounge JBR. At 13-minutes away, there is Stereo Arcade that is located inside DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. This is a nightclub most frequented by young expats and locals looking to enjoy a fun-filled nightlife with an open bar.

Nearby Buildings

Commercial buildings near Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower:

  • Jumeirah Business Centre 3
  • Mazaya Business Avenue
  • Jumeirah Bay X3

There are similarly equipped commercial buildings nearby that can also be considered. 6-minutes away via drive, there is Jumeirah Business Centre 3, slightly further at an 8-minute drive, there is Jumeirah Bay X3. Finally, Mazaya Business Avenue is 7-minutes away.


One will find working in this building quite convenient, located minutes away from Sheikh Zayed Road, commute times will be the least of concerns for most occupants. However, Jumeirah Bay X2 lacks in terms of shell-and-core offices and offices with over 4,000 sq. ft. of floor space. Nonetheless, it is an ideal place to set up an office, especially if one cares about the location and the option to buy or rent fully-furnished offices. 

Are you looking to buy or rent properties in Jumeirah Bay X2?


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