Horizon Towers, Ajman Downtown

Horizon Towers, Ajman Downtown


About Horizon Towers, Ajman

Horizon Towers, also known as Horizon Tower, is a development project by R Holdings in Ajman Downtown. This complex consists of 4 buildings offering several lifestyle opportunities to residents. These buildings have the key access to main roads, including Sheikh Zayed Road. Living in these apartments, you will experience a peaceful environment.  

Horizon Tower in Ajman Downtown
Horizon Towers was developed by R Holdings

Ajman Downtown is known as one of the best neighbourhoods in Ajman. This area has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and is perfect for families who are looking for affordable housing with great facilities. Since most of the buildings in this area have been recently developed, they offer modern design and amenities to residents.


  • Project by R Holding
  • Apartment complex in Ajman Downtown
  • Includes studio, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments
  • Facilities include a sauna, Jacuzzi, gym and a swimming pool
  • Consists of 4 buildings 
  • Easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road


Facilities in Horizon Towers, Ajman


You don’t need to worry about parking in Horizon Towers, Ajman. This complex offers allocated parking spaces with each unit. There are also separate parking spots for guests. 


All buildings in this complex offer multiple elevators developed according to the international standards of safety. 

Security, Central Air Conditioning and Maintenance Services

Horizon Towers, Ajman, utilizes state-of-the-art security system to offer maximum security to residents. CCTV cameras are installed in the building covering all the sides. The security team and maintenance staff provide regular services to this complex. 

Gym and Fitness Facilities

Horizon Towers, Ajman, provides facilities for differently-abled people. Moreover, for fitness buffs, there are well maintained gyms in Horizon Towers along with swimming pools

Lifestyle Amenities 

With a community garden, a cafeteria, an ATM, gaming arcades, fitness facilities and security systems, Horizon Tower, Ajman, offers several lifestyle amenities to its residents.

Concierge and Guest Services

Residents can find a 24-hour concierge and guest services in Horizon Towers, Ajman.


Pets are allowed in this complex.

Event Space

This complex has a large courtyard surrounding the buildings. Residents can utilize this space to organize parties or events. 

Safety Features

Horizon Towers includes a fire suppression system. All buildings have intercom facilities to make it easier for residents to communicate through their units in case of an emergency.

Horizon Towers Floor Plans

Bayut.com has worked on creating a simple format for 2D and 3D Horizon Towers floor plans. You may check the website for detailed floor plans.

Apartment Types in Horizon Towers, Ajman

Horizon Towers offers studio apartments, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments along with multiple amenities. The floor areas of these apartments range from 450 sq. ft to 2,498 sq. ft. Details include: 

Studio Apartments in Horizon Towers

Studio apartments in Horizon Towers have a size ranging from 450 sq. ft. to 760 sq. ft. These apartments offer a kitchen, a spacious living room and a bathroom. Most of these apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows with double glazed glass to offer a stunning view while preventing the apartment from heat.   

1-Bedroom Apartment in Horizon Towers

1-bedroom apartments in Horizon Towers range from 1,236 sq. ft. to 1,436 sq. ft. These flats have a kitchen, a living area and 2 bathrooms. 

2-Bedroom Apartment in Horizon Towers 

The average size of 2-bedroom apartments in Horizon Towers ranges from 1,200 sq. ft. to 1,988 sq. ft. These apartments feature bathrooms, a huge living area, wood flooring and floor-to-ceiling glass windows.  

3-Bedroom Apartment in Horizon Towers

3-bedroom apartments in Horizon Towers are built over an average area of 2,478 sq. ft. These apartments come with a perfect ambience allowing a peaceful touch to the lifestyle of the individuals. 

Most Popular Apartment Types in Horizon Towers

  • Studio
  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%

Based on searches conducted by users on Bayut.com over the past 6 months

The most popular bed type in Horizon Towers is a 2-bedroom unit that ranking first. In this popularity chart, studio apartments rank second while 1 and 3-bedroom apartments rank third and fourth, respectively.

Rental Trends in Horizon Towers, Ajman

According to Bayut.com, rental apartments in Horizon Towers have prices of apartments range from AED 15k to AED 55k. The details include:

Floor areas of these apartments range from 450 sq. ft. to 2,478 sq. ft. If you are looking for more options, check out Ajman Downtown apartments for rent.

Sale Trends in Horizon Towers, Ajman

According to Bayut, flats for sale in Horizon Towershave rates ranging from AED 170k to AED 750k. The details are:

The area sizes of studio apartments range from 450 sq. ft. to 760 sq. ft. For 1-bed apartments, the area sizes range from 1,236 sq. ft. to 1,436 sq. ft. For 2-bed apartments, area sizes range from 1,200 sq. ft. to 1,988 sq. ft. and for 3-bed, the average area size of apartments is 2,478 sq. ft.  

Rental Yield in Horizon Towers

  • Studio
  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 0
  • 2%
  • 4%
  • 6%
  • 8%

Based on searches conducted by users on Bayut.com over the past 6 months

1-bedroom apartments offer ROI of 10%. Studio apartments, 2 and 3-bedroom offer rates of return on investments of 9.5%, 9.2% and 8.0% respectively. You can also lookup for Ajman Downtown apartments for sale.


Transportation near Horizon Towers

Transportation near Horizon Towers includes its very own bus stop. Apart from that, there are several other bus stops near this complex. Some of the closest options include: 

Bus Stations near Horizon Towers

  • Al Rashidiya Tower Bus (3 minutes away)
  • Fish Market Stop (4 minutes)
  • City Life Stop (2 minutes away)

Most people in this area opt for public transport. Bus stops are easy to find in this area. You can also use the taxi services. Rashidiya 1 bus stop is another option available only 1 minute away from these buildings. 

Restaurants near Horizon Towers

Apart from several luxury lifestyle amenities, Horizon Tower is blessed with multiple famous eateries in its vicinity. Restaurants near Horizon Towers include: 

  • Al Tanoor Restaurant (10 minutes away)
  • Diet Station (6 minutes away)
  • Dastar Khan Restaurant (4 minutes away)

Operating in Ajman, Al Tanoor is one of the most popular restaurants offering Arabian and Middle Eastern cuisine. This restaurant is 10 minutes away from this complex and is mostly popular for its falafel. If you are in the mood for fast food, this restaurant is ready to serve it too. 

Diet Station, as the name says, serves international food to its customers while Dastar Khan serves Pakistani cuisine. This Pakistani restaurant is mostly popular for its Chicken Karahi and Garlic Naan. Both the restaurants are 6 and 4 minutes away from this complex, respectively.

Supermarkets near Horizon Towers

Supermarkets near Horizon Towers include: 

  • Zaki Supermarket (5 minutes away)
  • Lulu Express Fresh Mart (5 minutes away)
  • Al Sawna Restaurant (5 minutes away)

From fresh food to mobile phones, Lulu has it all for you. If you are looking for fresh food or vegetables, Lulu is waiting to provide you with every basic necessity you need. Lulu hypermarket is a retail division of a multinational named Lulu Group International

Nearby Buildings

Some of the buildings near Horizon Towers include:

Located near Horizon Towers, Falcon Towers is a mixed-use complex, consisting of 1 commercial building and 7 residential buildings. This commercial tower of this complex has 27 floors for units while the rest of the 4 floors are reserved for parking. Residential buildings also have 4-storey parking areas while 24 floors are dedicated to studio apartments, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments.

Major Landmarks

Horizon Tower is located at a prime location in Ajman where most of the tourist attractions are located nearby. Major landmarks near Horizon Towers include:

  • Wasit Nature Reserve (12 minutes away)
  • Ajman Museum (6 minutes away)
  • Marsa Ajman (6 minutes away)

Ajman Museum hosts a fascinating collection of artefacts. This fort is a historical piece itself as it belongs to a ruler from the 18th century.  

Ajman Museum
Ajman Museum is a popular tourist attraction


All 4 towers benefit residents with several state-of-the-art amenities. These facilities offer a luxury lifestyle experience. Whether it is related to security, safety, fitness or food, all your concerns have a solution here. Some people might have a little problem finding parking spaces in Ajman Downtown. However, Horizon Towers offer spacious and specific parking spaces so residents need not worry. 

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