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Glitz 3, Dubai Studio City



Facilities in Glitz 3


Parking in Glitz 3 includes a basement with plenty of f****ree-of-charge parking spaces for residents.


Residents can find high-speed elevators in Glitz 3, Studio City, that operate on international safety standards for the ease and safety of its users.

Security, Central Air-Conditioning and Maintenance Services 

Glitz 3 has a CCTV surveillance system in its building. As for home maintenance, residents and guests can hire housekeeping services such as ironing, laundry and cleaning.

Gym and Fitness Facilities 

There is a gym in Glitz 3 along with a swimming pool. This building also has a separate section which includes a sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room facility.

Lifestyle Amenities

One of the luxurious features of Glitz 3 is the swimming pool and mini-golf on the rooftop. Swimming enthusiasts can easily step in and out of the pool with comfortable ground steps and non-slippery handles for their safety. The rooftop also has a garden, a leisure deck and a barbecue station. Those who want to enjoy sunbathing can relax on one of the many loungers next to the pool.

Apart from that, there are many facilities, like an air-conditioned kid’s play area, to keep the kids entertained. It also has a tennis court. There is a party hall, a multi-purpose room and storage areas in the building. The grand lobby has been designed with a water theme. The ground floor of the building features retail outlets, F&B stores and a convenience store.

Event Space

Glitz 3 offers a barbecue area where residents can enjoy and organize small parties. It also offers communal gardens and a clubhouse.


Pets are allowed in Glitz 3.

Concierge and Guest Services 

Glitz 3 provides 24-hour concierge and guest services.

Safety Features

Glitz 3 has a standby fire-fighting system.

Glitz 3 Floor Plans 

  • Studio apartments in Glitz 3 consist of 5 different unit types
  • 1-bedroom apartments in Glitz 3 consist of 7 different unit types
  • 2-bedroom apartments in Glitz 3 consist of 3 different unit types
  • 3-bedroom apartments in Glitz 3 consist of 1 unit type

Bayut has created a simple format for 2D and 3D Glitz 3 floor plans. If you are interested, please check out the website for details.

Properties in Glitz 3

Properties in Glitz 3 include apartments and retail spaces. Apartment types include studio apartments, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments. Each flat has an elegantly designed interior complemented by a balcony and a built-in wardrobe.

Since the apartments are built with contemporary convenience and luxury in mind, sleek-finish Italian Bath Fittings by Milano complement the theme.

The open-plan kitchens come with high-tech appliances. The cabinetry in the kitchens features sleek-finish white and grey cabinets and white countertops along with stainless steel sinks.

Studio Apartments in Glitz 3

Some furnished studio apartments in Glitz 3 features a double bed with side tables, a couch, a dining table and a TV console. The living space is connected to the kitchen. The bedroom area of studio apartments also has full-size windows that offer amazing views. The area of the studio ranges between 441 sq. ft. and 446 sq. ft.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Glitz 3

Tastefully designed, 1-bedroom apartments in Glitz 3 features fitted wardrobes, a balcony and a laundry area. These units also feature a contemporarily designed open kitchen with sleek grey and white interiors. The washrooms come with a luxury bathtub and beautiful wooden cupboards/drawers. The sitting/dining area has enough space for 2 couches, a TV console and a dining table. 1-bedroom apartments are available in sizes that range between 685 sq. ft. – 742 sq. ft.

2-Bedroom Apartments in Glitz 3

The floor area of 2-bedroom apartments in Glitz 3 is approximately 1,160 sq.ft. These furnished flats include a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a living/dining room with a dining table and walls with paintings and pictures. The bedrooms have double-sized beds, with linens and curtains.

3-Bedroom Apartments in Glitz 3

3-bedroom apartments in Glitz 3 span over approximately 1,355 sq. ft. to 1,450 sq. ft. of area. All bedrooms come with bathrooms that feature a bathtub and storage cupboards. The built-in wardrobe, 2 expansive balconies and a lavish kitchen add to the beauty of the contemporary-style apartment.

Retail Spaces in Glitz 3

Considering the residential and commercial needs of residents, there are multiple retail spaces located on the ground floor of the building. These spaces are spacious, offering multiple amenities to tenants and owners offered by the building. The average floor size is 875 sq. ft.

Based on searches conducted by users in over the last 12 months. Last updated 11 hours ago

According to Bayut, 2-bedroom flats in Glitz 3 enjoy the highest popularity. They are followed by 1-bed apartments in the second spot. 3-bedroom flats take up the third position on the list. Studio apartments rank in the fourth position.

According to data derived from, rental apartments in Glitz 3 have prices ranging from AED 34k to AED 90k. Details of rental apartments and shops include:

These apartments and retail spaces offer multiple amenities offered by the building. For more options, you may check Dubai Studio City apartments for rent.

According to data derived from, apartments for sale in Glitz 3 are as follows:

Though a bit pricey, buying a property in Glitz 3 is in great investment because of its commercial surroundings. If you are looking for more options, check out Dubai Studio City apartments for sale.

Rental Yield in Glitz 3

Based on searches conducted by users in over the last 12 months. Last updated 11 hours ago

3-bedroom flats offer the highest ROI in Glitz 3 of 7.72%. 2-bedroom flats generate about 7.09% return on investment. 1-bed apartments offer an ROI of about 6.48%.

Service Charges

Services 2.58
Maintenance 1.32
Utilities Services 8.33
Management Services 0.8
Insurance 0.23
Master Community 1.74
Total Rate 15.00
Reserved Fund 0.66
Total Rate 15.66
Adjustment -0.8
Total -0.8

dedicated service charges for Glitz 3



Transportation near Glitz 3

Some of the modes of transportation near Glitz 3 include:

Bus Stops in Glitz 3

  • Operation Office 2 Bus Stop (2 minutes away)
  • Uptown Apartments 1 Bus Stop (5 minutes away)
  • Spinneys (3 minutes away)

Dubai Internet City Metro Station is the nearest metro station, located at a distance of 18 minutes from the building. Hence, buses are the most convenient and easily accessible public transport option available to residents. Residents can also avail Taxis and Uber services.

Restaurants near Glitz 3 

Some of the restaurants near are:

  • Nutri Bowl (3 minutes away)
  • Palermo (3 minutes away)
  • Taqado Mexican Kitchen (3 minutes away)

For people looking for super tasty delicious food, Taqado Mexican Kitchen is the perfect option because the restaurant serves finger-licking chicken recipes.

If you are looking for a bar or a nightclub, a few nightlife options near Glitz 3 include:

  • Ippos (3 minutes away)
  • Kickers Sports Bar (9 minutes away)
  • Big Easy Bar & Grill (10 minutes away)

Glitz 3 is also close to a number of chic cafes for residents to grab a bite on-the-go. Some of the closest ones are:

  • The Kana Cafe (3 minutes away)
  • Caporilli’s (3 minutes away)
  • Circle Cafe (3 minutes away)

The Kana Cafe is just a few minutes away and serves delicious lunches and dinners in a rooftop ambience. The Cafe serves hookah or shisha, making it a popular spot for sheesha lovers.

Supermarkets near Glitz 3

Supermarket near Glitz 3 include:

  • Blue Mart supermarket 
  • SPAR Express in Glitz 2 
  • Spinneys Motor City
SPAR supermarket in Glitz 2
SPAR supermarket is located on the ground floor of Glitz 2

Residents can get the benefit of a variety of options available when it comes to supermarkets near Glitz 3. Blue Mart supermarket, SPAR Express and Spinney are some of the options located at a distance of 1, 2 and 3 minutes from this building.

Nearby Buildings

Some of the major buildings near Glitz 3 are:

  • Dickens Circus (5 minutes away)
  • Glitz 1 (2 minutes away)
  • Glitz 2 (1 minute away)

Dickens Circus is a residential complex located in Motor City. It is 5 minutes away from Glitz 3. This complex consists of 3 mid-rise buildings, each having 6 floors in total. This building offers studio apartments, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments.

Major Landmarks

Some of the major landmarks near Glitz 3 include:

Dubai Autodrome near Glitz 3
Dubai Autodrome is a motorsport themed park

At a distance of 3 minutes from the building, one of the most popular destinations of Dubai is located. Dubai Autodrome is quite popular among sports fans due to its motorsport-themed rides. This park offers indoor rides where motorsport fans can enjoy adventurous and fun rides in a temperature-controlled environment.


Glitz 3 is the epitome of luxury living. However, it can be a bit pricey as Dubai Studio City is not completely dedicated to residential units. Similarly, residents will also have to make a few long road trips to get to the main city. Despite that, Glitz 3 is the perfect option if you work nearby.

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