Al Thamam 24, Remraam

Al Thamam 24, Remraam


About Al Thamam 24

Located amidst lush-green nature and modern lifestyle facilities, Remraam exists as a vibrant community that is home to a collection of low and high-rise developments. With access to Emirates Road and Hessa Street, the neighbourhood resides in one of the most convenient spots in the Dubailand district. Due to this, inhabitants can get quick access to restaurants, supermarkets, fitness centres and hospitals. Along with that, there are other luxury facilities such as swimming pools and spa services.

Al Thamam 24, which resides in the cluster of Al Thamam, is a residential building that is surrounded by lush green plantations. With state-of-the-art facilities, it is home to a collection of Moorish-style apartments that include studio, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units. Each of them has been carefully designed to meet the modern and basic needs of individuals. Residents are offered wide-spaced balconies that showcase the brilliant views of Remraam community.

For those who prefer to live in a community that is self-sufficient and full of exciting amenities, Al Thamam 24 is an ideal property. The reason is that this residence provides inhabitants with an array of amenities such as beautiful courtyards, landscaped walking/cycling trails, swimming pools, barbeque areas, fully-equipped gyms, children’s playground and sports courts. For the leisure of residents, this residence also includes underground parking.


  • A mid-rise development by Dubai Properties Group
  • Offers 7 levels of studio, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments
  • Features moorish-styled architecture
  • Underground parking is available for residents
  • Includes facilities such as a shared swimming pool, children’s play area, gym and sports courts
  • Minutes away from supermarkets, restaurants and hospitals
  • Near Dubai Butterfly Garden, Dubai Miracle Garden, Mall of the Emirates and Global Village


Facilities in Al Thamam 24


Parking located outside Al Thamam 24
Parking located outside Al Thamam 24

There is at least one allocated slot for parking in Al Thamam 24, Remraam, provided to residents on per apartment basis. Visitors and guests can use the common parking located at the ground level, outside of this building.


There are high-speed elevators in Al Thamam 24, Dubai that is accessible in the building.

Security, Central Air Conditioning and Maintenance Services

From fully trained security staff members, to around the clock CCTV cameras, security measure in Al Thamam 24 are quite strong. For maintenance, there are staff for cleaning and repairing. They can be reached upon request.

Event Space 

There is an area full of barbeque pits located outside of this building. This area can serve as an excellent event venue for weekend BBQ with family or friends.

Gym and Fitness Facilities

Residents who would like to access facilities for gym in Al Thamam 24, can visit state-of-the-art gym located within the community. Along with that, there is a shared swimming pool and sports courts for fitness enthusiasts.

Lifestyle Amenities

A swimming pool in Al Thamam 24
A swimming pool in Al Thamam 24

Al Thamam 24 is located in a secured and gated community which features lush-green surroundings for those who want to live in a quiet environment. This residence has been constructed to fuse upscale living with an affordable collection of wide-spaced apartments.

This building offers a variety of amenities that include a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis ball court, barbeque pits, football court, kids play area, a nursery and dedicated underground parking.

For individuals that like to jog or drive a cycle, can use the walking/cycling trail or park located just outside the building.

Guest and Concierge Services

Front desk and concierge services are available upon request. 


This is not a pet-friendly building.

Safety Features

For the safety of the residents, fire alarms have been installed throughout the building. Lock and key system has also been added to each apartment for additional security.

Apartment Types in Al Thamam 24

Located amidst peaceful and lush-green surroundings, Al Thamam 24 offers a collection of well-constructed and affordable apartments that range from studio to 3-bedroom units. Each of them has been carefully designed according to modern architecture and a dash of the old Arabian exterior.

Interested individuals can read through various apartment types in Al Thamam 24 below:

Studio Apartments in Al Thamam 24

Studio apartments in Al Thamam 24 is a perfect choice for individuals who require minimum space. This flat features one bathroom and an open kitchen setting which are connected to a wide-spaced room. This room can serve as a dining room, bedroom and living room. On average, this apartment type measures at 468 sq. ft.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Al Thamam 24

The 1-bedroom apartments in Al Thamam 24 are an ideal living space for individuals who prefer to lead a minimalist, yet modern lifestyle. This flat type consists of a wide walk-in balcony that showcases residents an enchanting view of either the community or swimming pool that is located just below the building. It includes one separate room, one living room/dining area, kitchen space and bathroom. Aside from that, there are built-in cabinets and closets within the apartment for additional storage. On average the size of this flat type measures at an area the size of 1,005 sq. ft.

2-Bedroom Apartments in Al Thamam 24

2-bedroom apartments in Al Thamam 24 feature two spacious rooms along with a living room that conveniently connects to a walk-in balcony. There is one kitchen space, one bathroom and a powder room also included in this living space. This apartment type measures from 1,005 sq. ft. to 1,150 sq. ft. on average.

Most Popular Apartment Types in Al Thamam 24

  • Studio
  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%100%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 12 months

According to the statistics derived from, the most popular apartment types in Al Thamam 24 are the 2-bedroom apartments that have gotten the first position. The second position has been gained by studio apartments. The third position has been scored by 1-bedroom apartments.

Rental Trends in Al Thamam 24

When it comes to renting a property in this residence, it is important to read about the rental trends in Al Thamam 24.

  • The annual rental cost of 1-bedroom apartments in Al Thamam 24 is AED 32k on average

Interested individuals can look through apartments for rent in Al Thamam 24 for investing in these properties. There are also other similar Remraam apartments for rent to look out for. All apartment types come with one allocated parking space and other facilities.

Sale Trends in Al Thamam 24

Interested buyers can read about the sale trends in Al Thamam 24. They include:

  • The cost of studio apartments for sale in Al Thamam 24 is AED 300k on average
  • The cost of 2-bedroom apartments for sale in Al Thamam 24 is AED 625k on average

These apartments for sale in Al Thamam 24 can be viewed by interested individuals who would like to invest in Remraam apartments for sale.

Rental Yield in Al Thamam 24

  • 2-Bed
  • 0
  • 2%
  • 4%
  • 6%
  • 8%10%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 12 months

According to rental yield in Al Thamam 24, the 2-bedroom apartments have scored an ROI of 8.3% in total.


Transportation near Al Thamam 24

Residents can find many modes for transportation near Al Thamam 24. These public transportation types include buses and metro trains.

Bus Stations near Al Thamam 24

Bus Stations near Al Thamam 24 include:

  • Remraam, Al Thamam 41 (1 minute away)
  • Remraam, Al Thamam 3 (2 minutes away)
  • Remraam, Al Thamam 57 (2 minutes away)

Individuals that prefer to visit distant locations on a bus can visit these bus stations to go to their preferred locations. Other nearby stations include Remraam Entrance 2, Remraam Al Thamam 13 and Remraam Al Ramth 3.

Restaurants near Al Thamam 24

Some of the multiple restaurants near Al Thamam 24 include a variety of cultural cuisines. Residents can find them in just a short drive away. From Thai, Chinese to fast food and Arabian favourites, individuals can read about various eateries below:

  • Little Neighborhood Restaurant (3 minutes away)
  • Domino’s Pizza (3 minutes away)
  • Abatjour Bistro (8 minutes away)

Among the eateries listed above, Abatjour Bistro is a cultural delight that features a wide range of Mediterranean and Lebanese recipes. Their famous dishes include Pepperoni Pizza, Hummus Bethena, Fresh Salmon and Greek Moussaka. Abatjour Bistro also offers a vegan menu for individuals that do not want meat dishes.

Shisha is also available in a variety of flavours. It is served in the smoking area which includes entertainment facilities, such as the playing of football matches. In addition, there are also indoor and outdoor seating available with WiFi signals. The restaurant is open throughout the week from 12 pm to 12 am. Customers who own an ADCB debit/credit card can avail 15% discount on both food & beverages. Terms and conditions apply.

Supermarkets near Al Thamam 24

Some of the convenience stores located near the building are listed below. They include: 

  • Carrefour Market (3 minutes away)
  • Geant Express (4 minutes away)
  • Blue Mart Supermarket (10 minutes away)

While there are multiple supermarkets near Al Thamam 24, Blue Mart Supermarket is a grocery store that offers a wide variety of edibles and non-edible products. They include seafood, meat, canned items, cleaning supplies and electronic accessories.

Geant Express is another local option that is located within 4 minutes of distance. Customers in this store can find multiple products, from seafood to cleaning supplies, for their daily or monthly grocery shopping.

Carrefour Market is a popular grocery store that is known for offering a large variety of products. They include electronic items, cooking supplies, cleaning products and edibles. While this store is located all over the United Arab Emirates, individuals can find the nearest branch within 3 minutes.

Nearby Buildings

Some of the buildings near Al Thamam 24 include:

  • Al Thamam 22 (1 minute away)
  • Al Thamam 18 (1 minute away)
  • Al Thamam 45 (1 minute away)

Since this building is located in a residential area, it is surrounded by many residential buildings of the same cluster. Its neighbours are Al Thamam 18, Al Thamam 22 and Al Thamam 45.

Major Landmarks

Some popular landmarks include: 

From the major landmarks near Al Thamam 24 listed above, Dubai Butterfly Garden the nearest attraction that is located just a bit off Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. While being one of the most popular tourist destinations located in Dubai, it is also a recreational facility that is home to around 15,000 butterfly species. That too, from all over the globe.

Attractions include The Domes, where an abundance of plants and flowers are kept on a temperature of 24 degrees. Each path inside the attraction is vibrantly decorated with foliage and ivy leaves hanging from the ceiling in order to offer a natural look to the tourists. Of course, seeing butterflies from the gazebo can truly be an immersive experience for an individual.
Other attractions include Butterfly Museum, Koi Pond, Educational Area and several food outlets that complete the trip. Dubai Butterfly Garden is open from 9 am to 6 pm (Sunday to Thursday). Entrance fee is AED 55 for adults and children above 3 years, however, it is free for children under 3 years of age.

Things to Consider

One thing to consider is that there will be a lack of street parking for visitors until the community is fully completed. However, residents can expect multiple luxury amenities and exciting attractions that are just minutes away. Metro and buses can also be accessed near Al Thamam 24.

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