Al Safa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road

Al Safa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road


About Al Safa Tower, Dubai

Al Safa Tower is a high-rise residential building located on Sheikh Zayed Road. It consists of 22 floors above ground and offers 1 and 2-bedroom apartments. The building is close to Downtown Dubai and Palm Jumeirah. Al Safa Tower has modern amenities such as gym and swimming pool. It gives easy access to supermarkets and restaurants. The Dubai Mall is 6 minutes away from the building.

Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the main highways in Dubai that connects all emirates. The road leads to the major landmarks of the city including Dubai World Trade Centre, The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.


  • Located on Sheikh Zayed Road
  • 22 storeys above ground
  • Offers 1 and 2-bedroom apartments
  • Swimming pool and gym
  • Children’s play area
  • Close to The Dubai Mall


Facilities in Al Safa Tower, Dubai


Al Safa Tower Parking
Parking in Al Safa Tower

The covered parking in Al Safa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road fulfils the needs of residents. Small apartments get one, whereas, larger units are given 2 or more parking spaces in the building. However, the building does not provide guest parking.


High-speed elevators are installed in Al Safa Tower to provide hassle-free service for passengers.

Security, Central Air-Conditioning and Maintenance Services

Al Safa Tower offers 24-hour security. The building is centrally air-conditioned and there are chiller free options as well. In addition, Al Safa Tower has an on-site maintenance staff that provides quick and efficient service.

Gym and Fitness Facilities

Al Safa Tower features different fitness facilities including gym and swimming pool. Gym in Al Safa Tower provides all modern equipment. Spa facility is also available in the building.

Lifestyle Amenities

There is a spacious children's play area in Al Safa Tower. Kids can play their favourite sports in the area.

Concierge and Guest Services

There is a lobby in Al Safa Tower where guests can wait for their host.


Pets are allowed in the building.

Safety Features

Al Safa Tower follows international safety standards that ensure the security and safety of its residents.

  • Fire extinguishers, alarms and suppressors are installed throughout the building.
  • Security staff observes the building through 24-hour CCTV monitoring.

Apartment Types in Al Safa Tower, Dubai

Al Safa Tower offers 1 and 2-bedroom units. These apartments vary in terms of covered area and other amenities.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Al Safa Tower

1-bedroom apartments in Al Safa Tower provide an area of around 800 sq. ft. The unit offers a fitted kitchen, bathroom and a spacious balcony. The apartment enjoys all the shared amenities of the building including children’s play area, swimming pool and gym. The flat is given one parking space.

2-Bedroom Apartments in Al Safa Tower

The covered area of 2-bed apartments is about 1,150 sq. ft. The unit has access to all the shared facilities. Some of these units also have a guest bedroom. The units come with a furnished kitchen and built-in wardrobes.

Most Popular Apartment Types in Al Safa Tower

  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 6 months

The most popular apartment type in Al Safa Tower is the 1-bedroom units, whereas, 2-bed apartments come second in searches conducted on Bayut.

Rental Trends in Al Safa Tower, Dubai

  • Rental price for 1-bedroom apartments in Al Safa Tower is AED 80k to AED 85k per year.
  • Rent for 2-bed units in Al Safa Tower is about AED 105k per year.

The rental price of apartments in Al Safa Tower is reasonable like the other apartments for rent on Sheikh Zayed Road.


Transportation near Al Safa Tower

Al Safa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road Tower is situated on the famous Sheikh Zayed Road. Therefore, it is well-connected to different transportation modes including buses, metro and cabs. Residents can also use Uber, Careem and Dubai Taxi services.

Bus Stops near Al Safa Tower

Bus is a common mode of transport near the building. Safa Terminus 1 Bus Stop, Safa Terminus 2 Bus Stop and Sheikh Zayed Road Bus Stop are under a 10-minute drive from the building.

Metro Stations near Al Safa Tower

Business Bay Metro Station, Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Station and Emirates Tower Metro Station are under 5-minute drive from Al Safa Tower.

Restaurants near Al Safa Tower

Popular restaurants near Al Safa Tower are:

  • Petals - Rose Rayhaan By Rotana
  • Zuma Restaurant
  • Sadaf Restaurant

6 minutes away, Petals - Rose Rayhaan by Rotana offers Asian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. Zuma Restaurant is located at a 7-minute drive from the building and offers Japanese foods. Sadaf Restaurant is within walking distance from the building and offers Persian cuisine.

Fine-dining restaurants near Al Safa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road are:

  • Billionaire Mansion & Sumosan Dubai
  • Bice Mare

Billionaire Mansion & Sumosan Dubai is at a 6-minute drive and offers Japanese and Italian food. Bice Mare is at a 10-minute distance from the building. The menu includes seafood and Italian cuisines.

Supermarkets near Al Safa Tower

Supermarkets in the area include:

  • Carrefour Market
  • Al Maya Supermarket
  • Spinneys Supermarket
  • West Hill Supermarket
West Hill Supermarket is located at the ground floor of Al Safa Tower
West Hill Supermarket

Al Safa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road is close to various supermarkets and some of them are mentioned above. West Hill Supermarket is located at the ground floor of the building and provides meat, seafood and other grocery items. Carrefour market is at an 8-minute drive and is famous for providing daily use items as well as beauty and healthcare products. Al Maya Supermarket is located at a 4-minute drive from the building.

Nearby Buildings

  • Jumeirah Tower- Residential Building
  • Zabeel Tower- Residential Building
  • 21st Century Tower- Residential Building
  • Liberty House- Residential Building
  • Central Park Towers- Commercial Building
  • Art Tower- Commercial Building

Various buildings are situated near Al Safa Tower, Dubai. Some of them include Jumeirah Tower, Zabeel Tower, 21st Century Tower, Liberty House, Central Park Towers and Art Tower.

Major Landmarks

Nearby landmarks include:

  • The Dubai Mall
  • Burj Khalifa
A view of the Burj Khalifa
A view of the Burj Khalifa

Al Safa Tower, Dubai provides quick access to The Dubai Mall. About 6 minutes away, The Dubai Mall is one of the most famous malls across the world. Burj Khalifa is also close to the building, about a 9-minute drive. It is the tallest building in the world and home to numerous dining, fitness and entertainment facilities.


Apart from all the facilities Al Safa Tower, Dubai provides, one thing to consider is that there is no guest parking in the building. Also, as the tower is on Sheikh Zayed Road that’s the key route connecting different parts of the city, residents might face traffic jams during peak hours. However, if you like to live close to the hustle bustle of the city, you can check various apartment for sale on Sheikh Zayed Road


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