Al Nuaimiya Towers

Al Nuaimiya Towers


About Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman

Al Nuaimiya 1 is a complex that consists of 15 residential buildings. Al Nuaimiya Towers, constructed in 2006, is a renowned residential project that is a part of Al Nuaimiya 1. This 16-storey building is 230 feet tall and has a basement-parking facility. The units in Al Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman, are split into residential purpose apartments and commercial purpose shops. The presence of restaurants, supermarkets and schools in proximity of this building makes it a highly attractive option for families. It consists of studios and 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments that cover the needs of a diverse range of home seekers.

In addition, the building has all the basic amenities that are necessary for living. These include high-speed elevators, maintenance service and 24/7 security. Another key feature of this residential project is its road network, which allows residents to travel to different places in Ajman with ease. All these aspects contribute to the development of a community where people enjoy a quality life.

Al Nuaimiya is one of the most desirable spots for residence in the city of Ajman. This area is located near the borders of Ajman and Sharjah and has both luxurious and residential projects. Moreover, the availability of schools, restaurants, supermarkets and public transportation makes it an ideal location for people to move in.


  • 16-storey building
  • Features studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units
  • Constructed in 2006
  • One of 15 residential buildings
  • Paid parking inside the building
  • Nearby restaurants and supermarkets
  • 3 high-speed elevators
  • Kids play area and garden


Facilities in Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman


When it comes to parking in Nuaimiya Towers, there exists a confined yet paid parking space in the building's basement.


There are three high-speed elevators in each of the towers part of Nuaimiya Towers.

Security, Central Air-Conditioning and Maintenance Services 

Al Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman is highly secured, as a security team is available 24/7 to handle any emergency situation. Additionally, the security team monitors every nook and cranny of building through CCTV cameras. Maintenance services include waste disposal and cleaning of the building, which is necessary to maintain its pleasing appearance. Also, apartments in Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman come with air-conditioning provided by FEWA.

Concierge and Guest Services 

Al Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman offers 24-hour concierge and guest service. Guests that are unaware of the layout of the building can contact the guest service, which may address their concerns.

Safety Features

In modern-day constructions, a great emphasis is placed on safety features for providing a safer living environment. Nuaimiya Towers also has some safety features including a fire alarm system that detects and alarms residents and management within time.

Apartment Types in Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman

Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman, comprises most affordable and spacious residential units, which are divided into studio, 1, 2 and 3-bed options. These units have all the basic amenities required for comfortable living. The description of these apartments are as follows:

Studio Apartments in Al Nuaimiya Towers

Studios in Nuaimiya Towers cover an area in the range of 530 sq. ft. to 687 sq. ft., which is spacious as compared to other studio apartments in Ajman. These studios in Nuaimiya Towers come with either a balcony or terrace, providing a panoramic view of the surroundings. Other than that, they include a bathroom and a kitchen as well.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Al Nuaimiya Towers 

1-Bed units available in Nuaimiya Towers are available in two configurations: 1 and 2 bathrooms. Those with one bathroom have a covered area in the range of 794 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. Whereas, units with 2 bathrooms have an area in between 1,000 sq. ft. to 1,020 sq. ft. They are fully furnished and have double-glazed windows. 

2-Bedroom Apartments in Al Nuaimiya Towers

There are 2BHK flats available in Nuaimiya Towers with 2 and 3-bathroom configurations. In terms of space, the average area of 2-bed apartments is 1,813 sq. ft. 2 BHK apartments in this building are ideal for home seekers who are looking for a spacious and comfortable housing. Most apartments are fully furnished while a few of them have a closed kitchen to keep the living area separate from the kitchen. Also, these apartments have balconies where residents can observe their surroundings. 

3-Bedroom Apartments in Al Nuaimiya Towers

3-bed flats are stretched over an area of 1,813 sq. ft. to 2,613 sq. ft. providing ample space for an extensive living hall and a closed kitchen. In addition, these units have outdoor balconies along with 3 to 4 bathrooms. The units also come with high-end fixtures and wide windows that brighten up the environment inside.  

Most Popular Apartment Types in Al Nuaimiya Towers

  • Studio
  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%

Based on searches conducted by users on Bayut.com over the past 6 months

Based on views on Bayut, the most popular apartment in Al Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman is 1-bed apartments. 2-bed units come second in the list while studios stand third in the list. Lastly, 3 BHK flats acquire the fourth-rank in the popularity graph.

Rental Trends in Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman

To rent an apartment inAl Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman, you’ll need to know the following rental trends:

In terms of payment, the best possible mode is cheques. The number of cheques varies for different apartments and should be inquired with the real estate agents. Al Nuaimiya is a large district, therefore it can be a good idea for would be tenants to look at other options by looking at Nuaimiya Towers apartments for rent.

Sale Trends in Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman

Those looking to invest in properties can buy an apartment in Al Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman. Sale trends for these apartments are as follows:

Flats in Al Nuaimiya Towers are affordable as compared to other properties in Dubai. These apartments are ideal for both living and investment. For those looking for something different, but would like to live in the same district, they can certainly check out various types of Apartments for sale in Al Nuaimiya Towers, Ajman.


Transportation near Al Nuaimiya Towers

Public transportation near Al Nuaimiya Towers is not a problem as a few bus stops are located near the building.

Bus Stops near Al Nuaimiya Towers

ADNOC (Al Nuaimiya) bus stop is the nearest bus station, which is accessible by walk in 5 minutes. Other bus stations such as Al Rashidiya Tower Bus Stop 1 is at a 7-minute drive. Buses AJ2 and AJ5 travel to the aforementioned bus station.

Restaurants near Al Nuaimiya Towers

Due to its location near Sharjah-Ajman border, there are various restaurants near Al Nuaimiya Towers that offer highly diverse and scrumptious food. Restaurants belonging to different ethnic origins are in proximity to this famous building. The restaurants near Al Nuaimiya Towers include:

  • Africana Home Restaurant Ajman
  • Delhi Nihari Restaurant
  • Grillse Restaurant

Located at a walking distance of 1 minute, Delhi Nihari Restaurant is an amazing casual dining place that offers high quality South Asian food. Another casual dining place near Al Nuaimiya Towers is Grillse Restaurant that is located at a 7-minute drive from the tower. Africana Home Restaurant Ajman offers African food and delicacies for their customers and is situated at a 7-minute drive. India House Fine Dine Restaurant is also a popular restaurant that is located at a drive of 9 minutes.

Supermarkets near Al Nuaimiya Towers

There are numerous small and large supermarkets near Al Nuaimiya Towers, which makes it a convenient community for its residents. Most nearby supermarkets meet the daily needs of residents. The nearby supermarkets are:

  • Al Atimad Supermarket LLC
  • Ramez Shopping Centre
  • FreshCo Supermarket

Al Atimad Supermarket is the most popular supermarket in Ajman, situated at a minute drive from the building. It offers high-quality products at discounted rates. Another convenient option for residents of Al Nuaimiya Towers is Ramez Shopping Centre where all necessary products are available. It is accessible by car in 4 minutes. Whereas, those looking for good quality, fresh food including vegetables and fruits can visit FreshCo Supermarket which is at a 3-minute drive. Also, this store offers swift home delivery of purchased items.

Nearby Buildings

Buildings near Al Nuaimiya Towers include:

  • Al Eman 1 & 2 - Residential
  • Al Ammani Residence - Residential

Al Ammani Residence is 4 minutes away whereas Al Eman 1 is 7 minutes away and Al Eman 2 is 5 minutes drive away.

Major Landmarks

Al Nuaimiya Towers is located near interesting historical landmarks. Some of these landmarks are:

  • Yacht Monument
  • Marsa Ajman
  • Eye of the Emirates

Yacht Monument, 11 minutes away, is a classic ship monument. Marsa Ajman is a destination located only 12 minutes away.  It presents a collection of restaurants, retail outlets and other fun activities. Another important landmark is Eye of the Emirates, which is an amusement park with many rides including a Ferris wheel that resembles the one in London. It is located at a 19-minute drive and those willing to visit this place should note that it has an entry fee of AED 30. 


Guest parking is not allocated in this building, guests will have to park their vehicles in the limited public parking spaces around the building.

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