Aces Chateau, JVC

Aces Chateau, JVC


About Aces Chateau, JVC

Aces Chateau is a freehold residential project of Rijas Aces in Jumeirah Village District. Jumeriah Village Circle (JVC) is an elegant residential community of Nakheel in the heart of Dubai. The master-planned community provides a collection of apartments, villas and townhouses. Areas close to JVC include Dubai Marina, Jumeriah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah.

Aces Chateau provides a peaceful and luxury living in a Renaissance-inspired apartment complex. It offers a collection of 50 apartments. Unit types consist of studio,1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, 4 penthouses.

Aces Chateau is located in District 11 of JVC. Location gives residents picturesque views of landmarks in Dubai. Also, it is in quick access to Al Khail Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road through Hessa Street via a short drive of 10 minutes. Circle Mall is 3 minutes away from Aces Chateau.


  • Located in District 11 of Jumeirah Village Circle
  • Freehold project of Rijas Aces
  • Apartment building with 50 residential units & 2 retail spaces
  • French Stucco-style architecture inspired by Renaissance
  • Circle Mall 3 minutes away
  • Quick access to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed & Al Khail Road via Hessa Street
  • Located close to Dubai Marina, Jumeriah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah
  • Pet-Friendly


Facilities in Aces Chateau, JVC


There is underground parking in Aces Chateau. Building basement provides minimum 1 slot with every unit and 2 slots with penthouses for the residents. Guests can use public parking outside the building.

Aces Chateau Public Parking
Outside public parking-Aces Chateau


2-high speed passenger lifts and service elevator in Aces Chateau give residents effortless access to the upper floors in the building.

Security, Central Air-Conditioning and Maintenance Services 

Building is centrally air-conditioned. Empower is the district cooling supplier in Aces Chateau. Security staff and CCTV cameras ensure building security. Whereas, housekeeping staff oversees and resolve maintenance issues.

Event Space

Rooftop of the building has comfortable lounges for recreation and gatherings.

Gym and Fitness Facilities 

There is no indoor gym in Aces Chateau. Yet, the project has outdoor fitness facilities like walking tracks and a common swimming pool with sundeck. The rooftop pool also has Jacuzzi facilities.

Lifestyle Amenities

Project has everything from comfy apartments to modern lifestyle amenities. Ground floor has aesthetically designed retail space. Besides this, building also has a landscaped garden area in its surroundings.

Concierge and Guest Services 

The ground floor of the building has a reception lobby and a waiting lounge. There is also guest bathroom in the building. Desk staff at lobby offer concierge and other services for residents and visitors.


Aces Chateau is a pet-friendly project.

Safety Features

All apartments in Aces Chateau are outfitted with smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

Aces Chateau, JVC Floor Plans 

Aces Chateau offers floor plans for various layouts in Aces Chateau. The details are as follows:

  • Studio apartments in Aces Chateau consist of 1 unit type.
  • 1-bedroom apartments in Aces Chateau consist of 6 unit types.
  • 2-bedroom apartments in Aces Chateau consist of 2 unit types.
  • 3-bedroom apartments in Aces Chateau consist of 2 unit types.
  • Royal suites/penthouses in Aces Chateau consist of 4 unit types.

2D and 3D formats of Aces Chateau floor plans are available on the website of Bayut. You may check to pick the best apartment in Aces Chateau.

Apartment Types in Aces Chateau, JVC

All apartment types in Aces Chateau have elegant architecture and huge living space. Whereas, unique floor plans enable them to execute diversified accommodation needs. Project offers a collection of studios and apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and 3-bedroom penthouses with private pool and garden.

All bedrooms have large French windows, en-suite bathroom and built-in wardrobes. There is a walk-in closet in master bedroom. Living and dining area also have a powder room and utility room. Kitchen has ample cabinets and drawer units under stone countertops, sink and space for kitchen appliances.

All en-suite bathrooms have high-quality marble flooring. They have a bathtub, glass shower stall, glossy countertops and fine sanitary fittings. Living room has glass sliding door to access the balcony. Moreover, high-quality marble flooring in apartments makes these units glossy.

Studio Apartments in Aces Chateau, JVC

Studio apartment in Aces Chateau has a floor area of 648.52 sq. ft. Ground floor of the project has a studio apartment. It has an open kitchen, bathroom, sleep and living area with balcony and private garden.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Aces Chateau, JVC 

1-bedroom apartments in Aces Chateau are spacious and spread over an average area of 807 sq. ft. to 975 sq. ft. All types have a small study room. Larger units also have a spacious utility room. Type 1 A and Type 1B spread over the floor area of 857 sq. ft. and 807 sq. ft. They don’t have a balcony.

Type 1C is the largest with a floor area of 975 sq. ft. Bedroom and living room are connected to a spacious balcony. It has a study, utility area and powder room in living area. Type 1D occupies area of 960 sq. ft. It has a study and a balcony but doesn’t have a laundry room. Type 1E and Type 1F have equal floor area of 874.14 sq. ft. Both have a big balcony with plant space, a study room and a powder room.

2-Bedroom Apartments in Aces Chateau, JVC 

2-bedroom apartments in Aces Chateau are of two types. Type 2A is bigger with floor area of 1549.89 sq. ft. Whereas, Type 2B occupies a floor area of 1485.85 sq. ft. Both have a terrace with a private garden, study room, laundry room, powder room and walk-in closet with master bedroom.

3-Bedroom Apartments in Aces Chateau, JVC

3-bedroom units have 2 different sizes. Type 3A has a floor area of 2035.78 sq. ft. whereas, Type 3B units are smaller with a floor area of 17665.9 sq. ft. Both have two balconies. Type 3A has a bigger L-shaped balcony. Whereas, Type 3B has 2 rectangle balconies.

Penthouses in Aces Chateau, JVC

Aces Chateau has 4-types of penthouses with different sizes. All types have a private swimming pool and roof garden on the upper level. The lower floor consists of 1-master bedroom plus 2-bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. An open plan living and dining, powder room, storeroom, open kitchen and a balcony. DU ROI has bigger L-shaped balcony with a floor area of 3344.24 sq. ft. DE LA REINE occupies 3272.12 sq. ft. and has a long rectangle balcony.

With a floor area of 2726.5 sq. ft. DU PRINCE also has a study room and a long balcony at the exterior side of bedrooms and living room. DE LA PRINCESSE has a total floor area of 2627.25 sq. ft. It has a rectangle balcony. All bedrooms have direct access to the balcony.

Most Popular Apartment Types in Aces Chateau, JVC

  • Studio
  • 1-Bed
  • 2-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 0
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 6 months

Bayut categorises popular apartment types in Aces Chateau on the basis of property searches. 3-bedroom apartments come in the first position. Moreover, 1-bedroom units & studio have gained the second and third position respectively. 2-bedroom flats ranked on the fourth position.

Rental Trends in Aces Chateau, JVC

Aces Chateau is a preferred choice for those looking for tranquillity and a lavish lifestyle without leaving the convenience of city lifestyle. A variety of apartments for rent in Aces Chateau are available for home seekers.

Rents tend to fluctuate according to property demand in area and market conditions.

Sale Trends in Aces Chateau, JVC

Aces Chateau is located in a popular community of JVC that offers a huge collection of apartments for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) for home seekers and property investors. Aces Chateau offers a variety of apartments for sale.

  • Average buying price for 1-bedroom apartments for sale in Aces Chateau starts from AED565K and goes up to AED 725K.
  • 3-bedroom penthouses with private pool are expensive with the average buying price of AED 2M.
    Buying prices are not constant and depend on market condition.

Rental Yield in Aces Chateau, JVC

  • 1-Bed
  • 3-Bed
  • 0
  • 2%
  • 4%
  • 6%
  • 8%

Based on searches conducted by users on over the past 6 months

Aces Chateau has a strong potential to deliver good profits for property investors. 3-bedroom units give the highest ROI of 8.3%, whereas 1-bedroom apartments give ROI of 7.4%. Less than 1% difference in ROI indicates that buying apartments for sale in Aces Chateau is profitable.


Transportation near Aces Chateau, JVC

Aces Chateau is situated in a master-planned community of Jumeirah Village Circle by Nakheel. JVC has a transport network for bus, metro and tram services. Residents can find public transportation near Aces Chateau.

Bus Stations near Aces Chateau, JVC

Residents of Aces Chateau have direct access to bus service in the community. Route J01 serves the whole community of JVC. It makes several stops across the neighbourhood, which are a few minutes away from Aces Chateau. Bus stops at Atlantis S4 and Mirabella Villas 6 are located within the walking distance . Many bus stops are also located at the convenient drive of under 5 minutes. These include bus stations at Manhattan Tower Bus Stop, Hanover Square Bus Stop, Tuscan Residence Bus Stop and Le Grand Chateau Block-A1 Bus Stop.

Metro Stations near Aces Chateau, JVC

Metro stations are located at the short driving distance of few minutes. Mall of the Emirates Metro Station and DMCC Metro Station are closest at the driving distance of 12 minutes. Whereas, metro stations at Sharaf DG, First Abu Dhabi Bank and Dubai Internet City are 15 minutes away.

Tram Stations near Aces Chateau, JVC

Tram service is not directly serving the JVC. Yet, residents of Aces Chateau have access to tram stations situated at a driving distance of 15 minutes. Dubai Tram Depot and tram stations at Al Sufouh and Dubai Marina Mall are at a driving distance of 14 minutesJumeirah Beach Residence Tram Station 1 & 2 are 15 minutes away.

Restaurants near Aces Chateau, JVC 

Many restaurants and cafes are serving JVC. Famous restaurants in Jumeirah Village Circle near Aces Chateau are listed below:

  • Socialicious
  • Golden Plates Restaurant
  • Desert Work

Socialicious serves a huge menu of Asian food in a well-decorated indoor/outdoor seating area. Golden Plates offer Chinese and Indian cuisines in an indoor seating area. The Desert Work let you enjoy a wide range of Chinese dishes. The menu has soups and appetizers to a number of vegetarians and non-vegetarian recipes. These restaurants are located under the driving distance of 10 minutes.Nearby fine-dining options include:

  • Celebrities
  • The Cavendish Restaurant
  • Atelier M

Celebrities at One & Only Royal Mirage is 15 minutes away. It is a European fine dining outlet with beautiful décor and chandlers. The Cavendish Restaurant serves British, Irish and Mediterranean food in romantic décor. Atelier is known to serve international cuisines like British, Irish and Mediterranean with a twist. Both are located at the short drive of 16 minutes.

Supermarkets near Aces Chateau, JVC

JVC houses a number of supermarkets and retail outlets to execute routine grocery needs of residents. Famous supermarkets near Aces Chateau are:

  • AllDay Market
  • Holiday Minimart
  • Cistys
  • Spinneys

AllDay Market is at the short walk of 5 minutes. Holiday Minimart, Cisty and Spinneys in JVC are at the short drive of 6 minutes.

Allday Retail
Allday Retail-a Supermarket in JVC


  • Tuscan Residence-Residential Building
  • Crystal Residence-Residential Building
  • Manhattan Towers-Residential Building
  • Five Jumeirah Village Hotel-Commercial Building
  • Ghaya Grand Hotel-Commercial Building

Aces Chateau is perfectly positioned in Jumeriah Village Circle. It is close to several residential and commercial buildings in the community. Tuscan Residence, Crystal Residence and Manhattan Towers are located at the driving distance of under 10 minutes. Five Jumeirah Village Hotel and Ghaya Grand Hotel are five-star hotels situated 5 minutes away.

Major Landmarks

Aces Chateau is close to world-renowned landmarks in Dubai. Major landmarks located in the vicinity include:

  • Balloon Adventures Dubai
  • Dubai Butterfly Garden
  • Dubai Marina Mall

Balloon Adventures Dubai is 8 minutes away. The luxurious hot air balloon ride will let you explore the landscape and natural beauty of Dubai while floating at the height of 4,000 ft.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is located in Dubailand at the short drive of 10 minutes. It has maintained a collection of more than 15,000 species of butterflies 10 temperature-controlled domes. It’s an indoor garden. Besides temperature-controlled domes, it also has a butterfly museum, educational area, Koi Pond, Cinema and dining facilities for visitors.

Dubai Marina Mall
Dubai Marina Mall-an urban shopping and entertainment destination

Dubai Marina Mall is 15 minutes away. It is an urban shopping and entertainment destination for visitors. It has promenade cafes and restaurants, one play zone for kids, cinema and Waitrose Supermarket.


Residents of Aces Chateau enjoy all the benefits of living in a family-friendly community of Jumeirah Village Circle. However, heavy traffic at Hessa Street and Al Khail Road during peak hours might annoy those commuting daily for work.

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