It is a quiet area on the edge of Abu Dhabi that when fully developed will turn into a wholesome neighbourhood. Those living in Mohammed Bin Zayed City will find that it is one those suburbs that you want to come home to. While it’s still in its development phase, UAE residents (especially families) are turning to this promising area for its close proximity to the happening emirate of Dubai and the variety of housing options available to all. According to the 2017 Abu Dhabi Property Market Report, Mohammed Bin Zayed City ranked 2nd for the most popular areas for renting villas in Abu Dhabi.

Mohammed Bin Zayed City is the second most popular area for renting villas in Abu Dhabi.

Named in honour H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the 45 square km, mixed-use development is expected to be a complete city within Abu Dhabi, with luxurious amenities, recreational spaces and an array of residential towers and villas. Property development in the area is still underway, this area guide of Mohammed Bin Zayed City will explore why many people are looking to call this place home, especially for those commuting to and from Dubai. Presently, housing in the area predominantly comprises of villas and apartments.


  • Affordable housing options
  • Largely a villa community
  • Spacious apartments and villas are perfect for large families
  • Great educational institutes for children of all ages
  • Close proximity to Dubai and Al Ain
  • Public park with children’s play area



villas in Mohammed Bin Zayed City
Villas in Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

Mohammed Bin Zayed City, as a community, is still under development for the most part. Those looking to move to the area will find that the villas and apartments come equipped with world-class amenities and facilities that are to be expected when moving to the UAE. The area is in stark contrast to its busy neighbouring emirate of Dubai.

Properties in Mohammed Bin Zayed City 

Those thinking of living in Mohammed Bin Zayed City can expect to find clusters of identical, detached or semi-detached, villas instead of high-rise towers. There are only a handful of buildings that offer studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom rentals in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, with more residential towers under construction. Villas in the community, on the other hand, range from 4-bedroom to massive 11-bedroom configurations.

villa for rent in mohammed bin zayed city
Villas for rent in Mohammed bin Zayed City.

Renting a studio in Mohammed Bin Zayed City will cost you a modest AED 25k, while 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units are at about AED 41k and AED 63k, respectively. Those with large families looking to rent a 4-bedroom villa can expect to pay an average rent of AED 149k yearly. 5 and 6-bedroom villa rents are at AED 169k and AED 186k, respectively.

Those interested in buying property in Mohammed Bin Zayed City can expect to shell out an average price of AED 4.7M for a 5-bedroom villa. A 6-bedroom villa will cost you anywhere between AED 5.5M to AED 14M.

villa for sale in Mohammed Bin Zayed City
Mohammed Bin Zayed City is ideal for those who come in search of cheaper options to accommodate their growing families.

Living in Mohammed Bin Zayed City is ideal for those looking to get great value for their money. The affordable area houses large units that give individuals and families plenty of living space. The community is gradually becoming a balanced mix of western expats and south-east Asians, with more foreigners (especially those with kids) moving to Mohammed Bin Zayed City. Its prime location also makes it a great choice for those working in Dubai.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

living in Mohammed bin Zayed City
The villas in Mohammed Bin Zayed City come with dedicated parking spaces.

In terms of public transport, the area does not have many bus stops or even routes going through the area. Since MBZ City is still further away from the heart of the capital, getting to other areas in Abu Dhabi, such as the Corniche and nearby malls, does take a while so it having a car would definitely be beneficial. Taxis are also a good, albeit expensive way of getting around.


Supermarkets in Mohammed Bin Zayed City 

Residents of Mohammed Bin Zayed City have access to numerous supermarkets and stores in the area. There is a Spinneys in the community itself and a Carrefour hypermarket a little further across the highway. Safeer Centre is also within close proximity, catering to residents’ day-to-day needs.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Mohammed Bin Zayed City 

There are numerous mosques all over Mohammed Bin Zayed City, there are 6 different mosques in the Zone 10 sub-community alone. One can expect to see the familiar minarets at intervals, with the call-to-prayer distinctly audible five times a day. The closest church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it is located 12 minutes away, while a Hindu Temple will be 33 minutes away when it is completed in 2020. 

Schools in Mohammed Bin Zayed City 

Schools in Mohammed Bun Zayed City
A school in Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

Mohammed Bin Zayed City is ideal for families with children, housing some of the best schools and nurseries in Abu Dhabi. Young families with little ones can choose from numerous nurseries and daycare centres. Favourites include Belvedere Nursery (British) and Sunflower Nursery. Middle-schoolers have a number of options close by such as Al Dhafra Private School (American curriculum) and well-known British International School on the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road which is a short 9-minute drive. The neighbourhood is also close to Abu Dhabi University (8 minutes away).


In terms of healthcare, Mohammed Bin Zayed City is home to NMC Specialty Day Surgery Centre, NMC group being the leading medical service provider in the region. Other medical centres in the area include Madinat Mohammed Bin Zayed Healthcare Center within the area, along with Aster Medical Clinic located 10 minutes away in Mussafah.


There are several communities in Mohammed Bin Zayed City divided into zones. A lot of these are still under development with multiple property projects in the pipeline.

These are the most popular locations in Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

Based on our data from 2017, the area around the centre of Mohammed Bin Zayed City, closer to Mazyad Mall is the most popular location for those looking to move there. Much like the rest of Mohammed Bin Zayed City, this area also primarily consists of villas.

The other zones in Mohammed Bin Zayed City are still largely under development. As the neighbourhood evolves, we are bound to see more defined areas that become a preferred choice for residents. For now, residents can enjoy a quiet life away from the city’s hustle and bustle, where they can raise their kids and live in spacious homes at affordable prices. 


Mohammed Bin Zayed City is located close to Abu Dhabi-Al Ain road. The area is surrounded by Khalifa City B on one side and Mussafah on the other, with all their amenities within easy reach. It is close to the industrial zone which is why rents and prices are more affordable and houses tend to be bigger in this area. Maintaining a good distance from the main city, Mohammed Bin Zayed City sits about 30 minutes away from the heart of Abu Dhabi city.



Supermarkets in Mohammed Bin Zayed City 

There currently aren't many supermarkets in Mohammed Bin Zayed City. Residents can get their shopping fix at the malls nearby the community. Mazyad Mall is located close to the area, apart from its limited international brands, it has a Lulu Hypermarket for monthly groceries.

Mazyad Mall near Mohammed Bin Zayed City.
Mazyad Mall is located near Mohammed Bin Zayed City in Abu Dhabi.

Shopping Malls in Mohammed Bin Zayed City 

Mohammed Bin Zayed City is soon to have its own world-class mall, complete with luxury fashion brands, children’s play area and cinemas for residents to enjoy. In the meantime, Abu Dhabi’s popular Dalma Mall is located close by, for those looking to shop, dine and spend a fun day at the mall. 

Restaurants in Mohammed Bin Zayed City 

restaurants in Mohammed Bin Zayed City
Restaurants in Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

A few eateries that can be found in the area. The restaurants in Mohammed Bin Zayed City feature a mix of Indian, Arabic and fast food eateries. Restaurants and cafes inside Mazyad Mall and Dalma Mall are the usual chains of fast food diners, burger joints and bakeries that offer some variety. There is a lack of hotels in the area as of now, so for fine-dining options and a drink at the bar, one may need a quick drive or taxi ride further into Abu Dhabi city.


Beaches in Abu Dhabi
Residents will have to drive a little for beaches near Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

Beach-lovers may have to drive a little further into Abu Dhabi to spend a day by the sea. Yas Beach is a 35 minutes’ drive from Mohammed Bin Zayed City, while the popular Saadiyat Beach is 40 minutes away. But once there, you can expect clean public beaches that are perfect to relax and unwind on your day off.


Malls in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi
Dalma Mall is one of the malls near Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

Presently, residents in Mohammed Bin Zayed City head to nearby Dalma Mall and the Mussafah area for activities over the weekend. Located just 11 minutes away, Dalma Mall has a cinema, play areas for kids and an indoor adventure park that keep both parents and children entertained. The mall also hosts regular events and activities for children.


In many ways, Mohammed Bin Zayed City has yet to find its own identity as an area. Nevertheless, the affordable neighbourhood has found a way into the hearts of its residents as a quiet and peaceful area to live in. Those with children find it especially appealing. The public park in Mohammed Bin Zayed City comes equipped with a play area for children and plenty of greenery for families to have a picnic or simply stroll along. The outdoor space is also ideal for jogging, some light exercise and long walks.

Parks in Mohammed Bin Zayed City
There is plenty of facilities for outdoor activities in Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

Those with a keen focus on health and fitness needn’t worry. There are plenty of gyms and fitness studios in Mohammed Bin Zayed City has to choose from. Some prominent gyms in the area include Gold Gym in Mazyad Mall, Home Fitness For Ladies, and a mixed and ladies-only Fitness First branch over at Dalma Mall.

Mohammed Bin Zayed City is also home to a number of salons and spas for the chic and stylish. However, for more upscale options, one may need to drive further into Abu Dhabi for some self-pampering. The neighbourhood truly has everything one needs on a day-to-day basis, to lead a healthy and comfortable life.


While it's relatively well-equipped with amenities, you can feel a bit isolated after moving to Mohammed Bin Zayed City as it is located further away from the main city. 

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Mohammed Bin Zayed City?


  • Abu Dhabi International Airport is about 20 minutes away
  • 28 minutes to reach Abu Dhabi Corniche
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a 21 minutes’ drive
  • Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, is 1 hour and 20 minutes away

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