Duba Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a suburb buzzing with tech and innovation in the commercial sector. It also ranks as one of the most popular neighbourhoods for renting in Dubai according to Bayut.com's 2018 Property Market Report. Living in Dubai Silicon Oasis offers its residents a holistic community with a plethora of residential buildings and quiet gated communities, making it perfect for those looking for a neighbourhood that offers a balanced lifestyle in Dubai.

top areas to rent apartments in Dubai
Popular areas for renting apartments in Dubai.

A community that integrates living and working spaces seamlessly describe the centrally-located Dubai Silicon Oasis perfectly. This area guide on Dubai Silicon Oasis explores how this 7.2 million square-metre community is the perfect blend of residential, recreational and commercial spaces offering residents a comfortable lifestyle with all the luxuries and lifestyle perks we associate with living in Dubai.


  • Mixed-use development with residential towers and quaint gated villa communities
  • Perfect for families with children, young professionals and students seeking higher education
  • High-quality education for children of all ages
  • Close proximity to popular tourist attractions
  • Home to a technology park that facilitates the set-up of tech businesses
  • Residential properties boast luxurious amenities and state-of-the-art facilities



buildings in Dubai Silicon Oasis
Some buildings in DSO.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is ‘a city within a city’ and when it’s an integrated community in Dubai, you know it’s going to have everything you need. Moving to Dubai Silicon Oasis has its perks. It offers a balanced lifestyle with dedicated commercial spaces and a plethora of residential properties to choose from. Its seamless network of roads and defined sub-communities within make it a comfortable and well-connected Dubai neighbourhood to live in. The community in Dubai Silicon Oasis is spread over three main parts: an innovative technology park, sub-communities of villas within the technology park, and residential towers dotted across the area with an assortment of luxurious apartments.

Properties in Dubai Silicon Oasis

apartments for rent in Silicon Oasis
Apartments in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

DSO was established in line with the country's focus on "facilitating and promoting modern technology-based industries". What started as a supportive infrastructure for tech start-ups quickly evolved into a multi-cultural residential area that is a popular choice for both tenants and property buyers in the UAE. The community now offers an array of property types for residents. Residential apartments in Dubai Silicon Oasis offer everything from studios to 3-bedroom apartments for rent. For larger families, there are two beautiful villa communities in Dubai Silicon Oasis with over 1,600 units. The Semmer and Cedre Villas in DSO come in 3 to 5-bedroom property configurations, complete with their own community facilities and luxury amenities.

One will definitely be spoilt for choice when deciding where to live in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The wide variety of apartments and villas, plus reasonable rents in the area make it one of the most sought-after communities for young families and professionals (especially those who work at the community’s technology park). Rent for a studio in Dubai Silicon Oasis starts from AED 33k only, while 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom flats rent out for an average of AED 57k and AED 78k, respectively. Larger families can choose from 3 to 5-bedroom houses in Dubai Silicon Oasis's gated communities. Renting a 3-bedroom villa will cost you about AED 155k annually, while a spacious 5-bedroom villa can be rented at AED 185k.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a free zone and offers a number of freehold properties, giving expats and foreign investors full ownership of the property purchased. Those interested in buying property in Dubai Silicon Oasis can expect to shell out an average price of AED 480k for studios, and prices ranging from AED 430k to AED 960k to buy a 1-bedroom apartment in Dubai Silicon3-bedroom villas in DSO are priced at an average of AED 3.2M while buying a larger 5-bedroom villa could cost you anything between AED 3.3M to AED 4.9M.

Rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis
Dubai Silicon Oasis is in a central location connecting it to various parts of Dubai.

Like most of Dubai, the community in Dubai Silicon Oasis is a mix of different nationalities and cultures. Its appeal for UAE residents lies in world-class amenities and its central location connecting it to various parts of Dubai. Apart from the lifestyle that it offers, DSO is a hub for tech start-ups, creating a buzzing commercial space. This attracts a lot of young professionals who work in the technology park or aim to set up a business in the UAE. In addition, a lot of expats who come to the country seeking higher education also reside in the area due to its close proximity to Academic City. Affordable rents and prime location along with a variety of property types in Dubai Silicon Oasis make the neighbourhood ideal for students moving to Dubai from another country or emirate.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Streets with apartment complexes in Dubai Silicon Oasis
Living in Dubai Silicon Oasis is a lot easier for those who drive.

For car-owners, most buildings allocate a shaded parking space to tenants. In addition, there are plenty of public parking spaces around the neighbourhood. These are mostly paid parking lots, so over a long period of time expenses might add up to quite a bit. Villas come with a garage, for up to two cars, depending on the size of the villa you select.

The area sits just off of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) that runs through the heart of Dubai and is well-connected to most major areas within and outside the emirate. The nearest Metro station is in Rashidiya, which is about 20 minutes away from Dubai Silicon Oasis. From Rashidiya you will need to take a public bus to get to Silicon Oasis. It’s not very practical for those who don’t drive, especially over summer when it gets too hot for a long walk to and from a bus stop. Catching a taxi or Uber is another option, however, this too will get expensive over time. If you’re planning to live in Dubai Silicon Oasis, having a driver’s license and a car is definitely a more convenient option.


Supermarkets in Dubai Silicon Oasis

living in Silicon Oasis
You can find several supermarkets in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

There are many corner shops and supermarkets in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Around the neighbourhood, there are plenty of options to shop for groceries and day-to-day essentials, including Spinneys in Cedre Villas Community Centre and several Carrefour Markets located below the residential towers in this area.


Being a complete city on its own, there are many mosques in Silicon Oasis. Each of the villa communities has its own mosque, while other parts of the neighbourhood have spacious mosques located at convenient intervals. The churches near Dubai Silicon Oasis include the St. Mary’s Catholic Church which is 22 minutes away, while the Hindu Temple is a 31 minutes’ drive in Bur Dubai. 


DSO is ideal for families with children, housing some of the best schools and nurseries. For those with younger children, the schools in Dubai Silicon Oasis include GEMS Wellington Academy. It offers both the UK and IB curriculum and is one of the top-rated schools in the country. Parents of little ones have plenty of options for reputable nurseries, including Toddlers International Nursery and British Orchard Nursery.

universities near silicon oasis
Dubai Silicon Oasis is an ideal location for young adults seeking higher education.

Extremely practical for young adults completing high school and those seeking higher education, Dubai Silicon Oasis is located close to Academic City which has loads of internationally accredited universities. Some of the universities near Dubai Silicon Oasis include Murdoch University in Dubai, Herriott-Watt University and the University of Wollongong. In addition, the community is home to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), a recognized New York-based institute offering degrees in technology and business.


There are several medical clinics and speciality centres at convenient intervals within Dubai Silicon Oasis. Notable names of clinics in Silicon Oasis include Aster Clinic, Magnum Gulf Medical Center and Medicure Clinic. While there are no major hospitals in Dubai Silicon Oasis, plans for a massive, state-of-the-art Fakeeh University Hospital in Academic City are in the pipeline. In the meantime, Dubai Healthcare City which has some of the top hospitals and clinics in Dubai located just 20 minutes away from Dubai Silicon Oasis. Finding a pharmacy is also quite convenient, with several drugstores located around Dubai Silicon Oasis.


Dubai Silicon Oasis is a haven for property seekers. With different buildings and property types to choose from, it can be a daunting task to pick the one that’s right for you. Take a look at the top 5 buildings in Dubai Silicon Oasis to help your cause.

Popular locations in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Silicon Gates residential complex fared best among Bayut.com users in 2017. The cluster of buildings offers various apartment types from studios (rents starting at AED 33k) to 3-bedroom flats (rents starting at AED 85k). Freehold buyers interested can buy a studio in Silicon Gates with prices starting from AED 380k, while for 1-bedroom flats, buyers can expect to pay anything from AED 430k to AED 700k.

Cedre Villas ranked second most popular among the major locations in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The prime villa community comes in 3-bedroom to larger 6-bedroom configurations. Rents for 3-bedroom villas in Cedre Villas range from AED 155k to AED 170k. While 6-bedroom villas have a yearly rent of AED 280k. Those interesting in buying property in Cedre Villas can expect to shell out anywhere from AED 2.9M to AED 3.5M for a 3-bedroom house. Prices range from AED 5.6M to AED 7.3M for a 6-bedroom villa in the Cedre Villas community.


Greenery in Dubai Silicon Oasis
Dubai Silicon Oasis is a well-connected area.

Dubai Silicon Oasis sits at the intersection of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Dubai-Al Ain Road. The well-connected area is close to education hub Academic City and the diverse International City. The area is also near up and coming residential areas, such as Al Warsan and Dubailand.



Malls in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Catering to the day-to-day shopping needs of Dubai Silicon Oasis residents is the Cedre Villas Community Centre, which is easily accessible. Knowing that this won’t do for serious shopaholics, there will soon be an 80,000 square-metre Avenues Mall in Dubai Silicon Oasis, which is set to open in 2020.

At the moment, Dubai Silicon Oasis residents looking for bargain shopping can head to Dubai Outlet Mall (13 minutes away) which is the closest mall to the suburban neighbourhood. A 20-minute drive from Dubai Silicon Oasis will take you to Mirdif City Centre which is another Dubai favourite for those looking to get their shopping fix.

Restaurants in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Foodies have a plethora of restaurant options to choose from. While most of them are casual, restaurants in Dubai Silicon Oasis offer a variety of cuisines including Indian, Italian and Lebanese food. The area has two hotels, Premier Inn Hotel and Radisson Blu Hotel Apartments, which offer fine-dining options and have in-house bars and lounges.

Beaches near Dubai Silicon Oasis

Beaches near Silicon Oasis - JBR
Jumeirah Beach is the nearest beach from Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Beach-lovers may have to drive a little further to spend a day by the sea. this area is located inland, and the closest beach to Dubai Silicon Oasis is Jumeirah Beach which is a 25 minutes’ drive away. Although, once there, visitors can enjoy various activities from cycling to swimming to enjoying delicious post-swim food at Kite Beach, which is also in Jumeirah.


Living in Dubai Silicon Oasis has its perks, especially for families. The quiet villa communities in the area, each with its own shopping centre, offer family-friendly amenities with beautifully landscaped lawns that children can enjoy. Cedre Shopping Center in the Cedre Villas community in Dubai Silicon Oasis also houses Kids Jungle which is a fun play area for little ones. Kids Jungle also offers plenty of fun activities for kids like dance classes and kids’ parties, giving parents and children an opportunity to mingle with other resident families.

Grown-ups can catch a movie at the nearest cinema in Dragon Mart 2, which is a quick 15 minutes’ drive. Dubai Silicon Oasis is also just 17 minutes away from Global Village, a seasonal open-air attraction showcasing the best from all over the world. The popular tourist spot has dedicated pavilions from major countries around the world; each representing the culture with pop-up stores that sell souvenirs and speciality goods. A huge theme park with rides, games and all sorts of fun activities is also located within Global Village. When visiting Global Village you are bound to witness one of the cultural performances, musical concerts and numerous stage shows that are held regularly. All in all, it’s a great place to visit whether you’re new to Dubai or just planning another fun weekend with the family. Plus, as a resident of Dubai Silicon Oasis, you’d be living close to this hub of exciting cultural activity.

living in Silicon Oasis
The IMG World is just 20 minutes away from Dubai Silicon Oasis.

The massive IMG Worlds of Adventure on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road is also just 20 minutes away. The iconic theme park has become something of a favourite among UAE residents with fun rides and an upcoming 7-star cinema with IMAX technology for movie lovers. 


living in Silicon Oasis
Your fitness needs are fulfilled in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

There aren't many parks in Dubai Silicon Oasis, however, with the area becoming a favourite among families, this is bound to happen soon. In the meantime, residents can head out to Mushrif Park located 15 minutes away by car. It’s one of the oldest and largest parks in Dubai spanning over 5.25 sq. km. and filled with exciting surprised such as tiny houses replicating cultures from around the world. The park also has several activities for kids and adults including a swimming pool, equestrian centre, camel riding, barbecue spots and cycling tracks.

Fitness enthusiasts have plenty of gyms and fitness studios to choose from. Dubai Silicon Oasis is home to known fitness studios such as Target Gym and Fitness4Life among others. The gyms in Dubai Silicon Oasis offer numerous classes, exercise regimes and personal trainers to help you get in shape and take care of your fitness needs.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is also home to a number of salons and spas for the ever-stylish. The community has everything one needs to lead a balanced lifestyle, catering to the needs of everyone either within its premises or in a nearby location.


living in Silicon Oasis
Cedre Shopping Center in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

In addition to numerous children’s activities held at Cedre Shopping Center, Dubai Silicon Oasis also occasionally hosts Silicon Bazaar, a flea market complete with more activities for kids including face painting and a clown. The fun-filled event is usually held in cooler months, giving families and other residents a day of shopping, leisure and entertainment.

For more information about the community, take a look at the Facebook group: Dubai Silicon Oasis - Residents. They have avid discussions about the area 


While the location of Dubai Silicon Oasis is well-connected to other areas in the city, it is relatively inconvenient for those relying on public transport to get around. With only a few bus stops in the neighbourhood,  those living in Dubai Silicon Oasis won't find metro stations within close proximity. The nearest metro stations to Dubai Silicon Oasis is located in Al Rashidiya, which is about 15 minutes away.

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  • Dubai International Airport is about 15 minutes away
  • 21 minutes’ drive to get on to Sheikh Zayed Road (depending on traffic)
  • Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, is 22 minutes away
  • Global Village is just 15 minutes away

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