Al Nahda, Sharjah – not to be confused with the Al Nahda area in Dubai, is actually an extension of the latter. It strategically lies between Sharjah and Dubai, offering the inhabitants the best of both emirates. The residential establishment is usually preferred by the working community due to the ease of access. People find it convenient to live in Al Nahda in Sharjah and travel to Dubai for work and pleasure. Though, it should be considered that the sister emirate has blossomed with many leisure spots and commercial areas itself. As it continues to develop, it will see a number of new residential and commercial projects. However, at this particular time of thriving real-estate market, Al Nahda, Sharjah which houses a variety of residential towers and complexes is one of the best areas to rent apartments in Sharjah as witnessed in Bayut’s 2018 H2 Report.

Top areas to rent apartments in Sharjah al nahda
Al Nahda is one of the best areas to rent apartments in Sharjah

With a marginal fall in the cost of accommodation, Al Nahda, Sharjah is also a popular favourite when it comes to freehold apartments in the emirate. 


  • Al Nahda is strategically located on the Sharjah – Dubai border allowing easy commutes to either emirate
  • A perfect destination for motorists who prefer travelling via the Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) route
  • Home to different types of apartment units suitable to families and singles alike
  • One of the most popular areas in Sharjah to buy and rent residential apartments
  • Price and rents of properties are comparatively lesser than those in Dubai.



Al Nahda, Sharjah is known for its prime location and great connectivity to Dubai. Convenience in travelling around the emirate is its basic advantage and the main reason for its popularity. The major reason why frequent travellers and the working community prefer living in this particular region of Sharjah is due to the area housing a number of reputable schools. A lot of families that have school-going children prefer renting or buying a unit in the many residential apartment buildings in the area. As it is mainly a family oriented community, it has all the facilities you’d expect from children’s play areas to neighbourhood shops. It also houses a famous sport-themed central park where children come to play basketball, tennis and other games in the well-maintained courts.


Calling Al Nahda, the kingdom of apartments won’t be wrong as the community has grown to be an area with a large number of apartment buildings. Tall, gleaming, and glittering towers are all you will find when walking or driving around the neighbourhood. As the area is well developed, fortunately, there isn't much construction around and the prices aren’t as high as they are in neighbouring Dubai. In fact, renting an apartment is very convenient for middle-income earners.

Apartment building in Al Nahda, Sharjah

There are many different apartments in Al Nahda. Singletons tend to rent studio apartments, these are available for AED 18k per annum. Larger 1-bed flats are also a good option, especially if you are looking for more space as these units range from 600 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft. Rent for a 1 BHK apartment in Al Nahda, Sharjah is averagely priced at AED 26k yearly. 

Families normally opt for the 2-bedroom flats, this is an affordable option as the prices range from AED 23k to AED 58k. The apartments on the higher end are found in the newer buildings which offer many modern amenities such as a sauna, steam room, gym, swimming pool, basement parking and a state-of-the-art CCTV security system. Renting a 3 BHK flat in Al Nahda, Sharjah starts from AED 42k and is one of the most economical options when it comes to 3-bed apartments. 

Al Nahda in Sharjah also offers good investment opportunities with affordable apartments for sale. They may not be as much higher in number as the ones that are up for rent but the amenities are just the same. Each apartment building or complex has separate parking spaces unlike rest of the emirate. Moreover, you will get to experience a variety of alternatives to choose from not only in terms of space but between furnished and unfurnished units. Each unit features a modern kitchen equipped with top-class appliances, cabinets, and storage spaces. Bathrooms are well-fitted and the balconies are sun-facing. Some may even get to enjoy the views of lakes and gardens. If you choose to buy a studio flat, be prepared to fork out an amount between AED 240k to AED 310k. Likewise, the price will increase as you decide to buy larger units but it will still be market competitive. The cost of 1-bed flat starts from AED 400k while investors interested in a 2-bed apartment in Al Nahda can expect to spend around AED 500k.


In terms of public transportation, there are a few public buses routes that run from the Al Nahda Metro Station in Dubai. The public buses will connect you to key parts of Sharjah and the Metro will connect you to many areas of Dubai. Al Nahda residents do prefer to use their own cars or private taxis, it is a hassle at rush hour especially in the mornings when battling the school rush. Evenings are also busy when it comes to traffic but if you live in Al Nahda you can cut a lot of it on the way. This is because Al Nahda is well connected to Dubai via a huge network of roads. After all, the hustle and bustle on the roads is a charm of the sister emirate of Sharjah. 

As far as car parking is concerned, the apartment complexes are facilitated with separate areas for all residents. There’s hardly any area without a parking space nearby. Otherwise, there is also street parking for visitors of the residential high-rise buildings and those visiting the commercial shops under the buildings. 


Al Nahda in Sharjah makes for a self-sufficient community where the residents do not struggle for the basic amenities of life.


There are tons of supermarkets within the reach of every residential development in Al Nahda. Al Maya and Pakistan Supermarket are some of the go-to places offering all kinds of grocery items, vegetables and spices at reasonable prices. Those who prefer Carrefour for all of their needs can find one in Nahda Tower 1. There is also a massive LuLu hypermarket located near Al Nahda Park. 


Housing a mix of people from different backgrounds and nationalities, the development is well-suited for everybody. There is one church in Al Nahda, Sharjah and that is the International Baptist Church which is only 7 minutes away. There are many churches part of the Al Yarmouk district in Sharjah which is just 15-minutes away from Al Nahda. 

Hindu residents can visit the famous Shiva Temple, this is a longer 20-minute drive to the Al Fahidi district in Dubai. The temple is located opposite the Dubai Museum. 

Mosque in Al Nahda Sharjah
A large mosque near the residential buildings in Al Nahda, Sharjah

The Muslim community can find plenty of mosques in the locality like Khalid Bin Alwaleed Mosque and Al Rahimoon Mosque.


Al Nahda, Sharjah is home to many schools. In fact, it is famous for housing a number of reputable educational institutions. From nursery and pre-school academies to high school and colleges, everything is in close proximity. Parents can send their kids to Little Wonders Nursery or Kids World Al Nahda while older students can check out Victoria International School and Eaton Business School. Some reputable options for higher education are also easily accessible such as Westford University located in BM Towers, the University of Strathclyde Business and the University of Sharjah are located in University City, 16-minutes from Al Nahda.


aster clinic and nmc medical centre in al nahda sharjah
Aster Clinic and NMC Medical Clinic are some of the healthcare options in Al Nahda, Sharjah

Al Nahda is very well facilitated when it comes to health care provisions. There are several clinics in the town for treating general health issues including Aster Clinic, Al Deyafa Medical Centre and Bristol Medical Centre. Rukn Al Jawdah is a community pharmacy accessible within 2 minutes. A number of hospitals are also located at different intervals for the residents’ convenience. There is Medcare Medical Centre, NMC Medical Centre and Thumbay Hospital to name a few.


Considering that the community has been heartily establishing apartments, you can expect numerous towers and buildings built closely. However, the most popular ones among the residents are Sharjah Gate Tower, Al Nahda Towers, and Samaya Tower. In Sharjah Gate Tower you will usually find 2-bed and 3-bed units. While those looking for smaller flats can consider Al Nahda Towers Block 1 and 2. 


Located on the Dubai-Sharjah border, Al Nahda enjoys the best of both worlds and lies closer to key areas of Dubai. It is bordered by some prestigious residential communities making it an ideal place to move with family. Primarily, the Al Nahda area in Dubai is its closest neighbour, Al Taawun lies in the north and the stunning waterfront development of Al Mamzar is also one of the nearby areas.




sahara centre in al nahda sharjah
Sahara Centre is a great option for families.

Shopaholics and people who like hanging out in malls can find a range of big and small shopping malls in and out of this locality. Al Arab Mall is the hot favourite choice of locals and expats living in Al Nahda, Sharjah and Dubai both. It houses a wide range of brand outlets, restaurants, and entertainment spots and is also adored when it comes to arranging special events. For game fanatics, iMall is the way to go. Apart from a variety of gaming and electronic items, a lot of clothing brands and restaurants are found here. The mega malls Sahara Center and Ansar Mall are also only a few minutes away.


Apart from the eateries located inside the malls, the residents of Al Nahda, Sharjah have access to a series of restaurants offering international cuisines. There is something for everyone at every price point, you will find that most of the restaurants in the area offer predominantly Indian, Pakistani and Arabian cuisines. There are a lot of fast food and cafeteria outlets open here as well. 

restaurants in al nahda sharjah
Restaurants are normally found below the apartment buildings, certain areas are even referred to as food streets.

All dosa lovers can head to Al Nahda Towers to satisfy their cravings at Dosa Plaza. The Pakistani buffet restaurant Nayaab Handi and the Chinese fusion restaurant Orient Grill are casual dining establishments located a short drive away. ICook is a celebrated restaurant in the locality for the Filipino residents, it also provides catering services for family get-togethers and weddings. 

The nightlife in Sharjah is limited, those looking for clubs or bars will have to travel to Dubai.


Al Mamzar public beach is a charming place offering a rejuvenating experience to everyone. It is the kind of beach you would want to take your kids to because of its safety and low waves. Those who enjoy adventures can check out water sports and leisure activities around here. Speed boating is one of the favourite activities for visitors and tourists alike, while others find it very peaceful to sit under the quiet night sky.

Al Mamza Beach
Al Mamzar Beach near Al Nahda in Sharjah


Nahda Park is the highlight of Al Nahda, Sharjah as it is located in the heart of this community. It is easily accessible and a frequent hangout destination.

Al Nahda Park
Visited by both adults and children this park is a family favourite.

Flaunting big gardens and playgrounds, walking tracks with leafy boundaries, and benches placed inside green lawns, it makes for a good picnic spot for families.

Those interested in teeing off can head to Dubai Golf Club, it is located at a distance of 9 km. is a golfer’s paradise and a typical weekend hangout spot for most of the inhabitants.


Residents of Al Nahda enjoy strolling around the pedestrian-friendly streets where children can ride bikes and play. Plenty of health and fitness clubs and beauty salons are dotted around the residential communities. There is Powerhouse Gym, the Fitness First in Sahara Centre has an all ladies option and Power Zone Gym is located in the community. You will never run out of choices for health clubs in Al Nahda, Sharjah as there are plenty of them at frequent intervals. To get routine beauty treatments you have Madinat Addis Adaba Salon and Nejoom Al Massa Ladies Centre. Cuts and Curls is famous for their hairdos and hairstyles. Gents can head out to the hairdressers in Trimmers and Sama Alrwili Salon nearby. 


community events in al nahda
Al Nahda Park is the centre of the community

The community of Al Nahda in Sharjah doesn’t host any festivals itself on a regular basis but those interested can go visit The Happiness Festival held in Al Nahda, Dubai. Many food stalls, toys, accessories and clothing stalls are set up there along with entertainment activities and music festivals. Most locals head out to shopping malls nearby during special events and holidays and enjoy the activities organized by the malls itself. 


Al Nahda in Sharjah extends from Dubai and hence the inhabitants get to enjoy luxuries of both the emirates. The close proximity to key areas of Dubai is one of the main benefits of the area. One thing to consider is that residents might have to leave a little earlier in the morning due to the school and office traffic, the evening time is also prone to rush house traffic. 

Are you looking to rent or buy apartments in Al Nahda, Sharjah?


  • Lying on the border, Al Nahda in Sharjah is close to all the key areas of Dubai
  • Al Nahda Metro Station is 5.4 km away which means it will take 12 minutes to reach via car
  • Sheikh Zayed Road network is an ideal route for motorists in Al Nahda, Sharjah

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